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Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 Psychic Predictions

2009 Psychic Predictions For The United States & World Wide

From World Renowned Psychic Medium Joseph Tittel

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January 1, 2009

I would like to thank you all for you love and support over the past year. I would also like to thank the thousands of visitors that came to my blog looking for my predictions over the past few days. A special thanks to all my fans and radio listeners that have helped my radio show stay strong and grow in 2008. Then a special thanks goes out to my family, friends that have supported me in my work and gave me the confidence to proceed with my work and dreams. Of course a super thank you to Bob for loving me enough to put up with me and for all the wonderful work he does helping me with my work and Spiritman Productions. You can listen to these predictions in the radio archives of my web site. We went over the entire list below live on New Years Day. I appreciate your comments and feedback and if you happen to find my predictions on some other web site, please let us know. Have a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

Written December 29, 2008 By Joseph Tittel

This will be the second year that I worked on a list of predictions for the year. I began this journey last year when the radio station and Bob talked me into doing it for a special New Years radio show. I have been receiving visions of future events ever since I was a little boy. They just come to me out of nowhere and usually happen within a few months of the vision. I never actually sat down and meditated with the hopes of coming up with a list of predictions for a full year. I had no idea what to expect as far as what information I would receive in my meditation and whether or not it would all come true within that one year period of time. With complete amazement, I did come up with quite a list, and at least 90 to 95 percent of those predictions have come true.

I would not rule out the predictions that did not come true. There is a possibility that I could be off a little on time and they could come true in early 2009. Last year I received dozens of emails and comments to my predictions. A few people were upset because there were so many negative predictions. When it comes to predicting world events and weather predictions, most of them are not going to be positive. I see some things in the form of newspaper headlines, and lets face it, the headlines are never really good news. This year I did more then one meditation session. After my first session I really did not want to go any further with it, but did not have a huge list like last year. The things I saw were not at all good, they were actually horrible. So if you are a paranoid person or don’t want to hear about bad things coming up in our world, then I would advice you not to read any further.

One thing I learned during my meditations is that our planet has entered into a four year transition period. This will bring major change to the Earth and all of us that live here, including the animals and plant life. This is one off the biggest transitions that the Earth has seen in hundreds of years. This began in 2008 and will end in 2012. It will go out with a big bang. Lets just say mother nature is going to do some major cleaning up and remodeling. This transition will effect us all in every possible way we can imagine. This has been predicted for centuries by the native American Indians and called the Earth Changes. This is meant to wake us all up, unite as one and take care of mother Earth.

UPDATE 4-28-09 - Since I have posted these predictions a few people sent some comments on my face mask prediction post & posted things on the net criticizing my predictions, saying mean things, and even calling me crazy. My one prediction you can read below states that I saw people wearing face masks due to an outbreak of an airborne disease starting in a foreign country. There is more details below. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and these predictions are probably the most specific predictions on the net. They were also read live on the radio January 1 and therefore could not have been altered in any way. You can listen to the archive of the show on my web site. At this point my predictions pretty much speak for themselves, just like last years predictions. I try to update these as often as possible and as they come true. I appreciate all of your feedback and the links to the articles of predictions that have come true. Thank you for that everyone and I will be doing a live 2009 prediction recap and update on an up-coming radio show May 12.

2009 Predictions - The Year Of Change and Of Loss

President Obama In 2009

Like I said in my 2008 predictions, Obama makes me nervous. There is something about him that I just can’t put my finger on. Maybe it is because of what could happen to this country when he takes over. I believe he has good intentions and is hear to bring us unity. I fear for his life and have no doubt that there will be several be assassination attempts on both him and the vice president. I also fear for his youngest daughter and worry about a planned kidnapping. I think it will be impossible for someone to do, but some lunatic will try to plan it out.

Obama will not only be targeted by white supremacy groups, but also by someone within our own government and terrorist. It makes me feel like it will be a complete flashback to JFK, even though that was before my time. There will also be two terrorist groups that will try to target both the president and vice president at the same time. The secret service will do its best at keeping the two as far apart as possible. You will come to notice that the two are never seen together. One attempt may happen in the month of April, possibly April 19. April 19 can up often in my meditation and could be related to something else. One possibly successful attempt will happen during a speech possible in Washington or Alabama. I also have some fear for his youngest daughter thinking she may be a target for terrorists.

In the beginning there will also be a ton of controversy that will arise around the new president, calling him a liar and many other things. At one point during his presidency many people will come to dislike him and at other points they will love him. Obama will try to instate a new tax, maybe 18%, that will disrupt the country. A way to give the country a boost in the economy Obama will send out a tax rebate check to American in or around September. The United States relationship with China and Korea will be on the rocks once again.

Economy, Finances & Investments In 2009

You don’t have to be psychic to know our economy is on bad shape and is just going to get worst. There is not much the new president is going to be able to do. The stock market will take another major fall and may even crash within the next two years. The American dollar will lose value like never before and will be worth less then the Canadian dollar. This will effect major companies and will see more of them begging the government for a bail out. It will come to the point where there are no more bail outs causing companies to fold. The government will also make decisions to actually take over some companies and make them government operated. The ones that should worry most is really those who have millions of dollars. They will find themselves broke and money will just disappear.

You will see malls, shopping centers and even popular fast food chains like KFC, Wendy’s and even McDonald's closing doors throughout the country in certain area's. Credit card companies will also go bankrupt and people will begin to default on their credit card bills. Real estate will continue to drop and you will see an awful lot of million dollar homes sitting empty for a long period of time. I would not advice anyone to sell their homes because you will take a major loss. The market will pick up a little more in the fall when interest rates fall to an all time low.

Like I said in 2008, gold, copper and precious gems, not diamonds, will be a good investment. If you took my advice and invested in 2008 when gold hit an all time low, you would have made up to a 40 percent profit. Gold will go down once more and give you a great opportunity to buy gold. If I had a lot of money, which I do not, I would take it out of the bank and invest half in buying gold and lock it in a safe in your home.

Chaos in the NY stock exchange will effect the market world wide, including Japan and China. I also see protesting in front of the White House. More and more business will go bankrupt, this will effect more of the bigger companies and I encourage all Americans to support their local small business’.
Lines will form once again in front of banks with people demanding their money. This will happen world wide. Lines will also form in areas of poverty with people looking for nothing more then a bite to eat. The IRS will lose billions and will want to round that up by auditing many millionaires and will try and make an example out of celebrities like they did with Martha Stewart.

The Weather In 2009

  • 2009 will be a combined year of Hurricanes, earthquakes and floods.
  • As I stated last year, it would be the year of the tornado, and it was just that. 2009 will be a little different bringing us more hurricanes and floods like never before. On the east coast it will be a mild January leading into a very cold February and March. This will bring a lot of snow and ice throughout the country. A major snow storm will blanket the east coast in late February early March. There will even be snow in places where it has not snowed in decades. Even Florida will be hit with ice storms that will effect fruit like oranges sending the price orange juice and oranges higher.
  • UPDATE 4-7-09: January was mild in comparison to past years and the month of February and March were colder then normal.
  • On March 1 a very rare snow storm did blanket the east coast. The funny thing with this prediction is I see many of my predictions in the form of headlines. Just about every headline you saw about the storm said "Snow storm blankets the east coast. For the article click HERE.
  • On January 6 snow fell in a Las Vegas, a place that never gets snow. A storm covered parts of California too. Read the article HERE.
  • Summer will be above high temperatures, especially in the mid west. Temperatures will reach anywhere from 115 to 130 degrees in some areas such as Nevada and California.
  • I had many visions of landslides or mudslides like never before. This will hit California and other countries due to extreme rain and hurricanes during the summer months.
  • A major earthquake will hit of the coast of Brazil possibly in or around the month of August and could be near Rio. This will hit in an area of mountain because I saw this causing major landslides or mountains crumbling. I did not get anything in my meditation as to how many people, if any, will be injured or lost during this event. There will be at least three major Earthquakes world wide causing devastation.
  • UPDATE 4-08-09- On January 8, only a week after making my predictions, a 6.1 earthquake in Costa Rica - 15 deaths w/10 -18 people reported missing. Many of the dead were recovered in their vehicles after the landslides buried them.There is no doubt in my mind that this earthquake was the one I kept having in my vision with the landslides before I even did my meditation. More on this HERE.
  • Another major earthquake struck near Pescara Italy and Rome in the middle of the night on Monday, April 6th. More then 250 people were killed in this tragic quake. More on this HERE.
  • I kept seeing more and more landslides like never before and this may happen in and around California.
  • UPDATE 4-7-09: There have been dozens of stories about mudslides due to rain in the California and Washington area. January 7 articles headlined about mudslides in Washington and roads being closed. More on this can be found HERE.
  • Update June 21, 2009 - On June 6 dozens of people were buried in mudslides that occured in China. More about that here.
  • Global warming will hit headlines throughout the world. Doing something about this will become a major concern in 2009. You will see a larger demand for energy efficient vehicles, heaters and much more.
  • Floods will be a major problem in 2009 and I see one country covered in water. This could be due to a tsunami, tidal wave or hurricane. This will kill several hundred.
  • Floods will also effect Florida, Texas and Parts of California and the mid-west.
  • UPDATE 4-08-09- Floods have been nothing but a big problem so far in 2009 across the United States and all over the world. Many article headlines call it the worst year on record for flooding. Unfortunately there is so much more to come in the way of weather and floods in 2009. Prepare yourselves and be grateful for the things you have for you never know if one day a flood or something worst can come along and take it all away. I know that there was a prediction of mine that talked about the breaking of a dam, which did happen. I still see some other type of Dam break, but more like a water levy breaking due to a river overflow. Here are just a few of the flood that have happened so far in 2009.
  • In late March North Dakota was hit severely with rain and floods, especially the Red River, which goes into Canada. You can read about the North Dakota Floods HERE. Now, April 8, flood gates were opened in Winnipeg Canada for fear the Red River May overflow into their city. More on that HERE.
  • On April 6 and 7 parts of Florida and Louisiana were under water. All throughout the Florida panhandle were floods. In Madison County Florida, outside of Tallahassee, the Withlacoochee River crested at 89 feet, which broke the record for the highest crest in history. More on this story HERE.
  • UPDATE JUNE 21, 2009 - Floods have certainly become a nuisance all of the United States, including right now in the mid-west. As of today the mid-west is continuing to experience floods and mudslides. This will continue to be a problem throughout the summer months all over the world. The weather is obviously beginning to worst each year and this is going to continue. Over the next few years the weather patterns are going to go haywire and we are going to see storms, floods, wildfires, hurricanes, earthquakes and I can keep going on and on.

  • Canada will have below normal temperatures and in some areas it will fall to 20 degrees below zero.
  • An earthquake will hit California between 2009 and 2010 and this one is a big one.
  • A severe summer heat will lead to more wildfires in the mid-west including California, Oregon and even New Jersey. Fires will be very bad in 2009.
  • The New Jersey blaze will be arson and set by two guys driving an old beat up ford pick up truck with a small gas can in the back and Florida tags. I can actually describe to two guys and if it does happen I can help them catch the person.
  • A major hurricane will wipe out a few tropical islands before hitting of the coast of the Texas Gulf.
  • As predicted last year, yet another major earthquake will occur again in China in late 2009 killing hundreds.

Celebrity Predictions For 2009

Beings it is also a year of loss, we will lose several celebrity icons, at least three. Among them may be Elizabeth Taylor, Dick Clark and possibly Patrick Swayze. A famous jazz singer or sax player will also be lost
  • Michael Jackson will also hit headlines again. This time because his health will take a major downfall leaving him hospitalized. He may even end up have a near death experience when something goes seriously wrong with his lungs. Michael may even have a lung collapse and will end up in surgery. He will also relocate back to the states to be closer to his family during his illness. He is going to look really bad by years end.
  • UPDATE 4-6-09: Michael has been in the headline quite a bit so far in 2009. Michael was also rushed to the hospital January 16 with a major problem to his lungs. He apparently had a disease the affects the lungs. More about this can be found by searching Michael Jackson Hospital 2009 in Google or by clicking HERE.
  • Update June 21. 2009 - Michael hit headlines again on May 21 because of yet another health issue. This time affecting his whole new tour. Read about it here.
  • Brittany Spears made a huge come back just as I predicted in 2008. This will continue for Brittany for the first part of 2009 with sell out shows world wide. This will leave her worn out and may have more issues toward late summer and fall. You will begin to see the paparazzi all over her again saying she is relapsing. She will get through and disappear out of the lime light by the end of the year for some rest. There will be rumors that she is pregnant, but these are only rumors.
  • UPDATE 4-6-09: According to an article on March 30 Brittany is making a huge comeback. Her shows are selling out along with great album sales. More about this can be found HERE.
  • OJ Simpson will hit headlines once again, this time with news about a new book. You may also hear about him being beat up in prison.
  • UPDATE 4-6-09: Today in the LA news OJ was in the headlines. Apparently a man stepped forward to say he helped OJ hide assets from the families of Nicole and Ron Goldman. More on this can be found HERE.
  • Madonna will be in the news many times in 2009. She will put one of her million dollar homes up for sale. She will break up with A-Rod and within the next few years will meet someone new, adopt another child and get married again by 2012. She may also be faced by the IRS along with Brittany. UPDATE 4-6-09: As many of you know it has been in headlines for weeks now that Madonna is trying to adopt a child in Africa and was even rejected. It is not over, Madonna will adopt this year like I predicted. More on the adoption HERE. Madonna and A Rod are no longer seen together.
  • Brad Pitt and Angeline will with no surprise be expecting another child. She will be pregnant once again by the end of 2009. They will become even more involved with giving back to the community and helping those in need.
  • Ozzy Osbourne will also hit headline in 2009 after a health scare. A mild heart attack will end Ozzy up in the hospital getting surgery. He will come out strong.
  • Larry King will also be n the news due to a health scare.
  • Jay Leno will be all over the news after a huge disappointment in ratings for his new show. This will cause Jay to go into a depression and a desire to want to resign, but will not. The network Jay is on will realize they made a big mistake and will keep him there as long as they can.
  • American Idol will hit headlines because of a scandal and a possibility that the show is fixed.
  • UPDATE 4-8-09: Many years ago when Rubin Studder won over Clay I knew in my heart the show was rigged. Look how far Clay has come since then and as for Rubin, you don't hear much about him. When I was doing my meditation on the 2009 predictions it was no surprise to me to see a headline that said American Idol Fixed and American Idol Exposed. I believe there is more to come about the scandal aspect of the prediction. As for headlines about the show being fixed, there are two stories you can find HERE and HERE.
  • Jack Nicholson will hit headlines because of a law suit.
  • Bill Cosby will hit news due to health related issues to his kidneys, liver, or colon. This could be cancer related but he will make it through.
  • Saturday Night live is going to cause some controversy after doing a skit that offends some.
World Predictions & Misc. Predictions For 2009
  • A car bombing, possibly targeting a senator or other major politician will hit headlines. This may happen around the Washington DC area possibly around November.
  • I had visions that were like a flash back to Desert Storm. A vision of oil fields burning which would in turn cause gas prices to soar to 6 or 7 dollars per gallon. This could happen more toward 2010. Gas prices will hit the lowest price seen in years before rising once more.
  • A senator will be forced to resign or will be impeached as I predicted in 2008 and is going on right now with the senator that tried selling Obama’s senate seat, I think his name is Blagojevich. UPDATE 4-8-09: On January 8 it was all over headlines and the media about Gov. Rod Blagojevich and his impeachment. I talked about this in 2008 on my radio show and again on New Years Day. You can read one article HERE and the following is some of that article. -In a historic vote, the Illinois House has impeached Gov. Rod Blagojevich, directing the Senate to put the state’s 40th chief executive on trial with the goal of removing him from office. The vote by the House was 114-1 and marks the first time in the state's 190-year history that a governor has been impeached, despite Illinois' longstanding reputation for political corruption.
  • I have also been have visions of a very disturbing bomb blast. This seemed more like an atom bomb or small nuclear war head that will take place in the middle east. This looked big enough to take out a fairly large city. I believe this will also be in the middle East, maybe Israel. Two countries in the middle east will begin destroying each other, I believe Israel will be part of this.
  • There will be some type of shooting or bombings related to war possible revolved around China or another Asian country and also in and around Afghanistan.
  • Over the next few years suicide rates will reach an all time high and is some area so will the murder rate.
  • Update June 21, 2009 - An article was released that said "A family sociologist at the University at Buffalo says this month's murder-suicides involving a family of four in Ohio and a family of five in California may be "just the tip of the iceberg." Read the entire article HERE.
  • There will also be continued random shootings like we had in the past at schools. This time you will even be seeing them over seas in Europe and Brittan and Canada. There will also be many cases of people going into companies where they were laid off or fired with guns and shooting others. There will also be a shooting at a bank or financial institution and this is not a robbery but more for revenge. A major cooperation will be faced by a crazy gun man after claiming bankruptcy and closing doors. Another could happen at a post office after a lay off
  • Spirit kept showing me green peppers and red in my meditation. I can only guess that there will be some type of food scare related to this like we had with tomatoes in 2008, which I did predict.
  • I saw some type of terrorist attack during a major sporting event. I felt this would be overseas in Europe or Brittan and may be at a soccer game possibly killing 5 people.
  • The United States will launch an attack on new territory. Three new wars will begin in 2009 and a new world war will begin between 2009 and 2012.
  • Bin Laden is still alive and planning his biggest attack ever, not just on the U.S., but on the entire world. There will be a large amount of terrorist attacks in 2009 and India will be hit again.
  • The U.S. will announce that Bin Laden has been found and after bombing him it will be unconfirmed whether or not he was killed. He will manage to escape the bombing.
  • India will be greatly effected by the economy and a possible new war. This could cause India to suffer from disease, famine and poverty over the next three years.
  • A positive change comes to Africa after riots and controversy. I also seen the assassination of another world leader. I believe this could be in Africa and what I saw in the way of riots. Cuba may have similar problems.
  • I also saw a re-election of some sort which would most likely take place after the assassination and could go back to Africa or Cuba.
  • Update June 21, 2009 - Most of us are all aware of the big controversy that has been going on with the election in Iran. Riots and protests have been going on for weeks. I believe that this is what I was seeing in my vision. I also believe the assassination in my above prediction may also take place in Iran.
  • I see face masks in my meditation and feel that it would be related to some type of air born disease. This will be in a foreign country which may end be closed off from the rest of the world. It could also be related a some type of disaster that leaves dead bodies rotting in turn causing disease and of course a horrible odor.
  • UPDATE 4-28-09 - By now we have all heard about the Swine Flu outbreak. What we have been seeing on the news beginning with Mexico is exactly what I was seeing in my meditation while preparing these predictions. It is very possible that Mexico may end up being closed off from the U.S. in due time. As far as the bodies and smell in my prediction, this is also likely to happen if this Swine Flu outbreak worsens. If it hits poverty stricken areas hard they may not be able to keep up with the body count. Another thing I'm starting to have visions of is piles of bodies being thrown in holes and burned. Not sure if it is related to this or not. If this does occur it would most likely be confined mostly to one country. This Swine Flu will hit world wide but will remain the worst in Mexico and possible move into India and hit hard there also. It will also baffle doctors and scientist as the strain begins to change from one place to another. For example, you may have a better chance of survival if you get this swine flu in one area compared to another area, or one strain of swine that differs from others. This will pan out over the next few months. At some point they will come up with a cure or vaccine or both. This will get really bad though, I have to be honest. And the government is not telling you the truth, which is no surprise. Personally I don't think I will be eating any pork in the near future.
  • 2009 will have more sightings of Jesus Christ and the Blessed Mother Mary. This will cause more to turn to religion and spirituality. Church attendance will be higher then it has been in decades. This will also cause some to believe that the world is coming to a close, which it is not. It will change drastically, but will not end. What this will be is a sign for us all to unite as one no matter what our religious beliefs are.
  • Even with all the negative predictions there is some good that will come from this. Most of all it will bring us all together and force us to look at things from a more spiritual perspective.
  • Canada came up in meditation too. Something major will happen there but I can not put my finger on it. I’m sure it will go into history and may be related to terrorism.
  • I also saw something happening in a subway system that I could only relate to possible terrorism. I believe this will be outside of the U.S.
  • A vision of a breaking Dam causing water to wipe out a valley and several small villages. All I saw was the dam break and can not figure out where this happens or what the cause is but feel it will happen during the summer months. Dozens will be lost.
  • UPDATE 4-7-09: At least 60 people were killed when a dam broke in Indonesia on March 26, 2009. Read more about this HERE.
  • Fires will be a major problem and I see many of them, one will become historic. A major fire in a city type area, possible Las Vegas. This is like a huge building possibly a casino or hotel. On the other hand it could be an entire town or small city burning. I actually saw two separate big fires. One seemed like it was out of country and I actually saw people jumping from the building which gave me flashbacks to 911.
  • UPDATE 4-24-09-Fires have definitely been a problem all ready in 2009. More then the normal and it has only just begun. In February small towns were completely burned down in Australia from wild fires. This could be what I was seeing and talked about on my radio show where I stated that I saw entire towns or city on fire. For more on this CLICK HERE.
  • A small fire in the white house does very little damage and hits head lines.
  • Several plane crashes in 2009 including one killing 146 passenger. All of these are outside of the U.S. I believe and one plain disappears into the ocean. One will be terrorist and I also believe there could be two plains that collide in mid air. One smaller plane and another larger. This could be due to fog or weather conditions in possibly Australia.
  • Update June 21, 2009 - Plane crashes are going to become more and more common over the next few years just like the weather and amusement park accidents. You are all familiar with the recent disappearance of an Air France plane into the ocean earlier this month. I was seeing the headlines in my predictions "Plane Disappears". Air France was exactly what I was seeing. A friend of mine also sent me this article.
  • Another crash into a building, house or populated area of some sort. I also keep seeing a plane with the top ripped off like a can opener opened it up. Not sure what that is but this vision I have been having all month and this most likely will happen in January or February.
  • UPDATE 4/24/09: On February 13, 2009 headlines read 50 killed as plane hits house near Buffalo. This was a big headline story all over the world and would be more of what I would have been seeing in my vision. You can read more about this tragic accident HERE.
  • On April 17 one man was killed when a plane crashed into a home in Florida. More on that story HERE.
  • A major automobile accident hits headline when 53 or 54 cars collide or that many people killed or injured.. This will be in the mid-west and due to fog or weather.
  • UPDATE 4-7-09: There was a major car pile up in Indiana, more then two dozen vehicles. You can read the article HERE. There was another accident involving a school bus that caused more then a dozen accidents and 26 people were hurt in Phoenix. That article is HERE.
  • Another bridge will just collapse again injuring or killing 12 people.
  • I kept seeing Egypt in headlines but do not know why. It could be war related r related to a new discovery.
  • UPDATE 4-7-09: February 8, 2009 one of the biggest discoveries in years happened in Egypt when a tomb more then 2600 years old was unearthed containing 30 mummies. More about this amazing discovery can be found HERE.
  • Another vision was that of a huge cruise ship, maybe a Carnival cruse ship. The ship had a huge hold in its side and I’m not sure how to interpret it. Maybe a blast or possibly hitting something and sinking. Can not be clear on this.
  • UPDATE 4-7-09: On February 18 news hit about a cruise ship that had gotten stuck on an iceberg in Antarctica. Read the complete article HERE.
  • The American Red Cross will hit headlines when a shortage off supplies and blood goes into effect. I see a large amount of red cross stands set up which could be after a natural weather related disaster. It could also be related to humanity having to pull together. This will be discussed on the radio show. UPDATE 4-7-09: On February 21 the Beijing Red Cross put out an alert for people to donate blood due to a major shortage. More about this HERE. On January 15 the Dallas Red Cross also put out an alert becasue of a shortage of blood. Check that out HERE. There will be even more of an outcry for help from the Red Cross to come in 2009.
  • A politician will take his own life with a gun in an office setting or during a speech. This could be a senator or back to the governor that tried to sell Obama’s senate seat.
  • I saw something about a surfer and can not interpret that vision. Maybe a shark attach in California or Hawaii and could be connected to a celebrity.
  • Major news story revolved around the planets or maybe asteroids. It could be the discovery of a new planet or galaxy and a galactic blast. 2009 will be a major year for discoveries.
  • UPDATE 4/24/09: On April 21 scientist announced that they did find a new planet twice the size of the planet Earth. Read all about it HERE.
  • As a major year of discovery in 2009. Something discovered buried in Egypt will be among dozens of new discoveries. Also another discovery of the coast of a sunken ship and treasure being pulled up out of the ocean. There will be so many new discoveries including new ocean life and a new species of animal in Africa.
  • UPDATE 4-7-09: February 8, 2009 one of the biggest discoveries in years happened in Egypt when a tomb more then 2600 years old was unearthed containing 30 mummies. More about this amazing discovery can be found HERE. There were also two big stories that hit the headlines about ships that were discovered, one containing millions in gold coinn, another with 11 brass cannons. Read more about the ship found off the coast of Florida February 2, 2009 HERE.
  • UPDATE 4/24/09- Another huge discovery just came out of Egypt on April 19, 2009. The discovery of Cleopatra's tomb. Check it out HERE.
  • The extinction of Gorilla’s will hit the news.
  • Drinking water polluted or water poisoned was two other headlines I saw. I believe this has to do with drinking water and could be tampered with or effected from floods.
  • New York city will hit head lines several times. One reason could be because of major power outages during summer months. Power outages will hit throughout the U.S. and other countries. There will also be rolling outages.
  • I saw a field of corn being sprayed with chemicals. No idea how to interpret this message. Maybe news comes out about the pesticides used or a contamination of corn and cattle feed.
  • A sink hole swallows up a huge area of homes or a development. This may happen in the Philadelphia area. It is also possible that I was seeing an area that was actually hit by a meteor or something that fell from the sky.
  • 2009 will have a large amount a accidents at amusement parks. A roller coaster accident will cause death and one amusement park will close down temporarily due to an accident. This may be six flag. Another overseas involves a Ferris wheel and Disney will also be effected.
  • A large increase in malaria, the bird flue and other airborne illness. A major flue outbreak in early 2010.
  • Elections cause riots is another headline which could take effect in Africa or Cuba. Cuba will have major issues in 2009 after the possible death of their leader.
Significant Dates
  • January 15, 21
  • February 4
  • April 1, 2 or 3 and 18 or 19
  • May 12 July 14 and 22
  • August 4 and 14
  • October 23
  • September 11 and 20
  • November 1
  • December 2


Anonymous said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


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CKaye said...

Everything here is plausable - as far as I can see there is nothing here that is off the wall -- many of the trends are already there. I'm not really scared but I am sad for my country and sad for the world, that it had to come to this. I liken it to painful chemo treatments to save the world - hurts like hell but has to be done. God help us all.

Anonymous said...

Thank you your predictions. They
are both clear and detailed.
I,too have visions and can confirm
they are the same as yours,although
coming from England they are less
orientated towards the U.S.A.
I see the next three years as a
shifting and rebalancing of geographical,physical and political
power so we can live in harmony once
again.It will not be pretty but we
all have choices and some will have
chosen to move on already.
Blessings to you and all who read
this for the big journey.
P.J.R Glastonbury England.

Anonymous said...

I also liked your blog, very interesting reading. I especially was intrigued with the broad predictions and that they were not politically or spiritually motivated. They seemed honest, grounded and sincere. Good reading for all to know. I pray for our journey together and share the same concerns on each subject. I look forward to humanities unity once again. Thank you for walking it with us and helping us know that we will get through it and to keep our vision of each other along with meditation on our spiritual selves. Nora, in Ohio

L-Beatz said...

Thank you for this


Anonymous said...

Hi, Joseph, I'm keeping an eye on the news and your predictions.

Earthquakes, landslides and floods

January 8th (Gosh, only one week into the year.) 6.1 earthquake in Costa Rica - 16 deaths w/10 -18 people reported missing. Many of the dead were recovered in their vehicles after the landslides buried them. Recovery is slow according to Yahoo news because the "mountainous area has few access roads, most of which were blocked by the landslides."

Also 1/8/09 - Mudslides and avalanches closed 3 major east/west routes in western Washington state around the Cascade mountains following heavy rain and flooding caused by rapidly melting heavy snowfall. Amtrak closed passenger service in Seattle because of the weather and track conditions.

Random shootings/School shootings

January 9 - 5 seriously injured at a shooting following a high school basketball game on the south side of Chicago.

Please, Joseph, don't see anything but sunshine and roses for my little corner of California!

Unknown said...

Looks like your predictions for January 15, 2009 and Plane crash are coming true. We heard the news of plane crashing and landing in Hudson river.

Anonymous said...

is what u are seeing for the middle east the ghazza war that is going on now? hope it ends now.

Unknown said...

Joseph, could you comment on the NY plane crash. After the fact does it bring back your visions and makes you understand better what you had forseen?
Did you have any more revelations closer to the event in NY on January 15?

Anonymous said...

Hi i am in Australia, I too get visions and i have concerns for Obahma's family too. the energy is void of light. i dont understand exactly why only that it reminds me of forest when all the spirit energy disappears just before a fire. I keep sending them light. I feel the whole family has chosen this special destiny to be the start of change in the USA. I send positive thoughts to avoid getting stuck in the negative and to be grateful for the journey this family is taking for the benefit of so many others.
thank you for posting your insights,i am pleased for the transformations coming to this planet, i feel it and already see it in small ways and try to stay steps ahead by clearing my thoughts, energy and life to be in a safe place at the right time.
all the best for a happy personal 2009- cause we can ripple out

Anonymous said...

The overall predictions dont seem very positive for 2009. But I have always believed that everything happens for a reason. And I think our world will be completely changed for the better. Everything needs to get worse before it gets better.

Anonymous said...

Hi very interesting

I am not by any means a pshycic, but of late find myself having odd feeling which seem to turn out to be true I just follow my instinct. Before searching predictions 2009, I was watching the Obama Inauguration and had this feeling though or what ever you want to call it could you expand.

In one piece if the news clip he walks onto a stage with his wife, you see all these hand go up not, but clapping but as a sign of out times holding holding cameras and cell phone instead, then i see in my mind like it glazed ovver the screen a picture in black and white of the same hands comming up holding little american flags, almost a throw back to 1960 i think.

The thought that followed was, and attempt on his life, before he even gets started, and i think the cameras and cell phones were important like that is how it would be done. I ust dont know anyway that is what got me looking up predictions for 2009, and that was my thought.

I wish i could have more guidance on how this all works.

Have a great year everyone and remeber to push as much light back to mother nature as possible she needs it.


Anonymous said...

This is really detailed and interesting. It is fairly scary. I don't think I have seen such a detailed psychic blog online before.

Maybe, can you please consider keeping track of these and note which have already occurred and which not? I see from the other posts that some, such as in Costa Rica, have already occurred. That is pretty fascinating.

Also, can you please try to figure out how we, as a nation and a world, can best approach the global warming phenomenon? There are a lot of references to natural disasters, and based on what I have heard, hurricanes, tidal waves, and the like are caused by global warming. Therefore, it seems to be one of the most, if not the single most important hurdle facing us in 2009 and years to come.

Anonymous said...

Joseph, when getting visions of natural disasters, does HAARP ever come to mind? With HAARP they can artificially make hurricanes much bigger than they would be otherwise

Anonymous said...

Some of the guests on the Coast to CoastAM radio show have said that mankind can lessen these catastropic changes if the people on the planet could raise their vibrational level and LOVE more - instead of hating, being greedy and filled with jealously, etc.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joseph, thanks for the detailed predictions. It is interesting you mentioned that gold price will drop one more time. Do you have any idea on the timing?

Anonymous said...

Joseph, in reply to "Drinking water polluted or water poisoned was two other headlines I saw" --> Our drinking water is already being poisoned!! It has been for years now, it is called Sodium Fluoride (NaFl). This chemical is the same thing as rat poison. I've taken 2 years of chemistry, trust me, I know what I am talking about. They used it in the concentration camps during WWII because it would make the prisoners docile (easy to control).

Anonymous said...

It has been reported that Michael Jackson is seriously ill faighting infection in face and body. It was posted on MSN today, Friday, February 13, 2009.

I am not sure if this is what you saw but, it appears that it is in line with your prediction about Michael getting ill.

Anonymous said...

Re: your prediction of a plane crashing into a building in Jan. or Feb., a plane crashed into a home in Buffalo 2/12/09 killing all 49 on board and one in the home. The cause of the crash seems to be a "significant" buildup of ice on the wings and windshield. Sadly, another prediction right on target.

Anonymous said...

In response to one of your predictions about Egypt, you said "I kept seeing Egypt in headlines but do not know why. It could be war related or related to a new discover". Well today, Thursday, February 26, 2009, ABC News reported that, Ancient,gravegoods, possible 3,300 years old, unearthed near Cario, Egypt.

I'm not sure if that was what you saw but, just wanted to post it any.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I know what you mean about Obama. Something I just can't put my finger on that really unsettles me. And it isn't because that I think something bad is going to happen to him. Something isn't right about him. It isn't a good feeling. I always say good has to come from bad. Well, he is bad...and good will come from it.

Anonymous said...

You predicted that Obama will try to instate a new tax, maybe 18% that will disrupt the country.

Could that be the $1 Trillion Tax increase that he is trying to implement for those individuals making over $250,000 per year. He announced this yesterday (2/26/2009).

Anonymous said...

In one of your predictions, you said, "Over the next few years suicide rates will reach an all time high". Well, that prediction is coming true. It has been been reported a man killing his entire family, and just recently a man that worked at Wal-mark, set himself on fire and later was reported that he had died, I believe that this was in the Chicago area. I always like to post were I get the information from so others could check it out but, there have been a few that I read a few weeks ago and as late as a month ago on line at or and many other news websites.

The suicides have alreay become. I pray that GOD gives us strength too make it thought these difficult times including everyone around the world.

People can't seem to hold on, its like helping is not coming fast enough. Most people born years after the depression is not use to this country being in such a financial crisis. I pray for all of us as often as I can.

Anonymous said...

Another interesting prediction you made, "canada came up in meditation too. Something major will happen there but I can not put my finger on it. I’m sure it will go into history and may be related to terrorism".

I just wanted to report that there was a head line that said, CANADA IN THE NEWS, "Russian bomber neared Canada on eve of Obama visit less than 24 hours before U.S. President Barack Obama's visit to Ottawa last week, Canadian Defense Minister Peter Mackay said on Friday".

I wasn't sure if this is the vision that you saw -- and that the reason you could not put your finger on it, is because the russian bomber was intercepted by Canada and nothing happend. Its very possible that it was a failed terrorist attempt.

Anonymous said...

Just a note. Today is March 1st 2009. The east coast is expecting a big snow storm tonight. Birmingham Alabama recieved a record 5 inches of snow. JOSPEH TITTLE-"A major snow storm will blanket the east coast in late February early March. There will even be snow in places where it has not snowed in decades."

Anonymous said...

Joseph, your prediction: "major fire in a city type area...possibly a casino or hotel...seemed like it was out of country...saw people jumping from the building which gave me flashbacks to 911" I'm not sure if people were jumping off the building or not, but it seemed that this fire you saw might have been the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in China that was totally engulfed in flames less than a month ago in China. Your thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Well Joseph, you were right on target again. A Major Winter Storm hist East Coast. Front page of

Also ABC news reported this moring (3.2.09)...From the Carolinas to the shores of Main, a brutual later winter snowstorm has paralized much of the Easterm Seaboard and has been blamed for deaths on slick roads. Up to a foot of snow piled up in places like Jackson, Tenn. which saw 12.5 inches the heaviest one-ay snowfall there ever. Even the Deep South saw snow, including Alabama that received nearly six inches Conn, Long Islan, N.Y.

Also, Virginia, DC and Marylad receive at least nine inches of snow this morning (Monday, March 2, 2009)

Anonymous said...

Joseph, you also predicted, "I also seen the assassination of another world leader. I believe this could be in Africa".

Well "CNN" reported this morning
(3.3.09)that President of Gvinea-Bissau was assassinated, the day after a powerful explosion killed the head of the West African country's military.

I am not sure if this is in line with your prediction but, just wanted to post it, in the event that it's on target.

Anonymous said...

Joseph - your predicted a terrorist attack at a major sporting event overseas possibly killing 5 people. Today one of the worst sports related terrorist attack (since Munich) occured in Pakistan today. The head of Pakistan's interior ministry stated that Pakistan is in a state of war. Seven players of the cricket team were injured and seven others (other than the team) were killed.

Anonymous said...

I have been dreaming about an attack in Ottawa,Canada(I see the parliment building) which is the nation's capital and in the dream, the military was holding people back and preventing them from leaving and in the dream, US Embassy is vivid.

Anonymous said...

Random shootings all over the world in the last 3 days:

Pastor in Illinois shot to death on 3/8/09

Alabama man kills 9 on 3/9/09

School shooting in Germany kills 10
on 3/11/09

Joseph, people are just losing it psychologically. It's random, unmotivated crazy violence. I think it's going to continue. Sad & scary

Anonymous said...


Another prediction on target. Today's headlines are of a teen gunman killing 15 people at his school before authorities killed him. This took place in Germany. You said in your predicitons "there would be continued random shootings like we had in the past at schools. This time you will even be seeing them over seas." The link to the article is


Anonymous said...

Hi Joseph,

I wanted to comment about your statement with reference to Obama and something not being right about him. I subscribe to an email newsletter from and that web site is so very clear about Obama not being a natural born citizen. He was born in Kenya Africa. He is not eligible to be President. There's a lot brewing right now about it. Check out the site and read for yourself.

Anonymous said...

Joseph, you're right about the shootings, one in alabama and one in germany... hit it on the head. Gods bless us all.

Anonymous said...

Your prediction "A vision of a breaking Dam causing water to wipe out a valley and several small villages.... Dozens will be lost.

The March 27th headlines read "Dozens lost in Indonesia Dam break." "A dam broke during the night and flooded several small villages."

It's too bad they couldn't have been warned. The last count of those killed that I saw was 98, but others are still missing.

Anonymous said...

Random shootings as you've predicted.

Today, April 3, 2009.

Breaking News. "A gunman in an immigration services center in Binghamton, New York, was found dead with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, a government official says. The official said 13 are dead at the American Civic Association. It was not clear if the gunman was included in the death toll.

Please check out the link below.

Anonymous said...

As you predicted....."there will also be many cases of people going into companies where they were laid off or fired with guns and shooting others."

There has been another shooting today (Sat. April 4, 2009) in Pittsburgh, PA. Three police officers were shot to death. And some officers were injured. The complete story can be found on

This is the second fatal shooting in two days. The other one I reported was in New York yesterday (Friday, April 3, 2009)

Anonymous said...

I am amazed at your accuracy in regards to the weather this year. major flooding in the Midwest this year. You predicted an earthquake and there was a major one in Italy this week.

I agree that something is not quite right with Obama. I get the feeling that he is very radical ideas and this will cause a major rift in the Country. We are beginning to see this with the many Tax Tea Parties.

You were also correct in the prediction that the government will begin owning companies. AIG and GM to name two. Also the GM CEO was forced by the White House to resign.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joseph...makes for interesting reading !!!

Amazing and thankyou for sharing.

I also wanted to say that your prediction of a fire in a city and / or a whole town...has just happened here recently in the Victorian fires in Australia !!! This could be what you saw, as it became world wide news.

I hope through all this devastation comes a new and better world for all.


Anonymous said...

Headline: "American Idol Fixed?"

Anonymous said...

Just as you predicted with the floods this year. Those in the midwest with the Red River and those in North Florida. Rivers are overflowing in the Florida Panhandle and Hurricane season has not even started!!

Anonymous said...

Joseph, I logged on to your blog after a friend told me to check you out. I'm nervous about your prediction regarding the Carnival Cruise. I have a trip planned in the month of April that I'm already uneasy about and this prediction is now maknig me feel more uneasy. Can you elaborate on the prediction?

Anonymous said...

Hello Joseph,

I just wanted to say something nice about your website oppose to always posting how events are corresponding with your accurate predictions.

Your website is laid out very nice and its easy to keep track of your predictions, which makes it easy to follow the events as they unfold or occure. In addition to the other information that you provide too your audience which is great (i.e, blogs, radio events, videos or your public appearances etc.)

You are very gifted and blessed and its a pleasure to check out your website from time to time.

Thanks for keeping us informed of upcoming events or situations in the world so that we are always prepared for the unexpected both good and bad. Of course, we wish, it was all good but, life is as it is and we just have to keep the faith.

Many blessings!

Anonymous said...

Could the prediction you saw with people wearing face masks be the new swine flu pandemic in Mexico?? Sounds like it. Cases in California and Texas have been reported. Hopefully, it won't get worse than this.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing these predictions with the public. In a unusual way, they help ease anxiety during troubling times because events come as no surprise.

Anonymous said...

thanks Joseph for your amazing predictions. I'm not sure if you see much for Australia but anything you can fill us in on would be much appreciated.

goleta sue said...

Hi Joseph, First of all I want to say that I am well, but on 5/5/09 a wildfire has been causing massive disruptions in Santa Barbara.

Here's a link "More than 30,000 ordered to flee Calif. wildfire"

It's calming down tonight with 40% containment and expected to be out completely by 5/13. It was very scary for awhile. It's already cost about $7 million and used 4000 firefighters and more aircraft, helicopters and a DC-10 (drops 12,000 gallons of fire retardant at a time.) You mentioned seeing the Red Cross. Well, the American Red Cross ran 2 shelters and did an outstanding job. They are a treasure when it comes to providing services to the displaced, handicapped, elderly, children, etc. And fire season hasn't even officially started yet! It's going to be a long hot summer.

I hope I haven't scared you off from relocating to California - the Santa Barbara area might be good for you!

Aaron said...

Joseph, you said that you see a new world war starting between 2009 and 2012, can you please elaborate? The famous psychic Baba Vanga predicted many decades ago that WWIII would start in Nov. 2010

goletasue said...

We have earthquakes this weekend:

5/16/09 3.3 earthquake outside of Arlington, TX

5/17/09 4.7 earthquake Los Angeles

And for good measure a death at an amusement park - toddler killed by roller coaster

Anonymous said...

This is shree from India Amazing site but i am worried there is no remedy for this cant we stop this. what about INDIA i would say to save this world ........we need to recite Gayathri Manthar

Anonymous said...

Drinking water polluted or water poisoned was two other headlines I saw. I believe this has to do with drinking water and could be tampered with or effected from floods.

There was recent news of a flouride spill in drinking water. Thought I should let you know about it.

Anonymous said...

Joseph, Do you see anything coming of National Health Care? It scares me to think we could end up like Canada and Great Brittain with unbelieveable wait times.

Claudine said...

Hi Joseph,

I was impressed by your clear predictions.

I would like to have more info on the Tropical island covered in water either by a Tsunami or a Hurricane. I live in haiti and I am curious about it.

Keep the good work,


goletasue said...

Hi Joseph,

The earthquakes seem to be increasing:

5/22/09 5.7 about 90 mi. from Mexico City

Today in Central CA a 4.7:

And major flooding: 5,000 evacuated in an Australian town on 5/22/09. Read the story for a description of rain and cyclonic winds:

Whew, that's a lot for the last couple of days.

goletasue said...

Breaking news happening right now: a 7.1 earthquake has just struck off the coast of Honduras. A tsunami watch now in effect for Honduras, Belize, and Guatemala.,0,5839720.story?track=rss

Anonymous said...

Hi writing from Australia and read your prediction about two planes colliding mid-air which happened here in NSW a few days ago Please see following link -

Anonymous said...

Sorry Australia again gave u wrong link b4 about plane crash try this one following -

Anonymous said...

Hi Joseph,
In reference to your 4/28/09 comment regarding others negative comments, know that we are all at different levels and that it takes a lot of courage to make predictions. For those of us who do "see" - what you do for us is to provide positive reinforcement. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

work up this morning to news that a plane, Air France, is lost over the Atlantic Ocean with 228 passengers...thought of your prediction right away

Anonymous said...

"Unfortunately" another prediction right Joseph:
An Air France jet carrying 228 people from Rio de Janeiro to Paris is missing after running into lightning and strong thunderstorms over the Atlantic Ocean, officials said Monday. Brazil began a search mission off its northeastern coast.
Poor people i hope they did not suffer..

Anonymous said...

I read over your predictions quite often and you truly amaze me. Thank you for sharing your gift. I see that yet another prediction comes true as the French plane has "disappeared" into the ocean.


Anonymous said...

Plane goes down in the ocean.

Anonymous said...

You said in one of your predictions that.. "I believe one plane disappears into the ocean".

Well, an Air France Jet Disappears on Flight from Brazil to Paris carry 228 passengers vanished according to:

Anonymous said...

Hi Joseph,
Wow on your predictions!! A French plane has just disappeared over the Atlantic carrying 228 passengers. It was flying between Brazil and France. This sounds like your prediction of an airplane disappearing into the ocean. I find you are one true psychic. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

You are truly amazing and gifted. I re read your predictions and just amazed at your accuracy. Thank you for sharing your predictions. Today the Paris plane dissappeared in the ocean.

Anonymous said...

Wow Joseph, you are amazing. Your prediction "I see a plane disappearing into the ocean" has come true. You also say when you mention several plane crashes, that one will be terrorist. Is this french plane the one that went down due to terrorism? They are saying it could have been severe thunder storms, but I am really wondering. ????

You are the most accurate psychic I have ever come across. God bless your gift.

goletasue said...

Another amusement park accident: A miniature train ride derails at the Louisville, KY Zoo injuring 22 - a 21 month girl was critically injured.

Donna said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dare said...

Back to Ameican Idol. Impressive. Especially regarding the final results.
Anyway, several of your predictions already came to pass...

Anonymous said...

I am astonished by your predictions.
You will need to update on the ones that have already came to pass, such as the plane and the amusement park.
"Teen beheaded by amusement park ride" You even got the name of the park right.,,23944085-5005961,00.html

Debbie Mitchell said...

Hello -- one of your predictions "" roller coaster accident will cause death "" can be found in the news here too --

Love your work, thanks for sharing it! Thanks for the updates too.

Anonymous said...

Michael Jackson has been rushed to the hospital. TMZ reported it a few minutes ago.

JuliB55 said...

It was just reported on TV (1:45 p.m., Pacific time) that Michael Jackson was rushed to the hospital. The unconfirmed word is that he suffered a cardiac arrest at his home in Los Angeles.

Joseph, your predictions are so uncannily correct! And thank you and A. J. Barrera for taking my call from Tucson the other evening. Bless you.

Unknown said...

Hmmm,2933,529103,00.html Micheal Jackson has cardiac arrest. I wonder if this is what you have been seeing.

Anonymous said...

TMZ news Michael Jackson dies and also Farrah Fawcett dies today 06/25/2009 You are absolutely amazing with your predictions

Dare said...

You talked about a near death experience for Michael Jackson. TMZ announced he is dead... May he R.I.P. if it's true.

Anonymous said...


Dare said...

My last post: msnbc and L.A. Times confirmed Michael Jackson's death.
Can't help but be touched...

Anonymous said...

WOW, you did it again! You saw Michael Jackson having severe health problems and that he might have a "near death experience". Well MJ died today, so even though you did not see him passing away, you saw that he would be very ill.

You are truly incredible.

JuliB55 said...

Of course, by now, 5:16 p.m. Pacific, we know that Michael Jackson has passed over. He's a contemporary of mine, just 3 years younger than I, so he's part of my pop Americana frame of reference. What an amazing talent. His musical artistry was one of a kind. Thank you for sharing your gifts. Rest in peace, Michael. Now you sing for the angels.

And, not to be forgotten, Farrah Fawcett has passed after her 3-year battle with cancer. God bless you as well.

Anonymous said...

Your prediction about Michael Jackson's health convinced me that you are one of the top psychics in the world today when I heard that he died. Then when I went back and read your other predictions and how most of them hit, I was blown away!

Anonymous said...

I immediately thought of your predictions when I heard the news about Michael Jackson. It is a funny thing because having young children I am torn on the person that he was. His music was wonderful and was pivotal to my teen life in the 80's. I cannot help but feel sad for the little boy who lived a tough childhood to please his dad. I hope you now find peace Michael.

nadia said...

hi joseph
dont know why but i felt that i must write on your blog page about predictions of 2009
thank you for keeping them updated and it is sad that micheal jackson passed away.
though i am a firm believer that GOD is the only one who knows exactly what is going to happen in the world but i am also very sure that he has chosen a few people and you are one of them and granted them a special gift to help others. what you do helps many accept what is happening around them.
keep the updates flowing and please do post something about Beirut / Lebanon.

Anonymous said...

Joseph...amazing. I can't believe that Michael is gone. You also predicted three icons (at least three I should say) would die this year, well Ed Mcmahon was definitely an icon...then Farrah, now Michael. I never doubted your gift Joseph:)

Anonymous said...

Yes I too are amazed with ur prediction of michael Jackson health issues.. RIP Michael.

Gilbert Gosseyn said...

The prediction was:
"his health will take a major downfall leaving him hospitalized. He may even end up have a near death experience when something goes seriously wrong with his lungs..."

Where does it say "die of heart failure" here?

You're seeing only what you want to read into it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joseph... You had stated that there is just something about this guy that you can't put your finger on. You were right on about this guy. By now most of us have heard about him being born in Kenya Africa. That disqualifies him from being a "natural" born citizen as per the U.S. Constitution. Obama to this day won't show his real birth certificate. He has attorneys that keep blocking this. Isn't this ODD? Someone had an eBay listing that showed proof that he was born in Kenya. And if he was indeed born in Kenya, that disqualifies him from being President. And anything he signed into office would become null and void. This guy is corrupt with a capital "C". He is an evil-doer. Take a hard look at what is happening to the U.S. Look at this link...

Need I say more? You were right, Joseph. Something just isn't right about this guy!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing your visions. I wil check in again!


Anonymous said...

Gilbert Gosseyn:

Respiratory depression (lung issues) lead to cardiac arrest; this could all be caused by overdose of narcotics.

Joseph, your predictions are amazing!

David said...

I know you are busy, but i have a question about Obama. After reading/glancing through 2008 prediction along with 2009 I noticed in 2008 you were very worrisome for America if Obama got elected, but then after he did you kind of toned it down a bit and still made it seem not good but not nearly as bad as a previously post earlier in the year. Is there any one reason why saw it as a much worse thing than Hillary being elected? Like does it mean you believe america/world is affected worse by this?

thanks - david

The Chocolate Loveliness That Is FraƱa said...

Umm in your January 2009 blog you had a predication revolving a surfer. There was a surfer that recently did a trick no one else has done before. I forgot the name of the surfer and the trick but I know it's a skateboarding trick. It was on Yahoo a week or 2 ago.

goletasue said...

Another plane has just crashed into the Indian Ocean with 153 aboard. The weather conditions include strong wind and high seas.

No word on survivors or the rescue operation yet. Sad. Pray for survivors.

I recall your prediction of a plane with the top peeling apart, and of course now we know that the Air France plane came apart in the air before going into the ocean off Brazil. That must have been what you saw - the plane breaking apart rather than crashing intact.

Daniel said...

I have read endless predictions. Some by psychics, some by people claiming to be psychic. I continue to be dumbfounded at Joseph's accuracy. He is,in my opinion, one of the most insightful people in the world. I live reasonably close to his offices, I hope to meet him for a session one day. Though a psychic of his magnitude is always in such high demand.

Anonymous said...

Your prediction regarding a plane carrying 14-something pax came true

Anonymous said...

Joseph, you are by far the most reliable and specific psychic I have seen iin a long time. Having psychic visions myself, I completely understand how difficult it is sometimes to know exactly what you are seeing, while at the same time knowing you are seeing a future event. It makes it very hard for others to believe.
That being said, I too have seen in my dreams these plane crashes. In my dream, my vision was only water, and imposed over the water were 2 words : AIRBUS and DELTA.
I thought at first that a Delta Airbus was going to crash in the ocean, now I am not certain. I am thinking now that either a Delta airbus will be the next, or that Delta refers to military Jargon, and that there may be 4 airbus crashers altogether. We shall see.

Anyway, keep up the god work Joseph, I am on your side!!

kate said...

Hi Joseph, I am from Britain so some of your predictions are harder for me to confirm as many apply to the USA. Just have a couple of comments. I am very interested in your amazing psychic abilities and after listening to you online giving readings via the radio I was really impressed with your accuracy. The only thing I would say about your predictions are that some (not all) are quite generalised - such as seeing fires and suicides etc. The thing is some people may be critical because of course you are going to get fires and suicides when you apply these to the whole world. I think people will be most impressed with the more specific predictions - those with dates, locations etc. And if you see specific headlines such as 'plane disappears' maybe you could put these on your website too - you were spot on with the Air France incident. Also I am impressed with the MJ prediction. Is it documented anywhere that you said he would actually die? Did you know that he would die?

Do you do any tours - I would pay to see you if you came to England. I would also be interested to hear whether you have any views on what actually happens when we die.

Have you any idea what has happened to Madeline Mcann? I always wonder why no highly reknowned Psychics have come forward with information - at least to tell us whether she is dead or alive and where she might be.

Thanks you for your predictions Joseph - I wish I had your abilities and hope to see you myself someday if you come to England! Kate x

MEL ZAMORA said...


Deanna Schrayer said...

Joseph, I stumbled upon your site after hearing of Michael Jackson's death; I wondered if anyone had seen that coming. I'm amazed at all you have predicted that has happened so far. I'm far from psychic, but have had a nagging feeling for several months that something *big* will happen around Obama. It was eerie to read your predictions about that very thing.
It's wonderful that you're using your gift with the intention of helping others. I look forward to reading more.

Jennifer said...

Here is a crash at Disney, just as you predicted

goletasue said...

Disney World monorail crash kills employee:

I have been reading the Mary Summer Rain book you suggested PHOENIX RISING and she also lists the amusement park, airplane and train crashes becoming more frequent. There have been too many crashes this tear to list.

Anonymous said...

Disney World had two monorails collide on July, 5th. One person was killed.

Anonymous said...

Joseph mentioned that it would be below normal temperatures in Canada. Environment Canada had predicted above normal and wet in the Eastern region of Canada. We are having colder weather now than a month ago. It went down to 39F last night where it should be about 60F at night or more. They have a frost warning out tonight which is totally unheard of in July.

JemCave said...

Wow, another earthquake on Thursday in China. .

Anonymous said...


You are so accurate and unbelievable that it is eerie!! Your vision of "I see a plane with the top ripped off like a can opener" came true. Yesterday a Southwest airplane had to make an emergency landing because a partial piece of the top of the plane was ripped open. As I looked at it, it looked like a can opener had done it! WOW, you are just too much. You gift is extraordinary. Every week something that you have predicted comes true.

God Bless you!

Anonymous said...

Hi, regarding your prediction for 2 planes possibly colliding in Australia due to weather you also see when this is possibly going to happen? Do you get anymore specific visions like which airline or some type of description ? Ghz

Jennifer said...

This link is to another issue at Disney

Unknown said...

All i have to say is i have been having weird feelings and its unexplainable but i know its to do with the earth. I never felt like this before. Reading your predictions makes me realize that something is not clear.Thank you for being honest.

goletasue said...

An 8.3 earthquake just struck American Samoa causing a tsunami which leveled the village of Sau Sau Beach Fale.

iamsyam said...

Your predictions for September 2009 for the world have come true. Major weather events and natural disasters have occurred. Bush fires, dust storms in Australia, Tsunami in Samoa and earthquakes in Indonesia. How accurate are your predictions.

goletasue said...

Two earthquakes, a 7.8 and a 7.3 in the Pacific Ocean today resulted in a tsunami warning for the Vanuatu archipelago. Also a 6.7 quake near the Philippines.

theplaceilove said...

Hi Joseph,

In case someone hasn't alerted you to this from last week:

The H1N1 outbreak especially virulent some say in the Ukraine--

some say also of suspicious origin there because of alleged night-time flights overhead with spraying and heated political climate there right now--

But none-the-less, I wanted to point out that 1 in 3 people in the street are wearing masks.

Which was one of your predictions for the year.

There is a Moscow news piece posted on Youtube November 2nd, where a reporter in the Ukraine mentions this fact:

Photos on the BBC from November 3rd of citizens wearing facial masks:

Panic in Ukraine over swine flu

Just wanted to let you know in case it somehow fell under your radar.

All the best!

theplaceilove said...

Forgot to include that Slovakia has tightened its borders with the Ukraine, preventing passage at some border crossings, Russia may consider doing the same...

From the Associated Press:

"Slovakia, which lies on Ukraine's western border, closed two of its five border crossings with Ukraine to keep the infection from spreading..."

Mommy to 5 boys said...

Just wanted to leave this. I know you had predicted something like this happening. SCARY!

Mommy to 5 boys said...

Just wanted to leave this. I know you had predicted something like this happening. SCARY!

Caseya2525 said...

***Saturday Night live is going to cause some controversy after doing a skit that offends some.

***Controversery and hypocrisy are surrounding one of the skits from the latest Saturday Night Live episodes.

Blake Lively and Kenan Thompson portrayed Elin Nordegren and Tiger Woods, in a skit that poked fun at Woods' infidelity scandal. The skit had Thompson speaking about the cheating, and the video cut in and out a few times. Each time, Thompson came back with new injuries, as Lively portrayed an angry Elin. At the end of the skit, Thompson held signs that said, "help me" and "she's so strong."

This skit poked fun at spousal abuse, which is where the controversy and hypocrisy are found. SNL's musical guest that night was Rihanna, a high profile victim of domestic violence. The singer recently went on "20/20" to discuss her past year, and struggling to overcome being a victim of domestic violence.

Some critics are saying that it was the timing of the sketch that made it tasteless. Others say if Tiger were a woman, jokes would not have been made.

Caseya2525 said...

***Brad Pitt and Angeline will with no surprise be expecting another child. She will be pregnant once again by the end of 2009. They will become even more involved with giving back to the community and helping those in need.

***Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are expecting baby #7, if Star magazine is to be believed.

“Yes, Angie is pregnant,” a family insider reportedly spills. “They’d been trying for another baby for months, but it was still a total shock when she found out… She’s thrilled. She said she knew she was pregnant before the test confirmed it!”

Caseya2525 said...

***Brad Pitt and Angeline will with no surprise be expecting another child. She will be pregnant once again by the end of 2009. They will become even more involved with giving back to the community and helping those in need.

***Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are expecting baby #7, if Star magazine is to be believed.

“Yes, Angie is pregnant,” a family insider reportedly spills. “They’d been trying for another baby for months, but it was still a total shock when she found out… She’s thrilled. She said she knew she was pregnant before the test confirmed it!”

Emily A. McGranaghan, Boston Condo Group said...

Jay Leno predicted circumstances did not take long to play out per your prediction....although still a fluid situation you should update the post!!:)

Emily said...

I have been amazed by the accuracy of your predictions Joseph. The one from 2009 about bodies being buried in mass graves seems to be coming true. It's terrible what is happening in Haiti. My heart goes out to them. It looks like the year of the earth quake that you tagged for this year, has definately started out in this way.