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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

2015 World Predictions & 2015 Celebrity Predictions - Psychic Medium Joseph Tittel

2015 World Predictions & 2015 Celebrity Predictions

From Psychic Medium Joseph Tittel 

Each year, for the 8th year now, Psychic Medium Joseph Tittel announces his world & celebrity predictions on live radio January 1st, New Years Day. This year Joseph also video taped his live radio show & posted that on his YouTube page shortly after. Joseph announces his predictions live on New Years day on live radio to assure that they are all on the record, time stamped & they can not be altered nor stolen by others who claim they are their predictions. This has happened in the past. 

Joseph prepares for his predictions in late December by first going through prayer ceremonies & meditations. In years past many predictions came in the form of news headlines during meditation or as if he were watching it on television. This year was a little different. Much of the information came from meditation but there were also many that just randomly came to him. 

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A big thank you to the 1.3 million people who have tuned into Joseph's weekly radio show & live predictions show. Many Blessings to you all.... 


2015 Predictions 


 2015 will be a year of re-creating ourselves. It’s funny every year we contemplate as humans on how were going to do things differently in the new year and bring change into  our lives. But most of the time by the time February hits we have already forgot the new year is here. 2015 the year that makes perfect for us to get done those things that we actually say were going to do. It is the year to re-create yourself recreate your life your patterns and move into the direction of raising your vibration and living your life to the fullest. Taking care of your human capsule as well as your spiritual capsule. Reaching that happy blissful place that you have come here to conquer and achieve and 2015 is the year to make that beginning actually happened.

Each year i like to give the year a little label or two. This year I label it “The Year to Do Or Die”.  If there is something you really want to do, something you’ve dreamed of all your life, a goal, a destiny, anything 2015 is the year to get out there kick butt in manifest your dreams. The year that is here to give you the boost you need to help you reach your fullest potential and your happy blissful place. But you must take advantage of this time. You must stop sitting around and allowing those negative thoughts to control everything. We are all human and we all do it. It is becoming aware of it that is the first step in conquering it.

Let’s face it folks there are a lot of horrific things happening on our planet right now that just continue to get worse. These things are all just distractions to throw you out of balance and out of focus so that you can continue being a good little debt slave to the government and the Federal Reserve. We need to focus on the things that are important on the planet especially on doing our own part. There are starving children all over the world, children can’t get clean drinking water in places like India and Africa, people continue to go homeless every day and sometimes it may seem as if there is no hope. Again just another distraction to keep your focus away from the light and the love and put you into that place of fear, worry and concern. In order for there to be any change on this planet we all must do our part and now is the time to start doing so.

2015 is going to be a big year of awakening and a year that will bring peace in different areas of the planet and on personal levels in our lives. There is going to be a huge energetic shift which is going to occur right around the spring solstice between March 20 and April 20 which can be a great time for all of us to take great advantage of starting right now. Start focusing on yourself, your life, your spiritual path and the things that you would like to manifest into your life. See yourself living the life you wish to live as if you already are there living it. Stop allowing the negative thoughts, negative words and the negative actions the power to control your life. Become aware that the fear and the ego talk us out of everything. I believe as a part of the huge awakening in 2015 people will finally begin to see that we are actually in control of the future. We are in control of the future of our planet, the future of our lives and the future of humanity. It is never too late. 

 We seriously have become very spoiled as a society. We do not realize that our ancestors and the indigenous cultures lived such simple lives and were all so happy and healthy. We've grown into this spoiled lazy society that really just works our butts off becoming stuck in our patterns and unwilling to change. But change is now inevitable for all of us and for our planet in order to secure humanities survival. So try not to allow yourself to get sucked in by the media, sucked in by the negative thoughts words or actions of others including your own, sucked in by those that bring you down and literally steal your happiness from you by holding you back from being the best you you can possibly be.

 We need to focus as much as we can on raising our vibrations and getting ourselves into a place where our hearts begin to open and fill our lives with the love that we have longed for for so long. Again it is all part of the shift. Right now we have all become a very low vibrational society. When we are in low vibrations it draws more negativity towards ourselves including illness, war, stress so much more.  It is not your fault that you may have fallen into that category of low vibration it is the way society has programmed us and the way we were taught in school. We were not taught how important our energy actually is and how to care for it. How important the fact that when our energy is out of balance our bodies become out of balance in turn we become ill and unable to manifest the wonderful things we deserve in our lives. We become magnets for negative things. 

 When we are in a high vibration and our energy is being taken care of we begin to raise our levels of consciousness and begin to work our way towards the highest level of consciousness which brings us closer to God and the divine, often referred to as the Jesus consciousness. The direction it is said that we are going in. When we are in the Jesus consciousness as human beings we will then be living heaven on earth, like it says in the Bible.  And only then will our planet be at that place of love and peace, the new Golden Dawn, which will last for period of 10,000 years on the planet. So our focus right now needs to be on our spirituality and on doing things that raise our vibration and avoiding things that lower our vibrations. Again the more we work on this the more we will be able to raise our state of consciousness here on this planet as human beings and that is when we will become more aware of helping our brothers and sisters in need and how we can do so more easily, more cost-effectively and in a way that brings prosperity to all of humanity. This also includes bringing in harmony all living beings on the planet. Those of the Animal Kingdom, Plant & Insect kingdoms. Living in harmony with one another. 

 Just a few things I would like to mention that I hope will help you on your journey through 2015 and beyond. First is to sit down and make a list of the things that you would like to manifest into your life along with writing down your feelings of how you would like to feel and where you would like to be on an emotional level more importantly than just the physical level. It is very helpful to write things down including writing a list down of things you may want to physically get done like cleaning up the clutter and reorganizing before this big shift comes in late March or early April. Remember when we do things like cleaning up our home and office, maybe throwing some fresh paint on the walls or buying some plants to bring nature into our environment will help to promote change and help the energy to flow in a positive direction promoting positive attraction of our future desires. 

Other things that are very helpful in raising your vibration include meditation which was proved to lower stress levels blood pressure and improves the health. Eating foods that are prominently organic, GMO free and that are free of antibiotics in hormones. The things that we are putting our bodies and changing that as much as possible into a direction of avoiding things that are not good for us any longer is detrimental to helping us raise our vibrations. Remember to the best you can because even just a little bit is very helpful. Do your best to avoid products such as fluoride, which was actually used by Hitler in the concentration camps in Germany. Look that one up if you don’t believe me. 

Also avoiding things like aspartame which is commonly in a lot of diet sodas and just about everything else. There is literally a list of things that the government controlled and approved that we should be doing our best to avoid. It is also very helpful to exercise as much as you can and yoga or Pilates or even the martial arts are all extremely beneficial to the body mind and spirit therefore raising your vibration. Nobody is saying to jump right into it. There are very basic easy yoga classes that you can start off with. Remember starting somewhere is a great thing that you are doing for yourself and for the future of our planet. Make a commitment to yourself. Make a commitment to your future. 

Affirmations are also very helpful in helping things in your life to shift in positive directions much  ore quickly. I have come across two very powerful statements through the website. I highly recommend that you look up the clearing statement on the access consciousness website. That statement has literally changed my life and has helped me to clear and manifest so many things into my life. The other statement that I found is on their website as well which is trademarked by them and goes like this  “All of life comes to me with the ease in joy and glory.” Say this statement at least 20 times a day. I literally sing it in my car driving. When I sing it I get a good dozen or two in all at once. 

One other powerful thing that will help you to bring positive change into your life and shift you into fulfilling your fullest potential and reaching that happy blissful place. That powerful thing would simply be living each day in love and gratitude. Start doing things that make you happy and things that make you feel good. Things that make you smile. When you’re out in the store shopping smile at the person that walks by. Hold the door for the person coming in are going out. Smile and say hello. Spread your love, spread your light for you are an amazing being of light. Love is your true nature. When you are having a moment where you are feeling some type of negative emotion such as anger, fear or sadness take a simple moment to drop and the love. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths in and out through your nose,tell yourself to relax and just think of somebody something or some place that you love so dearly. 

When you do this your heart literally opens up energetically and expands outward brightening up your soul, energy and heart center. Scientists have even recently discovered that dropping into love actually has a physical effect on our bodies as well as the negative emotions. You can easily guess which ones have a positive effect in which ones have a negative. 

Every day as many times a day as you possibly can stop what you’re doing, drop in the love, and thank the universe for whatever it is at that moment. For example, when you pay your bills, purchase something new for yourself, had a good meal or good experience with your children, grandchildren or spouse just stop, thank the universe for that ability to pay that bill or for allowing you to have that amazing experience and than put that love out to the universe. Doing this every day at least a half a dozen times a day dropping into  that love and putting that gratitude out to the universe will open up amazing doors like never before. Be patient and give it a little time. You must focus on this daily. So not allow the fear and ego to get in the way because it is going to try. Do not allow it to succeed Allow yourself to succeed, Remember again it is all in your hands from this point forward. 

I wish you the very best in 2015 and beyond. I hope you quickly reach your happy blissful place. That place of happiness joy prosperity and good health. You deserve it for you are an amazing being of light and love. Now go and spread that light and love to your brothers and sisters all over the planet.  

Overwhelm yourselves with Happiness now in anticipation of the amazing future that lies ahead of us all. 

2015 World Predictions

1. I see huge issues for the cruise lines once again. This is another year that certainly is not going to be a year for cruises at all.  The way we recently saw in 2014 a complete airplane full of passengers disappear without a trace is absolutely insane. I feel that there was a very big cover-up from beginning to end with that flight that disappeared.  I have no doubt that that plane exploded into a billion pieces. And I believe the government knows more than what they let you know. 2015 will be a year where many different forms of transportation will come into question. The safety of air travel being the first. I’m not sure whether this has to do with terrorist related threats or actual incidents that happen especially in the way of airlines and cruise lines. My fear is that the next big terroristic hit will be on a cruise ship. I believe that will be within the next two years.


2. Singapore comes up in the news. Not sure if they are in the circle of fire. This is most likely related to weather and a possible an earthquake and/or tsunami.

3. California is on the edge of receiving the long awaited major earthquake. Lots of shaking up for them in 2015. Although I do not necessarily believe they will get the largest one between 2015 & 2016  but they will receive one that is very significant in size and news worthy due to the destruction that comes with it. The long awaited huge 8.5-9.0 earthquake in L.A. will happen between now and 2020, closer to 2020. 

4. We get dozens of quakes every day but most are so small we never feel them. We are going to see many news stories in 2015 and 2016 in relation to earthquakes hitting areas that normally have no activity at all. Most of this is caused by the methods used by oil companies in fracking. This will easily be debated and soon tracking is going to have to be done in a safer more earth friendly way or it will no longer be done at all. Most countries will ban fracking. The U.S. and China will be last in line to do so. They only care about the money not the people. Earthquakes will be felt in newer places that do not commonly have activity such as Pennsylvania in Philadelphia & surrounding areas, New York City, Wyoming, Connecticut, Texas and Oklahoma. North Dakota These will all be on the smaller size and some causing little or no damage. 

5. The winter of 2015 will be much quieter than last year. The east coast will see one very significant snow storm and that is it. But it will be a doozy. Nothing compared to last year as far as get hit one after another. The west coast is going to have so many ups and downs with weather. Once Spring arrives the bad weather globally begins. Summer will experiences the hottest temperatures on record globally as well. I believe 2016 is a much larger worry when it comes to weather and world events. 

6. Alaska will see some big changes in its climate and possibly with the entire land mass make up with big Earth changes. That could only occur from an earthquake. Alaska will see a fair share of quakes in 2015 including a significant 7.0 size. 

7.  I see more and more issues developing along the coastlines of our entire planet. They are all in great danger in so many ways. Earthquakes along the coast lines will become more and more common as we progress into 2015 and 2016. I keep seeing this large gap that opens up along a coast line and water rushing into this gap creating what looks like to me a large river like structure in the earth. This gap seems to look as if goes under the earth and comes back out again the other side. This was so strange for me when I saw this. Could not tell if it was forming an island or what. Crazy. This could also connect with Yellowstone Park area. Yellowstone Park is in for some major shifts an events over the next few years. 

8. Texas comes up often in my meditations. They will endure major issues with weather including droughts that are devastating to the farming and cattle. Also issues when they finally get rain and its way too much too fast in turn causing floods and a big mess. 


9. Issues arise surrounding the Statue Of Liberty. This could be related to several issues. First is damaged caused to mother liberty from weather or perhaps a small quake. The other issue may be revolved around security issues revolved around mother liberty. I have no doubt that New York will endure another huge attack much like 911 within the next year to 2 years. Not sure if Lady Liberty is part of that. 

10. We are about to see the most direst nastiest lying cheating elections than ever in history. We are going to begin to look like a joke to other countries. If Hillary Clinton runs, which she will, they will hand her ass to her on a silver plated plater. They are going to eat that woman apart. This is not a good idea. American’s have huge hearts and can be very forgiving. Therefore this could benefit her in the long run. But I see this Elizabeth woman stepping up and giving Hillary a hell of a fight. I like the Elizabeth lady best but still think Hillary will come out on top. Lets face it folks, the elections are fixed. They have been fixed for decades now. They will fix this one but this time they may get caught. We could see clinton and bush go at it together. I have no doubt there will be a woman in the white house very soon. A decade at the latest. It may be real soon. I can not say much more about this until next years predictions. Then comes Jeb Bush. The election was fixed for George Bush to win. You don’t think they will fix it again for another Bush to take the White house? The Bushes are huge part of the Illuminati. But I do not think he will make it far either. Also, do not be surprised if we see two woman go head to head in the election. 

11. I see large protests and very angry people outside of the Supreme court. Seems people may be holding protest signs and even riots that could come out of this. This could be due to some type of law passing or around Gay Marriage. 


12. 2015 is a big year for high tech items. Especially high tech wearable contraptions that monitor your health, sleep, blood pressure, medical emergencies and so forth. These already exist but will take a huge leap in 2015 in several ways. They will first become even more advanced with the ability to do some pretty amazing things. Kind of scary if you think about it. The next leap they take is when insurance companies & doctors start using them & pushing them on folks. It would also not at all surprise me that the pharmaceutical companies are going to get in on these high tech wearable gadgets. So investing now in companies like Full Power would be a great idea. 

13. I talked about robots in past predictions & how we would be introduced to the home robot. In 2015, I believe it may be Honda, will announce a low cost robot to begin to peeks peoples interests. The robot business will be very much like the computer business. In the aspect that you will constantly have to update it and newer robots will begin to pop up everywhere from many different companies including both Apple & IBM in the future. Robots are going to become a huge problem as they begin to eliminate more and more jobs over the next decade. 

14. Something new will launch in late 2015 into 2016 that is about to give Facebook a run for their money. 

Finances - Economy 

15.  Facebook will endure major issues with its growth and with their stocks. Not sure what causes this to happen but I see their stock dropping big time. I do still feel like lots of money can be made from them when it drops really low. But get out within 2 years for they are going to endure major issues in the future as new technology is presented in 2017 & 2018. Do not understand why they were put onto the stock exchange to begin with. Although, there could be a short window in which one could make a good profit with their stocks. They will drop extremely low. That will be a sign to buy. Once it is up by a good percentage of 30 to 50% hurry and get out.

16. More celebrities, especially reality stars, are going to be brought down by the government in the way of the IRS on tax evasion. Martha Stewart and the stars of New jersey housewives are just little examples of what’s to come. Uncle Sam will ensure that he is paid & he will prove those who do not pay the cash will pay the hard way. It is all about installing more fear on society so they can continue to control us & keep us good little debt slaves. 

17. The United States government is all about putting fear and scare into us. Making sure we pay our taxes and that were good citizens of the country. In the long run they have been doing nothing but lying, stealing and committing acts against us that are completely on humane such as putting fluoride in our water or spraying chemical trails over our heads. I said it years ago that the truth was going to be revealed and that is exactly what is happening and will continue to happen as our planet goes through this amazing shift in time and space.  

18. 2015 is going to be a huge year to pay back karma for major corporations but this also includes the little guys n gals as well. This will effect banks, governments, tech companies & chemical companies like Dupont.

19. Huge hacks into major credit card companies directly like Citi Bank, Chase and Bank Of America. This will also begin to effect many of the smaller chains and stores. Large companies like Tandy Corp, who owns Radio Shack, Home Depot will have another hack, Walmart, Best Buy, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Burlington Coat Factory & even Target is another Target. 

20. I also see Amazon having major issues with hacking which may also effect the items they are shipping out. Possibly that someone is changing the shipping addresses on orders for their benefit. This is already being done on a small scale and has not been caught. But the idiot that does this will take it too far to the point they are caught and arrested.

21. Even the music companies will not be safe from harmful cyber attacks and hacks. A very costly cyber hack attack will effect the music industry in 2015. Some music artists will find this to be an opportunity to leak out some of their music but try to blame it on hacks. More hacking for movie companies in the future also. The cyber war has begun. The U.S. will even get in on the hacking and will be caught doing so. 

22.  I see two, possibly three, major police raids of big computer hacker groups. One of these will be responsible for millions, perhaps billions of dollars in damage before they are finally caught. Looks like one group is a group of five, maybe 6. One of these is outside of the United States. I believe one may be right in the Big Apple, NYC. 

23. The Federal Reserve Banking System is long overdue to receive their karma. The reserve is controlled by the illuminati, the richest families in the world including & starting with the head David Rockefeller, who has programed society to be debt slaves to them. They killed JFK for starters. The first president that spoke up against them being in charge of money in United States. They are the cause of the inside job on 9/11, they are responsible for the wars in the middle east and responsible for killing 500,000 children & destroying Iraq’s infrastructure in order to take control of their oil and keep the dollar and banks in control world wide. Well this system is way out of date is is bound to collapse very soon. We will see the reserve fight for itself in 2015. The fall will take a few more years but it is going to happen. They will not go down without a fight & without causing more war. Their systems are about to be hacked numerous times and more and more truth will be revealed to the point that the people will begin to awaken and fight for what is right. In order for a new system to go into place that will work for us all and to take humanity to the next level of survival, into the new golden dawn, the old systems must collapse and the bad guys must go down. IT GOING TO HAPPEN. 

24. The U.S. will see a pick up in both Jobs and a small boost in the economy. Although issues in other world markets will bring problems to the U.S. as well,  beings the U.S. economy is effected by the world economic events. 

25.  Americans will get really sick of hearing about corporations bragging in 2015 about their large profit gains and huge bonuses to the CEO’s while once again the little guy is screwed. This could cause a group of employees to decide to protest and call for their own strikes. It could become contagious into 2016. More protests occur over wages and minimum wage both in the U.S. and world wide. 

26. Gold is another one, along with Silver, that will take a small drop which is usually very unlikely. Silver will make for an excellent long term investment if you can hold on to it for a few years. It will pay you a good 80% return upwards to 400%. Gold could lead you to a 40% to 200% gain over the next 4-8 years. Many other odd metals will become great investments as they begin to skyrocket in price, Mercury will also be effected. 

27. Gas prices are down for now but not for long. By the end of 2015 into 2016 gas prices will be back up for two reasons. One is due to major issues with oil refineries and explosions. Another could be due to issues with pending wars in Israel, Iran & the U.S.. 

28. The big corporations who don’t have the best interest at heart for the people and the planet are going to begin to fall, some very hard. Even companies like Walmart, Home Depot and McDonalds will suffer the wrath of the shift over the next decade. Some of these companies will fall over the next five years leading us back to the smaller mom and pop stores and mostly online shopping. While other big corps undergo huge changes in management & they way they do business along with its effects on our planet. 

29. The U.S. Mint, where they print and make money, is going to be in great trouble. This could be related to a big robbery beings I see robbery of banks going up sky high in 2015 and beyond. Could be other issues or truth revealed about the printing of money. They may also endure a huge hack. 

30.  A group of hackers, who call themselves servants of the poor or something similar, will develop. Their goal is to hack the rich and they will do so in very sneaky ways before actually being identified. They will skim accounts for little amounts that add up greatly. I don’t think they will be caught, at least for a while, but the way they are sneaky about stealing money and such and will be discovered after they skimmed away millions of dollars. 

31. Referring to 2015 as the golden year can be interpreted several ways. Besides gold being a huge topic in 2015 I also believe there may be a new discovery of a huge gold mine or perhaps the discovery of lost gold. Perhaps both a gold mine and a discovery like the lost gold of Solomon. 

32. People are going to become angry with banks over the next 3-5 years. Especially over interest rates and how they get away with what they do. Once the people realize they are in control and can make change by gathering together in peaceful protests it will bring more positive change and the people will finally begin to stand up for their rights. We need to wake the heck up and ban together as the brothers & sisters that we are. 

33. Even though the U.S. economy can do much better in 2015 it seems that other countries will be bypassing the U.S. as their economies begin to boom. this includes China, Russia, India & even Brazil. 


34. To no surprise our girl Lindsay Lohan will make the new many times in 2015. She will be sent back to jail, but not after she is both let off the hook again. More trouble for her and her driving. In the past I always thought she would go from an overdose. Now it is more likely a serious accident will cause her to meet her doom. 

35. Dolly Parton's in the news. We here more about her in 2015. At her age let us hope it is positive news. 

36. Bill Cosby. Guilty as charged & is going to pay for what he did to hundreds of woman. Most of which have not & will not step forward. Bill will try his best not to show the stress & destruction this is doing to his life & health. This is going to kill him in the long run. I give him 3 to 5 years. He is also going to go down for this in due time. As he should. Karmically. Not all those woman step forward if there is no truth to this. Although, I do believe a few of the women are lying, including Janice Dickinson. 

37. The death of two presidents. 2015 will be a year of big loses. We just lost one rock legend  Joe Cocker. I can’t put my finger on this rock legend that we will lose in 2015 perhaps Bob Dylan or one of the members of Rolling Stones. Perhaps even both. If not a Rolling Stone it could shift to both a Beatle survivor & Led Zeppelin survivor. One thing I do feel is that this is going to effect some type of tour that is in the works. I don’t think the tour is already going. Also, I feel that we’re going to lose to ex-presidents within the next two years.  George Bush will be one of those and I think the other one may be Jimmy Carter.  I also believe that these could be pretty close together.

38. Beyonce and JayZ sex tape? That is a little scary to me. This will also be caused by a supposed hack of their private computers and phones but in reality they release it as a publicity stunt for them. It is not at all the so called sex tape they make it out to be.

39. Speaking of Beyonce and Jay Z. Talks of a separation and maybe a divorce will be the going rumor beings they will be spending some time apart. But another pregnancy for Beyonce of a little boy will strike those rumors. 

40. David Hasselhoff is in the news. This could be related to two things, possibly one or both. One may be related to being pulled over for drinking and driving, a health issue and even an issue with his taxes. One issue may be outside of the U.S., perhaps Germany. 

41. Donald Trump comes up several times. it is as if he can not keep his mouth shut & his face out of view in 2015. He will offend many with what he says and never offers up an apology for his negative bullying. He is about to get some karma back in 2015 & 2016 also. Don’t be surprised if rumors float about him running for president. He would not make it far for his ego is way too big. 

The World 

42.  As we are going through this huge shift taking us into the new golden age we are going to see so many issues finally come to light. Issues that will cause protests & will cause people to become angry and fed up about these issues. We are already seeing this with issues like rape. Look at the issues revolved around Bill Cosby for example. Also look at the recent issues that came up around rapes in our college campuses. 

We also have the issue of police brutality that is coming up really strong. In turn we talk about putting camera’s on all the police. This is a positive thing for the most part. The only thing with this is the police have control and not all those with that sort of control have our best interests at heart. It will be easy for them to make footage disappear or have it edited or even using excuses that a hacker stole the footage or the camera was off. 

In order for our planet to enter into the light & for all of us to reach that place of bliss & world peace these issues must come to light. In order for us to shift things into a positive direction we must bring these issue to light one at a time & finally do something about it. Each day our consciousness is awakening to a new level like never before. At the same time our hearts are opening up & as our hearts open we become more loving and caring for each other. The way it should be. This is a slow moving process but it is happening and 2015 is going to bring so many more huge issues that have been pushed under the carpet for way too long now. We will see laws being changed on a major scale. 

43. On the subject of cruise ships. I see murder on a cruise ship. I believe the person responsible is one of the actual crew members. I also believe this may not have been the only person.  News will get out about a series of rapes and murders and disappearances in the way of cruise ship passengers.

44.  About a year or two ago I made a prediction that stated the truth would be revealed. At the time I wasn’t even clear as to what exactly that had meant. Now it is very clear to me. Look at the past few years and how there has been so many truths that have already been revealed such as the controversy around the CIA & their abuse of prisoners &  prostitutes. Look at all the WIKI leaks from Edward Snowdon. We can even look at this truth being revealed from other perspectives & look at the case with Bill Cosby & the alleged drugging & raping of dozens of woman. 

These truths being revealed thus far is just the beginning of some truly major truths yet to have been revealed. Beings I call 2015 the year of Do Or Die I have no doubt we are going to see some major truths being revealed. Things that have not been revealed in years. More truth will come out about the United States government & their ability to spy on absolutely any one of us that they choice. We have not at all heard the end of that story.

Another truth I spoke about in the past that is slowly but surely beginning to unravel is the truth about life outside of our solar system. Lets face it folks, the truth has already been revealed. And anyone who is still in denial of the true existence of UFO’s & life outside of our amazing planet is either in a place of fear or is just plain old syndical blind human being. We already see the truths beings talked about though out the internet & now even on television with shows such as “The UFO Files.  More truth on the UFO’s will continue to be revealed in 2015 along with truth about Crop circles as a new amazing crop circle appears in Europe. 

45. The issues that have been in the news lately revolved around police will only escalate in 2015. As we go through this energetic shift on the planet and in order for their to be peace and love throughout our planet we must first bring healing to the issues that have been hidden for oh so long. We will begin to see more violence against police officers as it begins to become a war between the law enforcement people and people that are haters of the police. Some of the responses of law enforcement during some of the protests including the possible fatality of at least two more people in 2015 causing even more major issues with an already standing problem. Not only do I see these protests becoming a big issue 2015 but they will also highly effect the elections in 2016.

46.  I have a hard time saying this but I gotta go with my gut. I’m aware of this major shift on the planet and peoples hearts opening up. It may not look it but we are going into a direction where in time peace will reap throughout the land. But what really worries me is what it will take to get us there. I can see there being another war in the United States much like the civil war. There I said it. It will be a different type of civil war much different than an exact repeat of our history. But history will repeat itself in a much different way. A way we would never have expected. Like I said, I see large protesting that goes bad. I see more looting and fires. I see small cites burning.

47.  California, especially Los Angeles, is about to endure quite a ride. Not only will they have continued issues with drought that will also lead to more floods, mudslides and so forth but I believe they are also going to endure many issues over the next few years. One of these issues goes back to talking about protests and such. There will be another shooting of sorts that will hit the media and only feed more into these protests and into the hatred between the people and the police that actually protect the people. Not only are we losing respect for those that protect and serve we are forgetting there were all brothers and sisters and that we all have feelings. We all cry, we all struggles, we all have challenges, we all smile, we all laugh, we all eat and we all sleep. So why can’t we all get along? During the shift on the planet energetically it’s going to become more evident that we need to get along before we end up destroying ourselves for total destruction is the direction we’re actually going in. But I still believe there’s time and hope for people to wake up before we kill each other & destroy our planet again, as our ancient ancestors did. 

48. The next elections can be one of the most dirtiest most challenging elections of all US history. I see protests in relation to these elections and ongoing issues with police brutality which may also affect the elections in the future. I can also see Bush and Clinton going at it together at the election. I don’t think Bush has a chance in the world. He will never make it to the end.

 49. There are going to be a lot of breakthroughs in the way of discoveries related to our ancient history. Especially discoveries revolved around the existence of Jesus Christ. Things such as the ark of the covenant and the holy Grail are on the brink of being discovered. Although I believe what is referred to as the holly grail is not necessarily a physical item. Perhaps it is actually the blood line of Jesus. Some of these artifacts do exist and when they are found of course there will be accusations of it being a hoax. It is also very possible that there may even be a hoax related to the finding of the holy Grail or the Ark of the covenant or even Noah’s Ark. But again I do believe that we are on the edge of a major breakthrough in finding out the truth of the existence of these amazing artifacts, Jesus Christ & even the creation of man. Which I must also add that I do believe all exist. Like I said the truth is going to be revealed on so many things and on so many levels. It’s very exciting if you really think about it. Would be nice to see what the Vatican has hidden within its walls. 

50. Reality TV goes bad. Or has it gone bad a long time ago? In my mind reality TV has already gone too far and beings people watch way too much TV it’s getting to the point where people will do anything for fame or exposure. Not to mention that television & media in general is going way too far now a days. Taking our society in a direction that it’s not very positive. But reality TVs can have quite a big issues in the coming few years. Reality TV will finally take it to the point where causes people to lose their lives. This will eventually become a big headline news story. Does reality TV go too far?  & Reality TV causes death. 

51. Let’s talk a little bit about the presidential election. I have no doubt that we are not very far from having a woman in the White House. Would be at all coincidence that we had two bushes in the White House and perhaps could end up with two Clintons in the White House also? If you would ask me a while back I would think that Hillary Clinton would be the next president but too hard to tell at this point. It be even more interesting to see an election that was Clinton versus Bush. I actually believe it is highly likely and possible that this could happen. Beings that it’s all fixed anyway the most likely candidates would be Bush and Clinton. But the way the Bushes have fixed elections in the past it could be more likely that Jeb Bush may be the next president but I really feel like he will not step in all the way. 

52. President Obama pulling out of the Afghanistan war can prove to be detrimentally a very bad idea even though it was a bad idea for us to go there in the first place. We should mind our own freaking business. Pulling out of there is only going to give people like Isis and the Taliban more power to spread their evil and destruction upon the planet. And they are going to do exactly that. There again the U.S. & backers of the Federal Reserve fund the group Isis anyway. It is part of their plan. 2015 can be a very bad year when it comes to terrorism and terrorists making themselves very known in many different aspects. This includes in the way of aircraft. Another huge terror attack in the way of airplanes will take place soon. 

53.  This brings me to the next subject of the police in United States versus the people. People are very unaware of the case that happened in 1973 when members of a group calling themselves the black liberation Army retaliated against police calling for the death of police officers. And in 1973 while walking down the street members of this liberation Army walked past two police officers and turned around and shot them in the back killing  them out of cold murder. The same thing just happened again to complete a flash back to 1973. This is opened up a can of worms that I have no doubt the illuminati is behind it all. I also believe that this may lead to president Obama calling for martial law before he ends up leaving the White House.

54. This takes me to the subject of Sony and the hacking that happened and that North Korea was accused of doing. Sure it likely would look like North Korea would be responsible for doing that. But again I have no doubt that the United States and the illuminati that controls the world is behind accusing North Korea of that. We have not heard the end of the story and it is sad how the media takes things completely out of proportion. And the media does not spread Truth in news you watch. This whole thing is just giving the United States another reason to bully another country. Soon countries like China and Russia will get really sick of that. 

55.  United States better clean up its act really soon or mark my words we are in for a challenging time. The group Isis and Muslim extremist will definitely want to be heard in 2015. And they will be heard for sure. Their target for schools and children is as low as one can go and they are going to go there again. Beheadings of Americans, Canadians & even Asian Countries will continue. 

Not sure whether this will be something that will hit the media or not but as far as Americans traveling ,or even British, European or Asian people, to certain areas overseas is going to be extremely dangerous. In the fact that these terrorist groups will be kidnapping people to line them up for mass murder. I am seeing these crazy folks going into buildings and taking them over including malls, schools, movie theaters and so forth will become a common story on the news. This will happen world wide with attacks in the United States, Paris, Canada, Japan & Beijing China. Our planet is going through huge shift & were going to see some crazy things occur in a lot of that craze is going to begin and already has begun but will continue into 2015.

56. I do not see the leader of North Korea becoming old. So I would believe he will not be around in another decade. I also believe North Korea will endure major falls in their government, control and military. I do believe they will see some type of military action within the next decade. I also believe the entire status and control of the country will completely change. 

57. China is to be feared as is Russia. United States is not the power that they think they are any longer. China has a mission and they will not allow the U.S. to get in their way. I see future issues with import and export with both Japan, China & Russia. The United States and all Americans need to focus more on building and buying only products made in America if we want to see our country come on top again. We need to not have to depend on any other country for absolutely anything. Although I truly doubt that will happen anytime soon. 

58.  Problems come out of Germany. I do not know exactly what this is but it does not feel good to me. It almost feels like going back to the cold war of Russia but in Germany. 

59.  I actually like the new Pope. Although I do not think other members of the church like him very much. If this was medieval times someone would poison him. This is an obvious sign of the shift and the last resort to try and bring the church back and the people back to Jesus. Will it work? No not at all. The church will continue to suffer from the karma it endures. More truth will be revealed about the church and all that it has hid for so long. Like the fact that Jesus survived the crucifixion & married & had children. His book line is quite huge & is a big part of our planet. People will begin to accept the truths that have already been revealed in the past along with new knowledge & truths. 
60.  Has reality tv gone too far? Well it will in 2015 and 2016. Reality tv takes a turn for the worst while old shows like American Idol and Duck Dynasty are cancelled. Problems also arise for Dancing With The Stars. 

61.  Another Plane shot down. Possibly two. Not a good year for airlines either. The airlines responsible for flight that disappeared has new issues in 2015. File for bankruptcy may be part of it. This may not occur until after another big bomb shell from the airlines. 

62.  Airlines and their true safety will come into question in 2015 & major changes will need to be done. This may cause at least two airlines to go bankrupt and another to do a merge that completely shocks the nation. 

63. I see a major hack into the satellite that broadcasts television and/or radio. Hackers are going to do this in order to broadcast their terroristic message through the television set. Millions of peoples regular television shows will be interrupted with a very disturbing video & message from the terrorist group Isis. 

64. Panic & fear through the streets of Israel. I see a large explosion except there may be several going off simultaneously which could be why this explosion seems rather large to me. I believe this may be targeting a special religious area. Israel will instantly put blame where they always do, with all the rights, but not this time. This time they will be blaming the wrong group of people. The responsible party will be the least likely at first. I believe it may be a group like Isis that takes responsibility or possibly the sudden rise of a new terrorist group. 

65. Yes the rise up of a new group of hateful radicals. It looks to me like 3 groups are formed to spread their terror & hatred. Possibly that members from Isis branch out into a new even more radical group. One group that arises will gain many followers and will do so very quickly.

66. Possibilities that, after major protests & riots, President Obama will call for marshal law after sending troops in to save the city. Some of this is likely to occur in Los Angeles California. 

67. Lady Gaga injured again. This time I see her walking around on crutches. Looks like a sprained or broken leg or more likely the ankle. If she is not careful she may need to undergo surgery to repair the ankle and/or knee. 

68. I see new money being distributed. There will be discussions on a world currency which will eventually happen. It is all a part of the illuminates plan for their New World Order to take more control. So many things are going to come up in 2015 and early 2016 over the worlds currencies and the collapse of old systems before new ones go into place. Eventually a world currency is put into place. Another part of the Illuminati plan for the New World Order & full control of the people. 

69. The people have forgotten how powerful we are when we come together to fight for what we believe in. Well in 2015 this will become very apparent to the people as they begin to fight for what they want, like higher pay rates, better health & pay raises, and fight for what they believe in such as protecting the environment & stopping the nonsense the oil companies have been doing for way too long. Fracking and other methods used to extract these resources are detrimental to the planet and the environment. It has to be stopped and will be stopped. 2015 is just the beginning of a whole new direction we will be going in. Finally the people will be heard. If not there will be great hell to pay. 

70. Issues arise surrounding the Statue Of Liberty. This could be related to several issues. First is damaged caused to mother liberty from weather or perhaps a small quake. The other issue may be revolved around security issues revolved around mother liberty. 

71.  I kept seeing a large fire that looks like it was a boardwalk type environment like the Jersey shore. I hope its not the Jersey shore beings they just had a huge fire not long ago and than hurricane Sandy prior to that. This fire looks like it would wipe out a good five blocks of boardwalk, perhaps more. If it is in Jersey I would imagine it will be Atlantic city, perhaps Wildwood. I’m not familiar of boardwalks like Jersey elsewhere but I’m sure there are. 

72. Switzerland kept coming to me but I GOT NO CLARITY ON THIS WHATSOEVER

73. Italy faces some big issues. This would include protests and issues with government and control. Its weird I see all these people, military polices and such, coming out of no where. They are like badasses. As if they are popping right out of the ground. Some of these protests will effect the Vatican and the church. Italians have this huge underground city like world. It is unbelievable with tunnels that go beneath the Vatican and all the major historic sites and such. Lots of illegal things happen underground beings there are many bad guys, mafia, mixed in with the military, police and politics. This could occur closer to 2016. The bad guys control these tunnels and cities unground.

On the subject of underground cities. The United States is most guilty of planning and doing illegal activity right beneath our feet. There are tunnels from the White House that lead to underground cities with high speed rail lines. These go out to the Nevada desert and literally spread like a spider web all over the country. Well they are about to have some major flood issues with their underground cities which may blow the lid on the secret. Nevada is a perfect example where they continue to build underground. If you were to look at satellite images from decades ago compared to now you will see mountain ranges that did not exist 50 years ago. They created these mountains from what they dug out from beneath our feet and through our mountains. Time from the government, and not just in the states, to realize they can not keep it a secret forever. The truth will be revealed. This is where they house so many things you would never imagine including spaceships they retrieved along with the ships they built themselves using the retrieved ships as a model guide. This tunnels will also endure collapses from earthquakes & also create more sink holes. 

74. I said this before and will continue to stress to you that the truth is already being revealed about our galactic brothers and sisters. There is already more and more legit UFO sightings and with everyone having a camera in hand there have been hundreds more photos and videos. You do have to be careful of the fakes, there are many. Well I believe there is going to be a huge break in this. A political war so to speak. A country like Russia or China, perhaps ever NASA but I doubt that, stepping forward and announcing a teaser of sorts of the truth. They would not dare to tell you all the full truth. Just enough to stir the pot. And that it will do. Maybe than NASA will admit to this. Remember we are enduring this huge shift on the planet and amazing things like this will occur along with upheavals over it. In order for us to reach that higher vibration

75. Some huge controversy goes down in the NFL Football World. It is as if the whole NFL is being brought down to their knee’s along with many of their bad lying cheating coaches and players. Time to pay the piper. Karma time. This will bring a new shift to the NFL that the people may not like much at first. This could go as far a court proceedings. I also feel something goes on with the Super Bowl. I can not tell if this is terrorist related or not. I would not want to be going to the Super Bowl in 2015. 

76. A new war. A third world war. But not with guns, planes, ships and mass weapons of destruction. Its a new kind of war. The cyber war. And the world is about to endure the third world war cyber style. And it is going to get really dirty starting now and going on for the next 5 at least. 

77. Again the truth being revealed like I stressed in the past. The truth about Fluoride is becoming widely known now. Along with the truth of where it all began with Hitler giving it the the Jews in concentration camps. Why? Because its toxic for starters. People will fight to stop water treatment plants from putting fluoride in the water. I see protests over this. Again once the people realize how powerful they can be with peaceful protest we will all begin to wake up and fight together over what is best for us and the future of our planet for our children and grandchildren. Something the Native Indians and other indigenous cultures have been warning us about for thousands of years. We are all in this together and we all must be kind to mother earth and leave behind no carbon footprint at all. 

78. New York City shuts down. This is a headline to me. I usually see things in the form of headlines but it was different this year. I saw more visions and just would receive random messages from spirit This shut down of New York City could be based on several things and could occur more than once. A break in their infrastructure, a hack into the power grid perhaps even a serious weather scare from a major storm. I do believe New York will have at least three huge news worthy issues related to this in 2015. Maybe 3 total shutdowns. 

79.  When it comes to the underground there is going to be some major issues coming up revolved around things that are buried under the ground. Things coming up out of the ground. We messed with mother earth and she is about the spend the next few years spitting it up. Gas lines will break in record amounts with many causing explosions. United States will be most vulnerable but other places are going to have just about the same amount of issues. This includes Canada, United Kingdom, China, Russia, Japan and so on. Problems with underground wires shorting out, tunnels getting flooded, even causing deaths in China and possibly the U.S. This includes record breaking sink holes. 

80.  March 20TH will bring a full solar eclipse followed by a lunar eclipse. This will be a sign of bigs warnings and events beginning. The vernal equinox from March 20th to April 20th will be a bumpy turbulent time. A greater threat in turbulence begins on the winter solstice. 

81. January 24th 2015 is a significant date in time. A sign of radical change with both world leaders & politics. Not that anything big will necessarily happen this day, same goes for the Spring Equinox, these are just significant times energetically. Which often comes with some huge, some crazy, news stories & major weather events follow. 

82. Some type of peace is being made in early January. Not sure if this is 2015 or 2016. I would compare this to being similar to the peace talks between Cuba and United States. 

83. A major breakup of the Soviet Union. Possible around May into June huge issues will come out of both Russia and Israel. This is all to lead us to peace in due time. The year could bring a beginning of war. 

84. Beings the Federal reserve controls the four largest corporations in the world they also own & control all the newspapers, media outlets and much of what is on the net. It is so easy to spot how much this all is connected and truly determines the direction the people act and think. Look at the recent issues revolved around the protests and hatred toward police now. The media made that happen. By blowing it up into a huge story and twisting it around they caused chaos. If you never heard about that story to begin with none of that would of ever happened. 

You don’t think these issues have not been happening for decades? Of course they have. You just did not hear about it. Part of the plan is to cause the people to go against the police and than the military will come in which will cause more issues to arise between all three separate forces. The people, the police and the military. Turn off you television sets people. Do something more productive with your time like working on yourself and not allowing these power heads to continue controlling you and putting fear into you & your family. Fear nothing. For this will all lead us to a positive direction in due time. It will take some time. 

85. Something or someone is going to try to destroy Israel. Possibly a treaty gone bad. A blood moon toward the end of the year, which can lastly be seen only in Israel, is a sure sign of major upheaval and change for the state of Israel. Israel & ancient religions will be huge topics throughout 2015 into 2016.

86. Hijacked airlines possibly goes really bad when negotiators make some very bad decisions. I also see the side of an airplane totally blown out from what looks clearly to me like a bag in the bag storage beneath the plane explodes. Looks like it may be evacuated by than. Not sure if this is the same plane or more likely two separate occasions and incidents. 

87. We must come together as one, as brothers and sisters of this planet. We must open our hearts, raise our vibration & raise our consciousness in turn taking better care of ourselves and each other and most importantly our planet earth. It is the only planet that we have. God had warned our ancient ancestors several times already and they did not heed the warning, Therefore the lord did a huge clearing to the planet wiping our most of humanity. It happened with the great flood during the time of Noah and prior to that. It will happen again within the next 2 to 3 decades if we do not begin to change quicker. 

88. I feel it could be a year with a lot of big booms. First being a record breaking amount of explosions. This could be from several different means. By accidents in different plants and factories worldwide including China, Russia & the U.S. One does look like an oil refinery. Most likely more than one. One of these accidents will risk a spreading of the fire and/or oil and chemicals. One so large it shakes the earth for hundreds of miles. One incident I saw the number 54, which could be the amount injured or killed. Some of these big booms are definitely related to bombs being dropped and most likely in large numbers. That would be more likely toward the second half of the year.

89. North Korea leader is just absolutely insane. He is about to cause a huge uproar and lots of trouble for surrounding area’s. The thing here is he is just bringing more trouble to himself and his country. If at any point he feels his life is threatened he will do something mad. He has something big up his sleeve already and after he drops that little bomb he may go into hiding in complete fear of his life. His own people are about to turn on him. He will experience a lot of pressure from the U.N.

90. Going back to oil companies receiving karma. One accident may end up causing another major disaster to our planet and eco system. One of the next few accidents with big oil companies will bring more pressure down on them then ever. This will cause new laws to go into place with new strict safety measures.

91. United States followed by China, Russia, England and the UK begin to slowly intergrade camera’s world wide to a large world face recognition system. This will give the government the ability to track everyone everywhere you go. You will not be able to hide. They have already been installing these camera’s for years. 

92. Hackers & Terrorists will attempt to bring fear upon the world when they manage to hack into either some television network satellites, computers and broadcasting equipment in order to take control giving them enough time to broadcast their message to millions of television sets and even radio. This feels pretty wild to me. At the same time its a little fishy and makes me think of the federal reserve and illuminati attempting to put fear into the people. The world would go into mass hysteria if they knew all of what they are responsible for and their future plans for humanity. It does not benefit any of us, only them. But we will eventually put a stop to this. 


93. Huge advancements in cancer treatments. 

94. Obama care is going to become I don’t care. Once the administration changes there will be new, well needed, changes to healthcare. The crap that Obama screwed us on. 


95.  Another huge discovery outside of the great pyramid in Egypt. There is so much below the sands of Egypt that lies uncovered & undiscovered. There is actually more tombs, gold & treasurable ancient items that have not been found than what has already been found. That is a lot of stuff.

96.  A series of pyramids & a whole lost ancient world will be discovered in the Indian Ocean. Perhaps the lost world of Atlantis? I don’t think so. Atlantis will rise again as many prophets have said for centuries. This will happen when a large earthquake strikes in the center of the oceans causing land mass to rise once again. I do not believe that will happen until approximately the year 2020 or 2023. 

97. Major issues, especially during summer months, with power outages. This will be like a contagious disease that spreads world wide. Power grids world wide will be hacked into and some hacks will cause permanent damage to the grids and systems in some area’s. Solar flares will also effect areas in the near future. 

This will once again bring up the safety and future of our power grids forcing major changes to need to be made. The future of the black box and free energy is much closer than you would think. It has already been here several times and each time a scientist made the discovery they were murdered and labs were burnt to the ground. Same thing happened when the cure for cancer was discovered on more than one occasion. That is a fact look it up. All for power corporations to keep control. They will finally begin to lose their grip on power control over the next decade. They will no longer be able to prevent the people from discovering once again the ability to create carbon footprint free and free to the people clean energy. It is coming and will not be stopped. Tesla may have been stopped and murdered but the planets future of free clean renewable energy is right around the corner. We must do this for the survival of the planet or we will destroy ourselves & nothing will be left for our grandchildren. 

98. An unprecedented amount of UFO sitings and people stepping forward with more store of actual sitings of aliens. I stressed this in the past and will continue to do so. The UFO’s that have been visiting this planet for thousands of years are connected to more than one civilization that exists outside of the Earths Solar system. For thousands of years they have been visiting this planet. And there are more than one type. There are several. Some are looking out for us while others have a more negative agenda for our planet. The truth is already out there about this but most people are in a lower level, as if they are controlled, and resist in the belief of alien life. 

99. The discovery of life on other planets & within new solar systems. 

100. Three huge astroids soar through the atmosphere making landfall onto the Earth crashing down with great force and power. One will rip right through a small town or city overseas. Much like the one last year in Russia but much bigger causing more damage and perhaps even death. One causes fierce fires while another crashes into the ocean and causes a large wave of water to crash ashore. I do not think it will be a huge tsunami but it will be pretty significant. 

Other Predictions. 

101. In my meditation I had the strangest experience. I was walking through what looked like to me as a tunnel going deep into the earth. As I journey through I see the glistening of crystals coming from all around me. Ahead I sees this gold & silver glittering from a distance. I go and pick it up and there are millions of little tiny marbles of gold and silver. This gold and silver is growing in a way that it does not normally form. As if it was just left there. Looks like there is water that goes deep below also. I could interpret this is many ways. Mostly I would say that a huge discovery of both gold & silver. Possible ever a long lost treasure of sorts.

102.  Oil companies are in for a ride when it comes to so many things. Starting with failure of the equipment which in turn causes environmental issues & disasters. I have huge concerns for oil rigs closer to the antarctic & also with some of those pipelines. Huge issues & more awareness on how the oil companies are destroying the environment through methods like Fracking will come to light.

103. Movie theaters will become a thing of the past as people stream movies live. Just as no one buys music any longer people will not be buying movies by going to the theater. Some movies will be released on line. 

104. Alex Rodriguez is going to have a much better year even though he went from wanting and loving being in the spotlight to absolutely hating it. He will be out of baseball before you know it. He is smarter than you would think. So he is putting his money in good investments and coming up with a plan for his future. This includes marriage and a little girl and little boy. 3 to 5 years on that. When his contract up and he leaves baseball he will go into business trying several things including opening up some type of baseball related sports bar/restaurant. I think its going to do really well and he will have several, with a few partners which most likely are also former players, in many major tourist areas such as New York City, Orlando and Los Angeles. 

105. 2015 in a whole is a year to pay the karma piper. Time to pay back the karma that is in those long detailed life contracts. Not to mention the karma that was built up earlier in this life time. Therefore we will see the fall of big executives, politicians and leaders continue thru 2015-2018.

106. A break in one of the largest serial murder cases in history. With the luck of a routine traffic stop and a police officer who is made out to be a hero one of the sickest horror story like plots is unraveled in real time. Seems this is very much a cult like murder spree but the person captured is not breaking and therefore taking full responsibility of killing dozens of male and prominently female victims. They will not even find half of the hundreds of victims which lie in unidentified plots throughout the country. One of his sadistic burial places will be dug up and an undetermined amount of bodies are uncovered. Not sure where this is but I imagine it is the U.S. 

107. Texas comes up a lot for me. Possibly that serial killer could be connected here. I believe many things will come out of Texas and not all positive either. That state may get more attention in the media than most of the other 49 states. Alaska comes up frequently also. 

108. I see a fairly large plane crashing quickly and directly into a building. It quickly reminded me of 911. It felt and looked to me as if it was intentionally flown into this building. The building looks a little odd in structure and construction. Not sure if this is because it is a newer building within the United States or U.K. or if it is a building in a foreign city where construction is much different, such as china or Australia. This may be more toward December of 2015 or even 2016. 

109. I see a fairly large bridge collapse right into the icy cold waters below. Things seem to come in threes therefore this could occur three times within three months. One could happen in March as well. I saw the number 64. Not sure if it is related to this. Possibly 64 people involved. Oklahoma came up right after. I can not be clear if that is a state where this could occur or if something else is prominent for Oklahoma.

110. Not a good year in the way of fires. Fires that destroy historic buildings, tourist sites, and even Washington D.C. Another possible fire in or very close to the White House. D.C. is not lucky with fire in 2015. 

*April 12th  & 21st are big dates in time and energy. April is a good time. Something rings out of the East & middle east. The trumpet sounds. Sounds are heard throughout Israel. 

Don’t be surprised when the government decides to come and take all of our guns, our silver and our gold within the next decade. 
The year 2020 is going to have extremely biblical meaning to it. It feels rather exciting actually. Biblical prophesies begin to pass, huge changes with churches & religions including the muslim religion. Biblical discovers that reveal more of the truth. One on which the church first tries to deny its real. Could this possibly be the discovery of the holly grail or perhaps the lost ark of the covenant? We will know by the years end. 



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WOW! If more details come up on any of these predictions, I sure hope you post them. Thank you.

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Wow that was a lot to take in! Scary and exciting

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Mr. Tittle, I love you. Seriously I've been keeping up with your predictions for quite a while. I will continue to do so in the future. :-)

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Amazing! I believe that this might all happen. How about Lemuria or Mu? How about the tensions at South China Sea? Who will win? US or China? Marco Abat Philippines

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For alaska, its earth related