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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December 2012 Inspirational Message

From My December 2012 Newsletter.

Happy December & Happy holidays to all of you. It is such an important and magical time on our planet right now. Shifts keep occurring day after day helping us all to open up our hearts more and lead us into a positive direction. You may be feeling a little odd lately to say the least. You may have had some really intense emotions the past few months and intense experiences. It may be a bit challenging. Some days you may be overwhelmed with sorrow and need to cry or feeling other emotions we may not care much for.

Things are coming up to the surface, old issues and emotions that need to be dealt with and finalized in your life. Running from them will only make the challenge more difficult. Go through these processes and work with the emotions and soon you will experience more opening in your heart and direction in your life. Beforehand, maybe now, you may be feeling a sense of being lost or in a fog. A feeling you need to get to a certain point but unclear as to what steps to take to get there. It seems that most of us are in this fog.

As December 21, 2012 approaches in a few weeks the shifts in energy and consciousness will strengthen. Come December 22 another huge shift could occur in your life if you choose for this to happen. We should all decide where we would like to see our lives this time next year. Where do you need to be, being realistic of course, in order to reach your blissful place? You most likely may need to clear things to get to that point. Change is good and always leads to positive. Get a good picture in your mind as to where you want to be before December 21, 2012 comes. Awaken before sunrise on December 21 and sit in short meditation visualizing yourself in that blissful place while sending love and gratitude to the universe.

December 21 will be the most powerful time ever to put your intentions out to the universe. At the same time we must send love to our planet, the waters, the land, the mountains and so on. It is important that we all do this on this special day so together we can help heal the planet and manifest our dreams and soon reach that blissful point. Do not let your fear or ego get get in the way. It has been doing so for too long now. The world in not going to end, but it sure is going to change on a major scale. It will not all happen at once but slowly over the next decade. Now is a time for us to open our hearts and focus on love and gratitude so that together we can all live in peace. It is going to happen in most of our lifetimes, so prepare. It shall be exciting.

You may also prepare yourself by focusing on your own spirituality and building a relationship with your Angels, guides, deceased loved ones and ancestors. Doing so will be so beneficial to you life and your direction. If your direction is a little unclear and you feel you need to change then you absolutely need to do this. Trust in your heart and ask your guides for any help you need and it will come.Spirit works in amazing ways. I see miracles all around me each and every day that I feel so honored and grateful to be a part of it.

I'm also so honored and grateful to all of you for your love and support over the years. I send you and all your loved ones here and in spirit so much love & gratitude. I hope you have an amazing holidays and prepare yourselves for amazing 2013. It is up to all of you on an individual basis as to how amazing the next year will be for you. Remember, we all have the ability to manifest things into our lives. Our thoughts are our future. Take advantage of December 21 this year and you will be glad you did. I wish you all the best and hope to see some of you on the cruise.Be well and take care of yourself, those you love & especially those who love you.
With Love, Light & Desire To Inspire.
Joseph Tittel

Friday, September 14, 2012

September Inspirational Message

From my September Newsletter

September Inspirational Message

Well the dog days of summer are falling behind us now and the Autumn season is closing in quickly. I can hardly believe we are already in September. It has been quite the year for change and for re-adjustment to our new lives. 2012 has been one of the biggest years of change I have ever experienced. It has been crazy and I believe it will continue to be a bit crazy throughout September and October.

If you find yourself living the same daily patterns, feeling down and not in your happy place. Well now is the time and 2012 is the year for you to break your routine & habits, do the things you always wanted to do and begin to pay more attention to both your mind, body and Spirit. You have heard me say consistently that our planet is enduring a huge shift like never before. Things are going on now energy wise that have not occurred in more then 3000 years on our planet. Now is the time for all of us to come together as one, help ourselves and help others.

If you are not happy then you need to find your happy blissful place. Nobody can do it for you. Only you can do it with the guidance of your angels or guides. All you need to do is listen with your hearts and not your minds. We all have the ability to find our happy blissful place in life. To get up every day with excitement for the new things and new opportunities. Bliss is a place that is within reach for all of us. We all have the power to manifest the things that we want as long as it is for the good of all and all good things.

More then anything you are the one in control of your own life. Yes we will all face challenges and sometimes wonder what we could have done to deserve such misery. Challenges are all part of the reason we are here and contracts we had taken out before coming here.It is not always that you did something wrong or it was your fault. Sometimes we end up blaming ourselves for things others force on us. Nobody can bring you down unless you allow them to.

Recently I had been forced out of a seven year relationship with my partner, who I loved and still love dearly. It was not my choice and it was one of the most difficult things I have ever dealt with in my life. Definitely the most difficult challenge thus far in this lifetime. Although I do know there will be more challenges to come in this lifetime. At first I did blame myself and thank goodness I am surrounded by amazing healers and friends who have helped me, along with spirit, in unimaginable ways. For that alone I owe them all the love in my heart.

The universe and afterlife is so complex and made up or so many different layers or levels. I have come to realize that there were so many complex reasons that it was time for this relationship to end. Both physical & spiritual reasons. I went through so many emotional layers beginning with hurt and sadness leading into anger and self punishment. All of this only to help me grow spiritually shedding away layers of negative energy at the same time. I am so grateful for my spiritual path and have come to realize that I caused the same pain and suffering to my partner in a past life. Sure I'm still hurt and sometimes feel alone, but knowing this alone has helped me on so many levels.

We all must come to understand that again it is not always our fault for anything. We learn from our own mistakes and even the mistakes others make that hurt us so deeply. We still learn and grow. Some challenges can be made up from past life karma and soul-contracts, or agreements, we made with other souls prior to this lifetime. We are not meant to live the same daily patterns that we have become so use too. Every experience, every emotion, every relationship and even the mistakes we make are all part of the divines plan. The Universal plan. Very often Spirit will clear a path for you to help you get where you need to go. If there is something or someone that is blocking you from doing what you are meant to do then Spirit will clear it away.

Most often we know what we need to do or are suppose to do but we fight our own gut intuition. We become comfortable in our lives and become afraid of change. But change is always good. I have learned so much in the past 6 weeks alone about relationships and our existence on this planet. In the 6 weeks that my relationship has ended and the emotional layers I experienced have helped me to become a better person. A humble person who now lives every day and every breath with love and gratitude. All we need to do is focus on love and gratitude for the wonderful things life has to offer and all of that comes back ten times over.

You may be putting that love & gratitude out there to the universe and are not feeling as if it is helping. Some things take time and focus. We also may need to make changes in our relationships and daily routines first. If you are not in that blissful place that you so deserve then now is the time to focus and make that change. You can do it! There is nothing to fear for once you take a stand for yourself and your life the flow will begin.

I truly hope that by sharing my stories, experiences and gifts with you that it helps to lead you to your blissful place. I love you all and hold love and gratitude for each and every one of you. I wish you all the very best. Take care of yourself and those who love you dearly.
With Love, Light & Desire To Inspire.
Joseph Tittel

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

May Inspirational Message


 Feeling a little stuck? Feel like you are suppose to flow in a direction but can not seem to flow? Do you feel like you have been trying so hard and still nothing changes? Still feel like life is a constant struggle? Then you are feeling much like most of us on the planet.
The energy is very heavy right now due to the shift that our planet is experiencing throughout 2012. This shift has not occurred in more then 2000 years. And it will not all shift all at one time. There will be slow and sudden turns, or shifts, we will all experience throughout 2012. Right now we are kind of in the in-between stage. Right before another slight shift occurs. Until that slight shift comes we are all pretty much in the same boat, feeling very stuck.

This feeling we are all experiencing of being stuck is not really at all due to anything we are doing or not doing. Do not let this phase throw you off course, as I see it doing to many. Do not lose your faith and be sure to continue daily with living positive and focusing on love. I know it may be hard at times but it is all a part of our spiritual growth. Patience is something that will be tested throughout our lives and always right before a shift in our lives takes place.

The month of May is going to start off just as the past month has left off. We will still continue to feel a bit stuck for at least the first few weeks of May. If possible try to take time to get away. A weekend get away will help to get your mind off things for a bit. Something we all need from time to time is some time away. As well as all needing to take time for ourselves to take care of ourselves. Those of you who do not take care of yourself, especially if your always taking care of others, will end up being forced to take a break. You do not want this to happen.

By the third week of May into the first few weeks of June the little shift we have been holding on for will finally take a small turn. Then we should all begin to feel things begin to flow little by little. 2012 is a little tricky in the fact that we can expect both slow little partial changes as well as some very sudden abrupt changes. Just go with the flow and keep you eyes open for any signs or opportunities.

The end of May into June can be a good time for opportunities to begin to come our way. Be sure to truly consider these opportunities for I believe spirit would not send us an opportunity if spirit did not want us to take it. Now if your sitting waiting for something to happen now is a time to think hard on what it is exactly you expect to happen? What is it that your really want? What makes you happy? What can you do on a daily basis that makes you happy?

At the same time consider what you are doing to help others in the process. What we put out comes back. If you do not feel love then it is most likely that you may not be putting enough love out. If there is something you want or somewhere you want to be then now is the best time for us to make these decisions. Now is also the most powerful time to manifest things into our lives and bring positive change. But it is completely up to you.

Figure out what it is that you want that makes you happy. Take five minutes out of each day to sit and focus on where it is exactly that you want to be. Sit, breath and relax while visualizing what it is you want to manifest, be realistic. Once you do this you are putting it out into the universe and asking the universe for this. When we ask the universe we must thank the universe and put love out into the universe. So simply visualize someone, somewhere or something you truly love right after you visualize what you want to manifest and you then put love out to the universe.

We must do this daily while also having constant gratification for the things we have in our lives each and every day. When things come to us we should always thank the universe and put love out to the universe. Gratification is one of the most important factors. This all can help you greatly. You just must have patience, continue having faith and never give up. Remember also when facing negative people, places or things or even negative thoughts or words just do your best to  focus on love again by thinking of someone or something your love deeply. That will over-ride the negative.

Remember your guides or guardian angels are also there to help. Pay attention to the things that come to you out of nowhere. The thoughts that come to you out of the blue. Very often this is your guides and not just your own thinking. They are there to help guide you we just need to stop, ask and listen.

Overall the month of May should be a fairly positive one for everyone. It is also a great time for us to do a little more cleaning up of the clutter. Clean up emotion and physical clutter. Start with cleaning out the closets of winter clutter. Consider reaching out to mend a broken relationship with a family member or friend. Sometimes we need to be responsible for our own mistakes. This too is important to our growth. Cleaning a little clutter always helps to open new doors.

Take some time in May to get outside and become closer to mother nature and mother earth. Think about taking some time to plant some flowers or better yet some vegetables. If you do not have a yard consider getting some big pots or even a bucket to plant some fresh tomatoes. Nothing like your own freshly picked vegetables. It is much healthier and helps us become closer to nature. Becoming closer to nature will also help us to open up more both intuitively and spiritually.

I wish you all the best on your journey and thank you for taking time to read my message and newsletter. Hope you have a wonderful month. I feel absolutely honored to be able to share my gift with you.Remember to hang in there and never give up. You have a team of guardian angels and deceased loved ones behind you cheering you on. They never judge us and are always there when we need them. Until the next time take care your yourself and those you love.
With Love, Light & Desire To Inspire
Joseph Tittel

Friday, March 16, 2012

Mercury Retrograde March 12th to April 4th

From My March 2012 Newsletter

The Mercury retrograde is here again! March 12th until April 4, 2012. For some it is a time to just run and hide, but for others we can take advantage of this time and use the Mercury retrograde to our own advantages. as with everything in our world there is a positive and negative to all things. And again it is up to us to find the positive and negatives of this retrograde and balanced them into our lives.

Let us start by describing the negatives of the Mercury retrograde before I go into the positives. One of the most annoying things about the Mercury retrograde is the major delays that it may cause. When there is a retrograde you can always count on some kind of delay or some kind of interference that could screw things up for the entire day. So, on the positive side, we can always plan ahead during the retrograde knowing in the back of our minds that there will be most likely some type of delay ahead of us. Doing so will help us with being on time for work and other things during Mercury retrograde. So you can expect delays at the airport, delays on the road and waiting for loan approvals and anything with paper work and so forth.

Another thing that the retrograde has a large negative impact on are things that are motorized or electronic. You'll notice anything that is motorized or electronic will go haywire during the Mercury retrograde. Last retrograde our dryer died and a few retrogrades ago I had to replace the refrigerator in our kitchen and the retrograde before that we had to replace our washing machine. To top it off about four retrogrades ago I had to replace my laptop computer.

So the Mercury retrograde is not at all a good time to buy anything new that is motorized or electronic. For most likely you'll end up standing in line to take it back due to some kind of mechanical issue. Unless you are stuck buying one because yours died during the retrograde like with our washer, dryer and refrigerator. We're better off waiting until after the retrograde before purchasing any type of new motorized or electronic devices. You also notice that very often during the retrograde your service engine or check engine light on your vehicle may light up. usually a sure sign that your vehicle needs to be taken in for repair. If you are forced to take your vehicle in for repair during the retrograde expect some delays and also be very prepared to take it back again because the mechanic didn't fully correct the problem. So whenever possible we should wait until after the retrograde to purchase or fix any motorized or electronic devices.

It is not necessarily just electronic or motorized devices that may give us issues during the Mercury retrograde. Just about anything that can break may do exactly that during a Mercury Retrograde.If I remember correctly the last retrograde our kitchen sink began to leak and needed to be fixed. So just prepare yourself and try not to fix things unless you really have to during the Mercury retrograde.

We are very lucky that this Mercury retrograde is much shorter than the typical retrograde. This retrograde began on March 12 and will last until April 4, 2012. That's less than a month and am very happy about that. And even though the retrograde is in a really at all a good time to start something new like a job, career, buy a new car, or a new house or even start a new business. Usually if we do these things during a Mercury retrograde they don't end up lasting at all. But what it is good time for is to pick up things that you have not finished in the past and finish them. It is a great time to clean up the clutter in our home and end things in our lives. A perfect time to clean up the house, paint the kitchen or living room and promote positive change throughout our environment. It is also a good time to do a smudging ceremony to cleanse the energy from our homes or office. You can find out more information on how to do a smudging ceremony on my blog.

There are other negatives and positives to the Mercury retrograde and I encourage you my reader to explore this more on the Internet. Take advantage of this time the best you can and whatever you do try your best not to let the retrograde get the best of you and make you frustrated. From this point forward it is all up to you. And remember one last thing that is very important. We can usually feel the effects of a Mercury retrograde, much like the effects of a full moon, at least three days before the retrograde begins in three days after it ends. I hope this article has helped you in dealing with this last retrograde up 2011. I wish you all the best.

With love, light and desire to inspire

Joseph Tittel



Sunday, February 19, 2012

February Inspirational Message (From February Newsletter)

The following message comes from my February Newsletter, which was sent out to subscribers on February 3. You can subscribe on my web site or here on my blog in the right hand column. If you are subscribed and did not receive the February newsletter be sure to check your spam & trash folders. If you do not find it there then try to unsubscribe and re-subscribe again. Once you sign up you will receive an email in which you must click on the link to confirm your subscription. You may not be receiving the newsletter because you may not have confirmed your subscription

Hello Everyone. I would like to begin by wishing you all a very happy & healthy new year. I have been so busy with the holiday's & doing my 2012 predictions that I just did not have a chance to get out a January newsletter. I want to thank you all for your love and support throughout the past years. I look forward to the future that lies ahead of us all.

2012 is a very exciting time to be on the planet Earth. A time of major change and a time where the planet goes through a major shift, a shift that has not occurred in thousands of years. I explain more about this shift and how we can all take advantage of it in my 2012 predictions intro posted below and on my blog. This is a vital time for each and everyone of us. A vital time to make a shift in our lives and a time to make our dreams come true.

The first quarter of the year is a time for us to focus on organizing our lives and our surroundings by cleaning out some of the cutter. The means both physical clutter and emotional clutter. This is a time for us to project where we want our lives to be in a year and even 5 years down the road. Focusing on this by picturing ourselves where we want to be while cleaning up the clutter and making simple changes to help open up new doors of opportunity that all lead to fulfilling our dreams

Those who walk in the light may be faced by the dark at some point and we must always know that the light always rules over the dark. People who live a positive life and project positive thoughts along with focusing on love will have a great year of positive change. Those who are negative and always focus on negative things will endure a very difficult year. Those who have done harm to others may pay dearly in 2012. When faced with negative people, places or things try to immediately project love. Remember, what we put out comes back to us ten times over.

It can be very helpful to help promote change in your life by doing simple things like cleaning and reorganizing your home or office. Maybe changing around the furniture or putting some fresh paint on the walls can all help to promote change in our lives. We have to be the one to take that step and make the change. If you happen to be surrounded by a negative loved one it can be a little more of a challenge to focus on positive. Always try your best to project love to the universe for the universe can be very rewarding and you will receive lots of love back.

Remember to ask your spirit guides when you need some guidance or answers in your life. Our guides are there to help us and often do without us realizing it. Pay attention to the things that come to you out of the blue. It may be your guides trying to tell you something. If there is something you want to manifest into your life in 2012, like a new job or relationship, just ask the universe. Sit quietly, breath deeply, relax and simple ask the universe to help you achieve this goal and thank the universe all while focusing on love. Soon you will manifest your dreams.

I know you can feel the odd energy in the air lately. So many strange things will occur this year. Do not let this take from your focus to achieve those dreams and goals. The first quarter of the year will seem all the same as if nothing is changing. Come April and May new doors can and will open for us and help us to pave our way to our dreams. You will also see many people begin to open more spiritually during this shift, which is a wonderful thing. So get yourself focused and take advantage of this wonderful time on our planet Earth.

Thank you for reading my newsletter and blog. I feel so honored to be able to share this gift and can not thank you all enough. I wish all of you and your family all the best in 2012. I look forward to our continuous journey together.

With Love, Light & Desire To Inspire


Saturday, January 21, 2012

2012 World Predictions & Celebrity Predictions From Psychic Medium Joseph Tittel

As many of you know every year on New Years Day I announce my World & Celebrity Predictions for the coming year. I have been doing this for years now & try my best to update them as much as possible. Many of you will comment on the blog post or on my FaceBook Fan Page with updates of predictions that may have come true. I would like to thank all of you who have done so in the past & encourage you all to continue doing so. I would also like to thank you all for following my work over the years and wish you all the best.

My predictions have seemed to pop up all over the net this year before I even had a chance to post them myself. Some of those who copied them did not even have the respect of saying where they came from while others posted things I did not quite say. If you see them anywhere else bes
ides here and they have my name associated with them they are probably not my predictions. This is the only place to see my predictions this year or any previous year.

I do the same process every year by going through hours of prayer and meditation in hopes to get a glimpse into the coming year. I will see symbols, news headlines, pictures, flashes that look like video clips and so forth. Some of what I receive from Spirit I have to key in on with my own intuition in order to interpret what Spirit is trying to say. Some things come so clearly to me that it is as if I'm actually there watching it happen. While other times can sometimes be vague and at times I will be forced to skip information completely. I speak everything I see into a recorder for later reference.

Once I go through my meditations I will compile everything a
nd begin to translate everything into writing. When doing so I will very often receive more information from Spirit to add to the predictions. I do all this about a week or so before New Years and then on New Years Day I announce them live on a special New Years Edition of my weekly radio show Journey Into The Paranormal. Even when announcing the predictions on my show I will again receive more information from spirit therefore ending up with even more predictions. That is why I encourage people to listen to the live show rather then just read my written predictions, there is more on the live show.

This year I wanted to update them a little before posting them and just h
ad not had the chance to do so. If anyone happens to notice anything that I do not have posted here but said on my radio show please let me know and I will add it in. I appreciate each and every one of you who read my blog and follow my work. It is an absolute honor to be able to share my gift with others. I thank the lord and Spirit for that every moment I possible can.

I encourage you all to read my previous post, 2012 Predictions Intro-The Shift, for this is a vital time for all of us on this planet Earth. It is important that you know what is to come during this shift and how you can take advantage of this very special time. Remember what you put out comes back ten times over and therefore we must focus on love. Thanks again everyone. Love & Light




1: A major train derailment hit headlines. This I believe happens in China or Japan. I got the number 101 which I believe is the number of casualties.

2: Major controversy erupts out of Alaska. Something to do with the political movement in Alaska. It involves the government & possibly the FBI. Alaska came to me several time which makes me believe they will have several major incidents that hit news headlines including weather related issues. Bizarre unexpected and unusual storms here and throughout the world.

3: Terrorist attacks hit Europe in very unexpected places. One outside of a train, bus or subway station in Eastern Europe I believe & Russia. Also see three separate bus bombings, one may be in Australia and Israel.

4: Russia experiences a second large terrorist attack on its Subway System.

5: Significant Dates: July 2012 and July 24. July seems to be a very busy month for the world and a time when the planets shift goes into overdrive which in turn will also launch a major volcanic eruption, one of the largest we have ever seen.

6: I see three bombings that look to me like they take place on a large bus in the streets of a busy city. It is possible, by the way that I see this in my visions, that this could occur either on the same date or all very close to one another. This will occur in the area’s or Israel & Jerusalem.

7: Large mudslide, cannot tell exactly where this is, that takes out a large significant building such as a school, hotel, ect This hits headlines most likely because of the buildings significance and possibly people trapped & a total of 3-30 or more casualties. There is a possibility this could occur in or near Australia.

8: Texas area and gulf coast faces another great danger in the way of oil related disasters. Does not feel like a good situation. Seems like lots of chaos due to politics surrounding the presidential election.

9: One of the biggest headlines of the year reads “Storm Of The Century”. Storm causes fury like no other effecting several different states and/or countries. Storm leaves a path of destruction like never before. I can see aerial views that look like miles and miles of complete destruction. I can only imagine that this path of destruction would have been caused by many tornadoes at the same time and/or extremely strong winds. A summer storm I believe.

10: Small tidal wave of sorts hit’s the shores of Hawaii. Not much to worry about, possible one injury or casualty. Just seemed a little odd. Damage to shoreline.

11: Chaos and upheaval comes out of Cuba. So much trouble in 2012 for Cuba. A possible death or assassination of their leader. Cuba possibly begins a new war, possible a new war against drugs also.

12: Japan hit once more by large earthquake up to 8.1. This time I feel it hits more toward the northern west part of Japan. I feel that Japan will endure several major issues, including issues with China, along with several earthquakes. Most likely floods. Also many issues with water, floods. I see people boiling water. May be a total of three earthquakes that measure high on the scale. They will luck out with the first, even though it is significantly large, but will not be as lucky with the second two. One sets off another major, which is unusual spirit explains, while one may begin or end in the outer coaster ocean deep in the sea. This may very well set off another tsunami, but this time that water may go a different direction & head toward another country.

13: 2012 will mark off the year of one of the largest natural disasters that has ever been seen. I think this is weather related combined with the outbreak of some disease or bacteria. Not only will the impact of this disaster kill thousands, maybe millions, the aftermath will kill hundreds more due to disease. I cannot seem to pinpoint where this disasters takes place but feel the U.S. and Canada are safe from this one. Many countries get involved in trying to reach out and help the people impacted by this huge disaster. This could overall effect millions of people.

14: Germany faces upheaval and chaos with riots in the streets and protests. People become angry towards their governments and financial systems. This is much like I predicted in the past and soon after we began to see in places like Egypt. This will continue to spread throughout the globe.

15: During the first part of the year there will a large amount of political change throughout the world. At one point it seems as if the entire world has gone mad with protests, riots, upheaval and chaos throughout many countries at one time. The people all become angry over very similar things. Their governments, their freedom and so much more. Eventually this will all lead to positive.

16: A huge earthquake, possibly 9.0, out in the sea causes one of the largest tsunami’s ever seen. This could be possibly related to number 13 and/or number 12.

17: Norwegian leader dies or is killed/assassination.

18: Jackson Dies is one headline I kept seeing. Not sure what Jackson this could refer to. Maybe Joe Jackson.

19: I kept seeing a large building fire that I could not quite place. Looked like it was in a city setting like New York and the building was about to collapse effecting surrounding buildings. There is some connection to the word Madison, M, or something similar. I believe this would be a big news story and will cause several injuries, such as smoke inhalation & minor burns, and several casualties. Looks like this happens late at night early morning hours when it is very dark out. Several firefighters will be effected and one may possibly perish after going in to try and save someone and this may be when the building does collapse.

20: A large positive medical breakthrough for breast cancer. Good news for those who face the disease & want to prevent it.

21: Another medical breakthrough in the way of prostate cancer for men. Positive news.

22: Police in California make headlines when several police officers, six in all, are caught abusing people and stealing. They are accused of taking the drugs and money in many busts. Large sting operation.

23: FBI finally catches onto one of the largest mastermind serial killers responsible for more then 132 deaths. May be traced to deaths as far away as Europe. I believe he may be a truck driver or someone who travels often and uses his work to leave a path of bodies. Biggest killers since the days of Charlie Manson and Jeffry Dahmer.

24: 3 world leaders will die and/or be removed from power. Two of these deaths will cause fury and upheaval from the people. People in one country will not be happy as to who will take their previous leaders place. I see fires, fire bombs being thrown and so much craziness. I have seen this many times in my meditations and believe it will be related to several different incidents. During this Earth shift people are going to become fed up throughout the world. I feel that some of this chaos and rioting will be revolved around one of these leaders deaths, possibly two.

25: Keep seeing headlines that said “Tunnel collapses”. Not sure where this occurs but I do think it will be in the U.S. Could be out west in California. There will be several different tunnels that collapse. Tunnels such as those that go through mountains or under rivers. One very well traveled and one could be mud slide oriented. I keep seeing a headline that reads like “Tunnels collapse”. Makes me feels like a tunnel that goes through a mountain or under a river like in New York. But this may be more like in the mid-west and not at all New York. Could be weather related from mudslides or earthquakes. I feel that several people, in vehicles, trapped inside the tunnels. Rescue workers work hard to free them and run into major issues doing so when part begins to collapse more. I believe they are all successfully rescued.

26: U.S. Embassy is targeted and bombed. Up to seven injured or casualties. Could be in Africa and Poland. If it does not occur in Africa or Poland then both these countries will be very significant in 2012. One U.S. Embassy is targeted by rioters and may burn one to the ground.


27: American Airlines flight crashes on runway. Possible three injured or casualties. May happen in New York and the number 1209 is associated. The number could be a time, flight number or even the date December 9th.

28: Talks of a new vaccine for cancer turns out to do more harm then good.

29: I see President Obama waving out a hospital window giving thumbs up. So something is going to occur in early 2012 that sends the president to the hospital. Seems to be a big news story with some jokes revolved around it on an SNL skit, which also may cause a little bit of controversy.

30: Seems that NASA is in for some good things and some not so good things in 2012. There will be some amazing new discoveries in 2012. One is first to be top secret and is somehow leaked out through a controversial internet site. Another discovery leads us to new life on a new planet, very exciting news. There will be several new galaxies and planets discovered throughout 2012 and late 2012.

Eyes will be on the sky when the discovery of an meteor of sorts is heading toward to earth. Larger then usual this meteor ends up deep in the ocean. One small meteor crashes into home or vehicle, maybe both, and is recovered then shown on the news.

On the negative side there will be two to three pretty major accidents that occur around the exploration of space. One will be with NASA and two others will be from other countries. Most likely Russia and China. There will be at least one causality & up to three or four. At one point everyone’s eyes are on the story. I see fire and explosion of some kind.

31: The U.S. presidential election turns out to go down as the dirtiest and scandalous elections ever. Lots of disappointment from the republicans and disappointment around Mitt Romney. Obama wins by a landslide. Romney will be the republican running against Obama. Some kind of controversy surrounds one candidate and I believe that will be Romney and it will completely jeopardize his presidency.

32: Iran is big trouble for surrounding area’s and for the world. I refer back to my previous predictions and during this years meditations and now have no doubt that major chaos and destruction come from Iran. I have seen and continue to see a large bomb explosion that looks very much like a nuclear bomb. I believe this bomb has a lot to do with Iran. There is no doubt that they have almost completed the structure of a nuclear bomb. I also believe that either Iran or Israel will be hit, possible hit by each other. This may not occur until late 2012 into 2013. Iran will be responsible for stirring up a large bit of controversy along with involving other countries and causing other countries to go against each other. I believe Iran will also endure a missal attack and this may be from the U.S. As much as they are going to try and tell us Iran does not have a nuke or that they took out their nuke it will not be true.

33: Australia has some political upheaval also in 2012 which leads to major changes around their government and a change in leaders will take place. Some of this change will be very sudden and unexpected. I see a large amount of love toward one leader, most likely the new one. They will also endure many weather related issues including one major weather related disaster.

34: I see a huge forest fire that burns completely out of control, possible this could be in Australia, and rips through thousands of acres. Miles of forest are destroyed before fire-fighters receive a boost of help from a large rain storm after weeks of dry heat and winds.

35: Police charged in death of boy. Police charged in boy’s death. Two headlines and two police officers. Kept seeing Chicago and Chicago Tribune and believe that is where this may headline.

36: The Country of India faces major economical collapse. India deals with a large amount of poverty and starvation. Many issues with India and its leaders. India also may face off with Pakistan in an exchange of fire and missiles. India refuses support from outsiders and treats their own people badly. More riots and protests.

37: Fire in the White House. It is put out quickly and White House is aired out.

38: I see large lines at banks and this will occur in several countries throughout the world including the U.S., Canada, Mexico and throughout Europe, Italy, England, Brittan and so on. I believe this has a large amount to do with the shift and see banks beginning to fall. People become fed up completely with banks and interest rates. Soon people force banks to change their policies and ways of doing business. Many of the big banks will fall and many of the smaller town banks and credit unions will flourish.

39: I see major protest’s that look as if they are outside the White House. While similar visions in my meditation showed large protest’s outside of large significant buildings. I believe these are buildings that house country leaders and this must not be related to the U.S. I see hundreds of people rocking the gates to the buildings trying to break down the gates to get in. I see people throwing rocks and fire bombs at buildings and windows. Much of this is focused towards political unrest and financial structures like banks and large corporate companies.


40: One headline reads Plane Crashes In Washington”. Can not tell if this is in Washington state or Washington D.C. Something that would hit headlines of course.
I saw a plane crashing into a residential like area but not necessarily does that have to be related to this crash. Most likely could be two separate.

41: Plane crash over sea’s causes much controversy. Possibly could be near Israel but definitely over sea’s. Talks that it could have been shot down.

42: Some kind of issue arises around the U.S. Embassies. This could occur in July around the 3rd or 4th. Not sure if this is related or separate. Some mad man tries to cause fear to the United States with some kind of video released to the press and played everywhere. The person in the video is blurred out purposely and voice is changed. He threatens the U.S. which does no good at all for he is a liar. I feel this is someone from foreign soil but currently is in the U.S. He is caught by the F.B.I. before harm is done.


43: The president of U.S. deploys troops and this can not be a good thing. I believe this is to help out another country that is in deep need. Could cause a new war in the middle east.

44: Lots of issues in the way of electrical power in 2012. There will be so many issues with power world wide with huge black outs. More Black outs and rolling black outs then ever. Some very odd and completely un-explained. Issues with the severe heat in places will also have a major effect on the power plants. I see one plant that explodes due to some weather related issue leaving some in the dark for weeks on end. July and August will be some of the worst times for this. The blame will partially be on sun solar storms and record breaking heat.

45: Hollywood makes huge billion dollar announcement surrounding movie theaters. A huge merge between the movies and either a cable or internet related corporation. Soon American’s can watch newly released movies in the comfort of their own home. This could be more in late 2012 into 2013.

46: I keep seeing the Vatican and the smoke stacks with white smoke billowing out. I can only believe that this would mean our current pope will fall and a new one will be decided. This will mark the fall of the Catholic church and there will be large amounts of controversy surrounding the Vatican. The world will find out new truths about the church that have been hidden for thousands of years. They will begin to lose properties and assets throughout the year with a loss of hundreds of millions of dollars. This will force them to close churches and schools and begin to liquidate and sell things. Not a good year for them and most organized religions. Spiritualism will become the fastest growing of all.

47: A very large underground terrorist network is cracked right before a major strike. Possibly around May or June.

48: Pakistan will cause the world great trouble as will other middle eastern countries like Iran and even problems with Russia. Russia & China buddy up and make it difficult for other surrounding countries as time progresses.

49: One country finally gets to vote for the first time. This is only after upheaval in this country and a change in its government.

50: I see a large oil tanker ship leaking out large amounts of some fluid or oil. May be off the coast of Alaska but pretty far out in the ocean, which makes for more issues. I believe another country will be at fault for this issue. I also see an issue with oil washing up ashore in many different coastal area’s which makes me believe there will be a major amount of oil spilled into the sea. Most likely two separate incidents.

51: In 2012 the deadly sea’s as they have called it is exactly what the oceans will be, very deadly. I see hijacking becoming a big issue and many ships will encounter pirates and hijackers stealing their freight and oil. I see one tanker that would carry oil on fire. I believe this is set by these pirate hijackers. Danger will be strong from April to December. The sea will claim so many lives in 2012, more then ever. There will be several major cruise line issues including an overturned ship. News will also report a group of people missing out at sea, possibly around the time of a serious storm. This may include a well know celebrity of sorts beings I see it being a big story.

52: A well known celebrity is killed when their small plane crashes into a remote wooded area. I believe this could be a music related celebrity. I believe 6 casualties in all. Around June.

53: I see a large funeral with hundreds of people turning out leaving hundreds of items like candles, pictures and stuffed animals. I believe this will occur twice, Once in the U.S. and again in the U.K. One may be revolved around a Hollywood legend celebrity and one may by related to the death of a famous and loved leader, political or religious leader. Could occur around May and September. May be the Pope.

54: Waters become toxic and Toxic waters are other headlines I see in my visions. I believe part of this will be due to a natural disaster, such as a tsunami, that hits and knocks out a nuclear power plant causing the waters to become toxic. This will also occur in other places due to floods that are very serious. Some places people will be ordered to boil their waters. While in other places bottled water will be worth its weight in gold. People need to understand how precious water is and stop abusing it. Now is a time to make sure you have bottled water and a water purifier in case there is an issue in your area.

55: China is in for a roller coaster ride in 2012. About time they get some of their karma back for how badly they treat the environment. They will endure issues with their financial structure and marketplace. They will also round up troops and possibly start a war. Japan will not be the only country dealing with the negativity of China. I also see several large explosions in China. One in a city area. These have a large impact on the country and one blast will kill hundreds. This could be war related and/or related to a nuclear accident.

56: Japan will face further issues with their nuclear power plants. One country may suffer a complete melt down in 2012. Not sure if that will be Japan, China or Russia. I see this has a bad impact on the local environment killing a large amount of wildlife and people. I see people running from a blast with burns all over their bodies. This could all be related or even separate. The people running look like they are of an Asian decent.

57: The Philippines will also endure a lot of issues in 2012 including issues that may have them rounding up their troops and shooting off missiles. They may also endure some severe weather related issues such as an earthquake.

58: A satellite or two run into several issues, one may even be destroyed completely. This causes worry and confusion when it interferes and causes an outage in something like television or cell phones. This could be from Solar Storms. One has to be replaced and a new one is sent up. When the new, or repaired, satellite goes up they run into more issues due to their rushing getting it up and running. Patience would be very beneficial beforehand.

59: Keep seeing more issues with Iran and a headline that seems to read “Iran Invades” or “Iran Attacks/Attacked”. Can not seem to figure out exactly what goes on here but feel Iran will continue to be a huge issue over the next year or two. They will also have a lot of issues themselves.

UPDATE: As we all know Iran is not playing nice with the rest of the world right now.  President Netanyahu and President Obama are having a communication breakdown.

60: An very large Earthquake effects and rattles the country of India. I would believe this to be as large as an 8.5 or higher. City is completely leveled and this may leave behind thousands of injuries & casualties.

61: A plane crash over seas with many casualties causes controversy. The number 107 or 172 I believe is connected. This could be the number of casualties. Rumor that the plane was shot down. Possible occurs around the area of Israel and the middles east. This could possible be in April and/or on the 15th. I do believe the plane is shot down. They do try and cover this up.

62: An old scare becomes a new reality when some nutcase begins to send letters tainted with some toxic powder, such as anthrax, to big company heads and politicians. I saw a post office that was all taped off with yellow tape and surrounded by law enforcement officials. Not sure if that is related to the mail terror or separate and something tragic happens at a post office, such as a shot out of some type. If so, it could be in the west such as Arizona, New Mexico or Nevada.

63: Louisiana faces issues with a dam. This could be caused from severe rains and may cause this dam or water levy to break.

64: See some kind of issue with what seems to be a power plant. There is an explosion and up to 7 are effected. This may cause black outs. Could occur in Buffalo New York area.

65: Headlines read “Vegas Goes Dark”. Big story revolved around Vegas being in the dark. Could be related to record heat and solar storm. Vegas will not be the only ones in the dark in 2012. China and Japan have issues as well as several states in the U.S. including New York and California. West Brittan and Europe may also deal with odd outages. Could occur around August and September.

66: Thousands of dead fish are washed up ashore ocean and bayside along with river beds and lakes washing up dead ones. Whatever is doing this is also going to effect the birds as well and hundreds and maybe thousands of dead birds fall from the skies. What they tell you is the cause is not even close to the truth. The truth will be reveled first on the net before going viral. I believe that many of these will occur as a warning of sorts right before a very major weather related catastrophe occurs such as a large quake. More fish and birds end up dead then ever reported before.

67: 2012 will be a year where many truths will finally be reveled. The truth about the ancient people. The truth about life on other planets. The truth of Atlantis. The truth about weather manipulation and so much more. Overall it will be a great year and a wonderful time to be on the planet Earth. A time where this shift will change all of humanity for the better. Something for us all to look forward to. This will not happen over night. It will take time and 2012 just marks off the start of the new beginning. Remember to always put out as much love as you possibly can. Love heals all.

Year of weather chaos

W1: In the way of weather. Tornadoes ravish the mid-west taking out new territory and destroying everything in their paths. One heads straight into a small city and one little town which is taken off the map. 5 really big significant tornadoes while one town is hit by by five or six at one time. Film crews are able to catch first time footage ever of a series of many twisted at once. Again this could be 4 to 6 in one scene. 111. 132 may be somehow associated with these. .One tornado ends up ripping thru one small city with winds breaking windows in high buildings. This could possibly occur in 2 places, one possibly being Texas. July is a bad time for this.

W2: Extremely large and very unusual and unexpected dust storms begin to take place, especially during the summer and early fall months, one out of Arizona and/or New Mexico. Injures several and 7 causalities. India, China, Europe and Australia.

W3: One unexpected funnel storm, outside of Phoenix, responsible for taking three lives. Very strange, very sudden and very powerful storm like occurrences will be experienced throughout the globe in 2012. Something so very unusual seems to happen throughout the world. A peaceful day is suddenly taken over by serious and destructive storms, some involving high winds, sand storms and lots of water. Water is going to be a big issue this year.

W4: 3 to 5 major hurricanes to be aware of. One blowing into the gulf coast while one pounds into Aruba and surrounding areas islands. Possibly St. Martin, Jamaica & St Thomas. One storm whips up winds of more then 150 miles per hour. I had visions that were sky views of the islands which looked completely destroyed. One to two of these hurricanes will hit in unusual places and a place that has not seen this type of fury and floods since the 1800’s. Possible that both California and Hawaii may encounter hurricanes or hurricane strength storms.

W5: Alaska will be in the news often in 2012 and one reason will be because of a weather related incident like a small earthquake up to 5.0. And very unusual storms. One system seems to pound one area with severe weather that ends up reaching out for the help of outsiders.

W6: 2012 will mark off the year of one of the largest natural disasters that has ever been seen. I think this is weather related combined with the outbreak of some disease or bacteria. Not only will the impact of this disaster kill thousands, the aftermath will kill hundreds more due to disease. I cannot seem to pinpoint where this disasters takes place but feel the U.S. and Canada are safe from this one. Many get involved in trying to reach out and help the people impacted by this huge disaster. This would effect more then a hundred thousand people and possible even more like a half a million or more people. It is possible that Africa will be effected by this and if not this they will also endure some major tragedy in 2012 that takes out many people at one time.

W7: The Artic experiences record breaking warm temperatures that cause alarm. This could be related to a possible Solar Storm. This causes sudden unexpected melting of ice caps which in turn will cause sudden unexpected flooding on distant coast lines. We will hear a large amount about the artic waters in 2012. Not only about crazy weather patterns, such as heat and a small earthquake, but also in the way of endangering many lives and most likely the artic and the artic waters will be responsible for many deaths in 2012.

W8: Miami is in danger of being hit directly from hurricane in or around September. I see one or two cities being evacuated and see lines of chaotic traffic. I have a strong feeling that people in one part of the globe will actually have to be relocated completely. That part kind of scares me a little bit. I do not think this will all be in Miami though. For people to have to be relocated it would have to be something very major.

W9: Small Earthquakes in the Hollywood Hills shakes up the area for a while. Nothing major to worry about. Earthquakes will be experienced all over the globe in very unusual places, some very scary. We will once again experience them on the East coast of the U.S. Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, New Hampshire and even as far as Maine. Florida will also be shaken up.

W10: Australia will face many weather related issues in 2012. Some will be flashbacks to 2011’s wrath in Australia. I see more terrible floods and continued rains.

W11: Rains fall like never before causing major floods and issues with flash floods, rivers over flow and water levies break. This will be constant rains that last days on end. Up to 15 days straight causing much damage. All this after a time of horrible heat and no rains. I kept seeing aerial views of flooded farm lands including cattle standing on one small piece of dry land with dozens of drowned animals surrounding them. I believe this occurs in the United States and could be mid-west and include Washington, California and possible Louisiana. Has to be during the mid to late summer months.

W12: Earthquakes shake the islands causing things to collapse to the ground much like what happened in Japan. Part of this could occur around Haiti and the Haitian Islands.
Some Islands will shake for the first time in a long time. Some will shake for days on end. Three very major historic quakes. Possible that Russia, Poland and the Philippines and Australia will endure big quakes.

W13: Heat is definitely a big problem for most in 2012. The heat will be unbearable in places and the heat will hit in places that are not use to that type of heat. This may be caused by solar storms which seem to be the blame throughout 2012. Some area’s see record breaking heat as early as April 2012. We are talking temps as high as 140 degree’s in places. Heat waves cause deaths in cities throughout the U.S. Mexico and even in Australia and parts of Europe. Heat will cause so many major issues, blackouts, deaths and so on in 2012. A great time to consider a back up generator and always be sure to have lots of bottled water on hand, a water purifier and anything else that you may need if you are without power for weeks in a row. Like I said, some area’s will be very bad but we can always prepare ahead.

W14: Floods and water turn out to be a big issue in 2012. Russia faces issues with terrible floods along with other countries like Indian. Overall there will be hundreds and even thousands of people killed from flooding alone. This does not include the sudden waves of water that hits area’s from either a tsunami, tidal wave or similar.

W15- I keep seeing severe rains that looks like the California and Oregon area’s. Rain may go on for 15 days straight. The rain cause valley’s to fill quickly with water in turn causing raging mud slides in the northern hills especially. May occur around April & July.

W16- Summer comes early for most with record breaking hot temperatures and some area’s deal with extreme draught while others deal with storms and floods.

W17- East coast is digging itself out of large amount of snow that gets dumped hard on the area in the second week of February and possibly another in the end of January and even in March.
Ice storms take out power leaving people in the dark up to a week. Once everyone thinks winter is over in comes the big one, dumping lots of snow. Over all though, it is not a bad winter, rather mild in comparison to past few years.

President Obama - In the beginning, a few years back, I had this unexplainable bad vibe about our now president Barrack Obama. There was something there I just did not have a good feeling and just could not place it. So therefore I immediately came to my own conclusion that it had to be him that gave me that bad vibe and therefore decided not to like him at all. When election time came around I still had that odd bad vibe about President Obama but felt that I needed to vote for him. One thing I felt was that for some reason he had to be the one. He was honestly the only one that deserved the vote. Now that time has passed I have come to conclusion that the vibe that I had about our President was not at all based on him as a person being bad. I believed and still believe that he is in great danger and that is what was giving me this bad vibe about him.

When 2012 arrives I believe that danger our president may face will likely be much stronger then in the past. I hope and pray that those who protect our president have the same vibe as I and will therefore take every measure possibly to protect him. I would not want to see anything bad happen to our president for if something were to happen the United State will be in big trouble. With the up-coming elections and the campaigning they will all have to do this will make it much more dangerous. I have seen in last years prediction meditations that there would be two attempts to harm the president and a good chance that he would be shot. I still have that vibe going on and can only pray that our president stays safe for all of our sakes.

I have no doubt that President Obama takes his work very seriously and works hard to make good things happen for all of us. I know he has our best interests at heart and cares deeply about our country. According to spirit there has not been a president who has cared so much for our country since Kennedy until Obama became our president. I know many are probably screaming and cursing at me now. This is what came to me from spirit and I know spirit would never steer us in the wrong direction.

The economy for the United States will still fall a bit before picking up again toward the end of 2012. Summer will have more downfalls economically and especially around the stock market. Gold makes an actual fall in price, around Feb., or March and again in November, once but that does not last long at all before going back up again.

Government places some type of cap on gold. Making it so one can only possess or purchase a certain amount. Something along those lines. Something that causes a bit of a stir.

Silver will continue to drop also before going up significantly in April and May. Will not be any big significant change around silver therefore making it not a great investment. Copper will continue to rise.

Government puts pressure on the banking systems forcing them to make changes, lower rates and stop taking advantage of the American people.

Obama brings more jobs to the U.S. by early fall in September. The economy looks more hopeful this time and mortgage rates begin to rise again as early as May. Tax incentives lead big companies to relocate to the U.S.

Interest rates begin to go up again around March and once more hit an all time low before rising back up and never seeing that all time low again. Get the rates while you can before the disappear.

Other countries will not be as fortunate as two to three will have a total economical collapse and/or collapse of government. China’s markets will begin to endure major issues and falls and the overall world market will not be good in 2012. When it seems to pick up it falls again. Some will fall completely but in the long run this will force the people and governments to change for the positive. Sometimes we need to hit bottom before coming out of the ashes stronger then we went in.

Hulk Hogan hospitalized for issues. Possible could be heart related. Along with issues with money and being sued by two people, one may be his x-wife.

I see Oprah giving a special speech in front of hundreds who are there to honor a huge celebrity who passes. Not sure who this is. Maybe the queen?

The Queen will endure some major issues in 2012. Some major political and economical issues place a toll on her health. This put her through testing and even surgery. This stays well hidden from the public for a little while. It is possible she may pass.

Oprah undergoes a large amount of stress and ends up with the blue’s. Some of this is due to the drop in her network. The network undergoes a bunch of changes and things get much better by summer 2012. There will be rumors about her health and relationship.

One well known young celebrity is killed while driving at high speeds and his vehicle crashes. Seems like this happens in an area where I see mountains and far drop off’s, like cliffs. Possible that the vehicle goes off a small cliff or mountain side. Most likely in California. May have a female passenger in the vehicle.

Donald Trump What a complete liar he turns out to be. Many like him but do not see how sneaky and bad he can really be. Everything he does he does only for his own personal gain. His cockiness comes back on him in 2012. Some talks around his show the apprentice comes up. Do not be surprised if it is canceled Or picked up by another network. He has no interest or desire at all of running for president in this up-coming election at all. It is all for publicity. Do not be surprised if he runs in 2016. He will also undergo a health related issue in 2012 around the month of April and possibly around the time the Apprentice comes to a finale. I see issues in his chest area that I believe is his heart. I also believe that he will have to undergo a major heart procedure within the next two years.

Aretha Franklin has a rough year in 2012 when it comes to her health. She will have to make some big decisions and may undergo surgery. She needs to be careful of infections. She may also end up losing a large amount of weight and it won’t be by choice.

Lindsey Lohan will be in for some more bad times in 2012. She just does not get that wake up call that I hope she would have by now. I see her facing an issue with her car. Possible accident that may even be drug or alcohol related. She may face jail time and may even face a new judge. She will disappear for a while and then come out stronger then ever. Nude pictures arise on the net. Turn out to be fake. I believe she does finally get the wake up call that puts her right back on track with her career. I see her at an awards ceremony on stage speaking. Not sure if she is hosting, receiving an award or just speaking.

Penn State couch Joe Paterno faces major medical issues and soon will pass. A large memorial is erect in his memory. All of this due to the stress from the case against his friend the child molester who faces a very long prison sentence. Do not be surprised if something happens to his life as well. Possible suicide or even possible that someone intentionally takes his life.

Elton John makes a huge announcement in 2012. Two important announcements actually. One is positive, maybe a new album or tour? The other is not very good news, could be around their health or even something around his child.

Bill Cosby is in the news due to health related issues. Possibly cancer related. Bill is a fighter. This leeks out accidentally and is at first denied.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are in the news for something not so positive unfortunately. I believe this could be revolved around one of the kids. Some news possibly surround an incident, accident or illness perhaps. Everything works out well for the family afterwards and overall a good year for them. She wins an award and the two are presented with some type of award also. Possible humanitarian type of award. Big move for them in 2012.

Jackson Dies is one headline I kept seeing. Not sure what Jackson this could refer to. Maybe Joe Jackson.

Nancy Reagan is going to have to battle some health issues in 2012. Seems that she may endure a very bad fall in and around February and April. Very possible we may lose her in 2012.

There seems to be a story that hits either about a celebrity that is murdered or accused of murder. Possible could include both. Hollywood will have a lot of bad news and loses in 2012.

Regis Philbin ends up with some issues to the health. It may actually be something related to his head area. Possible something as little as a small hit on the head to something as serious as a small stroke.

Betty White sure looks fabulous & is doing well. But Betty needs to really be careful in 2012 of being a little clumsy maybe and having a fall. She may even encounter a small temporary issue with her balance. I feel that this could even all be related to an issue with her knee. She may be hopping around on crutches.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 World & Celebrity Predictions - New Year's Show

Hello Everyone & welcome to my Blog. Thank you for taking time to read my blog. I feel very honored & blessed to be able to share my gift with you all. As many of you know every New Year's Day I do a live radio broadcast where I announce my yearly predictions. This year was my forth year going into special prayer and meditations in order to connect with Spirit & ask for visions & info about the coming year. I was amazing by the amount of people who came out to listen to this years show. This year we had more listeners then I had the past two years combined. A big Thank You to all of you that listened both live and to the archive.

Tonight I had my friend, the very fabulous numerologist, Alison Baughman on my show to talk about her views on 2012. We do it every year and it is amazing how we come up with such similar predictions. Be sure to listen to that show episode also. You can download them on I-Tunes or on my radio web site. I discussed a little more about my predictions tonight as well as
LinkAlison's. So those who love to follow the predictions, you are going to want to hear both episodes. Tonight I added that I feel one major Earthquake will take place very soon, next few weeks, possible around Poland or Norway. I also mentioned a big event, most likely huge Earthquake, will take place in March, maybe the 24th. I also feel Earthquakes will be throughout the U.S. including several on the East Coast, Philadelphia, Ohio, New York, Massachusetts, Virginia and more. Be sure to listen in.

This year I did thing a little differently and put together a few video's with my 2012 world predictions and added them to my YouTube Page. I did them yesterday and posted them today. So far there are 3 video's. The first is my intro to 2012. The second video is my first 25 numbered predictions and the part 3 video is predictions 26 through 50. I do have more work to do to get the rest up on YouTube. I plan to do this tomorrow so check my YouTube page often. There are about 30 video's in all with past television footage to keep you entertained for hours on end.

I will be adding more predictions to my last video and then I will get them together for posting on this blog. Please be patient. I hope to do that next week and hope to add more to that also. Again I thank you all for your love and support over the years and I look very forward to our continuous journey together. Remember to tune into my radio show every Tuesday evening for you never know when we may be discussing predictions more.

I feel very honored that I appeared first in my local paper for my predictions. You can read that Here. Today my predictions appeared in the New York Post. I felt so honored. You can read that here. Thanks again everyone. I wish you the best for 2012 and always remember that what you put out comes back 10 times over. So if your not feeling something like love, then you need to put more love out. We should always focus on putting out love to the universe and our mother earth. Every bit helps the universe and will greatly benefit your life.
With Love, Light & Desire To Inspire
Joseph Tittel