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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011-2012 Celebrity & World Psychic Predictions By Psychic Medium Joseph Tittel

The following predictions were compiled from two separate prayer & meditation sessions that I conducted On December 27 & 29, 2010. The information, I believe, comes through from Spirit, my guardian angels & spirit guides. I will see many of these in the form of news headlines. I will also see different visions that are like flashes of pictures and short video clips that some times need a bit of interpretation. I tried really hard this year to get as much details as I possibly could with my predictions.

During my meditations I hold a small digital voice recorder and speak into it to record everything that I see or hear. That way I can stay in a deep state of consciousness and receive more accurate information. Sometimes I will see or hear things and have no idea what they mean and have to try to put the pieces together. One example comes from one of this years meditations. I kept getting Arkansas and knew it had to be something big but just could not put my finger on it. Recently the news reported on two freak incidents that occurred in Arkansas. First thousands of fish washed up on the banks of the river and the second was thousands of birds fell out of the sky and died in one area of the state. Could this have been the reason why that state kept coming to me? I would definitely think so.

I believe one of the reasons my predictions look rather long this year is for two reasons. One was again because I tried my best to get as much detail as I could. The other reason is because I was trying to get information about 2012 as well as 2011 therefore giving me a larger amount of predictions. So it would not surprise me that a good thirty to forty percent will fall into early 2012. I noted many that I feel will occur in 2012. So once I'm through with my meditations I listen to the recording and transfer that information over into writing. When doing this I often receive more information and add to the predictions. Then they are read live on the radio New Years Day during a special two hour show. I do this so that they are out there right in time for the new year and also so they can not be taken, changed or altered. Please be sure to listen to the archive of the live radio show I did on New Years Day with all my predictions. Thank you.

2011 & 2012 World & Celebrity Predictions By
Psychic Medium Spiritman Joseph Tittel

WEATHER IN 2011 & INTO 2012

What the world has been experiencing the past few years and in 2010 in the way of crazy weather patterns is nothing compared to what is to come. Some part of me feels like the governments may even be using some type of device that is suppose to manipulate big storms to make them smaller or get them to move in a different direction and it does nothing but backfire causing larger and larger catastrophic weather patterns and events. I would also not doubt that this device may have been used in the past with hurricane Katrina. Call me crazy if you want but governments world wide & especially in the U.S. & Russia keep so much from the public that if we were to find out it would cause mass hysteria.

During this two year shift, that will last a total of five years, with three years already behind us and two years to go, you will see on the news, in papers and maybe even in your own area, storms that ravage area’s like never before. Storms become larger with more intensity and magnitude breaking all kinds of records. This includes record breaking hurricanes, floods, hail , ice and snow storms along with earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Hail storms that report hail the size of a baseball. Australia is one country along with the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Japan & China that will be hit very hard.

Update 2/2/2011 - January was a very rough month for weather throughout the world. This is exactly what I was explaining on my live radio show. We have not really seen nothing yet in comparison to what we will be seeing over the next year. The east coast of the U.S. has been pounded on with storms that dumped tons of snow, ice and rain. Record breaking temperatures and record breaking snow falls in places such as New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Boston and literally the entire country. At one point in January there was snow on the ground in 49 states. The first time ever. Australia is also feeling a pounding from mother nature. Record breaking floods leaving entire cities under water leading to many deaths. Hang in there for there is more to come Australia. This is just a small taste of what is to come from mother nature this year.

  • For years I have been having feelings and visions of a quake that will occur in mid state of California that would be felt from hundreds of miles away. This Earthquake I keep seeing would be the largest recorded earthquake, damage wise, than ever before. The Earth shakes so hard that it cause large cracks and sinkholes that swallow up structures, buildings and even people. One crack is so large that it literally begins to fill rapidly with water therefore causing part of the state to break up in several places and creating new rivers and other bodies of water.
  • A volcanic eruption in Hawaii makes huge headlines but I feel that the eruption will not be that big of one. At the same time I get a feeling that Hawaii will have issues with two separate volcanic eruptions, one more serious then the other, between mid 2011 until mid 2012. Hawaii will also encounter a devastating hurricane, one of the largest recorded and may also encounter either a tidal wave or tsunami. UpDate: 3/15/2011- As most of you probably already know due to the earthquake that hit Japan it had caused a small tsunami which crashed ashore in Hawaii on March 11. The same tsunami also hit the shores of California. Fortunately for both it was not too bad this time. I hate to say it but there is much more to come over the next 21 months. I would not want to live close to any shoreline during this time period. Update: 3/17/2011- On March 11 it was reported that a large volcano erupted in Eastern Indonesia. More on that click HERE. I also get the feeling that these recent volcano activities are nothing in comparison to what we are yet to see this year and in 2012. On some how will erupt out in the sea. Not sure if this will completely rise from the sea or not but it will make big headlines. I also believe that there will be one incident where both an earthquake, major one, and a volcanic eruption happens at the same time.
  • One of the largest hurricanes develops and hits in or around south, south central parts of the United States possible hitting Texas and Louisiana.
  • North Carolina has to deal with a large amount of weather related disasters including floods.
  • A levy water wall breaks like that of which happened in Louisiana causing major flooding in one city, caskets floating ashore.
  • I see three tornado's all together almost in a row. I believe this would have to occur in the mid-west of the United States. This would most likely be a news story and something that is actually captured on film or video.
  • You know we never really heard, at least I haven’t, of places being hit by tsunamis until the past few years. Well over the next few years you will unfortunately begin to hear a whole lot more about them . Three major ones occur over the next 12 to 14 months bringing complete devastation to the areas. One may hit Japan, China and Mexico while I believe one place that was already hit will be hit again or one will occur within 100 miles of the last tsunami. Update: 3/15/2011- On March 11 Japan was devastated when a 9.0 earthquake triggered a massive sized tsunami that wiped out entire towns and shorelines. This is exactly what I was seeing in my visions during my meditations. It is unfortunate and we must all come together and pray for our planet & humanity. If we don't do something now you are going to see what Japan experienced world wide. Within the next two years there will be so much devastation that the planet will no longer be the same. To the point that new maps will have to be made up beings the current maps will not match the new world. I also feel that Japan has not experienced the worst yet. I believe it may get to the point that half of Japan will be un-livable. Part may go under the sea and another large quake and possible tsunami will hit once more.
  • Florida will experience a small Earthquake with minimum damage to an area that has never been hit before. Right around the same time another major storm occurs.
  • Miami Florida will have its hands full in the way of both weather and also in way of some type of controversy that involves protests.
  • Three major hurricanes hit the east coast of the United States.
  • Large hurricane smacks into the Gulf of Mexico and hits Florida. Large amounts of water everywhere. Causes large issues.
  • One large earthquake hits Washington DC and the White House is shaken up quite a bit.
  • Earthquakes in Japan and China, three major, cause more devastation than ever before. Update 3/15/2011- On March 11 a 9.0 earthquake ravished the country of Japan causing a major tsunami to crash upon their shore destroying entire towns. This is so sad and something that none of us have seen in our lifetimes. If this does not wake up humanity then nothing will. We must take immediate action to save the planet or more then half of humanity will be destroyed in the few years. People laughed and made fun of my predictions but they are not so funny now. I would rather not see any of these predictions come true but the truth of the matter is they all will. Unless we come together and do something now.
  • Hong Kong and surrounding coastal areas endures one of the most devastating storms in centuries. Late summer early fall.
  • Summer heats up all over the globe first in 2011 and even worst in 2012. Some area’s in 2012 that are normally cold will endure record breaking warm temperatures and torrential rains that cause flood, mud slides and so forth. Some area’s reach a whopping 130 degrees and higher. Three states in the U.S. experience weather that deeply effects the farmers causing their crops to suffer deeply. In turn this causes a rise in prices on several fruits and vegetables. Update: 3/17-2011- I also have the feeling lately that our planet may experience a solar storm. Most likely this will take place in 2012.


For those of you who have money that you would like to invest into some way. For the most part I would avoid investing into the stock market, unless you really know what you are doing and what needs to be traded prior to some of these big Earth Changes events that are going to occur, and even if you so know what you are doing I will still look into other forms of investing, like into gold, platinum, diamond, emeralds and other precious jewels and metals. The stock market is going to experience some really major and very sudden losses therefore leaving many people with barely anything left to invest. At the same time if you really know what you are doing there will be two to three points between mid 2011 up to the end of 2012 that could make you an instant millionaire overnight. The companies that will help to make folks more then triple their money will be ones that you would least expect to skyrocket or profit from. One will be a company that was doing really well years back and dropped huge over the past two years and has not been doing well at all since. This company introduces something new that causes its stock to move up more then ten times its current trade. Buyers must jump on this as soon as it starts to rise in price for once it hits its all time high it begins to drop rapidly once more.

Real-estate in the United States and parts of Europe shows no signs of hope. Due to the major changes in regards to getting credit from the banks is preventing more then 50% of those who want to buy. Constant turn downs from the banks continues to cause real-estate to drop. The interest rates will also have a major effect on the real-estate market and will cause buyers to change their minds and staying where they are or renting a new place. By the end of 2011 the market finally begins to see hope, especially in some area’s over others. All this craziness around the real-estate market will have its advantages on those who have a lot of money to invest. Early 2011 up to around April will be a great time to buy property & real-estate, fix it up and sit on it for a while. In the long run, if you buy in the right area’s, it will be so well worth the time you have to sit on the property. Some buyers will be able to more then double the price when the market picks up just a bit. By the time 2012 rolls around the banks and loan people are going to finally realize how much they have been losing and come up with new rules and regulations on loans and real-estate purchases.

The economy still remains in a bit of a hole during the first part of 2011 but seems to pick up quite a bit by the time the year comes to a close. It will seem as if less people are unemployed and struggling which encourages the consumer to begin to spend, in turn bringing a nice boast into the economy. But this is for short term for more issues with layoffs and so forth will hit once more in 2012. This is all to prepare humanity for the new future that lies ahead of us all. Its just a bit of a rocky road before we get there. By complete surprise two major huge companies will announce a large downsize and the layoff of hundreds of employees.


The people of the U.S. become very angered and turn on Obama. I feel his life is in danger. Very strong possibility that he could be shot and this could occur during his second run presidency in 2012. In time a woman will enter into the white house by 2016, possibly as vice president at first and later becomes president. As much as Americans are angry at Obama I feel like he still puts up a good fight in the second run for the presidency beings we won’t have a anyone running against Obama that is any more worthy of voting for. I feel it may be a very close race at first then bomb out and feel that all the anger Americans develop about Obama and his decisions deeply effects his chances of running for two terms.

2011 Psychic World Predictions

  1. Major scandal out of the Vatican in Rome. The fall of the pope including possible assassination or other type of death. Pope goes on the run feeling great danger surrounding him and the Vatican. Possible new pope & final pope by 2013. The Catholic church experiences more upheaval and another major conspiracy erupts around the church. This causes another major decline of church attendance and forces the Vatican to make some big decisions and forced to close many of its churches, schools and properties throughout the world. This also makes me feel that there will soon be a war all based on religion. All of this will occur in mid 2011 and continue through till January 2013. Update: 3/17/2011 - It was recently reported that the church has kicked 21 priests out of the church in Philadelphia PA. First time anything like this has ever happened to the church. I feel this is nothing in comparison to what lies ahead for the Catholic Church and the Pope
  2. I kept getting the state of Oregon in my meditation. I would imagine this is something weather related and will include severe weather flood & mudslides. Update: 2/2/2011 Heavy weekend rains causing landslides and minor flooding in western portions of Washington and Oregon are also taking a human toll with authorities reporting one death related to the storms. This may be some of what I was seeing for Oregon but feel that they also have much more to come. More on this CLICK HERE
  3. An explosion of sorts, possible collision or bombing, in subway system somewhere in Europe. Feels to me that this could most certainly be a terrorist related incident.
  4. Train collision kills dozens on high speed trains. I imagine this could occur in or around Germany. Seems to be a very serious accident that makes headlines world wide. Update: 2/2/2011 Two trains collide in Germany on January 29, 2011. Ten people killed & dozens injured. More on this CLICK HERE
  5. Larger amounts of record breaking traffic jams throughout China, Japan the United States and more. People stuck on the road for days on in. One takes place due to a major ice storm and another for snow. In some area’s laws are passed in order to try and prevent these traffic jams in the future. Update: 2/2/2011 Today World news reported that the major snow & Ice storm that hit the entire east coast had caused rush hour traffic to come to a complete halt on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago leaving cars completely stranded during a blizzard. More on this story CLICK HERE. This is just one of many more crazy traffic incidents that will occur over the next year.
  6. I kept seeing a big fog that could possibly be a blizzard or just severe fog that ends up causing a large accident pile-up becoming possibly the largest pile-ups in the world. One of these pile-ups will occur in the mid-west and Arizona may be effected by one of these. The largest pile-up in history may have be outside of the U.S. and the number 12 seems to be connected to one of these pile-ups. Possibly the number of people killed or injured. It may also signify the date the 12th or the month of December. Update: 2/2/2011 Due to the major storms the ravaged the U.S. on New Years and again on February 1, 2011 left drivers facing multiple major car crash pile-ups all due to the snow and ice storms. One 40 car pile-up occurred in Kansas, more on that HERE. There was more then a 100 car pile-up in North Dakota on New Years, More on that HERE. Then there was a 137 car pile-up due to heavy fog in China. These are unfortunately just a few of many that we will see over the next two years. Its going to really seem as if the world is going off the deep end. It is all part of the lessons the Earth is teaching us for screwing up the planet. The Earth heals itself of all diseases and we are becoming a cancer to the planet. Soon the planet will begin to heal itself by doing some major cleaning up accompanied by some major wake-up calls for the entire planet.
  7. Something seems to really piss off Queen Elizabeth and the Royal family. I can not really place exactly what this is but I feel it is huge. So much anger. May even end up in some type of war, possible connection to World War 3. There will also be a large upheaval with residence over government discussions and I believe the royals are in great danger. Either late 2011 into 2012, not clear. Update: 2/2/2011 On January 9, 2011 headlines read "Queen Elizabeth Angry". Apparently the Queen was angered when her grandson Prince William went behind the Queens back to make wedding plans. More on this article HERE. I feel that this is not the only thing that is going to piss off the Queen. There is more to come as she begins to seem a bit bitter in her old age.
  8. England experiences extreme amounts of pressure from its citizens as does much of Europe and include France. I see large protests with very angry people that go completely out of control causing riots in the streets throughout the country and by 2012 it will be like this throughout the world. Religious people will go kind of crazy a bit with trying to get people to believe the world is coming to an end unless you turn to their deities(God, Allah & so forth). It will actually seem as if the world is working towards complete failure & as if life is coming to an end, but it is not. Life will end as we know it but in turn will open positive doors of opportunity for the world once the storms and upheaval come to an end in 2013 into 2014. Update: 2/2/2011 This actually seems to be what is happening in Egypt right now. Complete chaos, riots in the streets and so forth seems to be something that many countries are going to experience. What is going on now in Egypt was exactly what I was seeing and feeling when I wrote this prediction. Do I think I got my locations mistaken? No, not really. I believe that we are going to see this same thing occur in countries all over the globe in the coming years. The people are becoming angry everywhere and the politicians are getting worst. Unfortunately we have not seen anything yet and as for Egypt, that will get much worst and eventually will get other countries involved. This will end up in some type of war. It saddens me to see this anywhere but especially in Egypt. There is so much history there and I can see some crazy person destroying or attempting to destroy the pyramids.
  9. I see this large funeral of sorts with crowds of people in what looks like the outside of the Royal Palace. I would say a large royal figure will pass in a tragic sudden passing. I do not think it is the Queen but this is possible.
  10. “Queen of soul dies“ and “Queen Dies“ are two headlines I have been seeing for some time now. Thousands turn out to honor her memory. I believe this could possibly be connected to Aretha Franklin.
  11. Three major Volcano Eruptions hit the headlines in 2011. Once again causing issues and delays with travel. One is going to be a volcano that has not erupted in hundreds of years, while another has not erupted in quite some time but this time is much larger causing damage and deaths for many miles. Update: 2/2/2011 - On January 12, 2011 Mount Etna in Italy seems to have come back to life, at least for a little while. The Italian volcano awoke Wednesday night, spewing molten lava into the air for over two hours, according to the AP. The lava flowed down the eastern side of the mountain in the volcano's first eruption since 1992. The eruption forced the nearby Fontanarossa airport to shut down overnight. Luckily no one was injured. More on that HERE. On January 31, 2011 A volcano in southern Japan -- which was featured in a James Bond film -- has erupted again, damaging homes in surrounding towns. After the latest eruption at Shinmoe Peak, the Japan Meteorological Agency has extended the exclusion zone around the crater to 2.4 miles. Experts fear lava could now spill out of the crater as pressure increases from within the the volcano's lava dome, leading to further blasts. More on that HERE. There is more to come in the way of Volcano's. 3/17/2011- On March 11 it was reported that a large volcano erupted in Eastern Indonesia. More on that click HERE. I also get the feeling that these recent volcano activities are nothing in comparison to what we are yet to see this year and in 2012. On some how will erupt out in the sea. Not sure if this will completely rise from the sea or not but it will make big headlines. I also believe that there will be one incident where both an earthquake, major one, and a volcanic eruption happens at the same time.
  12. I also kept seeing large sinkholes and feel that over the next two years you are going to see literally dozens upon dozens of crazy sinkholes appearing and just swallowing up everything in its path. You will see more of these in news headlines and on local television news. One sinkhole seems to be so large that it swallows up a very large area including buildings that collapse. Update 2/2/2011: On February 2 in Quebec Canada a family of four were killed when a landslide caused their home to be swallowed up by a large sink hole. More on that HERE. There were more sink holes then this including one where firefighters had to rescue a 200 pound dog from one. That's HERE. Storms in Guatemala caused by Tropical Storm Agatha have left a trail of devastation, most notably the giant sink hole that has swallowed up a three story building. It is one of those this you just have to see to believe. Check it out HERE. I believe there will be more larger more significant sinkholes throughout the year. Including the largest one ever recorded.
  13. Another incident that I kept seeing was a building that just seems to collapse for no apparent reason. I feel that this is a populated building and everyone within the structure will perish with the exception of three people who are rescued from the rubble including a small child. Not sure where this is going to occur, possibly India and even the U.S. Update 2/2/2011 - On January 19, 2011 Three people died and three others were injured Thursday after a residential building under construction collapsed in Central China's Henan province, said local police authorities. More on that HERE.
  14. The huge discovery of a lost world or city that is finally unveiled. This may actually be the rise of Atlantis which has been discussed by many people and prophets over the centuries. This begins to help humanity understand more and brings a whole new bundle of knowledge for us all. The problem I have with this one is exactly how this lost city will be discovered. I have mixed feelings on this and wonder if I may be possibly picking up on two separate major lost cities that are discovered. One part of me feels like this city will be discovered deep in the ocean only a few hundred miles from the coast. Another part of me feels that a large catastrophe such as an earthquake cause a break in the Earth that sucks up a large amount of water therefore unveiling the lost city. I feel these may occur in late 2011 and into the fall of 2012. Update: 3/15/2011 In Spain an actual new city that they are calling Atlantis has been unearthed. As big as this story has been and the claims that it is the lost world of Atlantis may not actually be true. I'm feeling like the lost city of Atlantis is still under water and have a feeling that it may be off the coast of Florida. I also believe that it will rise from the sea after a last quake. Lets hope I'm wrong and they did find the real Atlantis. More on this here.
  15. China and Russia make some type of pact or commitment to each other that cause quite a bit of stir throughout the world, especially with the United States. China becomes and nearly is the most powerful country in the world. China cause problems for the Untied States including issues with imports and exports. Much of this will begin in mid to late 2011 and work up to early 2013.
  16. A serial killer of sorts will bring fear to the community and may specifically bring a scare to Hollywood. A string of deaths all seem to be related. This may also involve shooting much like the DC shooter from years back.
  17. The capture and hostage situation for up to 10 to 12 people who visit a foreign country and are accused of being spies or terrorists. This small group is completely falsely accused . This becomes a world wide news story and everyone follows the negotiation process of this hostage situation. I believe it most likely will involve some American’s. This becomes a big ordeal and may bring on some type of war related attack. I believe a few may escape the wrath of the terrorist kidnappers while others are killed execution style on camera. This will also cause fear with travelers and slow down airlines a bit.
  18. Big Airlines become hungry wolves out to eat up everything they can. This will lead to the bankruptcy of at least one airlines and the boycott of airlines by thousands of travelers. Prices to fly reach all time highs bringing more anger amongst travelers along with more issues with the new security checks at the airports. Controversy arises once more around these check points, lawsuits occur. All of this security ends up becoming a failure when it fails travelers by allowing a terrorist to get through and proceed with their attack on the airlines and people. There may even be one hostage type of situation on one airline flight. Some of this will occur in late 2011 into 2012. The attack that I feel will occur on an airplane will occur outside of the United states and one of these may also include Australia.
  19. With all the issues with the airline and airports there is going to be an incident that occurs with a disgruntled employee or customer who goes haywire on the plane and another at the airport possibly involving a gun.
  20. Japan & China are both are in store for quite year full of lots of major issues. This includes their relationship with each other.Update: 3/17/2011 - We all already know that Japan has had it real bad over the past week. Not sure about China or their relationship with each other now but time will tell. I believe China is going to have similar issues with natural disasters soon.
  21. Arkansas kept coming up as a very significant state. Something huge will happen here, possibly weather related. The number 3 came up as did the month of March. I’m not sure if either of those are connected to the same event or not. Update: 3/17/2011 - Arkansas has had quite an interesting year so far. In one part of the state thousands of dead fish washed up along a river. About 100 miles away in the same state thousands of black birds fell from the sky dead. I believe this is actually a sign for something worst that may come to the state. This will most likely be a natural disaster such as an earthquake or possible terrorist related. I would say Natural disaster is more likely. This is why we all need to pray for our planet and start living more green
  22. A large fire I keep seeing which may possibly be connected to Japan. This fire is of a large building structure. Looks to me like it will take place in a huge hotel or complex. I feel this may kill hundreds and it may actually be set by an arsonist. If so the arsonist will be identified. This may be done as a terrorist type of attack or may be related to a persons anger toward someone connected to this building.
  23. Throughout 2011 and 2012 you will often hear of accidents at amusement parks. They become very common, very frequent and some extremely deadly. One incident will involve a roller coaster. One that is suppose to be an extreme coaster because of its speed and height. Something serious goes wrong electronically causing a derailment or failure of the safety bar causing people to fall out, some fall to their deaths. One of these and actually a majority occur in countries like Japan, China & Australia. I keep getting the number 11 that may signify the amount injured or killed but could also represent the date the 11th or the month of November. One occurs in July. Six Flags seems to have many issues in both 2011 and 2012 reporting more mishaps, equipment failure and accidents then any previous year reports. In one area the frequent park mishaps causing local officials to come down hard on amusement parks forcing more inspections and even new laws to protect adventure seekers. Update: 4/4/2011 - It is kind of early in the year and already you may of heard of several major amusement park accidents in the news headlines. On April 3 it was reported that a 3 year old child was thrown from a roller coaster and died at a Chicago amusement park. More HERE. Another tragic accident occurred in Sao Paulo Brazil injured 8 people and on March 14 a maintenance worker was seriously injured on roller coaster in Disney World. More HERE. Another 3 year old child was killed in a kiddie ride on February 6 in Spain. On January 30 a man was killed on a roller coaster in Tokyo Japan. And in South Carolina on March 19 one person was killed and 28 injured when a miniature train derailed. More on these and others HERE.
  24. I also feel that the existence of life on other planets is discovered. Along with more knowledge and confirmation for humanity that the existence of UFO’s and other worldly beings do exist. By the end of 2012 and into early 2013 this exposure becomes huge and catches everyone’s attention. Update 2/3/2011 - This year has already proved to be an exciting one in the way of NASA discoveries. On January 9, 2011 the smallest planet yet spied outside our solar system has been found orbiting a sunlike star about 560 light-years away, astronomers announced today. Known as Kepler-10b, the planet is just 1.4 times Earth's size and 4.6 times its mass. More on that Click HERE. Then on February 2, 2011 World news reports NASA's Kepler space telescope has uncovered six new planets huddled around a sunlike star—odd worlds that astronomers have dubbed mini-Neptunes, scientists announced Wednesday. More on this awesome discovery Click Here. On January 26 it was announced that a new Radio Telescope is being built in New Mexico. More on this HERE. This is just a fraction of what I feel both NASA & other scientists and governments discover over the next year. One of these planet discoveries will be much like our planet & in time we will discover true life on other planets. It is about time this all begins to come out. Including more on UFO discoveries, one breaks news after a country outside the U.S. makes a huge breakthrough with information about UFO's.
  25. Huge Medical advancements in 2011 & into 2013. The discovery of a plant that has many healing factors and even helps cure certain diseases and cancer. Huge advancements in both Breast Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Colon Cancer & other blood diseases. One blood disease is completely cured by a special blood filtering system. Big steps for doctors and pharmaceutical companies. The pharmaceutical companies already have too much power and with everything that is coming they try even more to push their drugs on Americans and other countries basically doping up as many people as they can. Eventually people begin to realize what these companies are doing and by 2013 new legislature pounds on these companies finally after all the abuse and drug pushing along with the billions of dollars they accumulate during this time. These companies are becoming worse then the average drug pusher. There will also be more hope for those suffering from arthritis. Also, new hope and medicine for those with HIV or AIDS. Update 2/3/2011 - We are only in February and already there have been a few major health breakthroughs. On January 20 it was reported Scientists in London have developed a drug that could possibly treat the deadliest form of skin cancer. More on this Click Here. Another really wonderful medical breakthrough is the possible discovery of a new HIV/AIDS vaccine. More on this click HERE.
  26. As I did a few years ago once again I see people walking around wearing face masks. The last time I saw this there was the outbreak of the swine flu. I can only imagine that the reason I’m seeing this again is due to either another virus outbreak and also related to some type of disaster that may include either a large chemical spill or something terrorist related. As I write this & listen to the recording of my meditation I’m thinking that there will be more then one major event that will cause people to cover their faces in public. I do also feel that there will be an outbreak of some type of virus that literally wipes out a large area. I feel this will be in a foreign country other then the United States, England and Canada.
  27. A large body of water that also brings drinking water to many people becomes contaminated making the water so polluted that it can no longer be used. I can not be sure as to where this will occur but it will be something big in news headlines. People go without water for long periods of time and bottled water becomes worth its weight in gold. I believe this may not happen until 2012.
  28. Africa will not have to worry as much about the weather patterns then the rest of the world, but this does not keep them out of this Earth Changes transition. Africa will indeed experience some unexplainable weather patterns but most of all the problems they will encounter, which has also begun years ago, will be famine, hunger and disease. One disease, which I believe could be a completely new virus, will wipe out a large amount of the countries population. This is part of the Earth cycle that has not happened to this planet for thousands of years. A large part of this will occur in late 2011 and into 2013.
  29. A large meteor which burns up as it makes it through the Earths atmosphere, but due to the extreme size of this meteor, Earth’s atmosphere fails in burning up the meteor before it crashes into the earth. I believe this could occur during an actual meteor shower and possible occur on December 21, 2012. Due to the way our solar system aligns on this date in a formation that has not occurred in two thousands years, it may throw the planet Earth’s orbit off by just a small fraction therefore causing this meteor to successfully hit our planet. There are literally dozens of meteors that hit our Earth successfully every year, but this particular one seems to hit the news headlines most likely because of its large magnitude along with where it hits and the path of destruction that it causes. I also believe this will occur several times each becoming larger in larger as time passes. This could begin around the end of 2011 up to December 21, 2012. Australia may be effected by one of these meteor incidents. And one goes down in history.
  30. A leader of a country is shot, either in head or chest, while making a speech in front of hundreds of people. I’m not sure who this is or when it will occur but it could possibly be related to my earlier prediction of Obama. Update 2/3/2011 - As most know already, in Arizona during a speech in front of hundreds of people congresswoman Gifford was shot point blank in the head. I would say this would most likely be the prediction. Although, I feel like this will occur a second time and could possibly be connected to both the U.S. and the middle East, maybe Egypt. More on the congresswoman click HERE.
  31. A new King and/or Queen is crowned.
  32. A newer leader who is the son of a leader who was also a leader will convince the people that he is here to help the people & he is very convincing to his people. He is here to start the great war & soon after this leader will disappear for good, I believe possibly from assassination, once this great war begins. I believe part of this may have happened already and the war is already in progress but just had not yet broken out to a world war. Update: 2/3/2011 - Of course this did not come true yet but wanted to add a little more of how I feel on this. This could very well be related to what is going on in Egypt right now. There are talks about Egypt's current president has a son who wants to run for his fathers presidency. If this is true the he could very well be that son of a leader who was a leader that is in this prediction. My dream is to go to Egypt for I'm so fascinated by its history and the Ancient Pyramids. The thing that really gets to me is the fact that these ancient structure could be severely damaged or worst destroyed. It is a fact that certain religious radicals want them destroyed as is. So if a war were to break out these ancient structure could very well be in great danger. Let us all pray for Egypt and world peace for every little bit helps. Projecting positive for them could very well benefit all of us. I feel that things in Egypt are going to get very bad and that we have not seen even a fraction of what is yet to come.
  33. The United States discovers a foreign country does indeed posses nuclear war head missiles. This is confirmed and causes many problems for the U.S. I believe this could most likely be Iran. The U.S. gets angry at another country & is not backed up by its allies. This in turn may be the actual cause of the great war or WW3.
  34. Israel sure will have its hands full in 2011 & 2012. So many issues with so many things such as terrorist attacks, car & bus bombing including one that involves children either through a bus or a small school. Some of these issues Israel experiences may very well be the fault of Iran. This will most likely bring on a war & be part of the new great war. If it does come down to this I believe that it is very unfortunate but one of them is going to use a very large missile bomb that could be nuclear. I have been seeing in visions for several years now a very large bomb attack that literally wipes out a large city or small country. I believe that we are soon approaching the outcome of these visions. If this is to occur soon I would say it would begin in mid to late 2011 and go forward into late 2012. It may be a big surprise that it is Israel that push the button for this large bomb.
  35. Russia is another country that is not at all off the hook for 2011 & 2012. Major issues with their economy develop and begin to collapse. Weather will be another large issue for Russia with below normal temperatures bringing death to many in places where it is least expected.
  36. During my meditation I kept seeing many sick people. I saw this twice in my meditations which leads me to believe there will be two separate incidents involving the outbreaks of viruses. One of these visions came right after information I received from spirit about Russia. So this leads me to believe that Russia will also have issues with some type of virus outbreak or major chemical leak that makes people ill.
  37. A major accident occurs at a chemical or nuclear plant causing an explosion, fire and chemical leak out and into the air. These chemicals are deadly and at first the people are told it is ok and non-toxic until they realize they were wrong and hundreds of people rush into the emergency rooms due to illness and burn-like rashes covering their skin. I’m not sure where this is going to occur but once again this particular prediction could occur in Russia. I do not think it will be in the U.S. but can not tell. I also see people wearing heavy duty gas masks.
  38. A helicopter crash involving a television news station or celebrity. May actually even be two helicopters that collide in mid-air due to being too close. There may actually be one survivor in the one helicopter.
  39. France also encounters large economical issues and a fall of its economy.
  40. Large riots within a prison allows up to 14 inmates to escape. One convict puts up fight with police and inmate is shot and killed.
  41. Police & FBI raid a small community convent, much like the Waco Texas raid.
  42. The very first cleaning robot hits stores by 2012.
  43. Extremely large & Popular University or school experiences a large devastating fire that wipes out part of the school. Possibly electrical or lightning related. Update: 4/4/2011: New Headlines reported a famous University in Brazil had a large fire. Someone sent me the link but for some reason it no longer works. As soon as I find the link I will post it.
  44. A small plane or jet crashes kills a celebrity and two family members.
  45. Bus explodes in a terrorist bombing incident. Possible Chicago and if not Chicago kept coming to me so something big will happen there.
  46. Small brush fire rages into three states.
  47. Cuba will have great upheaval an chaos. Not a good time for Cuba for a two year period.
  48. Australia deals with one of the largest forest fires in history. Pleading for help from others.
  49. Something goes wrong on a cruise lines, possibly Carnival, and possibly it sinks and if not a large ship sinks.
  50. I kept seeing bodies floating in the water, it looks like ocean water to me. I can not tell if this has to do with the above prediction or if it is separate and due to a plane crash.
  51. Three major bridges wiped out by storms, possibly on the East Coast of U.S.
  52. In headlines I saw “Three Cops killed in Shootout.”. This may be in Los Angeles California.
  53. Laws going into play in Arizona causes fury, anger and protests.
  54. Someone by the name of Barbara dies and makes front page news. I can not get the last name.
  55. Canada and Canadians seem to be in an uproar over a decisions that effects the country. Protests. Lots of issues in Canada. They want to make changes that anger residents greatly.
  56. New mini car is out on the market and becomes the new hottest thing to own. By 2013 there are more mini cars in the U.S. and abroad.
  57. A large car wreck involving more then 40 cars involves some type of fog. One vehicle goes off the bridge including big rig truck. Update 2/3/2011- On January 6, 2011 it was reported that a 40 car pile-up shuts down major road in New Hampshire. More on this Click HERE.
  58. Disney world seems to raise some controversy over a decision or something they say.
  59. Gay marriage is legalized in California, New York, Maine and more.
  60. Lost pages of the bible, new bible or something big and controversial arises around the bible.
  61. A new discovery beneath the ocean has archeologist and scientist extremely excited.
  62. Another world exists and is exposed. A new solar system and the worlds greatest telescope ever reaches places in space never exposed before. Three black holes discovered and a whole new galaxy. At first this stay hidden to the public but is leaked out to the public. Update 2/3/2011 - This year has already proved to be an exciting one in the way of NASA discoveries. On January 9, 2011 the smallest planet yet spied outside our solar system has been found orbiting a sunlike star about 560 light-years away, astronomers announced today. Known as Kepler-10b, the planet is just 1.4 times Earth's size and 4.6 times its mass. More on that Click HERE. Then on February 2, 2011 World news reports NASA's Kepler space telescope has uncovered six new planets huddled around a sunlike star—odd worlds that astronomers have dubbed mini-Neptunes, scientists announced Wednesday. More on this awesome discovery Click Here. On January 26 it was announced that a new Radio Telescope is being built in New Mexico. More on this HERE. This is just a fraction of what I feel both NASA & other scientists and governments discover over the next year. One of these planet discoveries will be much like our planet & in time we will discover true life on other planets. It is about time this all begins to come out. Including more on UFO discoveries, one breaks news after a country outside the U.S. makes a huge breakthrough with information about UFO's.
  63. A school, possibly high school, has a freak accident that causes students to run from the building to avoid injury. The number 12 is significant. Several injured and possibly killed.
  64. Man walks into a store and shoots everything in sight and then himself. He may be a former disgruntled employee or angered customer.
  65. Chrysler hit’s the headlines. People not happy with them. Major recalls.
  66. 2011 will be a record breaking year when it comes to recalls of many items including foods like beef, broccoli and pork.
  67. Virginia kept coming to me but nothing more on that.
  68. Controversy arises around the Stanley Cup. It is possible that I kept picking up the Stanley Cup because my home team the Philadelphia Flyers makes it all the way.
  69. More leaks of the United States military actions causes even more fury and anger amongst citizens and upon the U.S. allies.
  70. Antarctica is in great danger. A large chunk of ice breaks off causing concerns. This may be a result of a major earthquake that hits Antarctica.
  71. Another issue occurs when a plane flies into a flock of birds that causes the engine to seize. Plane makes crash landing.
  72. I see two planes crashing into one another and this could possibly be terrorist related.
  73. Former president dies. I believe this will occur in late 2011 and could be either Jimmy Carter or George Bush, the first Bush president.
  74. North Korea causes more anger and fury with South Korea and surrounding countries. They also become a problem for the Untied States when our government interferes with North Korea’s actions and once more our own allies go against the U.S. North Korea spells out big trouble for the world. They will also be dealing with a lot of issues themselves and may endure a military attack.
  75. Three police officers shot during raid. Possibly in Philadelphia or Chicago.
  76. Cuba came to me briefly in my meditation with no details and also has started coming to me out of the blue recently. Usually in that case something usually happens within a month. I believe Cuba will have several major issues and not a very good 2011 or 2012. Problems with major devastating weather related disasters. Something big around the leader or leaders in Cuba. Problems between Cuba and the U.S. both arise. Something more goes on including protests. Also where I talk about seeing people with face masks again like I did right before the outbreak of the swine flu in past predictions. I believe this round could affect and infect the population in Cuba. That will be closer to late 2011 or 2012.
  77. Like I said earlier on the radio about people going a bit crazy or crazy people getting crazier. Over the next two years you are going to see a large amount of random shootings and innocent people being caught in the cross fire and killed by people who just simply go off the deep end. There will be more strictly targeted people in power such as politicians, CEO's and company heads. Again this will all lead to a large awakening when it gets just out of control and leads to one of the largest mass shootings on record. This will not just be in the United States but also abroad in Europe and Australia.

2011 Celebrity Predictions

Famous Rock Legend Dies- This one just came to me out of the blue and in the form of a headline. I can not be sure as to who this rock legend may be but it could possibly be connected to the Rolling Stones. I also keep seeing something significant about a guitar. So this could include a famous rock guitar player like Keith Richards or it may be a separate predictions and we could lose both a rock legend and a famous guitar. UpDate 2-11-2011- Rolling Stone Magazine, that could be why I thought Rolling Stones, reported that Famous Rock Guitarist Gary Moore died at the age of 58. Gary was guitarist for Thin Lizzy and played guitar for Lizzy on the album "Black Rose, A Rock Legend". More on this HERE.
Brad & Angelina- There will be first rumors of their break up which are exactly that, rumors. There will also be talks of an engagement and wedding for the two. And lastly, I see two more kids coming their way, possibly twins. Some of this will begin for them in spring and early summer.
Elizabeth Taylor - You don’t hear much about Liz any longer but you will begin to hear a lot about Liz toward the end of 2011 into early 2012. She will either have a bad fall or collapse to the floor. This leads to more problems and also leads to fluid in her chest. This will be either pneumonia, congested heart failure or an embolism causing the fluid in the chest. Liz will also be honored in some way at a large awards ceremony, possibly the Oscars, for her years of great work. This honor may occur after her passing. Liz may actually receive not just one but two types of honorable acknowledgments, one before & one after. UpDate 2-11-2011- Today it was reported that Elizabeth Taylor is in the hospital and has been for several days now. Apparently Liz has suffered from congested heart failure and is being treated. More on this HERE. Yesterday, Feb. 10, it was reported that Elizabeth Taylor had been honored for her AIDS charity work and activism by The Foundation Of AIDS Research. More on this HERE.
Peter Fonda- I was not even sure I knew who Peter was when I got his name during my meditation. I actually had to look him up. I feel that something
major happens around Peter that is most likely health related and may include cancer. This may also lead to his death in late 2011 into early 2012. Update 2/3/2011- Beings we have not heard much of anything about Peter in many years I could only imagine that seeing him in my meditation must mean he would hit headlines for something major, most likely health. Well I may have been wrong about the health part but I was right on with Peter Fonda hitting news headlines for something rather big. It was reported first by TMZ that Peter actually found a dead body in a vehicle. Definitely a little odd to say the least. Read more on this click HERE. There could be more coming out about Peter Fonda toward the end of 2011 into early 2012.
Jerry Lee Lewis- Jerry is making his own little come back and doing a lot of touring and shows. Unfortunately this takes a toll on good old Jerry. I believe he may already know this and that is why he decided to do this one last tour. It will be his last and he will be hospitalized, most likely from exhaustion. I also feel like something goes wrong in his chest area, most likely the heart, and this leads into his death by 2012.
Christopher Walken- Something comes out about Christopher Walken, could be related to health.
Larry King- Larry kept coming up in my meditation. Larry will not be able to avoid the paparazzi in mid 2011. Larry hits headlines again and I believe this will be for several reasons. First will be a media release of his marriage and talks of a break-up. He also needs to be very aware of his health in 2011. He will be in the hospital and will undergo a major surgery, possibly an emergency surgery related to the heart area. Larry will also need to be careful of his head or brain area. Not sure if this could be related to an injury of sorts or revolved around a stroke, blot clot or aneurism.
Michael Douglas- Michael Douglas is a strong spirited guy who has been dealt a really difficult hand in 2010. At first Michael will prevail in early 2011 but with a lot of stress because of his worries about his children’s obstacles along with rumors and being pounded on by the paparazzi will lead to another bought of health issues. Also a big stressful story hit’s the media about his family, his son and more. This will lead him back into the hospital for a short time. He may also incur problems with his heart or lungs. I think he is a really strong guy and will make it through the year.
Paris Hilton- Paris just can not seem to get it together. All that money just does not help when it comes to personal issues and addiction. She has a very bad drug problem that worsens over time. Paparazzi catches her in a very bad situation and she also needs to be very careful of her driving.
Lisa Marie Presley- I kept seeing the gates of Graceland and Lisa Marie. Not sure why but would say that Lisa may make a shocking decision revolved around Graceland and possibly more such as some types of issues or robbery that takes place in Graceland.
Lindsay Wagner- I was not sure exactly who she was at first but she did come up in my meditation. I believe this could be cancer related, possible breast cancer and possible death.
Lindsay Lohan- We got to give Lindsay some credit for this final attempt to clean up life. And she will continue to do well for the first part of 2011. Not taking her doctors advice by going back to an ex lover or a new one that ends up bringing trouble back to her. Paparazzi hound her to death and she takes too much of what is written to heart. She will be going to make a comeback but something seems to go wrong. I keep seeing police around her and cannot imagine this will be for good reason. A visit to a club or bar can really put a damper to her reputation. UpDate 2-11-2011- I can see now why I was seeing police around Lindsay and how I felt something was wrong while trying to make a comeback. As many of you are already aware of, the police have been all over Lindsay due to the alleged theft of a necklace, which she now faces the judge once more. Of course this can't be a good thing. Now there are talks of her being on Dancing With The Stars or Simon Cows new show The X Factor. Beings Lindsay is now facing charges it is obvious that it may not go in her favor. This could totally interfere with her being on either of these now show. Read More Here, And HERE And finally HERE
Oprah Winfrey- Oprah bit off a little more then she can chew in 2011. Overwhelmed with stress due to the launch of her new network will also put a large amount of stress on her heart. Don't underestimate Oprah for she is a very strong person and this helps to keep her health strong to. 2011 will be most likely the most stressful year of her life. She will end up with some chest pain that scares Oprah and leads her to the hospital for a very short time. Eventually she will need to have a procedure done to her heart but this may not occur until late 2012 into 2013. Critics really give Oprah a hard time about her new network and about her leaving her show after 25 years. But so you really think she cares what the critics say about her? They have been wrong dozens of times before. In time the OWN network beats out just about all the networks and quickly becomes one of the biggest networks of them all. Soon she will be running against the big guys such as ABC, NBC 7 CBS. You think she has a large amount of money coming in now, that is nothing in comparison to what she will have coming in the door.

Significant dates

The number 18 and 22 keep coming to me. Possibly October 18.
January 15th
March 3rd & 22nd
April 1st 3rd & 10th 16th
June 5th & 20th
September 1st 18th & 20th
October 18th
December 24th & 25th

2012 Predictions

2012 will run pretty smoothly in the beginning up until April. Worries and concerns about the end of the Mayan calendar on December 21, 2012 causes mass suicides, more than ever recorded, along with mass group suicides amongst many religious oriented groups.

People wake up on December 22 realizing that the world is not coming to an end. Though at least three major catastrophic events occur on the 21st of December. Possibly one being related to terrorist attack.

Talks of a new pope arises.

The lining of the planets in a form they have not entered in thousands of years causes the Earth to slightly go off balance, therefore causing several weather related catastrophic events. This occurs between December 20th and December 30th 2012. Again this is not going to be as big as some believe. December 21st will go down in history and will cause big worries for some and terrorist will take this opportunity to target the human race and those who do not follow their religious beliefs.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

2011 Predictions From Numerologist Alison Baughman

In case you may not keep up with my weekly radio show, Journey Into The Paranormal, I wanted to make sure you were all aware of another special edition of my show that I did. My dear friend Alison Baughman is a fabulous numerologist. Alison also gives us her monthly numerology forecasts to put in my monthly newsletter for you all. If you not signed up for my monthly newsletter then you missing out on a wonderful monthly forecast along with many other articles and updates, including all of my up-coming radio shows. I just had my yearly numerology forecast done by Alison and wow, she sure has a way with putting things into perspective. If you never had a numerology forecast or reading done then you should certainly check Alison Baughman out.

Anyway, I brought Alison back onto my radio show on January 4 to discuss her 2011 world predictions. Unlike me, who see's predictions intuitively through visions & news headlines, Alison uses numbers and calculates them using numerology and a bit of her own intuitive abilities to come up with an outline for the upcoming year. We did this last year and both found it so interesting how our predictions both go hand in hand. The way I look at it is we are both tapping into the same energy and looking into the same future, so wouldn't it make sense that we would both be seeing similar things? Of course it would and to no surprise Alison offered up some of the same predictions that I had made for the new year. Now not all of our predictions match. We do have many different predictions but it all leads up to the same thing, the Earth Changes and the shift that out planet is going through.

I don't want to tell you any more, you should listen to it for yourself. I talk to Alison a little bit about the whole numerology thing, what it is, how it works and so forth. We touch a little on how Alison got pulled into doing this work with numbers and numerology. Then we go into Alison's 2011 world predictions. If you listen to my radio show predictions you will certainly want to hear this show to. Just click on the link and it will take you to the episode which will begin to play automatically. Be sure to check out Alison's weekly radio show, Visible By Numbers, which airs Monday evenings. I will be on Alison's show Monday January 17 so be sure to tune in.

Speaking of 2011 World predictions, I will be putting my 2011 World & Celebrity Predictions right here on my blog in the next few days. A big Thank you to all of you that listened to my Live 2011 Predictions radio show. That episode made it to Blog Talk Radios #3 show out of more then 42,000 shows. Wow, that's awesome. And once again the show holds the #1 spot in Blog Talk Radio's Spirituality category. That says a lot and it would not be possible if it were not for all of my dedicated listeners. I know now we have a lot of new listeners and I welcome you all to the show and thank you for coming by. I thank all of you for tuning in and for allowing me to share my work with you. I have many wonderful shows in the works and guests for the new year. So I hope you will tune in every Tuesday evening. Thanks again everyone and have a happy, healthy and prosperous 2011.

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2011 Psychic World Predictions Part 1 - The Intro

Happy New year to you all. Today I announced my 2011 & some of 2012 World & Celebrity Predictions during my live radio show. This year I have added ever more details to each one of my predictions and literally have 15 pages and more then 70 specific predictions. Below you will find the intro to my 2011 psychic predictions describing just the year in a whole for all of us. You can listen to the archive if my radio show if you want to hear all of my actual predictions. I will be posting all of my completed predictions here on my blog within the next week. They first go out in my newsletter and then up on my blog. There are actually still a few more that I need to add that were not read live on the radio today. And beings that my predictions are so in depth and descriptive I will most likely have to put them up in two separate parts, 2011 Predictions Part 1 & 2011 Predictions Part 2. A big thank you goes out to all my listeners today. It was a great show and I wouldn't be doing it if it were not for all your love, support and encouragement. I thank you and hope you all have a wonderful, happy, healthy & prosperous New Year.
With Love, Light & Desire To Inspire....Joseph Tittel

2011 Psychic World Predictions Introduction

I can hardly believe that we blew through 2010 as quick as we did, I will take that as a good thing. Especially beings 2010 was a very difficult year for most. Now that 2011 is among us and new doors of opportunity will appear all around you throughout the year. It is up to you to keep an eye out for these doors for when they open we will only have a short time to enter before the door closes. Let it close behind you and not in your face. This is a year of change and a year of creativeness. You will find yourself doing more create things as well as seeing some of those most amazing new creations to ever hit our planet.

With everything there is both good and bad, negative and positive, a need for there to be balance. Each year when I do my predictions I receive hundreds of messages and emails. Some overly concerned about the more negative side to my predictions. Unfortunately I have no control as to what comes through from spirit and it is unfortunate that most of the media headlines are not very positive. Most of my predictions come to me in the form of news headlines and in visions that appear like flashes. The other important factor is that our planet is going through so major transitions and changes, as we all should be seeing all around us already.

Some of these Earth Changes have not occurred in two thousands years, while there are also going to be several planetary elements that also have not happened in thousands of years. All of this energy is going to intensify to large magnitude. What we can do is try to get everyone to meditate and pray daily. Pray for peace and pray for our Planet. I believe every little bit can help. These Earth Changes actually began to occur beginning in the 1980’s. It is a long process and that process is about to come to a close over the next five years. So if you think you have seen everything, well you haven’t seen anything yet.

There was a cry of help from Mother Earth and suddenly people have become more Green and nicer to our planet. But already people are beginning to forget about our mother Earth and this sets us up for failure & disaster. You will see that this mega energy vortex, if you would, that were in will begin to have an effect on the human racer. Crazy people become crazier, sick people sicker, mean people meaner. I just do not see why we can not all just get along, it is not that hard. And it would make this a better place to live in and we would have less problems.

2011 is going to be a year with a lot of ups and also a whole lot of downs. Each of my past years predictions I referred to that year as “the year of the” blank. Like last year was the year of the Earthquake. I will have to say that 2011 is going to be the “Year Of Upheaval”. It is going to seem as if some people really go off the deep end. I see all this anger and hatred. Two things that I dislike very much so and will be sure to meditate and utilize prayer ever more then I do now, which is twice a day.

Over the next few years between 2011 and the beginning of 2013 is a time of major upheaval and a time for change like we have never seen before. We have to look at this as a positive thing for when this big transition comes to a close we will all be living in a new world, a better world, a place where people are more spiritual and come to understand more of why we are here. Peoples beliefs will shift, the planet will shift and the entire planet will shift. This must happen for if it were not to take effect we will end up destroying ourselves and each other.

The Earth is going to do some cleaning up. But before this takes effect there is going to be a good bit of destruction and even suffering. Remember that positive will overcome evil and we will all be in such a better more positive place. There will be a large wake-up call that changes the entire world. This will shift our attention and help us to realize we must live for the moment for you never know when our time is up. By 2013 our planet begins a new cycle and the people of the planet begin to open up more spiritually and look at things in a different way. It becomes a much more positive place.

Also by end of 2012 the whole concept of psychics and mediums becomes more main stream and extremely popular. Proof that this is all real finally hits people throughout the world. A new Prophet arises or is finally discovered and is followed by millions. Also the middle East becomes a completely new place after complete destruction of themselves. Remember the bad must happen before good takes over. It is really something for us all to really look forward to.

Blessings All.....Joseph

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