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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Reflections Of The Holiday's

With the Holiday's among us we reflect on those that are no longer with us. Weather it be a loved one who has passed away or a close friendship or relationship that is no longer existent. The holiday's seem to have a way of bringing these losses to the surface once again for us to reflect upon. Did we do what we needed to do or do what we were suppose to do? Did I make the right choice? Where would I be now if that did not happen? How would it be for that deceased loved one now if they never actually passed away? So many questions and thoughts sometimes overwhelm us during the holiday season.

This also has a lot to do with the year coming to a close and our frequent reflections upon the good & unfortunately more frequently the bad things that we have experienced throughout the year. How unfortunate it is that many of us reflect more on the negative then on the positive. Maybe that is because we are surrounded by so much negativity in the world and many of us are sensitive and walk around wide open so that this negative energy can attach to us. It is not always our fault & sometimes we may not even be aware of that negativity for ourselves.

During this time of the year we should equally reflect on the good and the bad. We need to do this so that we can recall the lessons that our experiences have taught us so that we can therefore grow spiritually. There is a lesson attached to just about every experience in our lives. At times you have to go through the bad in order to get to the good. This is the circle of life as we go from lifetime to lifetime.

We need to put our differences aside and make this a time of the year to reconcile our indifference's and start off the new year on the right note. The holiday's are the perfect time for making things right once again. If you reach out and try to reconcile an indifference with a friend or loved one and they continue to turn their back on you, then you should know the lesson that is in front of you. Sometimes we need to come to the understanding that some friendships, even with family members, have to come to an end. If a person is not willing to be a part of your life once again or fix the broken pieces, then who really needs someone like that in their lives anyway. Move on and know that you did everything you could to fix it and now the karma is all on them. The past is called the past for a reason. It is done and over with and we need to just leave it in the past as it will help to make our present and future much brighter.

During the holiday's our deceased loved ones are with us very strongly. Going from one loved one to another comforting us with their energy to help us get through the times. They do their best at sending us signs in many different forms. Whether it be a flicker of the lights or a special holiday song on the radio. Be assured that they are at peace in Heaven and smiling down upon us during the holiday season. Know that they want us to be happy and live our lives to the fullest. They will never judge us and will support us in anything we do or any path we choose to walk. Feel their love this holiday season and allow that love to take you into the new year. Thank you all for allowing me to share my gift and experiences with you over the years. Each and every one of you are a true gift to me and to the world in which we live. May your holiday's be filled with love & joy and may your new year be a happy, healthy and prosperous year. Many Blessings To You All.....Joseph

Monday, December 7, 2009

December Numerology Forecast By Alison Baughman

Usually I place Alison's forecast in my monthly newsletter. I was in such a rush to get out my newsletter that I completely forgot. So Sorry everyone & Alison. So below you will find the forecast that was left out of my newsletter. I will also be interviewed by Alison on her show tonight from 8 to 9pm est. Hope you tune in & enjoy.

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not know your Personal Year Number, please email Alison at with your Date of Birth and she would be happy to calculate it for you.

Monthly Forecasts for December

If you are in a 1 PERSONAL YEAR, December is a 4 PERSONAL MONTH for you:
A 1 Personal Year brings you opportunities as well as the desire and determination to make something new happen in your life. This month may slow down your momentum somewhat as you may get mired in long hours at work and be forced to pay attention to every little detail. Your workload increases and your free time is at a minimum which can make this month somewhat frustrating. Still this is an important month for your career and the only way to approach this month is to realize that it will pay off in the future so put forth your best efforts. It is not a time to quit but rather buckle down and put your nose to that proverbial grindstone.
There will be limitations this month and you could very well feel boxed in but keep in mind that next month, things get exciting and changes are coming so hang in there.
Get some extra rest, take care of your health and find ways to relax when you have the time. "Tis the season to be jolly" but for you, finding the time off from work will be the challenge.

If you are in a 2 PERSONAL YEAR, December is a 5 PERSONAL MONTH for you:
A 2 Personal Year can very well be a year that you meet someone very special, even ( dare I say it ) your soul mate. This month you could meet someone very unexpectedly, perhaps on a business trip or while traveling home for the Holidays. This month also amplifies your desire to be social and laugh and enjoy yourself but at the same time, you can be very sensitive and vulnerable to your emotions. Keep in mind you have to be a little cautious about being impulsive and it is best to not over-indulge especially with the Holiday Season in full swing. You may just be the "object of conversation" after that office Christmas party if you know what I mean.
Try to discipline your eating habits too during the Holidays as this combination of numbers can surely expand your waistline.
You may be feeling somewhat restless and ready for a change and this month does offer you the opportunity to make some changes in your life not to mention a few unexpected surprises. Be open to new ideas and opportunities. It is ok to take a risk this month but take some time to give it thought before you leap.

If you are in a 3 PERSONAL YEAR, December is a 6 PERSONAL MONTH for you:
What a perfect combination of numbers for the Holidays!
Your 3 Personal Year is meant to be a social one and you are at your most charming and the 6 Personal Month brings out your "Martha Stewart" when it comes to entertaining in style. Add to that, being surrounded by family and loved ones and you have a delightful combination of numbers to create a memorable Holiday Season. . "I'll Be Home for Christmas" may very well be your theme song. Add to that, your social calendar will be full this December so be prepared and start shopping for that party wardrobe now.
Keep in mind; you may be also devoting some extra time to your loved ones. You may be called upon to advise or counsel a loved one or could even be working on your personal relationships with your family.
Regarding your career, there is a financial boost but with it comes more responsibility.

If you are in a 4 PERSONAL YEAR, December is a 7 PERSONAL MONTH for you:
Your 4 Personal Year is at a close and you have been working hard and had little time for reflection but December is a 7 month for you and it is a time in which you will reflect upon the entire year and gain some needed insight. You have heard the phrase "getting your act together", well December will give you added momentum to do some soul searching and put your thoughts in order. You will find that you will be offered more time to rest and get lost in your thoughts and hopefully you will embrace this special time to slow down the pace of this year and do a little inner growth.
The chaotic Holiday season will seem totally opposite to how you are feeling but sometimes it is good to look at the Holidays from a different perspective, from a deeper soulful place. Goodwill to All will resonate with you in December.

If you are in a 5 PERSONAL YEAR, December is an 8 PERSONAL MONTH for you:
If "All you want for Christmas" is a good bonus and career recognition, this month is for you.
This month promises financial gains for you. It is also a great month to do some networking and let your ideas be known. You may be surprised to find that your efforts do not go unnoticed but rather you are commended for them. Maybe it is time to pull the boss aside at that office party and share your thoughts.
When it comes to shopping for the Holidays, my suggestion is to rein it in a little as you may have the tendency to overspend or buy extravagantly. No need to impress. Also be cautious about overindulging with party festivities as being in a 5 Year can have an effect on the most disciplined person. You don't want to start January with an expanded waistline and post Holiday bills.

If you are in a 6 PERSONAL YEAR, December is a 9 PERSONAL MONTH for you:
Your approach to this month should begin with making an effort to spread kindness and good cheer. Donate some time or money to a good cause and you will feel so much better. Lend a hand to those less fortunate and count your own blessings. Assume the role of the humanitarian this month and you will be blessed for your efforts.
On a personal level, I am sorry to say that you may be ending a relationship with someone or letting go of something. This situation can cause you to feel emotional. The perspective that you need is to realize that in order to begin something new in your life, you have to close a few doors in order to make room. You may not be able to see what is coming but just know that you are preparing for the future. Whatever the situation, it is for your greatest and highest good. It is best to handle it with love and compassion and forgiveness and just simply let go and "Let God".

If you are in a 7 PERSONAL YEAR, December is a 1 PERSONAL MONTH for you:
Your 7 Year has been a journey in self discovery as you have been doing a lot of inner work and soul growth. You will find December to be a welcome change as it brings focus to your career and gives you renewed energy. There is a good possibility that something is new on the agenda with work and possibly will bring about a change in direction as well as good financial news. You may be singing "Jingle Bells" before the month is said and done.
Still, you have left many things unsaid on a personal level and have been lost in your thoughts for the most part of the year which can bring about a misunderstanding with your loved ones. This is a good time to express yourself and share with others your deepest feelings.
This month can also bring about new relationships but ones that are formed on a more spiritual or intellectual level. Perhaps you will meet a mentor or someone who can assist you in your spiritual growth.

If you are in an 8 PERSONAL YEAR, December is a 2 ( 11 ) PERSONAL MONTH for you:
"Peace on Earth" may be your theme song as the month progresses and it is really important to avoid conflicts in the month of December. You could find yourself smack dab in the middle of someone else's conflicts as well, assuming the role of the peacemaker. Keeping harmony in all areas of your life should be your focus this month and you will find that you are capable of being diplomatic and tactful when addressing any problems. Someone may try to take credit for your ideas or perhaps a work project. No need to roll over, use that very same tact and diplomacy to handle the situation.
Pay attention to your intuition or any premonitions you may have as you are particularly psychic this month. Let those insights guide you. Be aware you are also very sensitive this month and conflicts could cause anxiety for you. Treat yourself kindly whether it is with soft vibrational music or meditation or getting extra rest.
If you are looking for love, Santa may just very well have a special gift for you as romance is on the agenda this month.
It is also a good month for negotiating contracts and finances as you will pay attention to every last detail.

If you are in a 9 PERSONAL YEAR, December is a 3 PERSONAL MONTH for you:
"Joy to the World" and for you, joy is on the agenda in December. You will be feeling more playful and less serious and ready to enjoy yourself. Your personality will sparkle and social events will be on the agenda and your sense of humor and creativity will light up the Holidays.
On a deeper level, you have worked through some difficult decisions this year, let go of many things and you realize that something is about to shift in your life. Indeed it is true that you are about ready to be reborn, begin a whole new phase of your life. It has been a year long process and this is a wonderful way to end the year, in celebration of the personal growth you have been through.
Enjoy it.
"Visible By Numbers" at

Friday, November 13, 2009

Run In WIth Ghost Of A Little Girl, The Temperance House, Halloween & More

As I promised in my last blog, here is second part of that post. Its just that I have so much that I wanted to share that all together it would be like a small book. Being out of commission from being sick really set me back on things, especially with that along with my computer crashing. I'm going to try and keep this post short but it probably will not happen. I can never seem to do a short blog post. You could guess that I also talk a lot too, lol. Especially if a subject comes up in conversation that I love to talk about, such as my experiences with my work as a Medium.

Normally if I have just a slight cold or something minor like that it literally has no effect on my connections with the deceased or with doing readings. However, when it came to the sinus infection, I just could not do a readings. It completely blocks off my third eye chakra, which is located between the brows above your nose, and is how psychics and mediums often see things. Well I certainly was not seeing anything for several days. Beings I was pretty much bed ridden or at least confined to the couch, it made for a perfect time for me to sit with my laptop and do the work I needed to do. Well my laptop crashed and I had no energy or even a desire to get up sit at the office computer to do the work I needed to complete.

With everything that happens in our lives, both good and bad, each and every day is meant for us to learn and grow spiritually. When we don't learn that lesson or refuse to get it, then the next round will just be more difficult until we get the lesson we were meant to get in the first place. Well I knew for sure spirit was trying to tell me something throughout October and early November. Obviously spirit decided I really needed to take more time out for myself. That along with the fact that spirit also believed that I'm not eating properly lately and not taking enough time to care of myself. We have all heard the phrase "Body, Mind & Spirit". And it is in that exact order that we need to focus on in order to be one with our spirit or soul. Body would include everything that we put into it the body along with exercise, of course. The mind would be learning, reading, sharing and teaching others the things that we have learned. Then comes spirit and that word speaks for itself.

Something that drives me crazy at times is when some folks think that Mediums have such a fun and easy job and work very little hours. Fun, absolutely, I love the gift I was born with and love sharing it with others. Honestly, you have to have fun with your work, no matter what you do, or why bother doing it. What many do not understand is how much energy it takes from us, the medium and psychic, and the toll it can take on our health. I had a good friend, Celeste, many years ago that was a great psychic. She did not learn to ground the energy, take care of herself and her body along with working better with spirit. So eventually she became so sick and eventually her work ended up taking her life. It is rare but more possible then one could imagine.

There is much more information out there now and mentors to help those on a spiritual path deal with the energy correctly. Especially much more now then it was even ten years ago. There are days I come out of events and feel as if I just worked a ten hour hard labor construction type of job. There is a while lot more that goes into our work then most people can comprehend. A dedicated Medium will spend a large amount of time in prayer and meditation prior to working and making connections with the deceased. I take at least 30 to 60 minutes preparing myself before an event or reading. Some may even do this several times per day. I actually do this twice a day, even when I'm not working. Then there is the business aspect of the work with accounting and so forth. Then comes scheduling, event planning and I could go on and on. That is also why some of us also have an assistant and manager to help with everything. I know I would be lost without Bob. He spends hours on the phone with clients and working out my schedule for me. It funny that he actually knows my schedule more then I do.

So spirit gave me another huge reminder not long after all the other things I wrote in my last blog post. We must always protect ourselves and shield ourselves, something I tend to forget from time to time. When I'm doing a private or family group I don't always feel that I need to protect myself. Well boy was I wrong about that. No matter what it takes, spirit was going to point out that I must focus more on self protection. Every once in a while when I'm in the middle of connecting with a deceased spirit they will occasionally make me feel pain or something similar like headaches and so forth. Usually its very minor pain and given to me so that I can explain to my client the exact details of where their deceased loved ones issues were and where the pain was. Sometimes I will even begin coughing or not be able to catch my breath, again, so I can explain what they were feeling upon their passing.

The Sunday after my sinus infection episode I had a private home gallery to do for a very nice group of about 6 people. I loved their home the moment I walked in and saw a beautiful statue of the Buddha with huge plants on either side. They were such a lovely group of people and the messages that came through were so amazing. I had described a gentlemen coming through, I forget his name even though it also came through, and he had a trach (pronounced trake) from throat cancer. It just so happened that he was the man who built the house and passed away there. No relation to the family now living in the home that I was conducting the reading for. Seems that they have a very friendly ghost that came through to me and actually wanted to let them know that he liked them and the work they were doing around the house. It certainly is not often that I actually have an earthbound spirit, or ghost, that comes through to talk to the current owners of the home in the middle of their reading and connection with their deceased loved ones.

At one point the reading took a turn for the worst for myself. I had a young woman, maybe in her late thirties or early forties, begin to come through right after we took a break. She was the mother of the young lady who owned the home we were in with her husband, who was also with us during the reading. Well her mother did something to me that I will never forget. She may not have done it purposely. Some spirits don't realize how things work with a medium and how things work now that they are deceased. She was very ill with cancer and I began feeling pain in several places, but not severe. Then I began to get very nauseous and began to feel what I think she may have felt during her chemo treatments. I began to sweat and felt weak and became very embarrassed at the same time. I had to excuse myself and then ran to the bathroom for I knew I was about to get sick, and that is exactly what happened. I did. What a horrible feeling and horrible experience. I went back out to continue with the messages and begged her to take the feeling away from me. She lightened up a little bit, enough for me to be able to finish bringing through all the messages that needed to get through. For the remainder of the evening I could not even keep a sip of water down. I was sick all night. It was quite bit scary at the same time.

Many years ago, maybe twelve years, I had a few similar experiences and had to pull over on my way home from doing group readings. It would often bring on severe migraines to the point that I could barely even drive or at least shouldn't have driven. I remember several occasions where I had to pull over because the migraine was so severe that I was afraid of crashing beings the cars coming the opposite direction completely blinded me. This happened throughout the first few years of doing mediumship. This never happened to me when I would just read peoples tarot cards in my teens and early twenties. I learned to control the energy more after working as a medium for a while. There were even times where I would be reading a family group and they would emotionally break down and then I would join in with tears feeling what they were feeling. It takes time to learn to control the energy and protect oneself. What happened last week with this connection was really scary for me and now I look back and recall the times where it has happened before. So spirit had to throw out a reminder that I need to work harder on protection and getting control over the energy I'm faced with.

On the eve of Halloween I had an event at the Temperance House in Newtown Pennsylvania. This would be my first event at the restaurant and hotel. Bob and I have been there several times with folks from WBCB radio, by ourselves and even brought my father there just because their food is so good. I give them five stars for sure. Even though we have been there several times prior, I never knew that it was actually a hotel too. You can not really tell from the outside, or at least I didn't notice it on past visits. However, each time we have gone to the Temperance House I had felt a presence of several ghosts, but did not see any. We actually did a ghost investigation with the Garden State Ghost Hunters right around the corner from the Temperance House at a place called the Brick Hotel.

So I discovered that the center of town is very active with paranormal activity and ghosts. And just because a place is old it does not by any means have to be haunted. It is too often that people have a misconception that just because a place is a couple of hundred years old then it has to have a ghost haunting. That is so not at all true. Yes older places tend to be haunted from time to time, but not all old places are haunted. Sometimes people can feel the energy from a certain period of time and mistaken it for a ghost haunting. I have had several experiences where people had called me in to find out what spirit could be haunting their location and there were no ghosts, just one of their deceased loved ones trying to show them signs that they were around.

Bob, his mom Pam and myself arrived at the Temperance House at about 6pm Friday evening. One of the managers showed us the room where the event was to be held and we began to get things set up. Then the manager wanted to show me to my room. I was caught off guard by that thinking to myself "My Room?" He lead me up a stairs and through a door to the first floor of the hotel. They had a room ready for me so that I had a place to do my prayers and meditation prior to the event. I thought that was so nice of them to do and so thoughtful at the same time. He showed me the room and gave me a small tour of the building. At one point he told me that the owners requested that I go through the building after my event to do a reading on the building to see what I could pick up. Nothing like a good ghost hunt that I just could not turn down.

While he was showing me around he took me into one room that he explained was the oldest room in the building. Suddenly I saw someone pop their head up through the floor. I laughed to myself and did not say anything to the gentlemen because I was not sure how open he was to me and my work. I didn't want to freak him out either and I knew that he would probably think I was crazy or something. He also pointed out a door to a small balcony outside that I could go out and have a smoke or get a breath of fresh air. After he showed me around I went back downstairs for a short bit before going back upstairs to the room they had open for me. I sat and did my prayers before going into a really deep meditation. When I awoke from the meditation I very briefly saw several people standing there looking at me and then they disappeared. I smiled and said out load "Boy this is going to be a fun night."

The event was running behind because some guests were still having dinner. So I decided I would step out onto the balcony to have a cigarette. Oh goodness yes, I smoke, and believe me I hear it all the time from spirit. As I was standing out on the balcony I took notice that there were two little kids running up and down the hallway of the hotel. I was thinking to myself that I would be rather upset if I were staying there and these kids were playing in the hallway. Then out from the doorway to the balcony poked the cutest little girl in a odd looking nightgown. She said hello to me and I relied "Hello little girl". Then it hit me that the little girl was not really a little girl at all. She was actually the ghost of a little girl. I could see her clear as day and I began to talk to her out load. At the same time I was thinking to myself "If someone comes walking down the hall and hear me out on the balcony talking to a little girl that no one else can see, they are going to think I'm a nutcase."

Then I asked the little girl what she was doing here and she replied to me "I perished in the fire." As soon as she said that to me she then took me back to that day and I began to see is as if I were there watching it take place, or watching it on a movie screen. First I saw the fire from the outside and afterward I noticed that the building is different now then it was when the fire occurred. It was more like it happened next door. I even received a date of I believe was 1903. After my vision of the fire from both the outside of the building and the inside of the building where she died the little girl just disappeared. I thought to myself "Where was the other child, a little boy, that I saw running up and down the hall with the little girl?" I saw him running with the little girl but there was no sight of him when I ran into the ghost of the little girl.

That was an awesome experience for myself but at times I question myself and think maybe I'm crazy after all. The entire conversation with the little girl was unbelievable and no one told me anything about there being any ghost in the building. Later that evening after the event I was about to run into a few other spirits. I went down stairs after the visit from the little girl to get ready for Bob to introduce me. I just had to tell the crowd all about my experience with the little girl upstairs after my meditation. We have to keep in mind the fact that this was also the night before Halloween and come midnight it will be Halloween. A time when the veil that separates our world from the spirit world becomes very thin. This makes it a time that is more active with paranormal activity, more ghost sightings and messages from our own deceased loved ones.

The event went very well and I really had no idea what to expect. We were already running a bit late which stresses me out a bit because I like to be right on time for everything. The messages immediately began to come through strong and clear. The spirits will literally line up and most will wait their turn to come through to me. Just like in the movie Ghost. Have you seen the movie? If not, I can not believe you missed it and you need to go out and rent a copy. In the movie when Whoopie Goldberg realizes that she really can talk to spirits she is in a room with spirits literally lined up at the table waiting to talk to her. At one point when Patrick Swayze interrupts one male spirit steps out of line and say "What a second, get in line, its my turn." That is exactly how spirit works. They line up and at times when I walk into a room to do an event I can see the spirits lined up around the room. When that happens I look around and think to myself "I could be here for days talking to all of the spirits in the room.

So when it is a spirits turn to come through to me they will not move until someone claims the information and acknowledges what is coming through. At one point during this event at the Temperance House I began to have a young man, I believe his name was Chris, that came through to me with details of dates and his suicide with a gun. No one in the audience seemed to want to claim this young mans messages. I stood in the front of the room for what felt like to me more then five minutes just waiting for someone to acknowledge him. I could clearly see him and knew that I was receiving a clear connection with very clear messages. Finally the young man gave up and stepped aside, therefore allowing a new spirit to connect with me.

After the event when I was doing the book signing a young lady came up to me to thank me and let me know that the young man that had taken his life and no one would acknowledge it belonged to her. I asked her why she did not stand up and acknowledge him. She said she became so nervous and began to shake and just could not get up the courage to stand up. But at least I know that part of my work was complete and the message really did get to the person that needed to hear it. There were so many amazing connections during this event. I just wish I could remember all the details. The energy flowed great and the energy within the Temperance House was excellent for the event. I look forward to going there again soon for another event and to eat their wonderful food.

By the time the event was over we had decided we were hungry and Bob, his mom and I sat down for a wonderful meal. Afterward I was introduced to one of the owners and other manager as we then headed up stairs to do a walk through investigation. I went into more details about the little girl and saw her and the little boy jumping up and down on the beds. Then I saw her again and asked her what her name was and she said Elizabeth. The one girl with us turned and said Lizzy and looked startled a bit. Here people staying in the hotel have seen and even complained about two kids running down the halls and jumping on the beds. Then she confirmed that they knew for fact that there was a fire in early 1900's where a little girl who they call Lizzy, or Elizabeth perished.

It is always a nice feeling for myself to be able to hear feedback from clients and from doing investigations like this one at the Temperance House. For a little while there I was thinking I was a little crazy talking to this little girl that I now know for sure lived in that home and perished there like she had told me. Now as for the little boy. I found out more about him when we visited one particular room. We walked in and what I saw was not the same thing that everyone else was seeing. I was seeing the room as it was in the mid 1800's. I saw the bed and the little boy in the bed white as a ghost and shivering cold with a very high fever. He died from tuberculosis and later met up with the little girl after she past away and now have become playmate ghosts.

When we ventured up to the third floor of the building I did not care for what I was seeing and feeling. Once upon a time it was a slave quarters where the slaves and servants lived and where they were also beaten. That was also where I was about to run into a small African American boy. He was in the corner crying and I could feel his sadness so strong that he made me want to cry. I began to talk to him telepathically. He told me that he was beaten to death by the man that owned the home. He referred to him as the boss. I felt so bad for the little boy that I wanted to help and then I asked him why he was crying. He replied "The little girl and boy downstairs will not let me play with them. They make me stay up here." My heart just shriveled up and his pain overwhelmed me. By this time it was after midnight and I was so drained. The little boy seemed to be very scared of me and just sat on the floor curled up in the corner. I hope to go back soon and try to free the boy and get him to cross over into the light. It was certainly the saddest earthbound spirit I have even encountered.

I was able to receive all types of detailed information about the building, its history and a few other spirits that roamed the premises. As for the spirit I saw pop its head up through the floor. Here there was another fire in the building in the past in that particular room where I saw the spirit. The middle of the floor burned and had to be replaced. The square that was cut out and replaced was exactly where I saw the spirit pop out. At first I thought maybe there was originally a stairs there. Other then that I could not figure out why the spirit wold come up through the floor just to pop up and look at us. That was pretty interesting and a little creepy too.

I really would like to spend the night at the Temperance House sometime soon. I think that would be a blast even though I may not end up getting any sleep. The rooms are set up really nice and are very cozy. The little girl talked to me as if I were her friend, while the little boy really did not want to show himself or talk to me. He did take me back to the time of his death and that was all I received from him. All together it was a great event and a great experience for me. They are going to reserch some of the other information I provided during the walk through. Looking forward to what they discover. If you get a chance and are in the Newtown area, be sure to stop in to the Temperance House for dinner. Or maybe even spend the night and shop the store along the strip. It is worth the trip. Thank You for taking the time to read my blog and for allowing me to share my gift and experiences with you. May your day be full of blessings.....Joseph Tittel

Monday, November 2, 2009

Food Poisoning, Getting Sick, James Van Praagh, Body Mind Spirit Expo & More

I have been meaning to blog for weeks now and just have not found the time or energy to do so. I have so much to blog about that I could have you reading for over an hour. So I decided that I'm going to do two separate posts. This post followed by a post about my event at the Temperance House in Newtown and the conversation I had with a few ghosts that roam the historic building. Along with being a bit busy with events and things I had a few battles with being sick over the past three weeks.

This all started three Sundays ago. The day was flowing pretty well as I woke from bed, took care of the dogs, had coffee, showered and prepared myself for a private gallery with prayer and meditation before heading out. On my way to the private gallery I felt hungry and knew it would be late before I would eat again, so I decided to make a quick stop at Burger King. I ordered a classic chicken sandwich with cheese and nothing else, I already had a drink with me and was not in the mood for fries. Although fries are sounding pretty good right about now, lol.

I received my food and drove away and onto the turnpike to my destination. I began to eat the sandwich on my way and it seemed to taste just fine to me. I got about half way through and the mayonnaise was kind of oozing out a bit. I looked at it and thought to myself "Wonder how long they leave the mayo out for and if they keep it cold and fresh?" It was really weird for me to even think of such a thing. So then I decided to myself "I think maybe I shouldn't eat the rest of this." Then I threw the other half of the sandwich away.

After getting to my destination I began to gather everyone together for the gallery and got started right away. The messages came through very strong and everything flowed just as it needed to and just as it usually does. After several hours of talking and bringing through messages it was time for me to begin my hour drive back home. I felt drained which is completely normal after communicating with spirits for several hours. But I started to feel a little pain right around waist level. Honestly it felt like constipation pains. When I got home the pain had become a bit stronger and I tried what I could and had no success. Bob prepared dinner with our friend Tracy and we sat down and ate together.

Dinner was great, but the pain worsened. I went into the bathroom to try when I began to become severely ill. It began to hit me like a ton of bricks. The pain was now in my stomach and abdomen. I began to get extremely cold, shaking and covered in sweat at the same time. Then came the part that literally scared the hell out of me. I began to get this really odd tingling all down my arms and my hands felt were vibrating like something I never experienced, but they were not shaking even though they felt like they were shaking uncontrollably. Then I was vomiting and everything else that goes along with it. I was banging on the wall trying to get Bobs attention. I felt as if something was majorly wring with me and thought he was going to have to call an ambulance. I think this had to be one of the scariest health things I had experienced.

There is no doubt in y mind that this was food poisoning and my doctor agreed. I just think to myself "What if I would have eaten the entire sandwich?" Thank God for being a psychic. I just wish that psychic in me would have told me not to eat the sandwich a little earlier. Like I said it seemed to taste OK. I was laying in the bathroom for a good hour before retiring to the couch to recover for the evening. The next day I just felt a little run down and that lasted till about Tuesday. It was about an hour of hell.

The following weekend was a busy and exciting weekend at the same time. It was the annual Mind Body Spirit Expo at the Valley Forge Convention Center in King Of Prussia Pennsylvania. Friday was an exciting day for me. Bob and I headed out to Philadelphia to the CBS studios for my appearance on the new CBS show "Talk Philly" with Pat Ciarrocchi & Ukee Washington. This would be my first time doing actual live television. All the past shows I have done were pre-filmed. So I was slightly nervous, but not too bad. Pat Ciarrocchi came into the green room to talk to Bob and I before giving us a little tour of the news room and the set for Talk Philly. She is such a nice person with really good energy. We were introduced to one of the weather girls Maria LaRosa, who is pregnant. Of course they asked me what I thought she was having and I got boy, boy, girl. I asked her how many kids she had and she said two boys giving them my answer that she would have a little girl.

The news room look so different in person and you would never picture that it would look like it does. It was a very cool experience. The interview went well to with the exception that I did not seem to know what camera to look at and the interview was pretty short. I will upload it some time this week. After the interview I spent more time with Pat and gave her a reading which went amazingly well. I only met Ukee Washington for the few minutes that we spent in the studio doing the interview. He did not come into the green room to meet me at all. So no pictures of us together. Honestly, I think I scared him. You can clearly see it during the interview when you watch his eyes. Its rather funny. After our day at CBS studio in Philly we headed to grab lunch and then home bound. Friday night I had a private home gallery.

Saturday came along and I had the early part of the day to do what I wanted to do. So I spent that time doing a super clean in the house. I'm a but of a neat freak and like to have a clean home. I believe it is also healthy for us and brings good energy into the home. I was very much looking forward to coming back to the expo again this year for the second year. It was because of Ann from the expo that I got to be a part of Talk Philly, Thanks Ann. By about 3:30 or 4 we loaded up the car with my things, including fresh flowers as a dedication and honor to the spirits that are present and that come through during the event. Bob, his Mom Pam and I headed to the expo and arrived only to find out that everything fell behind and was running late. This put my event back about 30 minutes or so. Beings I was the last speaker in that room I decided to add more time to the event because people had to wait and the event was scheduled for two hours. I prefer at least two and a half to three hour events.

The event went amazingly well with some really mind blowing messages. I had an interesting experience when someone in the audience asked me what her connection was with the friend that accompanied her at the event. I went into their past lives and how they were connected from a previous life. Then I was hit hard with a flash back into one of my past lives. It was so crazy. It just so happened that I also had a connection with the same one she was questioning her connection with. We had met before and she had taught me many things in a previous life. It is not often that you randomly run into someone that you have known from many lifetimes ago. We had an immediate connection and knew each other right away. The woman, Oji, had an amazing energy and comforting motherly energy. I know we will be seeing each other again. It was a wild experience for the both of us.

By nights end I was drained possibly more then any event had ever drained me. Bob and I had plans to take his mother out to dinner after the event and I was just too drained to sit in a restaurant. We headed home and ordered out. By about nine I could feel a choppy feeling in the back of my throat. I knew I was getting a cold or something. So I began to take echinacea and goldenseal to build up my immune system. By Sunday morning I was really starting to feel it. We had to get up early Sunday to head back to the expo. I had an on camera interview with a new television show coming out called "Mom's On The Go". The interview went really well and was a lot of fun at the same time. Then we shopped around the expo a bit before going in to see the event with James Van Praagh. It was so nice that James mentioned that I was in the audience. Made me feel a bit special.

James guided everyone through a mediation and during the mediation Bob;s dad came to me. I asked spirit to please allow him to come through to James. I thought that would be really special for Bob and his Mom. I was not at all expecting anything for myself and never do when seeing another medium. This is what I do every day and I often receive messages from my mother, niece Rhiannon and other deceased loved ones. Yes, it would be nice to hear something from another medium, but at the same time I really don't need it. If my niece Rhiannon were to come through, I would want my sister Tammie to be there for the experience beings it is her daughter. At one point during the event James started to talk about a girl by the name of Jessica coming through to him. Bob's mom immediately raised her hand. I thought to myself, "Who the heck is Jessica?" Then I told her to stand up. James jumped right off of Jessica and went into something else.

Moments later he went back to Jessica and Bob's mom stood up along with another woman in the audience of a few hundred people. I still had no idea who Jessica was. I wanted so badly for Bob and his mom to receive a message. I did a reading for Bob and his family when we first met. Now that we have known each other for more then four years I won't do another reading for them, I know them too well, or do I? Beings I could not figure out who Jessica was at first, then it hit me when James went to Bob and his mom with more details. Jessica was Bob's cousin who died when she was I think about three years old. Beings we were in the back of the room, James had no idea that I was sitting there and that he was talking to Bob. We both know James very well, been to dinner and even been to his home in California. At one point James mentioned the name John and no one could think right away. I'm used to that when I do readings. People can not always process the information as quickly as it comes through. I stood up and said "My middle name is John." James did not know it was me because I was so far in the back. It was kind of funny. Then it hit us, after Bobs grandfather died a very long time ago his grandmother remarried. He never knew his fathers dad. His grandmother remarried and his grandfathers last name is John.

Not only was it Jessica coming through, it was also Bob's father and his mothers father coming through. I felt overwhelmed for them and wanted to just cry for them. I thought it was a wonderful thing for them to receive a message from another medium, especially one as wonderful as James. Bob's dad congratulated him on all his accomplishments since his father passed and so much more. Both Bob and his mother really needed to hear that. Bob's aunt really needed to hear another message from her daughter. At one pint James said"Jessica says that she has been to another medium (meaning me) in the past and she just did not get it." That was so true. His Aunt Michelle really needed to hear it again and from another medium beside myself. What a great experience that was. After the event I brought Bob's mom up to meet James for her first time. We hung out with James a short bit before heading out. I knew James was exhausted from returning from his tour in Europe. It was nice to see and talk to him again.

That evening my illness kicked into drive. By this point I felt like a truck ran me over. Come Monday I could not get off the couch. With so much to do I had a hard time trying to relax and regain my energy. Luckily for me, I already had an appointment scheduled for the doctor on Tuesday. That is when I found out I had a sinus infection. That was the first time I had a sinus infection in my life. I was given an antibiotic and sent on my way. The antibiotic did not seem to agree with me. Several times during the week I randomly got nauseous and last my lunch. Then came yesterday when I began to get really sick again. This time it was during a reading where I began to feel what someones deceased mother felt before she passed away. I actually had to get up in the middle of their reading to run to the bathroom. Believe it or not, it did not have an effect on the messages they were receiving. But boy did it have an effect on me. On my drive home I had to pull over twice because I could not hold anything down. For the entire evening I could not even hold down a small sip of water. It was so bad that I actually pulled a mussel in my mid back right around the area of my lung. I called the doctor and was told to stop taking the antibiotic. Today I'm feeling back to normal once again, thank god. I have a bunch more to share with you, but will save that for another blog post. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and for allowing me to share my gift and experiences with you all.
With Love & Light

Monday, October 12, 2009

Journey Into The Paranormal Radio Show Tuesdays 8 to 9:30PM EST - Up-coming Guests

Hello Everyone. I have been working hard on trying to bring some great guest to my weekly radio show Journey Into The Paranormal. Below you will find a list of all my up-coming shows and guests for October. Be sure to tune in each and every Tuesday evening from 8 to 9:30 pm est on Blog Talk Radio. Please note that on Tuesday October 20 I will have a show live from the Tropicana Casino in Atlantic City New Jersey at 4pm est on WBCB radio. I will also be doing my 8pm show from the casino. Therefore on October 20 Journey Into The Paranormal will be a one hour show and not the usual 90 minute show. Recently someone had asked me when I'm going to update my 2009 predictions. I just have not had the time to do an update. That is why I appreciate it so much when you all leave comments under my 2009 predictions post about things that may have come true. I will work on that update this week some time. Thank you all for helping to make this blog and both radio shows so popular. Hope you all tune in every week to Journey Into The Paranormal.

Special Guest: Medium A.J. Barerra
Tuesday October 13 - 8 to 9:30pm est
This week Joseph introduces you to Psychic Medium A.J. Barrera. Psychic Medium A.J. Barrera has become the youngest and most accurate medium in the country. A.J. has been practicing his work for more then ten years and has appeared on the Discovery Channel, TMC and
dozens of other articles and radio programs. Join Joseph as he brings A.J. Barrera to Journey Into The Paranormal. Joseph will talk with A.J. about his work as medium before going to the phones to give you an opportunity to talk to A.J. A.J. will be on the show for the first hour. During the last 30 minutes of the show Joseph will be taking calls, answering questions and making connections.

Special Guest: Medical Intuitive & Author Dr Rita Louise
Tuesday October 20 - 8 to 9pm est
This week Joseph is live from the Tropicana Casino in Atlantic city and is honored to bring Medical Intuitive & Author Dr. Rita Louise to
the show. Dr. Rita Louise, PhD, ND is a ghost expert and author of the book "Dark Angels: An Insider's Guide To Ghosts, Spirits And Attached Entities". Dr. Louise grew up in a haunted house, but this is not where her interactions with ghosts ends. For the past 20 years she has worked with paranormal groups around the country as their psychic investigator. She has been featured in a documentary entitled "Jefferson: The City Of Spirits" and is currently a member of Metroplex Paranormal Investigations, a Dallas based ghost hunting group. Joseph will talk to Dr. Rita about her work and then they will take your calls. Please Note that this is only a one hour show this evening.

Special Guest: Dr Brian Weiss & Past Lives
Tuesday October 27 - 8 to 9:30pm est
This week Joseph is both excited and honored to bring Best Selling
Author Dr. Brian Weiss to the show. Dr. Brian Weiss is best known for his book Many Lives Many Masters. He has been on national television on shows such as Oprah. He speaks all over the world about his work doing Past Life Regression. This is a show you will not want to miss. You may even get a chance to talk live to Dr. Weiss. All shows are now 90 minutes, Dr. Weiss will be on for the first hour. Joseph will be taking calls during the last part of the show.

Special Guest: Medium Barb Mallon
Tuesday November 3 - 8 to 9:30 pm est
This evening Joseph is honored to bring on friend and medium B
arb Mallon to the show. After a life-changing awakening, Barb Mallon felt a strong nudge from spirit to pursue the path of mediumship, and has been deeply involved in this unique work ever since. She is a evidential medium who brings through identifying pieces of information from a spirit person first, and then any messages they may have. Barb also works with her spirit guides to assist her clients in finding clarity regarding their life path and situations. Barb has been featured on various radio stations, as well as on the Discovery Channel. She is a Certified Psychic® specializing in mediumship with the American Association of Professional Psychics, Inc. Joseph & Barb will be taking your calls and answering life questions.

An Evening With Spirit Man Joseph Tittel
Tuesday November 10 - 8 to 9:30 pm est
Join Spiritual Medium, Author & your radio host Joseph Tittel, aka Spirit Man, for this special monthly episode of Journey Into The Paranormal. During this 90 minute edition Joseph presents Messages From The Other Side, named after his book. Joseph will discuss what it is like in Heaven and how our deceased loved ones send us messages after they pass. Joseph will be taking your calls answering questions about the topic. It is possible that Joseph will also be taking life questions about your love, finances and so forth along with giving some callers messages from deceased loved ones.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mediums & What We See

It has been quite some time since I have blogged. With so many things going on I sometimes simply forget to write a blog post or just can not find the time to do so. This entire year has been very interesting to say the least. Everyone can see that it has been a rather difficult year in pretty much all aspects of our lives. This is due to astrological influences among many other influences. Hang in there everyone, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. If you think about it, the year is almost over anyway. Not to say it was a completely horrible year. We are all here on our souls journey to learn and grow spiritually.

So even when things are not going well we need to look at the situation and try to see what lesson, or lessons, we could and should have learned from that experience. Always try your best to find some positive when you may be in a negative situation. Know in yo
ur mind and heart that every experience and everything we go through is all a part of our spiritual journey in this lifetime.

You may even find September a little more difficult then previous months and part of that is because of the Mercury Retrograde. Again, it will all pass soon so hang in there. 2010 is going to be quite different then our current year. The new year will bring many positive changes to everyone and of those changes could be life altering on a positive note. 2010 we be full of new things, new idea's and positive movement forward. Many of you have been feeling as if our lives have been on hold this year and just not moving anywhere. Well the coaster will roll into gear in early 2010.

This past Thursday Bob and I had the opportunity to and see John Holland's event "Love Never Die's". John was just recently on my radio show "Journey Into The Paranormal". John Holland is a phenomenal Medium, best selling author and radio host. I have met, seen and know many mediums and John is by far one of the best I have seen in action. His three hour event was held in New Jersey by Transformations. I have done events with Transformations in the past as well. You never know, but you may catch John and I together doing an event with Transformations in the future. That would be awesome.

If you ever get an opportunity to see John Holland live, then you just have to check him out. Bob and I also got to finally meet John in person after the show to chat a bit. I have known about John for years from seeing him first on television and talked to him for the first time a little over a year ago. So it was nice to actually get to talk in person. It is also nice to be able to talk with someone that has the same gift that you have and completely understands where your coming from. I learned many things in the short time that the three of us spent together. Besides being a very nice and down to earth person, John was one of the funniest mediums I have ever seen. He could be a stand up comedian.

One thing I have learned in our work as mediums is that you certainly have to have a good sense of humor. Our work is very serious and the things we see can be at times a little disturbing.
I know for myself as a medium I can sometimes see things in my mind as if I'm watching a movie. This often happens to me when I'm working on an unsolved case with law enforcement. It is like I'm sitting back watching the murder take place on a movie screen. This also happens often when I'm doing readings and spirits want to show me the way they have past. I can not tell you how many times I visually saw people pass in automobile accidents.

This is where some do not understand what it really can be like for
a medium. I hear people say to me often "I wish I had a gift like yours". First, watch what you wish for and secondly "Would you really?" Think about it for a while first. This work can be very stressful and place a lot of strain on the body mind and spirit. Some of the things mediums see can be quite disturbing. I worked on one case of a little girl who was brutally murdered. The things I saw in the visions were so disturbing that they still stick to me more then a year later. This past weekend I had several group readings. You would think after doing this work more then half my life I would have seen and heard just about everything. I used to think the same thing but it is so far from the truth. Each and every session is so different and the details that come through are amazing even to myself who has been doing this work for a long time now.

One of the connections I received this past weekend left me breathless at first and a bit disturbed. I was connecting to a young man who past tragically in an accident. When I first made tha
t connection I believe I received his name, some dates and the fact that he past in an accidental passing. It was about a minute into the connection when I began to get the vision of exactly how the young man passed. He passed in an automobile accident and he only showed me the very end result of the accident. In most cases I will see the accident take place and can describe to my client exactly what happened.

In this case I could only explain that I saw the car crashed and stuck with the young man also stuck inside. I could smell fuel all over and it looked to me like there could have been large truck involved. Then I saw sparks, the gas ignited and then the car quickly became engulfed in flames. I could see the young man banging on the gas t
rying to get out and then I saw a man try to go for the door to get him out and the heat became too much. Then came an explosion. Honestly it was one of the most disturbing images I have ever had. The person the information was coming through to was able to confirm everything I was seeing. I do not remember all the details that came through, just what I was seeing. I believe she also confirmed that there was a truck and the truck was carrying a load of gas.

You never ge
t use to seeing these things, instead you learn to deal with them. All the help and healing that this work brings to others and their lives makes it all worth it for me. So being a medium can be a burden at times in few ways. Disturbing visions and images can be one of those burdens along with being an empath and feeling peoples pain and emotions. When I first started doing medium work full time there were a few cases in which I broke down right along side of my clients. One was during a group reading I did many years ago for a family that tragically lost their young son. The emotional energy in the room was so overwhelming that it got to me at the end of a reading.

Earlier this year I did another small group that consisted of a young mother and her three young children ages around 9, 11 and 14. Normally I do not recommend that children are present at a reading but in this case I knew in my heart that they needed it. They
tragically lost their father, who was a hero to them, when he was struck by a car. I was able to hold myself together during one of the most emotional connections I made with a spirit in my life. When they walked out of my office I basically lost it. I was overwhelmed with their emotional energy and took it all in. That can happen to a medium at times.

There are so many other aspects to this work that brings a sense of fulfillment to myself. Knowing that I have not only changed peoples lives, I have also saved a few lives too. The hundreds of letters I receive from clients often bring tears to my eyes and those are the things that make this work a blessing. We always have to take the good with the bad
and always focus on the more positive things in our lives and in the things that we do each and every day. I have also had the honor of getting to see several lost souls cross over into heaven.

could not possibly explain the beauty, peace and love that washes over you when you get to experience a crossing. The light does exist and the peace and love that emanates from that light in simply astounding. When I was younger I feared death like you would not believe. After experiencing seeing my friend cross over and assisting him in that crossing I no longer had that fear of death. So there are many positive things that come from this work, more positive then negative. As long as one always focuses on the positive it will clearly help us through out day. t also helps to have a sense of humor and not be so serious all of the time. Thank you for allowing me to share my experiences with you. I hope I have inspired you in many ways.

Monday, September 7, 2009

James Van Praagh On My Show September 8

Just a reminder for all of my blog fans out there. Tomorrow, Tuesday September 8, Medium and author James Van Praagh will be on my radio show "Journey Into The Paranormal". The show airs each and every Tuesday evening from 8pm to 9:30pm. James Van Praagh is a psychic medium and best selling author of "Talking To Heaven" and "Unfinished Business", among many other wonderful books. James hosted his own show on CBS called "Beyond With James Van Praagh". James was the first medium to ever go main stream as someone who talks to the dead. James Van Praagh is also the creator and producer of the hit series "Ghost Whisperer".

Join us as I take you on a journey into the paranormal with special guest James Van Praagh. You may also sign up to Blog Talk Radio for free to become part of the chat that goes along with the radio show. I often take questions from the chat room. James and I will be taking your calls, so don't miss your opportunity to talk to James. Tune in Live Here. If you missed the show it will begin to play be itself on this blog up to a week after the show airs. Thank you for reading my blog and hope to see you in the chat tomorrow. It is bound to be a great show.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Living As A Medium, Predictions & More

The month of July certainly sent my life into a bit of chaos. Mercury is not even in retrograde yet. We will be greeted by the retrograde once again on September 7. We will all get to feel the wonderful energy of the Mercury retrograde throughout the entire month of September. So if you are planning on launching a large new project, maybe a new business or career, then I would get it done before the seventh of September or push it back to October. Expect there to be tons of delays in all aspects of life plans including travel delays in September. The entire year has practically felt as if we have been enduring a retrograde. It all has to do with the year 2009 and the fact that in numerology it is considered to be an eleven year. This is making it rough for all of us and I can not wait till 2010 comes along.

The weather patterns have also been really awful in 2009. We have not seen anything yet. I keep seeing so many floods, rain and mudslides. I believe that India will once again be hit with some major weather including a pretty major quake. Hurricane season is among us and we are all going to be well aware of it this round. Fortunately several of the larger storms will either break up or change course before hitting the shore lines. That includes the ones that will practically crash upon the shores of Florida, Texas, the Carolina's and even further north on the east coast. New Jersey and New York will also be pounded by a major storm bringing with it large size hail and heavy rain within the next six to eight weeks. Looks like the west coast is going to be pretty lucky in the way of hurricanes but don't think your completely weather safe. I'm expecting Earthquake activity to climb to above normal with quakes becoming more and more common along with a larger quake in the northern part of California along the Canadian border between now and October.

Puerto Rico keeps coming up to me over the past week or so. I think this may have something to do with another hurricane crashing upon their shores. Another place that keeps coming up is Brazil. There I see all kinds of negative things beginning with weather and mudslides and then something with major violence. I see guns and explosions. I believe in my predictions I talked about a tidal wave or tsunami hitting overseas. I still keep seeing this huge wave of water crashing hard and can only think this may be somewhere in Asia. This will have an effect on all of humanity. I don't want to give you the blues, things will get much better in the economy and the stock market will begin to pick up again. The state or Oregon along with the state of Hawaii also keep coming to me over the past week and I have no clear idea as to why that is.

I have not had a chance to update my predictions with notes of those that have come to pass. I do want to thank you all for sending over links to the articles and so forth. I do not personally read the messages, however, the important ones are forwarded to me. I have saved them all and will add the links and updates to my predictions hopefully some time soon, maybe this week. The only one prediction that I can think of off the top of my head was when I said that I saw a headlining news about two planes crashing in mid-air. That story did just hit headlines over the past week or so when a planes a helicopter collided in mid-air over the Hudson river in New York. That was the same place that the plane crash landed into the river earlier this year making for a huge news story, especially since everyone all survived the crash landing. In late September I will be doing an update on my predictions for a special radio show on my weekly show Journey Into The Paranormal.

As many of you know we recently moved out of our Levittown office. Our lease expired and we felt we just had to get out of there. Currently I will be conducting all private readings by phone only. There is no difference in the connections or accuracy of the reading over the phone. We have also opened the waiting list for both Home Gallery Sessions and twenty minute Life Readings only. The list for connection beyond readings is still closed and we are doing our best to get through the list so that it can be opened up once more. We are making no immediate plans for moving into a new office. Currently I have a few things pending, including possible travel, and would like to wait before making plans for a new office. We also have a new office phone number that is listed on my web site.

Soon I will go back to work on my second book. There are two books I have in mind and began a little work on both. Once I make a decision on which one I want to stick with as my second book I will get started on it once again. I hope to have that out some time in 2010. I'm hoping to actually have this book picked up by a publishing company. It is very hard to go through the process of trying to get your book published. That is why I decided to go with self publishing for my first book Messages From The Other Side. I know you will all enjoy my second book just as much as my first and maybe even more.

One of the things I would like to do as often as possible with you all through my blog is talk about some of the amazing connections and messages I have received for clients. The problem with that is the fact that I just do not remember much of anything that comes through in a reading. I'm just a conduit and the information flows through me. Therefore there is no thinking process and things just comes out of my mouth. Most of the time I have no idea what I'm saying or even what I may have said to a client five minutes earlier in their reading. Some times the things that come out of my mouth can even be embarrassing for both me and sometimes a client. But that embarrassment always comes along with a little humor.

The way the information comes to me in a reading varies depending upon the strength of my connection with spirit. Some spirits are stronger and some of the connections are sometimes like holding a conversation with a living person. Then there are the weaker energies that come through a bit muffled as if there were a motor running in the background or similar to a really bad cell phone connection. I get a combination of feeling, sense, visions or site, hearing and even smelling. Some spirits will show me pictures of things that I must interpret in order to bring the right messages to my client. For example an apple may be significant to a school, school teacher or New York city. A white rose to me is the sign of an anniversary. The number 23 followed by a white rose would signify an anniversary on the 23 of a month or February 3.

Then there are cases where I see things as if I were watching it on the television or even standing in the room watching it happen all around me. This is often the way I see murders or crimes when working on unsolved cases with law enforcement. These are also the type of readings that I do remember for a while. It was like I just watched a movie and can tell you all about it. The unfortunate part for me is the fact that when I see things play out like a movie it is most often something pretty tragic such as a murder or a terrible accident. Things like that are a little hard to put out of my head and at times linger for weeks, especially when working on cases that involve children. As wonderful as it is to have this gift, it can often be a burden at times and does make life a bit more difficult at times to.

While conducting a reading during a home gallery this past weekend I had a young man come through that was brutally beaten to death. This just recently happened within the past few weeks in Philadelphia after a sports game and bachelor party. Everything came through in detail and I could even see the young man surrounded by several men literally beating him over and over again. This was so disturbing to me and days later I can still see this young man being beaten. Even as much as it could be a burden at times it is all worth the healing that it brings into peoples lives. I have learned to deal with it beings I have had this gift all of my life and because I can help others in so many ways.

Even with all the negative things that just a few people out there on the net like to say about me, my work and my predictions I have to shrug it off my shoulders and try and get a laugh out of them. They hide behind their computers withholding their names so people won't get to know who they really are. I believe it takes a lot for someone like myself to share this gift and put myself out there in the public eye knowing that there will always be those who will horribly criticize me and even try to destroy my life. Being a true believer of karma also helps me get through my day to day life. What comes around goes around and putting out negative comes back on you threefold, so why bother putting negative out there. Another thing that makes it all worth it to me is seeing the burdens lift right off of a clients shoulders and seeing the expressions on their face. Seeing this makes me feel complete and shows me that I have utilized the gift that God has given me.

A gift I would like to share with you at this moment is just a small reminder that I hope you will remember to use each and every day. Each and every day, even twice a day, we should sit and remember those in our lives that we love and that help to make our lives happy and fulfilled. Even when we may be on bad terms or having a bad argument, we should still take a moment to tell them thank you and let them know that you love them. Most importantly, each and every time you depart from a loved one such as a family member or friend, remember to tell them that you love them, especially if your are on bad terms. Sometimes we do not realize how short life is and whether or not when that person walks out that door we will ever see them again. When you depart it could actually be the very last time you ever see each other or get to say goodbye, I love you. Remember to do this so that you are not left with the regrets that you never got to tell a loved one how much they meant to you and how much you really loved them. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I hope that I have inspired you in many ways.
With Love & Light
Joseph Tittel

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tonight's Radio Guest John Holland- Celebrity Medium, Author & Radio Host

Be sure to tune into tonight's episode of Journey Into The Paranormal. My guest this evening is Celebrity Medium & Author John Holland. John has been on my show Messages From The Other Side in the past and it was a great show. You will not want to miss tonight's episode of Journey Into The Paranormal. We will be taking your calls and you may get the opportunity to ask John a question about your life. Tune in Live from 8PM to 9:30PM EST. John will be on the show for the first hour and I will be taking your calls for the remainder of the show. Tune in live at Here is a little more information on John Holland.

John Holland is one of the top psychic mediums and spiritual teachers in the USA. He’s been lecturing, demonstrating, and giving psychic readings for private clients for over 16 years. Born knowing, as a natural gifted intuitive, he studied metaphysics all his life, spending over two intensive years in England, training and working with some of the top psychic mediums. He received confirmation of his special psychic abilities after a near-fatal accident when he was 30 years old when his unique skills were amplified and brought to the surface.

Spectacular results have been achieved with clients throughout North America, Canada, Europe, and Australia. He is a regular guest on TV and radio shows across the USA where he can often be seen to offer ‘spot’ psychic readings. His story was originally profiled on CBS "Unsolved Mysteries', and the success of Born Knowing and Psychic Navigator has enabled him to captivate audiences throughout the world, while he’s contacting the spirit world.

John's charismatic and lively demonstrations provide his audience with a rare opportunity to experience the fascinating phenomenon of mediumship, which he delivers with a mix of his distinctive style of humor, pure intensity, and compassion. When he contacts the spirit world, he loves to tell his audiences, "they want to talk to you as much as you want to talk to them!"

John passionately believes that his job as a psychic medium is two-fold, not only helping those to connect with their loved ones, but also empowering those he comes into contact with, to follow their own spiritual journey. Often losing a loved one causes one to question their own belief about life after death and as a spiritual teacher, John can help them to tap into their psychic intuitive abilities as well as help them discover and recognize the signs and symbols associated with their loved ones that have passed on.