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Monday, March 30, 2009

Up-coming Radio Shows On Tuesday

Hello everyone.....I hope you all had a great weekend and today is going well for you too. Just wanted to remind all my blog readers about my two radio shows tomorrow and the topic for the 8pm show. Tomorrow, Tuesday March 31, is my regular weekly radio show "Messages From The Other Side". If you are in the Buck's, Mercer, Burlington Counties and NE Philadelphia you can tune in live at 4pm to WBCB 1490AM. You can also listen live from the WBCB web site from anywhere in the world. We do it each and every week for one hour. I will touch a little on this weekends event and private group readings before going to the phones. I will be taking your calls and answering your life questions about finances, career, health and so on. At times I will connect some callers with their deceased loved one. Caller get one question ONLY. We get calls from all over the world and think it is only fair to allow callers one question so I can get to more callers.

Remember to please listen to the show instead of just trying to call in for a free reading. Last week we had several caller that never listen to the show and only try to call, sometimes before 4pm, in hopes of get a reading. If you are not listening then you are not getting the call in rules and the correct time to call in. We do not start taking calls as soon as I get on air. Bob, The Big Kahuna and I talk a little bit about the past week and what is going on with us before going to the phones. Sometimes we do not take calls until 4:30 or later if I have on a special guest. We have even had people call as early as 3:30 asking to be put on hold. We will not be putting people on hold any longer at this point until I begin taking calls. So if you call in before I begin taking calls you will be told to call back. Sometimes I like to give out autographed copies of my book, CD and even tickets to events. I can not do a give-away if the lines are tied up.

Another thing that happens often with callers that don't listen to the show is they ask to connect with a specific deceased loved one. Everyone that listens knows by now that no medium out there can connect with the deceased loved one you want to hear from. Spirit comes to us, we can not dial them up and talk to them. No medium has control as to what deceased loved one comes through. So when someone is so focused on who they want to hear from and sometimes on top of that they want to hear what they want to hear and that's it. It just does not work that way and any medium out there will tell you the same thing. You just need to remain open to receive messages from who ever comes through and not who you want.

The way it works on my radio show is callers can ask one personal life question or a question about a close family member like your husband or father. Again a life question is to give you guidance in areas such as health or career. Now if I sense a strong deceased loved one trying to get through with messages for the caller, then I will let it flow and make that connection for them. Many callers receive connections from the deceased, we just do not guarantee that every caller will get a connection. Also, if you have called the show in the past six weeks please give others a chance. We have had people call every week and we prefer you give new callers the option to get through. Next week I will not be able to do the 4pm radio show but will be back again on April 14.

Many of you may not be aware of my new radio show "Journey Into The Paranormal". This show air every Tuesday evening at 8pm on blog talk radio. This is an Internet radio show and can only be heard on the net on my blog talk page. This is more of an educational program and is NOT based on readings. I still take calls and depending on how I feel I do at times allow callers to ask me one question about the nights topic and then a life question. So far I have allowed callers to ask both questions on each of the past 6 shows. Each week is a new topic and if you miss a show you can listen to the archives on the right column of this blog or on my site. This week I have a good friend and special guest coming onto the show.

Tuesday March 31 at 8pm on blog talk radio join me and my special guest Numerology Expert Alison Baughman from visible by numbers. As far as I'm convinced Alison is the best Numerologist that I have ever meet. She is also a gifted soul and a wonderful person. She host's her own radio show every Monday evening on the net. I have been on her show several time and will be back on her show Monday April 20. I had a numerology chart done by Alison about a year ago and it was amazing. She really puts your life into perspective for you. Starting from your birth and taking you through your life. I'm looking forward to the things she told me are coming and she was right on key with my past.

I will talking to Alison about her work and then will go to the phones and Alison will answer your questions and do a little mini reading for callers as long as she feels up to it. When I have on a special guest on the show all the questions will be focused on the guest. If you have an idea for a topic or a special guest that you think I should try to bring onto the show, then listen in tomorrow to find out how to send it over. You can also email your idea to Bob through my web site. You can also comment on this post with your suggestions and my web master will forward them to me. Please understand that we will not respond to the messages. Another good feature that Journey Into The Paranormal has is a chat room. You can chat with some of the listeners and at times I do answer questions from the chat room. You have to sign up to blog talk radio in order to participate in the chat. You do not need to sign up to listen. Next week my guest will be good friend and Reiki Master Brighid Murphy. We will be talking all about Reiki Healing. Hope you tune into both shows and enjoy them. Thank you for taking the time to read this post and for listening to my radio shows. Smile and know that you are loved.
With love & Light...Joseph Tittel

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Salem Creekside Inn Event Last Night

Last night Bob, Tracy and I arrived at the beautiful Salem Creekside Inn in Bensalem at about 6pm. I was instantly amazed at the beauty of the property along with it Ponds and waterfall along the Neshaminy Creek on 4 acres. What really blew my mind was the fact that when I was younger I use to go fishing under the bridge on the other side of the creek. All those years of living near by and fishing all along the creek, I never seen the Salem Creekside Inn. I don't know how I missed it.

We were greeted by the one of the owners Anita, who was such a wonderful person. She gave us a private tour of the Inn with a little history going back to when the building was built in 1693. Soon as we walked in the door I feel instantly in love with the place. The Inn has been completely restored and modernized quite a bit. At some points you would not imagine you were walking through a building that was more then 300 years old. Out in the patio, which was once the front entrance, hangs a picture of what the Inn looked like when it was built. Including a ferry that would take people back and forth over the Creek.

I love old places and some expect them all to be haunted, which is not the case at all. Just because it is old it does not mean that the place is haunted. But I have to remind you that when visited the Inn you will in deed have company of the supernatural kind. The place is loaded with spirits and I ran into several of them. One even interrupted my meditation. Before the event I wondered up stairs to find a quiet room to do my prayers and meditation. As I sat in the middle of my meditation I heard someway say "Hogwash". I laughed opened my eyes and saw a very distinguished gentlemen dressed rather nicely with a top hat and in clothing from maybe the late 1800's. I said to him "Hogwash, Whats hogwash?" Then he actually responded with "This is all hogwash." Then he just vanished. I also saw a woman wondering the grounds outside near the Creek.. It looked as if she was trying to pick something like flowers. She was dressed in a very odd looking dress and has to go back to the mid 1700's.

If you have never been to the Inn and your looking for a weekend or even nightly get away, you have to check it out. Its beautiful. Normally prior to an event I will lights candles, incense and say a little prayer to clear the energy in the room. The energy was so good in the room that it was the first time I didn't feel like I needed to do a clearing. This was the first time doing an event at the Inn and like all events I have no idea how it is going to flow. Bob began with the usual introduction warming the audience up by letting them know what to expect. I came from the upstairs after my meditation and right before Bob introduced me. He asked how many in the group were skeptical and I was surprised to see the amount of hands go up that I did. There is nothing wrong with a little skepticism. You have to be in this world today. I'm very skeptical when it comes to some things, that is why I understand why people can be skeptical. I'm the type of person that has to see it for myself in order for me to believe. I'll have to do a future blog on this subject because I have a pretty interesting experience with my own skepticism.

One thing is for sure, I doubt anyone walked out of this event still remaining skeptical. The information that came through was astounding with details. A few of my connections happen to have a really good sense of humor too. This brought lots of laughter to the crowd along with some tears of joy over the connections that some received. One connection sticks out in my mind pretty clearly. A connection with a father, who passed from a massive heart attack, pulled me to his daughter, who was a self proclaimed skeptic. For some reason skeptics always seem to get the best messages with so many undeniable details. The father had a huge apology for his daughter but said it was too personal to bring up in front of the audience. He was determined to make sure his skeptic daughter left knowing she had just communicated with her decease father. He even mentioned that her mother is currently in a nursing home and wanted to make sure she had her mother get her foot checked.

Her father even started to bring another father through for the man she came with, which I believe was her husband. I kept seeing a dark room and camera and had to mention that the father figure was showing this to me and I had to acknowledge a photographer. It just so happened that the gentlemen, who was also a skeptic, is a professional photographer. I also received information about a hospital and nurse and the one woman was a nurse. Then came the actual name of the woman I was in the middle of reading. That happened a few times throughout the evening where I went to people by their names and also brought through the names of their brothers or sisters who did not attend. Then the fathers humor began to shine through when he also apologized for leaving them with their mother. This brought some much needed laughter to the room. Sometimes the energy in the room becomes tense because of the intense messages and a little laughter helps everyone relax more. Then the father mentioned that their mother also liked to argue with everyone and was know for talking on the phone and hanging up on people.

There was so much more that came through and as usual I have a hard time remembering some of the details. Good thing my friend Tracy took notes for me so I could blog about the experience. I was not through with the woman's father just yet. He held me there for a while and brought up so many details that his daughter and son in law was no going to leave skeptical if he could help it. He also wanted her to know that he had two babies with him from I think miscarriages. She knew exactly what her father was talking about. He also wanted to make sure the family knew that their decision to cremate him rather then bury him was alright with him. A message they certainly needed to hear. I would have thought after all the details that came through for them including names and date would leave them not questioning it. Toward the end of the event I was going to find that out that they did in deed question whether or not it was really their fathers. I will explain more about this as I go on sharing the experience.

During my meditation several spirits came to me with detailed messages that I read prior. One was a mother figure that wanted to let her daughter in the audience know that she was happy with their decisions. Well she was also so determined to get through and did at some point. I remember her telling me that she was buried in her mothers dress, which is the gown she wore at her daughters wedding. She knew the family was struggling over whether or not they did the right thing by burying her in that dress. The mother figure told me that she was so excited and happy that they choose to bury her in that dress. It was important to her and she never had the opportunity to tell the family she wanted to be laid out in that dress. I heard of people being buried in a wedding dress but have not ever had something come through in a reading about a mothers dress.

I stayed in the same area on the left side when I began to make my second connection with another deceased father who also tried to have a sense of humor. I could see him pretty clearly with a beer in his hand wearing his white t-shirt and rubbing his belly. When I see a spirit rubbing the belly area it tells me that there was cancer in that area or sclerosis of the liver. Beings he had a beer in his hand and the belly rubbing, it was easy for me to determine it was actually the liver that killed him.Then he began to bring through his daughters dog "Buddy". He wanted to let her know that he had her dog with him in Heaven. He explained that the dog had a cancerous tumor in his stomach and she made the right decision by putting Buddy down. Then he went on to talk about her having a child that is mentally challenged. He said he was watching over the child and that the child is actually here to teach her. We are not just here to teach our children, many children are here to teach us too. It was also interesting that he said they lived together in a past life and their roles were reversed. She was the mentally challenged child and her child was actually her mother.

Then I had a cluster of information come through from several deceased loved ones. I had a police officer come through and then had to also acknowledge a living police officer who just so happened to be the guy I was reading. Then I kept getting that someone was going on to the police academy soon. At first no one would acknowledge this. Then along came through a few mothers who have passed for a group of three girls sitting up against the wall. That is when one of the girls admitted that she thought about going into the police academy but changed her mind. Her mother insisted that she get into the academy as the other girls deceased mother insisted she get her butt back in school. She was actually trying to make that decision as to whether or not she should go back to school. Her mother confirmed it was a great idea. One of the mothers also showed me the date December 23 on a gravestone which tells me the medium that someone passed on that date or celebrated their birthday on that date. Her mother actually passed away on that date.

A lot of times I will move, motion or even talk the way the deceased spirit would have when they were living. Things come out of my mouth without even realizing it. This mother was the type of person to tell you the way it is and that showed during my connection with her. She also sent a congratulations for the new engagement. She was not going to leave me without mentioning her other daughter, Kathy, who did not attend the event. She wanted to send her love acknowledge that Kathy is currently having some major issues. There were some funny things and unusual things that came through from the one mother figure and a grandmother too. One kept showing me a skunk and gave a little giggle. So I described to the girl that I was reading that I was seeing her mother or grandmother holding a skunk and giggling. She laughed and said she had an actual pet skunk when she was younger that meant a lot to her. It was even de-scented. She was glad to hear that her pet skunk was still around but in Heaven. I never heard of a pet skunk before. I thought that was pretty amazing.

There was mention of many pets being on the other side during this event. I described in detail several dogs, cats and of course the skunk. I even remember mentioning Casper to one woman and she did have a cat that passed with that name. I think its great that our pets are on the other side waiting for us. I would be very disappointed if I pass and my dogs are not there waiting for me. After doing my opening discussing about how our loved ones communicate with us and what it is like in heaven along with the first few very strong connections we all took a break. I went outside to get some air and try and get a little peace and quiet. But wouldn't you know it that I never get peace because some of the deceased are so persistent that they follow me outside. By the time we got to the break my back was absolutely killing me. Fortunately I was not drained yet and ready to go make some more good connections with the other side.

During the break the first lady I went to with messages from her father began questioning weather or not it was really her father coming through. Well her father was not going to settle for that. His spirit came back to me which is very unusual. I got pulled back over to the left side and mentioned that I had Bill coming through. The girl smiled and said that was my fathers name. He did not give me his name during my first connection with him earlier. He wanted to make sure she knew it was really him. He went on to tell me that his daughter questioned his earlier connection during the break. When I told her that he said that she laughed along with everyone in the audience after she admitted that she did question it. So her father wanted to give her more to make sure she would no longer question it. He brought up a bunch of detailed messages including showing me police lights, which means being pulled over by the police, and a business card. Well she was just recently pulled over by the police in front of her business. Then he showed me a four leaf clover and I had to ask her if she carried a four leaf clover in her purse and she just had it out in her hands the other day. She confirmed everything I said and I believe she certainly got the message it was her father after that.

There was a big shout out from George at some point and then minutes later I actually got a full connection from George for three ladies in the back. George kept showing me big rig trucks and after telling that to the woman they confirmed that George had a career in driving big rigs. One of the father figures described that he had passed from kidney failure which was also confirmed. Then there was a Ronald or Robert coming through with a major apology over I think it was over addiction issues and putting everyone through it. One father wanted to also acknowledge his two living sons and even mentioned to me Arizona. One of the woman's brothers currently live and Arizona and she was planning on visiting him in Arizona in a few weeks. This would validate that her father was in deed watching over the family and will be joining her on the visit to see her brother in Arizona. There was also mention of someone having lost their leg from diabetes. That was also confirmed. Another energy that came through mentioned that they passed from cancer in the rear and said "It was a real bitch", which brought some more laughter to the room.

I still have a few more pages of notes that Tracy took from the event. I have been trying to work on this blog post all day and have been on this computer way too long. So I'm going to save the next two pages of notes for my next blog post. I made more connections at this event then usual and went to a good amount of people. I could probably write another fifteen paragraphs about this event. All in all it was a great event and everyone there seemed to have had a great time. Just about everyone thanked me as they were leaving, even those who did not receive a connection. With many of the connections I could see and feel the burdens lift right off of peoples shoulders. This work brings so much healing into peoples lives along with closure and validation that their deceased loved ones are at peace and watching over them from the Heavens above. I'm grateful each and every day that god has given this very unique gift that helps so many. Thank you for allowing me to share this special gift and my experiences with you. I would also like to thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I hope I have inspired you in some way.
With Love & Light......Joseph

Lights Out Tonight

Tonight at 8pm is Lights out night. All over the world people will be turning off their lights, TV's, electronics and so on for a full hour. This is to conserve energy throughout the world. If every person were to turn off at least one light for an hour we would conserve enough energy to light up Vegas for a week, maybe longer. I will be joining in on the event as I did last year. I try to conserve energy as much as possible when I can. I think we should have lights our an hour at least once a week or even every day. Cities all over the world will participate by shutting down power to building, bridges and so much more. Join in and help out. We are building the future of our children and if we all don't start to focus on helping this planet they are not going to have aplanet to live on. Thank you for turning out your lights at 8pm and thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I'm working on another blog post right now about last nights event at the Salem Creekside Inn. I will have it up in a few hours. Enjoy your weekend.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Newsletter Issue & Today's Radio Shows

Yesterday I sent out my March newsletter. I put a good amount of time in designing the newsletter and writing my message. For some reason there was a problem with the newsletter after it was sent out. Before sending out the newsletter I will view it and go over it to make sure all is well. All was well and I hit the send button. I was stunned when I received a copy of the newsletter and could not read it. The font and the background colors were not the same colors that I had chosen. The font should have been black with a light blue background. With the newsletter builder I use I can also publish the edition on the net, which I always do. You can click on the word newsletter to view the March newsletter that you can actually read.

If you are on my mailing list and did not receive my newsletter yesterday, then it must have gone into your trash or spam folder. You have to put onto your contact list or safe list. You can also view past newsletters on the right column of this blog or on my web site. You can also sign up for the newsletter in the same places. I usually never publish the newsletter to the net until the end of the month. That way people who subscribe to the newsletter get the opportunity to read it long before non-subscribers. However, I did publish the March newsletter right away because the email version in not completely readable. Normally I never do this, so you may want to sign up to the mailing list. Sorry for any inconvenience with the March newsletter and thank you for taking the time to read my blog and newsletter.

Just a quick reminder. Today at 4pm is my weekly radio show Messages From The Other Side on WBCB 1490AM. Then tonight at 8pm I go on the air live again to bring you my new show Journey Into The Paranormal. Tonight's subject is Messages From The Other Side. I will discuss how our deceased loved ones communicate with us and how to recognize the signs. I will also be taking your calls. Hope you tune in and hope you enjoy the shows today.
Joseph Tittel

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Holiday Inn Event Last Night

The weather last night was perfect for the event, if only we could have done it outside. More then one hundred people packed into the Holiday Inn all eagerly waiting to see if they would perhaps receive a messages from a deceased loved one. With it being so nice outside and having a nice crowd the room, it got a little hot for me. When ever I do my work I'm dealing with a large amount of energy and spirits. This brings my body temperature up which in turn makes it twice as hot in the room for me. For some odd reason I was extremely nervous in the beginning when Bob introduced me and I gave my introduction. I could hear the nervousness in my own voice and that was very odd for me. I have been speaking in front of large groups for a long time now and rarely get nervous, and if I do get nervous it goes away quickly.

I started the event talking more about the deceased and how they communicate with us. I know that I'm not going to be able to give everyone a message, but I want everyone to leave with something. The least I can do is bring everyone some comfort by letting them know that our deceased loved one are at peace in a beautiful loving place some of us call heaven. To me there is more about being a medium then just giving people messages. I want to be able to inspire people and teach them the thing I have learned through my work. Knowing that there are always a few skeptics in the group I also want them to leave with something, including a little less skepticism or maybe no more at all. Bob will always ask by a show of hands how many people are skeptic. He could not believe the amount of hands that went up at this event. Certainly it was a record breaker with more skeptics in the audience then ever before. When I was finished for the night Bob asked one more time how many people still remain skeptics after what they have witnessed. Only two out of the dozens of skeptics raised their hands.

Once I made my first connection the nervousness left me and the thermostat was turned on high. Each of us carry up to a dozen spirits with us when we go to a medium. With more then one hundred people in the room I had at least a thousand spirits pounding on my door. Once I make the first connection my mind goes into an even deeper state of consciousness. Then I begin to just pour sweat like you wouldn't believe. The temperature in the room did not help much. Sometimes if I heat up too much it will effect the connections and information I receive. That is simply because I don't like to get hot or sweat. Thank god this did not at all effect my connections at this event. It rarely does, but there were a few times where it has effected me. Another thing it can tend to do is wipe me out and drain me more then usual. That is exactly what happened last night. I left that event still floating on cloud nine feeling as if a truck ran me down. Once I got home and ate something that grounded my energy and left me feeling a little better.

As most of you know I sometimes have a hard time remembering the information that comes through from the other side. This is mostly because of the trance state of mind I'm in and its like I'm not even there. A little hard to explain and I'm sure hard for some to comprehend. Also there is so much that just comes out of my mouth and I don't even realize it. Another thing that happens to me is that I get a few visitors throughout the day prior to the event. Yes spirits. I would like to know how the heck they find me. I receive a bunch of detailed messages that I write down throughout the day and then read them to the audience right before I make my first connection. It is really cool because so many people tell us later that one of the messages I read prior was for them. They get messages without me even going to them. In turn I can send about a dozen messages to a dozen different members of the audience before I even begin.

There were so many connections last night I could not keep up. The audience seemed to be very tense and I could not get them to laugh in the beginning. This is probably another reason I felt so nervous for no reason. My first connection had me talking so fast that I could not keep up and began losing my voice thanks to one connection. Sometimes a spirit will make me feel like they did before they passed. I will get pain in places on my body and with this connection I could not breath. It really freaked me out. I could not breath and I was losing my voice. It was a large group in the back row that I was pulled to and specifically one gentleman's father that was making me feel like that. Once I got the messages to him and the connection was gone I was able to gasp for air and get my voice back. I did not like that very much at all. I understand why they do that to me, but I don't have to like it. They want me to describe in detail what happened to them or what they were feeling prior to their passing.

I noticed that I was pulled to several large groups of people that came to the event with each other. Obviously the larger the group that comes together, the more spirits that are hanging out with them. This can often end up pulling me to the group. At one point I was pulled to the entire back row on the right side because of one persistent father figure that passed. I believe he was the one that took my breath away. I would say that with that connection and reading I most likely ended up giving messages to about 6 different people. I think that I got to more people with messages at this event then ever before. I was also pulled to another group and entire row on the left side. This time the messages were from a young man that passed in an automobile accident. The young man brought through several people who have passed for several of the people in the row. Besides the detailed messages that came through, another thing that was really amazing about this group was that I was pulled to them by their names. By the time I was through with this connection I think I knew every one's name in the row thanks to the young man that came through.

Very often I'm pulled to people by their names, which is a good way of insuring me that I'm giving the messages to the right person. Another rather amazing thing that has been all of the sudden happening to people I'm reading lately is that they are literally touched by the spirit I'm connecting too. It happened several times during this event. When it happens I see the spirit behind or beside the person with their hand usually on their shoulder. The person can actually feel heat and warmth in their shoulder then they are touched. At another point during the evening I was pulled to a small group in the second row. A deceased police officer was one of several connections that were coming through for the group before the connection took a really odd turn.

The police officer began to bring through a fire fighter that was not at all connected to the group. Sometimes spirits help bring through other spirits that can not get through clearly. This police officer was determined to show us all that he was always willing to do a good deed for someone in need, even from the other side. All I needed to say was firefighter, deceased husband and the name Betty for two woman in the center of the room to jump up in excitement. Betty was the woman's name in the audience who lost her husband who was a firefighter. Thanks to the deceased police officer Betty was able to hear from her deceased husband one more time. I thought that was rather amazing for everyone to experience, including myself.

One of the last connections came in out of nowhere. I was in the middle of another connection when this young man jumped in to interrupt. He came through loud and clear showing me a vision of him hanging himself. He wanted to get to his mother in the audience. I said a few things that he gave me and then said that he hung himself. I did not realize that I was standing right in front of his mother. She screamed out and tears ran from her face as she grabbed onto her sons girlfriend that attended the event with her. Everyone in the audience could immediately see the pain she was in and how much she really needed to hear from her son. Again the details were amazing and he told me that the suicide was spontaneous. The thought came to him and within and hour he took his life. Suffering from being bi-polar and not medicated was how he explained his situation. He wanted to let his family know he was at peace and that no one could have prevented this from happening. I could see the burden life from his mothers shoulders when I told her that. Then her son asked me to give her a hug and that is exactly what I did. She even came up to me after the event to thank me for the connection she received from her son.

For me it is so fulfilling to to see the instant healing that takes place when some of the messages come through. This is the main reason I love the work I do and would not trade it for anything. I don't always get to hear feedback from people and don't always get a thank you. Mostly because people are so overwhelmed from the experience. It is nice to hear that feedback and often I do get a thank you from the actual spirit that comes through. An event like last night just makes all the hard work and dedication pay off. It is priceless to experience what I experience, and those who attend, during an event. It is even more amazing to literally see the healing take place right before your eyes. If you attended this event please leave a comment about your experience below. I love to hear about your experience and I do read all the comments that come through this blog post. I hope that I may have inspire you in some way and I hope you enjoyed reading about my experiences. Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read this post.
Joseph Tittel

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Big Storm, Predictions & A Week In The World Of Spirit Man

I'm so excited that we were finally being hit by a big snow storm here in Pennsylvania. I love the snow, just as long as I don't have to drive in it and it does not affect my work. I was off today which makes me even more excited that the storm hit. Even though I'm not a fan of the cold I do love the snow. If it is going to be cold out then there might as well be snow on the ground. Beings that I'm not at all a fan of the cold I would therefore love and hope to one day live in California, maybe within the next five years.

Someone had just posted a comment on my 2009 predictions pointing out the following prediction in my list. "A major snow storm will blanket the east coast in late February early March. There will even be snow in places where it has not snowed in decades." The East coast is getting exactly that right now. The storm is hugging the coast causing even more snow closer to the coast. A friend of ours is close to the coast in the Carolina's and says they never get snow and they are expecting several inches. There was also snow in other unlikely places this winter already, I'm pretty sure Vegas was one of them.

As soon as I get a chance I will update my predictions as far as what has come to pass. I appreciate everyone who leaves comments under my predictions with updates from the news and really all the comments that are left on all my blog post's. If you see something in my predictions that you may think comes true because of news reports or online news, please leave me a comment. If you can could you please include a link to the online story. I know several things have come to pass in my predictions and you can read other peoples comments they have left with updates.

Recently I have seen Michael Jackson on the news again because of some pretty severe health issues related to his lungs. He is often caught by the paparazzi wearing a mask over his face. This could be to avoid germs and infection. I mentioned this in my predictions but have not yet heard anything about him relocating to the U.S. Another thing that I discussed on my New Years day 2009 predictions radio show was that it was a year of discovery. I talked about the huge discovery of a sunken ship with millions of dollars of gold. This came true more then a month ago when that did happen and hit news headlines all over the world. Yet another discovery that I discussed and it is listed in my predictions is that Egypt would hit head lines because of a large discovery. Most of you may have heard by know about the discovery of a tomb containing 30 mummies. That's huge. Speaking of Egypt. I want to go there so bad and hope to eventually get there.

This past Tuesday was the second week of my new radio show Journey Into The Paranormal. We discussed what it is like and heaven and the dying process. There were twice as many listeners then there were the first week and I hope to double it again this week. Tomorrow I will talk about Karma, the effects it has on your life and how to bring positive energy into your life and home. I hope you are enjoying the new show as much as I am. You can listen to past shows on the right column of this blog or on my site under TV & Radio. I was not intending this show to be revolved around doing readings like I do on my regular radio show. However, I have been letting callers ask me a life future question after they ask me one question about the evenings topic. I will do this as long as I'm not drained from the four o'clock show. If there is a topic that you would like to hear more about or if there is someone you would like to hear more about be sure to send a comment reply at the bottom of this post.

Monday Bob and I drove up to Allentown to see my sister and pick up my Pop to come stay with us for a few days. We had to be in Atlantic City on Thursday and Pop was going to stay and watch our dogs Newbie and Precious. Speaking about the dogs, they loved the snow today and I played with them until I wore them out, or more like they wore me out. Wednesday was my Pops seventieth birthday. Bob and I took him to the Temperance House in Newtown which was really good. We are going back there again in a few weeks for a party that WBCB radio is having. After dinner we came home and sang happy birthday with a yummy ice cream cake from Carvel. I can not believe that my father is seventy. Boy time flies and that makes me feel old. For seventy he is in great shape, walks miles every week and looks at least ten years younger then he is.

As usual Atlantic City was a blast. I love going down to AC every once in a while and love to play the slots. We were asked to come down by the Tropicana and WBCB radio. They put us up in a suite and feed us a great dinner and I do a live radio show right from the Tropicana. It is very different and sometimes challenging doing the live show and readings for random people walking through. People are not at all expecting to run into a psychic and some can be extremely skeptical, which is OK, as long as they have an open mind.

Lower Buck Hospital is one of WBCB's sponsors and we were joined by the CEO Austin. I did a live reading for Austin on the air that completely blew his mind. He had no idea what to expect and I believe he was a little on the skeptic side. He had a pretty long reading and I picked up on so many details including that he just got his pilots licence and is going to buy a small plane. His father can through nice and strong bringing so many messages that he validated and you could see the comfort the messages provided.

All but maybe one person that came to the microphone while we were live had received a really good connection from a deceased loved one or an accurate detailed answer to a question about their life. There was one younger guy that asked me a question and gave me a little attitude shrugging his shoulders when I answered his question. I was not sure if this was because he did not like the answer or if maybe it did not seem accurate to him. Sometimes if someone is closed minded they block me out and I can not read them or receive cluttered information. This does not happen often and even with skeptics I still get a good connection. I will upload the show on my site some time next week when my web master get back from vacation. All and all AC was lots of fun and the show went really well. Tropicana always treats us very well and makes our stay remember able.

The weekend was overwhelming for me in the way of private galleries. A few of them were a good distance from where I live which makes for a long draining day. No complaints though. I love the gift that I have and the healing and validation that comes through is worth the exhaustion it brings on. I had some great connections this weekend and good groups of people. I'm looking forward to the event coming up this Friday at the Holiday Inn. We have a full house and so far all the events I have done at the Holiday Inn have been amazing. For some odd reason the connections at this location have been extremely strong and some messages were accompanied with some really good humor too. That always makes for some really good messages from the other side.

I hope you enjoyed the little glimpse into my daily life and experiences. I believe there is more to being a psychic medium then just doing readings and connecting people with their deceased loved ones. I enjoy helping others in any way possible, including educating people in many aspects. I hope to inspire from my work and inspire from the experiences I write herein. I hope to teach others the things I have learned and hope that I have some how inspired you in some way. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and may the angels smile upon you always.
Joseph Tittel