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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

2013 World Predictions Part 2 Complete Predictions

2013 World & Celebrity Predictions From Psychic Medium Joseph Tittel Part 2 
Complete Predictions 2013 

48. Turkey and the areas around the country of Turkey will also endure issues that are related to the weather including severe rains and mudslides.

49. I see one mudslide that takes out a school of young children possibly an elementary school in another country and do not have a specific date on this.  Not sure if children are in the school at the time. This could occur in Turkey and/or China. 

50. California will endure many issues over the next few years including issues during the time of the geographical changes on our planet.

 51. January 5 and/or 15th look like significant dates.

 52. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie make an announcement that stunned the people and also do something really amazing that build the village for people in another country that needed deeply that include just women and children. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are like light workers bringing so much healing to the planet. Their connection with each other will eventually be lost a few years down the road causing them to go separate directions for a short time before reuniting getting back together again.

53. Singer pink endures many issues with her health and possibly an injury due to a fall during a concert. A fall from the very long distance possibly on a high wire or swing. She will recover but will have to cancel many shows. This may also occur around Lady Gaga.

 54. Madonna will face very many issues on 2013 after making a big announcement that is exciting for her. soon after things go very badly for her including very bad when it comes to relationships and lawsuits. Madonna will lose millions of dollars in 2013. Afterwards Madonna will shift in many ways and will let go of her ego and will go into a direction that is helping more people. Though she does help people already and has helped many she was still shift in a direction that is more positive and her heart will open up more. For her willingness to help others in the past was only due to her own ego way of wanting to become more loved by others. The intentions were wrong.  She is very intimidated by Lady Gaga because she feels Lady Gaga is taking her out of the limelight. Madonna will have a big wake up call in 2013 that will help her to realize that she needs to shift her consciousness in a way of helping others without doing it ego driven. It also seems that she may have a major issue with one of her children. 

55. Weather will continuously be a problem and huge storms that will develop. Storm scenarios that I have seen before.

56. I keep seeing a sand storm, something unlike anything I’ve ever seen in meditation before. The sand to me is up-close and looks very red and very scary. Almost like something you would see in a movie that exists focused around “The end of days. Not sure exactly where this would be but I would imagine it would be in a place where the sand looks red. Looks like it blows out windows in cities and causes damage to a city due to the high winds and the power of the sand.

57. The United States brings more troops back home after the war in Afghanistan and in Iraq by 2014. They are re-launching more than 10,000 troops to help in a war to protect another country that is going down due to the religious leader or political leader that is bringing so much harm to its own people and country killing thousands of his own people. This may very well have to do with Syria and Egypt.

58. One leader in the Middle East that is loved by many and is based upon by many will turn on his people almost like that of the Antichrists many followers that he turns on then in turn kills many of them and causes so much pain amongst its own people.  2013 is not a good year when it comes to war and political leaders that do not have the best in their hearts for their people. This will teach the whole world a lesson over the next five years as religious leaders throughout the world will fall completely for new ones to take over, new ones that hold more love and caring for the planet and the people of the planet in their hearts. The rise of spirituality.

59. California endures a large amount of earthquakes but in 2013 more than usual California receives earthquakes more frequently and slowly raising in magnitude. Earthquakes in 2013 will increase greatly all leading up to an eventual shake in the planet and the country in the state of California that will split part and break into pieces I do not believe that a major earthquake will take place in 2013, may actually take place in April 2015 this will even affect places like Nevada and that of Arizona and other surrounding states of California.

60. Hawaii also seems to endorse some type of issues when it comes to weather related things including a possible earthquake that splits things and causes a new River or new Watergate. There is an island that I see this happening to, a tropical island, and I do believe it maybe Hawaii or also include another tropical island that endures a major earthquake that again split’s the island into a new geographical makeup and a new River.

61. I keep seeing something revolved around salmon 16 rivers or creeks with salmon jumping out by the hundreds not sure exactly with this means.

62. Florida and the South Coast of the United States will have to prepare twice in 2013 for massive hurricane. This one hurricane they will prepare for so quickly and so well by porting things up in getting the place evacuated just lurking ends up shifting going in a different direction and not touching base with Florida or race southern coast of the United States at all but shortly after I believe that a new hurricane will take place this specific time people will not prepare as quickly or as much as they did the previous hurricane that ended up not hitting because the previous. Hurricane will hit and this will cause people to bond prepare for the next hurricane which will be a bad decision for many costing at least 17 lives sure exactly as they would specifically Florida but definitely has to do with the east coast of the United States.

63. Great fire that breaks out in the mountains of the Himalayas in India. India will also endure issues when it comes to hunger and pain. Caused very simply by their government and leaders. It is becoming more clear to the people of our planet that not all political people have our best interests at heart.

64. Many things will be discovered in 2013 & 2014 about political leaders throughout  the world that is stunning information to the people in turn causing people to riot and bring down these leaders.

65. A new leader becomes deeply followed its people with so much love from the people to this person. This person put on a good act receiving millions of followers and lovers before his evil side turns on his own people causing deception, tears and sadness to this country. I believe this may be in the Middle East.

66. I keep seeing Chicago but not completely clear. I believe there may be a large fire that could take out a whole block in the windy city and  possibly even effecting Harpo productions.

67. Oprah Winfrey will have a good year in 2013. It may not start off very well but Oprah Winfrey will be very excited when her television network takes a shift in late 2013 that ends up saving her network. Oprah will have a rough early 2013 when it comes to the ratings of her network but again this will shift as the year progresses. At one point she may want to give it up completely but then at that point something major does take place causing her to go in a direction of success once again. I strongly believe that Mrs. Oprah Winfrey will also launch a new network over the next 3 to 5 years, including that of a spirituality related show specifically spirituality related network TV.

68. We will see in the media a major incline and shows that pertain to spirituality and psychics, mediums and light workers. Including a new television network that will launch in the next few years that is specifically spirituality related.

69. People’s hearts, consciousness & vibration will raise more and more throughout 2013. A breakthrough and a large increase in spirituality in 2013. Spiritual will grown in major numbers.

70. The subject of exorcism and the truth comes out from the Catholic church and the Vatican, including truths about the lost pages of the bible, which is all hidden behind the locked doors of the Vatican. In a place where the Pope himself does not have access is not allowed to step foot. Including the Arch of The Covenant, The Holly grail and so much more hide behind the walls of the Vatican.

71. Huge amazing new discoveries come out of Egypt. That including the possibility of an underground city  that lies beneath the pyramids of Egypt. One part of Egypt that is covered by sand and large sand dunes in the desert that unveils a large discovery of Ancient Egypt, something very sacred and powerful that has been sitting under the sand for thousands of years. There will initial issues with archaeologist and the Egyptian government when it comes to this large discovery being unearthed. Once the fall in Egypt occurs and changes take place new things will take place in the ways of new discoveries and the ability for archaeologist to search more.

72. Over the next 3 years we will see an amazing increase in the knowledge of  our existence on this planet, where we came from and where our existence is going. It will be greatly be debated in the times as to other
peoples beliefs and things will change because of the knowledge as to why we are here and to who put us here will finally come to light for many of us who are ready for this knowledge and ready to open our hearts and raise our consciousness and vibrations.

73. Several things will occur in 2013 and early 2014 which may have people thinking the world is coming to an end but that in which it will not.

74. Major geographic changes and the make up of the planet will change greatly over the next decade.

75. One volcano erupts that scientist call inactive and do not expect an eruption, but to great surprise it does erupt anyway. Eruption causes scientist to become baffled. I see this volcano that erupts but I do not see this volcano as an existing mountain or hill. I see this volcano literally rise from flat ground, rising up into a mountain of hot pouring lava that wipes out villages and surrounding areas. This comes very surprisingly unexpected, especially beings this is so uncommon in the area where it occurs.

76. Yellowstone Park will also endure issues over the next few years when it comes to their hot springs and the lava that flows underneath of Yellowstone Park. There may be a small crack that occurs from an earthquake causing this lava to flow.

77. Problems may occur in Mexico around the area of Chichi Itza Pyramid. Possibly Earthquake related.

78. The will also be a major earthquake that will take place in Italy possibly in late 2013 into 2014. I see cracks that take place in Rome along with issues near the ancient sites. It will be as if the lord is angry at the Catholic church for what they have become. The Vatican may also endure issues with this quake. The church will also ensure major financial issues along with the country of Italy along with weather related issues and political issues and unrest.

79. Italy will also endure an issue with an outside country. There may be shots fired but Italy is saved when the United States and the Parliament intervene with this issue. Italy will have enough on its hands let alone the possibility of a coming war

80. The stock market will endure a major downfall and possible crash in late 2013 into 2014.

81. Financial systems will change and shift in a major way.

82. I see this new money which looks really odd and funny to me. This money looks completely different then current money and coins from the past. It does not look like that of American money, this
money looks completely different then the money that we have had in the past, including coins was circles.

83. President Obama will have a scare on his airplane, the Air Fore one when the plane reaches some type of turbulence that causes an emergency crash landing. But it is possible that the president may not even be on that particular plane and then maybe the vice president, but all works out to be safe.

84. Africa endures issues with a large group that I can not name. A large group that looks like a group of evil warriors that arrive in areas of Africa that again do not have a positive loving intent for the people of that country and area. They arrive in buses or trucks that are loaded with people and guns. Looks to me as if this person who I in charge of this evil group is going through Africa trying to cause fear amongst the people of each community in Africa to get people to follow the steps of this horrible person. Africa will also endure some major  unexpected weather issues in 2013.

85. I continue to see a large wave that must be tsunami or tidal wave that compares to the tsunami that tore  through Japan on March 11, 2011. This large wave or tsunami of water does more damage than the Japan earthquake and tsunami. I’m not sure of the exact location of this occurrence.

86. I see continuous issues with Congress and United States and the resignation of several senators and people within the circle of Congress .

87. New Orleans keeps showing up in my meditation as headlines. All I keep seeing is New Orleans but I do not see specific information that follows these headlines. My  feeling on this matter is that it is of two separate things, that of being a another political issue with leaders or mayor of the area of New Orleans for Louisiana.

88. I keep seeing the breaking of a large water levy  or dam that is to be protecting a specific city or town. I see this this levy breaking and water gushing throughout the streets of the specific area.

89. I see a vehicle drives through the gates of the White House in Washington DC in an attempt to bring fear to those of the White House. The vehicle does not make it very far through the gates for the person is  shot and killed instantly . Good thing this person is taken out as it looks to me that there could be a specific chemical or bomb explosion that is made from fertilizer & looks like to me that this is a van or truck that is driving through this fence.

90. We must keep in mind that people like the president of the United States and the Pope, religious and political leaders are nothing more than a puppet and have really no power. Voting for them is a complete joke being that they are not the ones that are running our countries. They are being run by those of the New World Order and underground societies that are directing our planet into a negative direction. Soon they shall be revealed and brought down. There are those who have a negative intent for our planet. They will secretly  drop chemicals from the sky and airplanes that are meant to change our DNA and blood cells. There are several different groups of species on our planet that have different DNA. There are three to four different groups of DNA species. One of these groups, related to the new world order, have a very bad intentions for others of the planet, They wish to destroy all but themselves. As good and evil collapse in on themselves our lord and father will destroy this negative species of DNA.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         91. The discoveries that take place in 2013 and into the next few years will absolutely blow us away. Including technology and computers that do things we could not currently possibly imagine.

92. I see all types of new robots that come out over the next few years. The home robot will become extremely popular within the next few years. These robots will come from China and Japan and be made by companies such as Yamaha and Honda.

93. Computer competition will bring the price of computers down even further. The same thing will happen with this new home robot. Three companies will compete greatly bringing down the price of these home robots therefore giving the average family the ability to purchase one.

94. Another thing that becomes greatly popular over the next few years is cars that drive themselves made by companies like Google and Garmin. These cars will be greatly beneficial to people who are blind or can not drive themselves. This technology will become extremely accurate and precise.

95. I see a UFO that looks abandoned in a farmers field or large area. Purposely abandoned as if it were put there for us to see. The discovery and openness of UFO’s and our galactic brothers and sisters will come to light over the next few years. We will have the ability to connect with these galactic brothers and sisters over the next five years. The governments are already aware of these galactic beings and have made contact but it has yet to been revealed to the people. More information about these galactic brothers and sister will come to light and be revealed over the next decade. There are at least three other life planets besides ourselves. One planet exists of very negative beings which do not hold our best interest and work in the dark light. The other two planets hold more love in their hearts then we could ever possibly imagine. We have not reached that point but they will help us to do so.

96. Major change will happen on our planet including the collapse of financial structures, governments, and political views, religions and so forth. The more we focus on fear during these trials and tribulations the more difficult it shall be. We must open our hearts and raise our vibrations in order to make it though these changes in a positive light. The prophesies that were read for December 21, 2012 have been misinterpreted and these things will come to pass in the next 15 years. The poles are already shifting and will continue to shift, We must open our hearts and pray for our planet and all living things. This will help us individually get through these major Earth changes. Those who do not will have a large struggle head. The prophesies of the past will come to pass, not in one day, over the next 15 years.

97. Another quake that occurs out in the oceans in 2013 or early 2014 that is larger then the 2011 Japan quake will cause our poles to shift once again, causing the glaciers to melt very quickly. Some scientists and NASA will deny all of this.

98. NASA is very aware of the planets shift along with the discovery of UFO’s and galactic beings, including the negative galactic beings referred to as the grays. They have kept this secret for way too long and soon all truths will be revealed. NASA has already had contact with other worldly beings. The grays have been driven away and the current UFO sightings are not that of the grays but of the brothers and sisters who hold so much love in the hearts and are here to help once again heal our planet. This is not the first time they have helped our planet.

99. We must open our hearts, raise out vibrations and focus on the love and gratitude in order to get to the right level on consciousness to make it through these Earth Changes the are ahead of us.

100. 3 small Earthquakes shake places in the United States that are not use to earthquakes. I do believe two of these are minor and hit the east coast. The other a bit larger and possibly hitting the west near New Mexico and even Mexico.

101. Storms of rage like we have never seen before. Storms will continue to build in strength and intensity over the next few years. Bringing with them tons of floods world wide and billions of dollars of damage. Some area’s will eventually be unlivable conditions.

102. Fukashema nuclear plant in Japan deals with more major issues. Government is hiding so many details which slowly come out in the media after a former employee blows the lid. Japan will also endure another large quake.

103. Tornadoes in the mid-west of United States also increase in frequency and intensity. I keep seeing a series of 7 tornadoes and 3 tornadoes simultaneously spinning in an intensity like never before. As I see this I see a large amount of open land, which has to be on the positive side in some way.

104. In the next few years there will be more named winter, spring, summer and fall storms then there have been in the past decade combined.

105. Protest break out throughout the world including in the United States. Riots and looting become an issue.

106. The Deaths of three major influential past leaders die in 2013. One being Nelson Mandela and I believe George Bush. Not sure of the third.