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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

2013 World & Celebrity Predictions Part 1

Below you will find the list of my 2013 World & Celebrity Predictions. It is so amazing to me how much the energy on the planet & my connection with Spirit have shifted so much. In a positive way of course. Even prior to December 21, 2012 the energy was shifting at an accelerating rate. This year when I went into my prayer ceremony & meditation for my 2013 predictions things were much different. When I go into my meditation I go really deep under. Almost at a sleep state. Therefore I do not usually remember many of the things I see and therefore record it on my digital voice recorder. This year when I listened back to the file I could not believe how much I did not remember seeing at all.

This was my fifth year doing predictions and this year was so different in the way I received information from spirit. Things came to me very clearly but at the same time I did not feel like I got the detail or as much info as I did in previous years. The reason I believe this has happened is mainly because the shift our planet is enduring. That along with the fact that now we have the ability to change things in a positive direction easier then in the past. Not just things in our personal lives but also on the entire planet. By shifting our focus strongly on the love & gratitude and steering clear of the fear. Our thoughts and words pave the way to our future. When you tell yourself you won;t have the money, or can't do something you have already set yourself up for failure. Instead see things in your mind the way you want them to turn out. Instead of worrying about not having money, see yourself with money.

Each and every day, several times a day, stop what you are doing and thank the universe and put love out to the universe. Especially when your paying bills, putting money in the bank, getting a paycheck, having a good meal and so forth. Very important times to thank the universe. Doing that along with sending love to our planet, the waters, the tree's, the air and the earth. It is up to us on an individual basis to begin to make this change by starting with ourselves. Often I hear people say to me they have issues focussing on love and gratitude bacuase of things going on in thier lives, people causing them issues and so forth. All of us, no matter who you are, have many things to be grateful for in you daily life. If your eating food, sleepong in a warm place, have a roof over your head and so forth alone is so much to thank the universe for. I promise you if you focus on this love & gratitude four to five times a day, also sending love to the planet, you will begin to see things shift in your life in as short as a weeks times.

We all have the power to make change to the planet and ourselves.Many of the predictions this year are based on the next few years. I marked them as much as possible. It is an amazing time for all of us to be on the planet. Things are going to change and shift in such a major way over the next 15 years. This is why it is so important for all of us to open our hearts and raise our vibrations. Getting yourself into that place of love, eliminating all fear, will help you to get through some of these major changes that are quickly approaching us on the planet .

I want to thank all of my fans and followers out there. My weekly radio show listeners have increased three times in the past 5 months and for that alone I am so very grateful. I have so much love & gratitude in my heart for all of you that follow me. I ask the angels & Divine to give blessing to all of you here now. Let us all make 2013 a year of positive change for ourselves and for our planet. Wishing you all the best in 2013.

This is part one of my predictions which were announced live on my yearly New Years Day World Predictions Radio Show. Be sure to go and listen to the episode if you have not already. I will get the rest of the predictions up in a few days.

2013 World & Celebrity Predictions Part 1

1: I see large missiles being launched from both planes and from missile launch pads. I see large explosions like never before throughout desert area’s. Very large bombs with great power and intensity. In middle east in late 2013 into 2014. One positive aspect is I see some missiles pointed at vacant area’s and hitting plain desert area’s with little to no casualties.  These missile launches are accidentally pointed in the wrong direction.

2: Not all cases. I see one large bomb explosion the looks to wipe out an entire city. City looks to me to already have heavy damage. This blast looks to be almost atomic or nuclear.
Chemical weapons not only become a worry or concern, they become a reality. I feel this odd presence of evil that resides in the middle east. An evil that compares to that of Hitler. I can only believe that this is related to Syria and more suffering that in endured in the middle east.

3: I’m stuck between both Syria, Egypt, Iran and Afghanistan in this part of my meditation. I believe the chaos may continue in all of these countries including Israel. all being a part of the chaos that will continue throughout the Middle East before peace finally reaps over the next 10-15 years

4: Unfortunately there will be mass destruction including the destruction of sacred temples and sacred sites of different religious cultures .

5: There becomes a religious battle and an attack involving others around the globe. I do see some  interference with the United States, Canada that also get involved, along with Germany, all joining together with the United States forces to help bring down a religious political leader.

6: You are going to see the continuous falls of religious leaders and both religions and leaders of different countries and areas that will continuously fall over the next few years. Bringing complete change for many areas and the planet. Change that will eventually lead to peace and love throughout those area’s also.

7: My fears is the over involvement of several countries into one specific country that is doing harm to its own people, possibly Syria, causes chaos amongst countries throughout the planet still lingering on the possibilities of a World War III.

8: I do believe that our prayers and our love sent to our planet and to certain areas including the leaders that are bringing destruction to the people including their own people, sending them love, sending them as much love as possible could shift this whole entire thing and make it into being not as disastrous as I see currently.  I strongly believe that we all have the powers together to shift things in a positive direction the place filled with love.

9: Throughout 2013 and in coming over the next four years are going to see such a major advancement in technologies that have not been reached in the past few decades combined. You will see advancements that will be mind boggling. Amazing accomplishments in the ways of both technology and medical advancements including cures for several types of cancers.

10: Including in late 2013 there will be breakthroughs in both breast and lung cancers.

11: Very hopeful situations arise in the advancement of cancer cures.

12: Great medical advancements that will include the removal and repairing of organs and replacement of newly grown organs.  In time organ donors will not be necessary beings specific organs will be able to be grown and repaired both.  Great positive medical advancements to our planet. One of these breakthroughs with organs and organ transplant will take place in October 2013.

13: October seems to be a very significant month. Keeps popping out within my meditation. These extremely major changes in the month of October will include both positive and negative of course.

14: There will be a lot of balance around the planet and the fact that there will be both positive and negative things occurring on a very major level unlike anything we have ever seen before. Some of the changes will include  major changes in the geographical makeup of our planet Gaia. We must send much Love & healing to our planet Gaia in order to make these shifts and changes a bit easier.

15: I see people being moved and relocated to other areas of the globe. Unfortunately many people do not cooperate with authorities & suggestions from authorities and other surrounding people. Including religious people who will also insist that certain people are relocated to different areas due to geographical changes within our planet.

16: A massive earthquake will take place in the oceans once again causing a rise of islands and the rise possibly of Atlantis which I do believe will take place over the next ten of years

17: In 2013 I do see a major earthquake that does take place in the middle of the ocean that will cause major destruction and in turn causing a tsunami that will hit a coastline that has never been hit before and has never expected to be hit before.

18: Again I see certain earthquakes that cause the rise in islands and things from the sea will become no longer in the sea. while other parts of the lands that surround the coast sink forever more.

19: I keep seeing major issues thanks to those associated with the Philippine’s. The coastlines of the Philippines are in great danger.

20: There is also a strong possibility in that area of the globe that there will be some type of wars or chaos that is experienced due to political agendas and political shifts. Keep in  mind that all the shifts that we see and  the downfalls of these different religious and political leaders will only lead us to a very positive place and a world that is filled with peace and love.

21: A new war breaks out in countries that are least expected to cause war.

22: North Korea causes more issues with their secrecy to the bombs that they are building. North Korea already has something very similar to a nuclear bomb that is some type of chemical warfare that could bring major destruction surrounding areas including South Korea. It seems like North Korea and its leaders are going to cause many issues to install fear into its own people and surrounding people which will bring complete failure to the country of North Korea and the fall of their current leaders

23: An assassination attempt that may go completely successful in the fact of one of the leaders of North Korea.

24: There will be three different assassinations and assassination attempts on major leaders and political leaders throughout the world in 2013 including the assassination and/or death of religious leaders such as the Pope.

25: Things will change as I see the burning flames breaking through the windows of  a church, a large and  beautiful church. I’m not sure if this symbolizes the fall of a specific religious organization, fire being the symbolizing of the burning up of this religion. Leaving nothing but ashes and memories that will remain in the history books. Not sure also if the fire that I see within this church, which I believe will be within the area of Italy & Rome, also symbolizing actual fire that may take place in an ancient very much cherished religious church that goes back to very ancient times going back to the 1500 or 1700s,  including artwork which may include famous artwork like that of Leonardo Divinchi .

26: A major art theft takes place in the museum that seems to be well protected but an inside job from guards or  the people that work within this place are to be  held responsible for the theft of specific very expensive $20 million pictures including pictures like that of Mona Lisa. I do keep seeing portrait of Mona Lisa not sure if this is because there will be something that occurs around the portrait of Mona Lisa or if this just symbolizes artwork. This could be two separate things that I am seeing, one related to a major theft that takes place, an inside job at a specific Art Institute or art gallery. Again I’m very much pulled to Rome Italy. This could also be a second thing. Could be issues that are related to something that occurs and hits the media around the portrait of the Mona Lisa. I also keep seeing a beautiful art prints of the Blessed mother Mary.  This could be included in one of the situation’s. I keep seeing article headline that reads “More than 100 hundred million dollars of art destroyed or missing” The fire actually could be a cover-up for a major theft takes place at the same art museum or gallery.  New York

27: New York city faces many problems in 2013 including a fall of something to do with the political agenda.

28: Problems will continue on the stock market especially after issues that are released to the media that pertains to war and issues between our country and others. Including  issues that will incur occur around the country of China. Imports and exports Businesses seem to be threatened in 2013-2014.  A strong possibility of the United States cutting off imports from a specific country or countries, that being possibly Japan or China.

29: I kept seeing the work Exodus, but not sure why. 

30: I see more problems arising around the Vatican in Rome. The Vatican will endure some type of major change within its normal system or political background makeup. The Vatican came to me so many times including issues that will occur around Pope Benedict over the next few years.  Possible that this could be two different things that are being crossed. That being an assassination or assassination attempt on Pope Benedict and/or the possibly fall of his health . It seems like Benedict may deal with an issue that is related to possibly pneumonia. I see continuous issues around the Vatican including  seeing Smoke that is rising out of the chimneys of the Vatican. White smoke and black smoke which usually often is the coming and going of the new Pope. Catholic Church will not be the only church to face difficult issues over the next 4 years. The Catholic church will endure more issues over the next three to four years then the Catholic Church has dealt with over the past century.

31: With this new love and raise in consciousness and vibration that is taking over our planet since December 21, 2012 will bring with it major changes including the changes of religious backgrounds and the opening of peoples hearts and the fall of specific religious agendas .Our hearts are opening more and more as we begin to slowly go back to our ancestral roots. We are going in the direction of love and spirituality will continue to grow at an alarming rate. People begin to discover their own healing abilities and begin a new path to good health and prosperity. If your heart is suddenly telling you something then get out there and do it this year.

32: Problems reap out from the Muslim community. Causing some of the darker side of religious communities to reach out towards others causing issues that will incur, issues that I see that will in turn bringing religious radicals to the dark side of doing harm and terrorism to others, other people and places.  Including a large explosion that reaps out from the blue van that I see parked on the street in a country looks unfamiliar to me. This specific blue van  that I see and the van bomb would be something more specifically intense than any other car bomb in the past histories.  I believe the specific car bomb in this van, that looks kind of shaped funny to me and the blue color that I see is more like a turquoise blue that is very much fading in color and looks slightly off.  I do believe that there is a specific chemical of some sort or something that is quite different than anything they have ever done in the past explosions and car bombings and terrorism.

33: Terrorism will be on the rise in 2013 thru 2015 again causing chaos amongst countries.

34: Egypt will face many more issues in 2013 including riots and the major destruction that is caused by angry people that roam the streets of Egypt causing destruction to places that are political related and  religious related. This in turn may cause issues between specific Egyptian peoples on different religious views going back and forth as to who is right. Things are very ego & power driven!

35: The number thirteen and the date the thirteenth will be very significant in 2013. April 10, 2013 seems to be a very significant date as is the number 11 or date the 11th. March 3, 9 and March 11 are also very significant and one of these dates may include an earthquake or weather related disaster.

36: I see a system of free3 different hurricanes that take place and to me seem to take form partially in the area of the Bermuda triangle. These three storms are phased out over the sea’s at an angle that looks very much like connecting the dots in making a triangle. They are many miles apart but all are around the same time, believing that this may be in September.

37: September the week of September 20-27th will also be a very significant time On our planet.

38: I see a very surprising resignation of a political leader, possibly one which will have to do with the United States. The resigning of a major political leader could be due to the fact that a political decision that may have caused him to cause harm to his own people and war of some sort that may have taken many lives.

39: I also keep seeing a article that reads more than 500 people killed in explosion or 5000.

40: Israel faces many issues in 2013-2014 including the destruction of some of its major sacred temples. Israel will not hold back in its retaliation against surrounding countries. It seems to me that Iran is not going to be the only country that Israel has to deal with. 

41: Also see one specific country possibly going back to either North Korea or Iran and even including Japan or China.  I see one missile being launched it looks to me like it is being launched and going in a very long distance. It travels thousands of miles and will be  blown out of the sky, possible by the United States, over the ocean or water harming none in this path.

42: Russia also faces issues in 2013 with its government and its failure to be able to make the people happy. Hunger strikes will also take place and the hunger will also become a huge issue throughout the Middle East and other surrounding countries including that of South America and Russia.  I see Russia having major issues once again that may cause people to line up for food for many days. This will not only occur in Russia but may also occur in surrounding countries that will experience a food shortage due to issues possibly related to actual weather and import issues.

43: There will be three major volcanoes that erupt in 2013 causing issues once again with airlines and the cancellation of hundreds possibly even thousands of different delays in airline travels for people frustration breaks out with the airlines over the cancellation of hundreds of cancellations.

44: December 10 and December 11, 2013 also seemed very significant to me.

45: Going back to the 3 hurricanes that I see off the coast, one of those being in the center of the Bermuda triangle, spread out directly looking like a pyramid or triangle not sure if all three of these make land but it looks like one begins to go in one direction and then takes total different loop going back into the direction that is just came from building more and more strength causing destruction to areas that were never hit before by a hurricane of this magnitude. 

46: One hurricane or Flood causes one area of the globe to go underwater perhaps for a very  long time  and indefinitely.

47: Wars in the middle east become a larger problem for not only those in the middle east but other countries that become more involved such as the United States & Russia. We must pray for those in the middle east and send love and peace.

The rest of my 2013 World predictions from my New Years Day Radio Show will be posted soon. Thanks again for following my work. Many blessings to you all.


Anonymous said...

I look forward to the rest of your predictions and I have a feeling they Will be the most important ones :)
Hope you'll elaborate on the part where you said that there are people on this Earth that came here in the seventies to do only GOOD to the people of the Earth. I was so fascinated by that...probably because I was born in 1976 ( 25th of July). And All My life I knew I was here to help people and do Good...and especially to do GOOD and give True Love to the greatest Lightworker that ever lived...and help him fulfill his Destiny! But sadly some people got in the way of this Divine plan and ruined everything only for their own ego manipulating plans. Ignorant fools not knowing what they really ruined, and what was Truly MEANT by the Divine spirit! Ignorant fools for thinking themselves better than the Perfect Divine plan in this Universe! When they forced their evil plans and their evil hearts upon him they ruined the TRUE LOVE and TRUE destiny and TRUE CHILDREN of Michael...yes I'm talking about Michael! Why can't these ppl see the damage they did instead of pretending falsely to the world they are good people??? Certainly noone less than another Lightworker was the TRUE ONE for Michael in this Universe...someone NEVER doing harm to others... It breaks my Heart to still After 19 years see those negative and evil ones claiming someone elses TRUE LOVE and Destiny... Just because of à "famous" name Inherited but certainly not earned! If doing someone Else wrong Will COME back tenfolds then those two Will experience it thousandfolds for the Lives taken by them interfearing WITH Michaels Destiny and certainly creating his death by keeping TRUE LOVE away from him... Sad ignorant and ego ppl get to take the Lives of GOODHEARTED ppl and Lightworkers of the world...Michael getting HIS TRUE LOVE was of essence for him being saved in this Universe...and it could ONLY have been done by HIS True One...!!! / Sandra

Anonymous said...

Please Joseph, you are My last hope...please make ppl realize that the Universe in itself is perfect, it does not create things unsolved or loose that's what people create when they mess with the Universal laws and create things not meant to be...then they ruin all the things meant to be created by the Divine Spirit itself! This IS what they did the second they brought in Lisa Marie Presley into the equation of Michael Jacksons life... Please, see that. The Divine of this Universe
already had a Perfect Destiny for Michael...the TRUE ONE for Michael already existed in this Universe once long ago created to COME to him with TRUE LOVE and therefore also save him!! These ppl along WITH unkind person LMP ruined that the second she was brought in they killed the Heart and True one for him WITH it...and without His TRUE ONE being able to COME to him from à broken heart, he would die...THATS what happened the second they brougt her into an equation she was NOT MEANT to be part in...she is NOT, nor Will she ever be part of Michael or his soulgroup! These ppl altered Everything pulling someone in to an equation she was NEVER meant to be part in... Michaels TRUE ONE is à Lightbearer of this Universe just like him and certainly nothing less...please see they ruined the...

Anonymous said...

Today's headline shows the Pope is resigning. Good job Joe. When are you posting the rest of the predictions

Anonymous said...

Congrats Joseph. Your major prediction about the Pope came true. Today, 2/11/2013, the Pope announced that he would be resigning due to health issues. Year after year you prove that you're the most accurate psychic out there. Keep up the good work, bro.

Anonymous said...

Since no one has made a comment.

#30. Right on target

Ella S said...

I'm so surprised that in all the world predictions there is not one about Scotland having its Independence referendum next year which could and hopefully will break up the United Kingdom. Can you not see anything relating to this Joseph, its a major thing in the UK.

Anonymous said...

ritgh about increase in ufo disclosure and openness

Anonymous said...

This may have something to do with #29

Unknown said...

#28 I have heard murmurings of US dollar losing significant value.

Anonymous said...

WOW! So many of the things happening with Syria and the middle east are coming true. Joseph, you are amazing!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Joseph, reading some of the Syria predictions I thought I was reading the news as is stands. Can you please elaborate on what you see for Australia?? Thank you.

OGSS said...

#41, 500 killed in an explosion. Sounds like the explosion here in Texas by the fertilizer plant. Love your stuff. Keep it up. Can't wait to hear 2014 predictions. :-)

OGSS said...

Sorry, number 39... although 41 did come true as well. :-)

Mimi said...

So accurate - #19. Philippines had an earthquake in Oct and the devastating high winded typhoon in Nov 2013. With these predictions people should prepare in advance. Prayers to all those affected by the forces of Spirit.