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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January 2013 Inspirational Message

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Happy New Year Everyone. I want to start by thanking all of you for your love and support over the past many years. I would also like to remind you that you can find me on Twitter and on my Face-Book fan pages. Like me most of you are so happy that 2012 is behind us now and just a thing of the past. 2012 was a rough year that came with it so much sudden change, life lessons and past life karma for most of us. A very challenging year indeed. If you were one of the lucky ones and did not experience extreme sudden change then look out for sudden change is still on the way for all of us during the first few months on 2013.  

We are entering into the Aquarian age and this is an exciting time for all of us to be on this amazing planet. Many of us are being forced to make major changes in our lives which will only lead us into a new light and a new level of consciousness. Our planet will rapidly change during this next cycle of 15 years and we must prepare ourselves and reach out and help as many as we can on the way.

If you feel like you are being in what seems to be forced into making very difficult decisions the first part of the year take this as a good thing. Ready yourselves for change and open your hearts to positive change so that when that change does come it makes it just a bit easier to bear through. You will be presented with many past issues which will arise and become a challenge once more. The reason for this is so that we can review the situation once more, learn from it and move on for good.

We are going into a time of renewal and all new  and good things can flow in all of our lives once more. In order for these new things to come we must first be strong and finally let go of the old things. It is a good year to end stale relationships and friendships. A time to start a new career path or business. Or even a new romance or love interest as the spring begins to bloom. If you begin a new romance or love interest in the first quarter of the year take it slow and just have fin with it while keeping in mind that it may not last long.

Now is more of a time to focus on yourself and where you want you life to be instead of focusing on love or relationships, if you are single that is. You are single for a reason and that reason is so that you can learn to love yourself and get yourself together so that when Mr. or Mrs. right does come along you are ready for that new beginning. If not, you will only walk backwards and repeat your steps in turn slowing you down from any life progress. Remember, keep the past in the past and try not to dwell.

2013 will also be a huge year when it comes to health challenges. So I warn you now, start taking great care of yourself now so that the Universe does not have to remind you. For when the Universe has to remind us it usually is not in a pleasant way. Then you will end up with some really trying times with your health in early Spring and summer. When I say taking care of yourselves I mean this in so many ways.

We must raise our vibrations by first committing ourselves to a daily exercise routine. Yoga can also be extremely helpful. We must watch what we are putting into our bodies and try our best to eat ONLY organic foods and foods that are free of antibiotics and hormones. Foods that are processed, come from a can or fast foods all lower your vibrations. As do things like fluoride. Those with a low vibration will get sick often, sometimes with very serous illnesses. 2013 is not a year to play around with your health or well being. Doing so will leave you behind in the dust with nothing but regrets and delays in your progress of reaching your blissful place.

We all deserve to reach our blissful place and in order to do so we must first work on ourselves. How can we heal, help or love others if we do not love and heal ourselves first? Make 2013 the year that you remember forever as the year that brought you the most progress and positive change. If you have the urge to move,then move! If you are not happy in your relationship, then move on! If you are not happy going to work every day, then change your career! There is nothing stopping you but yourself and there is nothing you can not achieve in 2013 if you set your mind to it. The next two months is the perfect time to get these goals set in your mind and kick their butts. Do a vision board if it helps you stay focused on these goals.

It is also of the utmost importance that you focus daily on Love & Gratitude. you may hear me say this often and I only do because I know how powerful this can shift our lives. Waking up every day saying to yourself "What can I do today to help others and myself?" And do it! Know in your heart that it will be and soon it will. See the future you want to achieve instead of fearing what you don;t want to happen. We create our future with our own words and thoughts. 2013 is the year to manifest things in your life like never before. We all have the ability to do so. Ask you angels and guides for help and thank them with love and gratitude and help will be on its way. Also, say yes to everything new in 2013. Any new opportunity that presents itself does so for a reason. Jump on it before it goes away. Procrastination in 2013 is likely to cause losses.

I wish you all the best in 2013 and thank you all once more for your love and support. Thank you to all my radio show listeners as well. In the past 5 months the amount of listeners has tripled and for that alone I an so grateful. I will be posting my 2013 World Predictions on my blog in today. They will also be included in the February newsletter. Be well and may your heart be guided by the light.

With Love, Gratitude & Desire To Inspire.
Joseph Tittel


Anonymous said...

amazing predictions!! no sign of new Pope! good luck Joseph!

Anonymous said...

Amazing Predictions Joseph!! today, no sign of new Pope!!