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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Basic Feng Shui For Your Home Or Office

The following post is taken from an article in my July Newsletter.

For so many years I have heard of Feng Shui but never went on to explore the subject. I have heard a few things surrounding the subject like bringing the elements into your home. Like have a fountain to bring water, candles for fire and plants for earth and air. Then I met my friend Tori while filming America's Psychic Challenge in California. She talked to me a little about the subject and even more when Bob and I went to visit California last year and spent a day with Tori. She opened my eyes to the subject and gave us a few different feng shui coin amulets to place in different areas of our home. This sent me on my way to research more on the topic and bring a little more feng shui to our home and office.

I happ
en to really love bamboo plants. When I found out that they bring good energy into the home and office and are used in Feng Shui I just had to get some. I found that they were rather expensive in different stores and nurseries. So what I did was researched companies online including wholesale companies until I found a really cheap site. They had every size and shape of bamboo you can think of and supplies like the gold wire ties you use to wrap the bamboo together, also used in Feng Shui.

After choosing a pretty large assortment of bamboo and placing my order I
headed to AC Moore and Michaels craft store. I looked for different vases and glass planters along with different colored stones and rocks so I could design my own bamboo pots. The process is rather easy and the bamboo was pretty cheap, but the planters and stones were a little pricey. Then you simply make your bamboo bundles using the gold wire ties, place them in your pot and fill the pot or vase with stones and rocks. Add water and place in different areas of your home according to the Feng Shui map and if possible in each room of your home or office. Bamboo is very easy to care for needing very little light and they are not fussy plants.

First you should look online for the Feng Shui Bagua, or map as I refer to it as. This will show you what the different areas of your home represent. For example, if you were to walk into your home and go to the far left corner of the home you would be in the wealth and prosperity area. You would want to keep that area clean from all clutter and bring in some of the elements to bring more wealth and prosperity into your home and life.

You also can use different Feng Shui amulets that are hung in different areas of your home to bring good energy and Feng Shui to certain aspects of your life. There are ones you hang in each corner of your home and even ones to hang from your door knob. My friend gave me a few of these charms and then I went on line and researched a place to buy a few more. There are so many different symbols and charms that can be used for Feng Shui. There are two dogs that guard your front door and even a gold frog that brings prosperity and money.

Even though Feng Shui is very deep and complex, working on just the basics can bring powerful changes to your life. To stick with the basics just map out the areas of your home and learn the meanings of each area. Be sure to clean this area up, free of all clutter. Add a bamboo plant and any other element that represents that area. Some areas represent wood so you would place something wood in that area. The area located in the front middle of your home, where your front doors is located, is your career area and its element is water. Therefore, this is a good place to add a fountain to your home.

I have included a link to my past radio show when I talked to Tori about basic Feng Shui. I hope this will help you learn some more of the basics of Feng Shui in detail so that it can help you bring some change into your home. You can also find a lot just by using Google, especially if you are searching for the amulets and bamboo. You will be surprised how much cleaning up an area and bringing in the good Feng Shui energy can really effect your life and help you live to your full potential.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Magical Powers of Candles & Prayers

Last month I wrote the following article for my June newsletter. I thought candles and prayers, sometimes called spells, was an interesting topic that could be put to use by anyone who would like to make positive changes in different area's of their lives and even others. Then I thought what a great idea to bring this topic to my weekly radio show "Journey Into The Paranormal".

I learned about the magic of candles and the meaning of the colors when I was about fourteen years old. Many years ago I owned a new age metaphysical shop and sold everything one needed to conduct a candle prayer and so much more. So I have seen and experienced this first hand and it works well and can help with many things such as healing or getting a job. I highly recommend that you also listen to the archive of the radio show I did on the subject in which I go into even more detail on how to properly bless candles and so much more.
June 2009 Newsletter

Candle burning goes as far back as the ancient Egyptians. They were not used by the Egyptians just for light, they also used them in forms of prayer and ritual. From ancient times all the way up to the present time candles are widely used in the practice of prayer and ritual. When you go into a church there are candles burning on the alter and it is certainly not because the priest needs some light. We see candles at weddings when they are lit to ensure a long happy marriage. They are even burned at funerals in honor of the dead. Candles have a special energy and power to them, a power that many are not aware of.

People light candles for prayer and that is OK. Some think when a candle is lit to help bring a little love into your life then it is considered spell casting and therefore evil or even black magic. Well that is not at all the case. A spell is simply an intention that is put out into the universe. Whether it be a simple prayer at bed time or lighting a candle at church for your sick Aunt Edith, it is still a spell. Even though your own thoughts can create your own future, candles bring more of a charge to that intent. This is why it is important to always project positive energy and positive thoughts, it affects our energy and our lives. The same goes for burning candles for a specific intent. The intent should always be positive.

People burn candles in the room just to bring a nice change to the atmosphere. The actual color of the candles also have a lot to do with the energy they will attract. In the past I have heard many people relate black candles to evil or dark magic. This is not at all true. Anything can be used for both a positive or negative result. Black is actually a good color of candle to burn to help get rid of negative energy or for a banishing. I have provided a list below of all the colors and their meanings. But first you should realize a few things on candle burning and how to get better results.

For starters you should never burn a candle with a negative intent. For example, do not burn a candle to get a certain person to fall in love with you. That is actually consider dark and you should try this instead. Try burning a red candle to attract the right person to you and if you are currently having a problem in a relationship you may want to put out an intent like "Please allow my relationship to go in the direction it needs to soon for the good of the two of us and the good of all." You can burn candles to help you with psychic work or to help someone through the healing process.

You can start off doing something that is pretty simple such as picking the appropriate color candle, lighting it and saying a little prayers. In most cases you should use a long taper candle or a smaller candle and unscented too. You want a candle that is going to burn out in a few hours. You could also go with the seven day novena candles. these are the tall candles in the glass that you see often in churches. When using the novena candles you are to let them burn for days until they burn out completely. Each day at a specific time you should repeat your prayer. It will help greatly if you use the creative visualization meditation that was in last months newsletter. You want to picture in your mind your intent happening and coming true.

Some people also believe in blessing their candles and even burning the candles on specific days of the week and during different phases of the moon. I certainly would pay attention to the moon phases when doing a candle prayer. If you are looking to gain something such as love, maybe a candle for a new job or career,you should do so during the waxing moon. That is the time from the new moon to the full moon. If you are trying to rid yourself of something, like a habit or illness, then you should do this during the waning moon. That is between the full moon and the new moon. I gave complete details of how you should bless your candles along with the proper oils and incense on my past radio show.

One other thing I would like to mention. The list below of the colors and their meanings is not only effective in candles, its also effective in the clothing you wear and the rooms you spend a lot of time in. At home I have a room we call the Angel room. Of course its name comes from the collection of Angels in the room. This is a place where I do my psychic work, meditation, prayer and so forth. We painted this room and the room in my office where I do readings purple and lavender. Shades of purple is a strong color to attract psychic energy and that was my exact intent when painting those rooms. You should never paint rooms in you home dark colors and should really avoid wearing all dark clothing. This can have a great effect on your moods and on how others people actually view or judge you. Bright cheery colors are best.

There are many books out there that teach more about burning candles and even books with prayers that go along with the candle burning. I have including a simple prayer below that I learned from a friend many years ago. You can simply change it around to fit your needs. When she gave me the prayer there were blank spaces that have to be filled in. I underlined the words where the blank spaces would have appeared. These are the words you can change to fit your intent. I thought this was a fascinating subject to share with you. Some of us never realized that candle prayers go back into ancient times and we still do it today, even on your birthday when you make a wish and blow out the candles. Good luck with you candle prayers and may this article inspire you to make a positive change in your life.

Prayer - As you light the candle repeat the following three times. allow the candle to burn out completely.

"In the name of the light, who is the lord of the universe. May the light and energy of this candle remove all fear, negativity and doubt and transmute to a powerful Healing force. May this candle attract Healing, positive energy to Mary Ellen Smith. For the highest good of all and for the good of the universe, so be it, so be it, so be it."

Candle Color Meanings

Intellect, wisdom and honor, action, inspiration and creativity, studying and intelligence, concentration, memory, logic, learning, attraction, confidence, Mental powers, intellect, inspiration, concentration, retention of memory, energy, cheerfulness, sunny disposition, changes, endurance, stability and security. Yellow strengthens the imagination and concentration in prayer and meditation. Is used in prayers in which the trust of a person is gained or in which one wants to convince someone, like a judge.


Energy, vitality, and strength, health, passion, sex, love, protection, fire, fertility, fast action, strength, potency, lust, blood, Physical love and passion, courage, warmth, energy, attraction, magnetism, desire, action, physical strength, power, willpower.

The Balance of all colors: Spiritual enlightenment, cleansing, clairvoyance, healing, truth-seeking, purity, innocence, clarity and unity, Dawn, purification, peace, truth, protection, spirituality, General work, cleansing, repels negativity; use to bring peace, spiritual strength, truth, purity; heals emotions, and provides protection. Helps to attract spirit and angels.
Note: White can also be used in place of any other candle color.

Devotion, love, tenderness and faith, friendship, romance, honor, spiritual healing, caring, affection, forming partnerships, peace, emotional healing, Universal love, purest form of love, love that is unconditional, spiritual love without sex connotation, raises vibrations, sensitivity, healing.
The color of femininity, Honor, Pleasantness – enhances joyful and lively conversation.

Enlightenment, protection, success, wealth, money, masculinity, playfulness, luck, divination, victory. Enhances communication and attracts the power of cosmic influences; Useful in prayers which are designed to gain fortune or money

Mother consciousness, manifestation and selflessness, Spirituality, Psychic energy compassion, understanding, inspiration, make contact with Higher-Self, attract spiritual assistance from your Angels, very calming.

I use blue often when doing healing work. Blue is a powerful color of healing and is often associated with business success. Communication, truth, peace, calm, loosing weight, wisdom, understanding, protection, harmony, inspiration, truth, patience, health and happiness, communication, loyalty, peaceful, cooling, contentment, idealism, harmony, devotion, meditation.

Cleanses negative attitudes, situations and places, Happiness, business deals, attracting good things, success, career, goals, stimulation, attraction, power, luck, sudden changes, Warmth, energy building, enthusiasm, attracts success and prosperity, emotional healing, attracts friends, courage and ambition. Also good when trying to do work with your dreams, remembering your dreams and attempting Astral Projection.

Earth, a balanced color. Prayers for material gain, eliminates indecisiveness, furthers powers of concentration, learning, telepathy. Expands financial success, finds lost items. Material prosperity, Home, friendships, balance, animal magic, earth magic, concentration and studying, wealth, success, intuition, psychic powers and ESP. Protecting pets, Said to help find lost items.

Use with white candle to neutralize effects of karma and ego. Ancient wisdom, the third eye, psychic powers, meditation, spirituality, success, confidence, hidden knowledge, protection, divination, All forms of expansion, expands what you already have, spiritual protection, power, wisdom, healing, recognition, enhances psychic ability, Recognition in work, contact with spirit world and attracting Angelic Energy.

Compassion for self and others, higher mystical powers, humor, Love, romance, opening the heart, forgiveness, compassion, healing, joy, creativity, endurance, strength, stability and security.

restoration and rejuvenation

Strength, Success, Idealism, psychic revelation; Ideal for rituals which are designed to secure Ambition, Independence and financial success or to establish contact with the other, spiritual world; Enhances Neptune energy.

(beige): neutrality, balance and harmlessness

Burning black with any other color dissolves negative energies! Protection, hex-breaking, reversing, banishing, destroying evil or negativity, binding, and repelling. Also used for healing very powerful illnesses.

Silver: (Light Grey)
Victory, Stability, Meditation, Developing
Psychic Ability, Removal of Negative Power, Repelling Destruction,
Cancellation, Neutrality, Stalemate.

Green: Used for attraction of all sorts. Money, luck, Wisdom, Earth and Earthly Beings. Good for Healing and for Healing Pets use along with a blue candle.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I hope that this post helps you in your life in many ways. I hope to inspire and hope that I have inspired you in some way and continue to inspire you in the future.
With Love & Light

Saturday, July 11, 2009

New Events Posted & Up-coming Radio Shows

We have just added several new events to my web site including one last office gallery on Monday July 27. I will also be doing another event at the Holiday Inn in Bensalem, PA in September and back to Bordentown, NJ. You can also catch me next Friday evening in Doylestown, PA. Tickets are available on the web site. Keep in mind that we do not mail tickets, we go by a role call list. These events usually sell out pretty quickly so you may want to get them soon. I have a few things pending and want to keep the month of August free from all events. We will also be moving from our office in the beginning of August and will have to wait to re-locate. All readings will be done over the phone beginning August 1.

My radio show "Messages From The Other Side" now airs every other Tuesday afternoon now. My next shows on WBCB are July 21 and August 4. If you would like to call into the show to ask a question you have to tune in to listen for the word of the day. We announce that right before the phone lines open. You have to listen to the show in order to call in. My second radio show "Journey Into The Paranormal" airs every Tuesday evening from 8 to 9PM. At times I do have a 90 minutes show. I'm thinking about changing the time to 9PM, so keep an eye out for that. I'm excited that for three week in the running the show has climbed to the top spot in the Spirituality category on Blog Talk Radio and in the top ten of all their shows. Thank you to all the listeners and fans of the show for helping it become popular.

Each week I bring a different topic to the show and the first Tuesday of each month I do readings on the show. On August 25 Lisa Williams will be on the show and will be taking calls, no readings though. This coming Tuesday July 14th the topic will be "Candles & Prayers, How To Manifest Positive Things In Your Life By Using Candles And Prayers." I will be taking your calls and talking about the topic. Always tune in to find out if I will be doing any readings. I will have several other Mediums and Guests coming on the show soon. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter on the right column of this blog to receive information on up-coming shows, events, monthly messages, articles and more. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day and thank you for taking the time to read this blog post.