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Monday, August 27, 2007

Hanging out in LA

Here I sit in my hotel room bored and missing home already. I have not even been here a full day and I'm really missing everyone. At the top of my blog you will find a little video that Bob created for his blog. I just discovered this on his blog and it brought tears to my eyes. Bob is so creative, GO BOB!

I arrived in LA at about 5:30, or 8:30 EST. The flight was long, but good. I saw two actors on the flight which was cool. One actor was Kevin Dillon and the other I believe is Mathew Connolly. I was a bit star stuck for a brief moment. I would be even more star struck if it was someone like Stevie Nicks. That was the first time I ever seen a celebrity in a public place.

It's about 10:30 here in LA now and I have nothing to do but blog and watch television. Tomorrow I have a few things to do in the afternoon, but at least I can sleep in. Tuesday and Wednesday I imagine I have a very busy schedule. I'm going to be doing allot of prayer and meditation. My project here means so much to me and I'm praying for the best outcome. I can not wait till I can share it with you all.

I'm also posting some pictures that were sent to is from Camp Kindle. This is a children's camp for those infected or affected by HIV/aids. A few months ago Bob put together a beanie baby drive to raise more then 500 beanie babies for the kids. They sent over some pictures of the kids with the beanies that I just have to post. It is such a nice feeling to do things for those who appreciate it. If your ever looking to do something for kids, check out camp Kindle. God Bless.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Heading Out

I will be heading out today to finish up my project in LA. If there is a time that I need some prayers of support, now would be a good time. Once again I thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers during this time. I'm not even sure how long I will away for, but hopefully at least ten days. I will be doing more prayer and meditation then I think I have ever done while I'm away.

I have a great announcement about the Halloween Breast Cancer Event this October 28Th. As you know joining the special speakers will be Susan Apollon, author, psychologist and intuitive. Along with Susan will be Doctor Beth DuPree, Author and expert on the subject of healing and breast cancer. You may visit her web site at for more information. I'm still waiting to hear from the Garden State Ghost Hunters Society to see if they will join the venue. It is going to be an excellent event.

Boni, a friend of ours from the Ghost Hunters Society, mentioned that the Courier Times called her about the article. She mentioned that the article should be published in the Buck's County Courier Times on Monday August 27, which is tomorrow. I will not be here to see the article, but I will look for it on line. Looking forward to reading what Theresa's article in the paper. Thank you Theresa.

Most likely I will not get a chance to write in my blog while away. I will try my best to check up on things. During this time we will not be taking any appointment's for readings. We have put this off until September 10. It's going to be quite difficult for me over the next week, so blogging will be the least of my concerns. Once again thank you everyone for you support and prayers. God Bless.....

Friday, August 24, 2007


As most of you know by now, I will be heading back out to California. Bob and I have spent the past few days switching everyone appointments. I know this is as frustrating for you as it is for us, again I apologize. An important project has come up and I must work with that first.

You may already know about my trip this summer to the Eastern State Prison in Philadelphia. I was asked by producers to join a team of ghost hunters as the psychic medium helping them find some activity. The experience was unbelievable and I can not wait to see it air. The show is called Mysterious Journey's and will air on the travel channel. I just received some
tentative dates and times for airing from Boni. Boni is in charge of the Garden State Ghost Hunters Society. We grew to become good friends and I hope to join them in the future for other ghost investigations.

Mysterious Journey's will air on the Travel channel during the
following tentative dates. These dates may and most likely will change, so keep an eye out.
oct.26th...9pm,and 1am
Oct.29th 5pm
Nov.16th 6pm and 12 am
Nov.17th 10am
I will post a message and send out an email when the dates are confirmed.

Recently I was thinking about my seventh and ninth grade English teacher. I was never good in English class and Mrs.
Trendler would allow me to write short stories for extra credit. This helped me to really get through English. She once said to me "One day you will have your own book out". Well with that encouragement I believe she has helped my spirit to write my first book. I want to find her now and thank her for being such a wonderful teacher and person. Teachers need to know when they are doing a great job.

The other day I received an email from a client who works for the school district in which I went to school. She mentioned my high school secretary and I remembered her well also. She forwarded my information to Mrs.
Trendler and also to another teacher who had a big impact on my life. Mr. Mass. was my twelfth grade work experience teacher. He encouraged me to go for my goals and helped me make it to honor roll my senior year. I can't wait to send them both my book with a letter letting them know how great of teachers they were. I believe they are both retired now.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Home Sweet Home

I arrived home the other day after an exhausting week in LA. My time is limited here at home, I will be leaving again in a few days. Unfortunately I will have to cancel all appointments from now through September 7. We will not be scheduling any new appointments until after the 7 Th. Please note that new appointments will be charged the new rates listed on the site.

We have been working hard here on getting out my new book and planning the up-coming Breast Cancer Event. I'm happy to announce that Doctor Susan Apollon author of Touched By The Extraordinary will be one of our guest speakers at the event. There will also be a Breast Cancer survivor speaking about her experience. We are also waiting to hear from Doctor Beth Dupree about speaking at the event.

My new book Messages From The Other Side was released and will be available for shipping some time next week. We will be calling all appointments to cancel or reschedule over the next few days. Once again I apologize for the inconvenience. I do have other obligations that I will have to meet first.

The Buck's County Courier Times has delayed to publishing of the article I mentioned earlier in the blog. Everything happens for a reason and I'm sure the good lord has something in store. The article is still going to be published some time in the near future. It may even end up in this weekends paper. Keep your eyes out for that one. Once again I thank everyone for their prayers and support. Please keep up the good work because I sure will need it over the next few weeks. God Bless You All.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Coming Home

Its now 9Am here in LA and I'm packing my things and Flying home to take care of some business. Even though I'm physically and emotionally exhausted at this point, I still had a great time here in California. Its a long flight and beings I have gotten practically no sleep the past two nights, hopefully I will sleep on the plane. I can not wait to see Bob and the dogs.

I don't think I have ever spent as much time in Prayer and meditation as I have here over the past few days. What has really overwhelmed me with emotion was the presence of my mother the entire time I have been here. Mom made sure that I knew that she was with me by showing me so many signs. I'm so fortunate to have this gift and to be able to acknowledge my mother presence.

At one point I was sitting outside in a holly place praying to the blessed mother, god and my spirit when I received a special sign from mom. I turned and to my right was a big statue of the blessed mother and directly behind her was two nice sized poinsettia plants planted outside in the ground. Poinsettias were my mothers favorite flowers and I would have never expected to see them planted outside in California during the month of August. A sure sign that my mother was with me and the blessed mother was hearing my prayers.

I will only be back home for maybe a week at most before heading back out again. Once again I'm going to have to change many of my scheduled appointments. I hope that those who have these appointments understand that I have no other choice but to re-schedule them or refund their deposits. Believe me I very much want to get everyone in for appointments but have an obligation to meet.

Some more news that may upset some clients is the changes that I will be making in my reading and gallery fee's. Through all of my prayer and meditation this weekend I did receive a message from spirit in reference to my fee's. There are things that I need to have and can not effort such as health insurance. I'm very busy and booked pretty solid and should not have to struggle with my finances. This change is something I have been avoiding for a long time. Spirit also mentioned my fee's are much less then the average psychic mediums. Most of my psychic friends charge between 200 and 350 per half hour. It's really the time for change.

Anyone who is already scheduled for a private appointment or home gallery will be paying the old rates. We will not be taking any more new client appointments until after September 7 Th. The fee's for a private session will now be $125. for 30 minutes and $250. per hour. To add another family member to your session will include an additional fee of $50.00 per person for each half hour session. Home gallery sessions will be increased by $150. making the local rate for a home gallery $750. There will also be an increase in our required deposits from $25. to $50. for private sessions and now $250. for home gallery's.

The new fee's will be in effect immediately for all appointments that are not already scheduled. This is something that needs to be done according to my angel guides. I can recommend other psychic mediums if anyone requests this. Please note that any of the mediums that I would recommend charge a much higher fee then I do. All of these changes will be posted on the web site tomorrow. Please do not call us to re-schedule, but rather wait for a call from us for your appointment may not change. Also, please do not have anyone call to schedule an appointment until after September 7 Th.

Once again thank you all for your prayers and support. God bless you all.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Sunny California

I hope everyone is visiting my blog while I'm away in California. I arrived the other day at the LA airport where I was picked up and taken to a hotel outside of LA in the city of Van Nuys. The three hour time difference really screwed me up I must say. Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit Pasadena and it had the most beautiful views. Its amazing that the city is flat and surrounded by mountains. Today is Friday and finally I feel refreshed and more like myself.

When I talked to Bob and told him yesterday that I felt overwhelmed with emotion, he did not understand that. I don't understand either and its really weird that at times I just want to cry. I think it may be for many reason, but one main reason is I know my mother is with me here and actually received signs of moms presence.

Yesterday morning when I got out of bed I turned on the TV. My mother was a huge, huge, Elvis Presley fan. Mom often sends me signs in odd ways with Elvis Presley. As you know all over the television they were talking about the 30Th anniversary of Elvis' death. That's when I really became overwhelmed with emotion. The I watched an interview with Lisa Marie, who I absolutely adore. I even purchased her last album which is really good. She just recorded the hit Elvis song In The Ghetto and I'm going to download it as soon as I'm done here.

I really miss Bob and the dogs Newbie and Precious. I have only been here a few days and I'm already becoming home sick. I want to continue to write in this blog, but something just came up and I have to run. Please pray for me. God bless you all!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Off To LA

Tomorrow afternoon I will flying from Philadelphia to LA. I'm very excited and nervous at the same time about the entire opportunity. I know God has chosen me to do this and the outcome will be positive I'm sure. We will not be scheduling any new appointments between now and August 22. If you have an appointment between then you most likely have been contacted already to re-schedule. Once again I apologize for any inconvenience.

Yesterday I spoke with Theresa, a reporter from the Buck's County Courier Times. We discussed my experience at the Eastern State Pen and the new show Mysterious Journey's. We also talked about my new book and the up-coming Breast Cancer Fund Raiser on October 28Th. She will also be talking to the Garden State Ghost Hunters Society and the producers of Mysterious Journey's. The article is to be published in the paper some time between Friday and Sunday. I will be away and will not know the exact date of the article until I get back home.

I thank everyone for all the messages and e-mails of support and good luck on my trip. God Bless.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I want to thank everyone for the dozens and dozens of messages I received wishing me luck on the up-coming filming. It is such a heart warming feeling to know that so many people care for me and the work that I do. Thanks you all and God bless you.

I also received dozens of calls from clients worried about their appointments being canceled. At this time I honestly do not know exactly when I will be away and how long that will be for. My feelings are that I will be flying out to California some time in the middle of next week. I should know some exact dates within the next few days, or by Monday. I could get a call requesting that I leave on tomorrows flight.

As far as I know at this point, anyone with appointments after September 9Th should have no problems. It looks like I will be in town that week. Anyone wishing to make an appointment is going to have to wait until late next week. Bob will not be booking any more appointments for private readings for at least the next 7 days. People who have appointments that need to be canceled may be rescheduled and are entitled to receive their deposits back if they decide to cancel all together. This is only those affected by my being out of town.

Today I had three appointments not show up at all. This is why we require the deposit. One client insisted that her Friend would drop off the payment and never did. We called her and did not get an answer or a machine to leave a message. This is very frustrating for us and clients who have been waiting 6 weeks or longer to get an appointment. Basically not showing up and not calling us back is very inconsiderate to us and our clients. This is why we will now require deposits to be paid within three days of making your appointment or your appointment will be canceled out. We will no longer call clients asking for their deposits, but instead reschedule someone else in your place. This allows those who really want and need a session to have the ability to do so sooner.

Yesterday I received an e-mail from a reporter at the Buck's County Courier Times. She is the same reporter that did the story on me last October. A very nice young lady that writes some great articles. She got wind of me being on the show and wanted to do a story about it. She actually e-mailed me several times asking about doing an interview. Unfortunately going by the contact rules I can not talk to reporters unless it is approved by producers. I totally understand why they would incorporate this rule. I did let one of the producers know that I was contacted and it will be passed on to PR person for the show.

I'm not exactly sure of any the details of what I may be walking into. I have faith in my spirit guides and in God. So I have no doubt that spirit has a mission for me to accomplish for this opportunity to come to me. I am extremely grateful that God has granted me the gift of doing the work that I do. I am also grateful that after so many years of hard work and trying to bring my messages to many others I'm now moving on to the next level. Without my faith in my spirit, God and all of you who support my work, I would not be where I am. For all of this I am so grateful.

Have faith in yourself, your spirit, and in God and your life will be blessed.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Good New's

Today was a great day with some good news that came my way. Last week I anxiously waited around hoping to receive a phone call from producers in California. I was fortunate enough to receive a few calls from them in the past and to go through several interviews. Thursday of last week I did receive another call from the producers. I was happy to hear the news that I was chosen as a possibilty to be a part of the filming. What this meant exactly was a little unclear to me. I was not yet chosen for the filming, but there was a possibility. Next would come release forms and a contract.

I filled out all the appropriate papers that were sent to me next day and I returned them the same way. Today I received another call from the producers. I was informed that I have been chosen to participate in the filming. You could imagine the excitement that overwhelmed me when I heard the news. I wanted to jump up and down screaming, but didn't want to blow out the producers ear drums. I can not really tell you much more about the filming because I do not think I can talk about it until it airs. I will also ask producers exactly what I can write about if anything and also if I can place a link on my site to the shows site.

All of this came to me rather quickly and I know it is meant to be. I had a strong feeling that I would be getting a call from them. I said that to Bob and he reminded me that I strongly believe that God has brought all of this to me for a special reason.

I will know in the next day or two exactly when I will be leaving for California for the filming. I'm not even sure if the filming will even be in California, but its a good guess. I know I will be leaving rather soon, within the next week or two. Please send your thoughts and prayers my way for I am very nervous. I really hope that I do well in the competitions and that the producers have no regrets on choosing me for the show. I'm sure that they will have no regrets and we will all have a great time filming.

The only thing about doing the filming is that now we will have to cancel all appointments. Over the next few days Bob and I will be calling clients to re-schedule their appointments to a later date. Clients will also be able to cancel their appointments all together if they wish to do so. I recommend that they re-schedule right away so that they can get an appointment. I'm sure once October hits I will be overwhelmed with things.

Some of you may be aware that my 13 year old niece Rhiannon was diagnosed with cancer last year. I'm happy to report that she finished her treatments of chemotherapy and radiation last month and is doing well now. The cancer is gone and she will have to go for follow ups over the next two years. I would like to thank everyone for their thoughts, prayers and support during Rhiannon's battle with this terrible disease.

Today I had a session with a very good client Jackie. I first met Jackie's mother when I first began reading the Tarot at the age of 19. Her and the entire family have been coming to see me ever since we first met. During our first meeting I told her mother that she would eventually own several realist ate companies. At the time I don't even think she had her real estate licence. Well she now owns several real estate offices and is doing very well.

Jackie came to me today with some news that I was very happy to hear. About 6 months prior to today her family came to me for a group session. They were very concerned because their father was diagnosed with cancer. I assured them that he would make it through and everything was going to be OK. When Bob told me that Jackie and her mother scheduled appointments with me I got a bit concerned hoping everything was good with them. Well Jackie informed me that her father finished his treatments and is now a cancer survivor. I was very happy to hear that news from her. At the same time I felt bad over the recent loss of her grandmother who came through during the session. She sent a congratulations to Jackie and she smiled knowing exactly what her grandmother was talking about. After the session ended she told me she was pregnant. I'm glad to see good things happen to those who deserve it.