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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I want to thank everyone for the dozens and dozens of messages I received wishing me luck on the up-coming filming. It is such a heart warming feeling to know that so many people care for me and the work that I do. Thanks you all and God bless you.

I also received dozens of calls from clients worried about their appointments being canceled. At this time I honestly do not know exactly when I will be away and how long that will be for. My feelings are that I will be flying out to California some time in the middle of next week. I should know some exact dates within the next few days, or by Monday. I could get a call requesting that I leave on tomorrows flight.

As far as I know at this point, anyone with appointments after September 9Th should have no problems. It looks like I will be in town that week. Anyone wishing to make an appointment is going to have to wait until late next week. Bob will not be booking any more appointments for private readings for at least the next 7 days. People who have appointments that need to be canceled may be rescheduled and are entitled to receive their deposits back if they decide to cancel all together. This is only those affected by my being out of town.

Today I had three appointments not show up at all. This is why we require the deposit. One client insisted that her Friend would drop off the payment and never did. We called her and did not get an answer or a machine to leave a message. This is very frustrating for us and clients who have been waiting 6 weeks or longer to get an appointment. Basically not showing up and not calling us back is very inconsiderate to us and our clients. This is why we will now require deposits to be paid within three days of making your appointment or your appointment will be canceled out. We will no longer call clients asking for their deposits, but instead reschedule someone else in your place. This allows those who really want and need a session to have the ability to do so sooner.

Yesterday I received an e-mail from a reporter at the Buck's County Courier Times. She is the same reporter that did the story on me last October. A very nice young lady that writes some great articles. She got wind of me being on the show and wanted to do a story about it. She actually e-mailed me several times asking about doing an interview. Unfortunately going by the contact rules I can not talk to reporters unless it is approved by producers. I totally understand why they would incorporate this rule. I did let one of the producers know that I was contacted and it will be passed on to PR person for the show.

I'm not exactly sure of any the details of what I may be walking into. I have faith in my spirit guides and in God. So I have no doubt that spirit has a mission for me to accomplish for this opportunity to come to me. I am extremely grateful that God has granted me the gift of doing the work that I do. I am also grateful that after so many years of hard work and trying to bring my messages to many others I'm now moving on to the next level. Without my faith in my spirit, God and all of you who support my work, I would not be where I am. For all of this I am so grateful.

Have faith in yourself, your spirit, and in God and your life will be blessed.

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