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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Joseph Tittel's 2012 World & Celebrity Predictions - Coming Soon

From Joseph's December 2011 Newsletter

Every year, right around this time, Joseph gets ready to prepare his world and celebrity predictions. As many of you know Joseph predicted in 2011, in complete details, everything that happened with the Japan disasters. Joseph was the only psychic in the world to accurately predict Japan's disasters including the issues with the nuclear power plant and toxic waters. This is just one of dozens of predictions Joseph has made over the past few years that have come into light. As those who follow Joseph know, Joseph's predictions are very detailed and have a good track record for coming true.

Joseph will spend hours going through prayer and meditation in order to connect with spirit and hopes to receive information and visions of upcoming world events for the coming year. Joseph will sit with a recording device while in meditation and will receive information from Spirit in many different forms. Joseph receives information from Spirit in the form of flashes of pictures, small video clips, numbers and different symbols that all need to be interpreted. Not only will Joseph see different things he will also get a strong gut feeling by tapping into his intuitive self. Joseph will say everything he sees into his recording device and later will go back, listen to the recording, and transfer everything into writing. Then Joseph will organize the predictions and even while doing this will still often receive more messages from Spirit.

All of this is done and prepared by Joseph usually only one week prior to announcing his predictions on his live New Year's Day radio show. The reason being that in the past Joseph prepared them much earlier and several things came true before he had the opportunity to announce them. This year Joseph may do things a little different then he has in the past with his yearly predictions. You can expect him to post a video or two on his YouTube page right before the new year and on New Year's Day. And as always Joseph will announce his yearly 2012 world and celebrity predictions on live radio New Year's Day Sunday, January 1, 2012 at 1 PM EST. during a special three-hour edition of his weekly radio show Journey Into The Paranormal.

Be sure to mark your calendar and join Joseph New Year's Day for this special live radio event, one of the most listened to radio episodes on the net. You will not want to miss this. Joseph will usually rotate back and forth from his predictions to taking a caller and giving them some 2012 predictions for their personal life. So tune in for your chance to talk to Joseph and tune in to win in Joseph's monthly give-away. You could win a free reading with Joseph just by tuning in live.

Click HERE for the direct link to Joseph's New Years Day Live Radio Show and be sure to bookmark it so you don't miss it. On Tuesday December 20th Joseph will do a special 2011 predictions review show. Listen to the live here.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

December Inspirational Message

December Inspirational Message - From My December Newsletter

The holiday season is amongst us once again and the 2011 year is about to come to a close. I can hardly believe how fast this year has actually gone, much faster than previous years. I have found this to be a very difficult year for many people just from the readings I have done over the past year and from personal experience. It seems that just about everyone feels as if their life has been on hold, as if we were all hanging upside down from a rope and can not free ourselves. That is all about to change as we enter into the 2012 year.

2012 will be a year of change and it is up to us whether or not that will be a positive or negative change. Now is the time to look at our lives from the outside in and see what it is that needs to go. The things that we can change that need to be changed. Cleaning up the clutter and avoiding negative people, places and things. Sitting around daydreaming, hoping and wishing for change will not have change come knocking on our door.

Our planet is in a major shift and we are all going to see things occur on our planet that have not occurred before, and some not in a very long time. As the planet begins to shift it will also cause a shift in all of our lives. Those who are on a spiritual or religious path may have a little advantage on getting through this shift then others who are not spiritual or religious in any way. That may be why we see spirituality growing at such a very fast pace.As the shift goes on with our planet it will help us to shift in a new direction in our lives. Again it is completely up to us whether or not the shift is a negative or positive shift.

Everything on our planet and everything in spirit is made up of energy. Everything is energy and has an energy to it. The planet is a circle as is our lives. Everything goes around and comes back around again. Every single thing we think or say puts out an energy that will go through the circle and return to us ten times over. So thinking, projecting or saying negative things can lead us into a very negative direction in our lives. Same goes with the positive. Project positive and think positive and that too shall return ten fold. Stop telling yourself that you can not do things or will not be successful in things or you will be setting yourself up for failure. Think the opposite and know that you can do anything and achieve anything if you set your mind to it and focus on positive success. Soon success will come your way.

During this time it is vital that we try our best to focus on the positive and try our best to project positive futures for ourselves. Some will actually be forced into change whether we like it or not. Sometimes we are meant to go in a specific direction in our lives and if we fail to listen to our gut intuition or our guides we will then be forced into that change. While others may need to first close a few doors to help promote that change. We may need to take the first step. Just like when our spirit tells us were doing too much and need a break. We do not listen so we end up sick or dealing with some health related issue that forces us to slow down a bit.

Beings Mercury is currently in retrograde you will feel very overwhelmed the first few weeks of December. Some may feel a little off or even experience sudden depression. This is all a part of the retrograde and it does not help with the holiday season coming up. Once the retrograde is over, December 14th, things will begin to flow much smoother. I included an article about the retrograde so you can take advantage of this time and avoid the negative influences the retrograde can bring.

As the year comes to a close so may many things in our lives. This can go on into late January and early February. The sooner we react in situations then the sooner we can get back onto the positive path and experience happiness once more.

Please do not do things positive in your life just because it is New Year, do it for yourself and your own happiness. Do it because now is the time, the best time, to close those doors to allow new doors of opportunity to open up in your life.

During this holiday season please remember those who are not as fortunate as you may be. There is always someone out there that is in a much worst situation and that may need our help. If you can, please reach out this holiday season to those who may be in need. There are those who may not be able to afford a nice holiday dinner. Some kids will not have a present from Santa. This is a time for giving to others. Donate some canned food to your local food bank or do volunteer work. It is not just a good thing to do good for others but it is also the right thing to do. Remember that your deceased loved ones will be with you during the holiday season, and always, and they want us to be happy and enjoy the holidays.

I thank you all for your love and support over the years. If it were not for all of you I would not have anyone to share my work with and for that alone I am so very grateful and honored. I wish you and your family the best during this holiday season and look forward to the future we all have ahead of us. Thank you for taking time to read my message and newsletter. Have a great holiday Season and a very Happy, Prosperous and Healthy New Year.

With Love, Light & Desire To Inspire

Joseph Tittel

Hope to see you all at my special 3 hour New Years Day predictions radio show

at 1pm est. January 1st.