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Monday, May 24, 2010

James Van Praagh VS Barbara Walters

Barbara Walters seems to have a real bug up her butt when it comes to many topics lately, but especially when it comes to psychics & mediums. When it comes to the subject she is not only close minded, but completely cynical. She has made this very clear while doing the show "The View". Miss Walters not only dislikes the work of psychics & mediums, she has set out to debunk and harshly attack a few Mediums on The View.

A little over a year ago James Van Praagh, one of the worlds top Mediums, creator of the hit series "The Ghost Whisperer" & a dear friend, came onto the view for an interview.You could simply tell by the questions and the rolling of Barbara's eyes that she was not too keen on James or his work as a Medium. James Van Praagh did an audience reading and simply nailed the details for a woman when he connected to her father. The reading brought her to tears. The entire process of the interview and readings went very well for James.

What they didn't show or tell you during that episode with James would soon be discussed the following day on The View. Apparently James Van Praagh had picked up a health issue around Barbara Walters. So James pulled Barbara aside after the show to tell her that there was a big problem with her blood. Well Miss Walter was not too happy to hear that at all and she was going to make it a point to completely debunk James Van Praagh and other Mediums if at all possible.

Keep in mind that Mediums may often pick up on health issues with people. I know this from my own personal experience with literally dozens upon dozens of people who I have diagnosed. I have received letters of thanks for basically saving several clients lives and sure James has had many more experiences as such then I have experienced. When we receive this information it is important to give that information to the person in order to point this health issue out and help the person. Also keep in mind that Mediums will sometimes see issues with the energy or health that will actually take place in the future. I find myself occasionally telling someone just to be aware of the issue so it does not worsen.

So James was only telling Barbara what he saw around her and in her energy only to help Miss Barbara focus on the issue and get it taken care of. The following day after James was on The View Barbara came onto the show to tell millions of viewers what James had pulled her aside to say. Click here to see a video that I found on YouTube showing what Barbara Walters said. She was absolutely rude with very unnecessary words about James and Mediums. What did James say to Barbara? He told Barbara that she had a problem with her blood that she needed to be aware of and have checked out. Again Barbara did not at all like what James said and went on to say that it is such a horrible thing for a Medium to say to a person. It will make them worry about something they need not worry about said Barbara.

This story mad headlines after Barbara went on The View to literally bash James and all other Mediums and Psychics. This happened a little over a year ago and now Barbara Walters is eating her own words. Last week on The View Barbara Walters announced that she had a problem with a valve in her heart that was leaking blood. WHAT? Did she say blood?
And Heart that pumps the blood? Well well Barbara Walters, looks like James was right again.

Barbara Walters really needs to apologize to James Van Praagh live on The View, even though we know she wont. I absolutely would not at all doubt that she knew all about this issue not long after James was on the show. She did say that she called her doctor and he said she was fine, but she never said she went to the doctor to get checked. Because there was an issue and now it is obvious beings she just made the announcement and went under a major heart surgery.
Well in your face with that Miss Walters. Maybe next time she will think before she goes on national television to bash a person and their work. She would not like it if someone did that to her, now would she?

This is not the only time she has done this to a Medium. Not long after James was on The View they had another Medium on the show that I had never heard of. Here the woman Mediums husband was friends with Barbara and this is how she ended up getting on the show. The Medium was not very good at all and Barbara took advantage of this situation. The next day Barbara once again went on the air to bring down this Medium. Just think, the Mediums husband is suppose to be a friend of Barbara. So she did this to her own friend. Not very nice of her. Why does she always wait till the next day to go after the Mediums? Doesn't she have the nerve to say it when they are there to defend themselves? No, of course not. Maybe one day she will come to terms with the fact that there are many of us in this world that are gifted with the ability to communicate with the deceased and see future events. We have been around for thousands of years and gifted people will continue to come into this world.
Many Blessings

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

May Inspirational Message From Joseph

Please Note: This message is based on the message I sent out in my May newsletter but has been changed and updated more. So if you received the newsletter and think this is the same message please read on for it is not an exact duplicate.

May is already here as time truly does fly. It seems as if it were not that long ago that we were shoveling lots of snow here on the East Coast and throughout the world. With the crazy weather of April now behind us we can see the trees and flowers beginning to bloom as each day passes. The beauty is beginning to blossom all around as mother earth gives birth to our planet once again. This is a good time for us as we enter into a personal phase of birth and rebirth in our lives. Doors are going to begin to open, but only for a short time. Enter through the doors in order to bring good changes to your life. Remember, we usually have to deal with the bad to get to the good as it is all part of the process.

Once Mercury comes out of retrograde on the 11th of May give it a few days until about the 14th before you begin to feel an energy shift aro
und you. You will literally feel as if things suddenly have gotten lighter around you. The heaviness dissipates. This is a good shift and a push to help us move forward in our lives both physically and spiritually. Be careful of a bad wake-up call that comes if we ignore our guides and the things that we need to change and focus on but fail to do so. Many of us may have received these wake-up calls already for during the retrograde beings the retrograde is a good time to be hit with wake-up calls.

You may have and will soon begin notice that many people have be suffering through many different health issues, especially sudden issues that come out of the blue health related. Part of this is a wake-up call and a simple lesson, that we much to often seem to ignore, that we need to take time for ourselves. We need to focus on ourselves as far as the body mind and spirit are concerned. Watching the foods we put in our bodies and taking better care of the body in many ways like even getting more sleep at night.

Once the shift takes place in a few weeks the opportunities

will begin to flourish around us and does will open. If you are a couple try to have a child to begin a new family or add to your consisting family, this will be a good time to do so. Even going after someone for money that is owed to you could turn out more in your favor during this time. This shift will occur and the energy will flow through till the end of June, then it all closes up again for a few months leaving some of us on hold again for a few months until the next shift of opportunity occurs at the end of August into September. This is also a great time to begin a new business or even open your doors to a new family pet. Remember, adopt an animal and stay away from mills and some pet stores.

This will also be a great time to decide to begin your journey into adopting a child if that is something your looking to do. You may even consider a foster child in order to reach out and help our younger generation and touch others lives. It is also the perfect time to begin a new garden and to get your flowers into the ground. A great time for birth in all aspects of your life. A new healthy eating pattern, exercise program or fixing up some part of the home or office. A time to clean up the clutter by doing some major spring cleaning in the home, office and garage. Better yet, clean out these areas and have a yard or garage sale. You are sure to make out well on things you would have probably thrown away. Like they say, whoever they are lol, "One mans trash is another mans treasure." This will also be a good time to make changes to your career, look for a new job and decide on a new class or school.

Remember this is going to be a short window as time flies and you want to utilize this time to the best of your ability to assure success in all matters. Once that window closes it will be a time to plan for a nice vacation or weekend get away. The bad weather patterns will also halt for a very short time. The quiet before the storms that will rip through come the end of June into September. This would also be a good time for preparing areas that may be flood prone to ensure the future storms will not have an impact on you or your family. So enjoy this time and get out there and open those doors of opportunity. Believe in yourself for there is nothing you can not accomplish and no dream that you can not manifest if you focus on it on a daily basis.

Daily affirmations and prayer are very powerful tools in our lives that many do not utilize or sometimes do not believe. You can manifest things in your life and the best way to do so is to focus on these goals and dreams each and every day and several times per day. Combine visualizing your goal being complete and successful along with different affirmations. One good one would be "There is nothing I can not accomplish and I will do my best to be the best person I can be." You can even create a board on the wall where you post your affirmations along with pictures of things you want to achieve. You could put a picture of a new home or car on your board or even a picture of a specific body type you would like to work on and manifest. Believe me, creative visualization, affirmations, daily focus and prayer truly does work. This gives us all something to think about and try our best to focus on in the next few week. That way we can bring good positive change to our lives as well as our body, mind and spirit.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Hang in there just a little longer and the retrograde will be gone but not so forgotten, for it hit us all pretty hard this round. Lots of love and luck to you all and may your journey lead you to happiness & enlightenment.

With Love, Light & Desire To Inspire <3 size="3">