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Monday, May 24, 2010

James Van Praagh VS Barbara Walters

Barbara Walters seems to have a real bug up her butt when it comes to many topics lately, but especially when it comes to psychics & mediums. When it comes to the subject she is not only close minded, but completely cynical. She has made this very clear while doing the show "The View". Miss Walters not only dislikes the work of psychics & mediums, she has set out to debunk and harshly attack a few Mediums on The View.

A little over a year ago James Van Praagh, one of the worlds top Mediums, creator of the hit series "The Ghost Whisperer" & a dear friend, came onto the view for an interview.You could simply tell by the questions and the rolling of Barbara's eyes that she was not too keen on James or his work as a Medium. James Van Praagh did an audience reading and simply nailed the details for a woman when he connected to her father. The reading brought her to tears. The entire process of the interview and readings went very well for James.

What they didn't show or tell you during that episode with James would soon be discussed the following day on The View. Apparently James Van Praagh had picked up a health issue around Barbara Walters. So James pulled Barbara aside after the show to tell her that there was a big problem with her blood. Well Miss Walter was not too happy to hear that at all and she was going to make it a point to completely debunk James Van Praagh and other Mediums if at all possible.

Keep in mind that Mediums may often pick up on health issues with people. I know this from my own personal experience with literally dozens upon dozens of people who I have diagnosed. I have received letters of thanks for basically saving several clients lives and sure James has had many more experiences as such then I have experienced. When we receive this information it is important to give that information to the person in order to point this health issue out and help the person. Also keep in mind that Mediums will sometimes see issues with the energy or health that will actually take place in the future. I find myself occasionally telling someone just to be aware of the issue so it does not worsen.

So James was only telling Barbara what he saw around her and in her energy only to help Miss Barbara focus on the issue and get it taken care of. The following day after James was on The View Barbara came onto the show to tell millions of viewers what James had pulled her aside to say. Click here to see a video that I found on YouTube showing what Barbara Walters said. She was absolutely rude with very unnecessary words about James and Mediums. What did James say to Barbara? He told Barbara that she had a problem with her blood that she needed to be aware of and have checked out. Again Barbara did not at all like what James said and went on to say that it is such a horrible thing for a Medium to say to a person. It will make them worry about something they need not worry about said Barbara.

This story mad headlines after Barbara went on The View to literally bash James and all other Mediums and Psychics. This happened a little over a year ago and now Barbara Walters is eating her own words. Last week on The View Barbara Walters announced that she had a problem with a valve in her heart that was leaking blood. WHAT? Did she say blood?
And Heart that pumps the blood? Well well Barbara Walters, looks like James was right again.

Barbara Walters really needs to apologize to James Van Praagh live on The View, even though we know she wont. I absolutely would not at all doubt that she knew all about this issue not long after James was on the show. She did say that she called her doctor and he said she was fine, but she never said she went to the doctor to get checked. Because there was an issue and now it is obvious beings she just made the announcement and went under a major heart surgery.
Well in your face with that Miss Walters. Maybe next time she will think before she goes on national television to bash a person and their work. She would not like it if someone did that to her, now would she?

This is not the only time she has done this to a Medium. Not long after James was on The View they had another Medium on the show that I had never heard of. Here the woman Mediums husband was friends with Barbara and this is how she ended up getting on the show. The Medium was not very good at all and Barbara took advantage of this situation. The next day Barbara once again went on the air to bring down this Medium. Just think, the Mediums husband is suppose to be a friend of Barbara. So she did this to her own friend. Not very nice of her. Why does she always wait till the next day to go after the Mediums? Doesn't she have the nerve to say it when they are there to defend themselves? No, of course not. Maybe one day she will come to terms with the fact that there are many of us in this world that are gifted with the ability to communicate with the deceased and see future events. We have been around for thousands of years and gifted people will continue to come into this world.
Many Blessings

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Anonymous said...

Wow.. i was thinking about this a week ago!! In ur face Barbara!! lol

Anonymous said...

Very well-written, and important, article. When I originally heard about this story a few months ago, I was --like you-- appalled by it.

While I was reading about the story, a few things popped in my head; some of which, you already mentioned.

Firstly, the information psychic's receive is usually not based on our linear concept of time --the past, present, and future are somewhat melded together. So, if Barbara actually went to the doctor the next day, and the doctor didn't pick up on it, it's because it had yet to manifest enough to be detected. I'm sure James didn't tell her she DEFINITELY had the ailment at the present time; I assume that James sensed that she either had it or was going to get it. After all, it's conventional wisdom that (most) psychic's possess PREcognition. What do people usually say when someone --anyone-- is right about a prediction? They're likely to say, "What are you psychic or something?" Meaning they saw the future. I'm sure Barbara was aware, and probably informed by James, that the 'problem with the blood' could likely be a future manifestation that James detected in her energy field. However, I too, wouldn't be surprised if she knew about the issue longer than she's said.

Secondly, why on earth would James insincerely tell Barbara about what he saw. He had almost nothing to gain by telling her, except to warn her so she could gain awareness and take action. He took the time to do the right thing --only trying to help her, not himself.

Finally, even if James was wrong --after all, nobody's perfect--, she was wrong for castrating him on national television. She was being unprofessional, unfair, and obviously had biasses against James (and as you mention, with psychics/mediums in general). With the two above points in mind, she undoubtedly acted unprofessionally.

Of course, the twist in this story is that she DID have an issue with her blood in the same year! You're absolutely right, she should issue a sincere public apology live on the air. I know James wouldn't try to sue her for defamation, but I'm confident that he'd have a strong case against her.

Thanks for the great article. Tell James we're behind him. Like they say, the truth always comes out in the end, and this case was no exception.

Of the Soul Blog said...

Hi Joseph. I too am a medium. I have seen your work before on TV and, you are quite awesome!

I also saw Barbara's comments on YouTube quite a while back. I was amazed that someone who has accomplished so much in her chosen field, could yet be so immature, childish, and as mentioned above, unprofessional in her behavior.

It was astounding, as I had previously respected Barbara and her work. It revealed that she has an emotional "stinginess," and what comes to my mind is this emotional selfishness as represented archetypically in the Four of Pentacles tarot card.

But I know that in our line of work we often find that we need to keep an attitude of graciousness and (very)looooonnngsuffering (lol). There are people who won't listen, and it's easy for us to fall into that "Cassandra Syndrome," where we speak but we're not believed ...then the "fall of Troy" happens to someone we warned, and all we can do is stand back and watch the tragedy.

Such unbelieving souls we encounter are on a path of learning to trust that we all are indeed spirit, we are energy, energy that could be "read." They're on a path, and some, like Barbara, are only at the beginning of that path and have made no real headway down it in this lifetime. Perhaps the next lifetime...

But with the heart surgery she underwent, the bottom line here is that someone had a life-threatening situation, and could very easily have died. Because we are who we are, it behooves us to exercise compassion to such a one, even in the face of her ugly comments and attitude. Mediums console grieving family and friends of those passed to the other side. We are well-versed at understanding and patience.

Despite Barbara's defamation of James' heartfelt and well-intended work, the tone of your "in ur face Barbara" comment is likewise unprofessional. Again, the bottom line here is a woman, a human soul, underwent a life-threatening operation, and should be showed compassion, the compassion that she obviously doesn't have the capacity to show others around her. It is no coincidence her heart chakra/physical heart needed to be "operated" on.

To you Joseph, and to mediums everywhere, we must not fight back with vengeance against souls who are not yet enlightened about the nature of life, death and the afterlife. We are here to bring light to them, and whatever their reactions to our work, we are to exercise the same professionalism to believer and nonbeliever alike. We are here to be in service, not to have our egos stroked.

Thank you Joseph for the opportunity to express my thoughts. The best to you with the comfort you bring to those you serve.