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Thursday, June 10, 2010

June Inspirational Message - From The June Newsletter

It is almost hard to believe that were are already in the month of June. Were just about half way through 2010 and we still have many changes that need to take place in our lives in order to help us grow both physically and spiritually. Don't worry for all the help you need is right there at your side. All you have to do is reach out and ask them? Who is it that I'm referring to is your spirit guides or guardian angels. Yes you do have a spirit guide and perhaps may have more then just one. Who are they you ask? They are spiritual guardians and angels that have been chosen for us, and sometimes chosen by our own spirit, prior to coming into this lifetime.

A spirit guide does not necessarily have to look like an angel with wings, at times they could appear this way. They are there to help guide us on our journey through this lifetime and protect us when we are not meant to be harmed. Remember that everything we go through in this lifetime is all part of our spiritual growth, whether we realize it or not. Going through difficult times are meant to help us come out stronger then we did when we went in. Our guides are also there to help guide us in decisions and help us to get on the right path. Spirit will never steer us wrong into the wrong direction.

Could you imagine being a guide and being stuck with a being that never communicates with you and never listens when you try to give them direction? It would be no fun at all. This is one more reason why we should all take the time to listen to spirit and accept their guidance. It is not really hard to do. If you have a direction you trying to choice between just take a moment to relax and contemplate on the guidance you need. Take a few deep breaths, close your eyes and relax a moment before asking your spirit guides for an answer in what path you should chose. Thank your spirit guides and go about your day. The answer will just come to you when you least expect it to. Maybe while your in the shower, or driving in the car. Some of you may receive an answer right away.

The easiest way of getting you to understand when our spirit guides are speaking to us is pretty simple. We all have thoughts that just come to us out of the blue, it is a voice that sounds very much like our own self. In most cases this is your spirit guides speaking to us. The hardest thing to determine for some is whether or not it is their spirit guides or just their own thinking. You have to trust yourself and your own intuitive abilities and just allow spirit to direct you. Without a doubt your guides are there and they have a lot to say. Meditation on a daily basis will help us come even more in tune with our guides and more easily understand the direction spirit gives.

Now is about the best time ever to take some time for yourself and utilize that time to get more in touch with your own spirit and help all of us to grow spiritually. We are going through a big energy twist that you may all be feeling around you lately. This is a world effect that will bring a complete shift to the universe. It is up to us and important for us to connect with spirit and the earth during this shift. Over the next few months as this shift takes place we are all going to see some major events taking place around the world that will not be so pleasant. I talked about many of them in my predictions. Try your best not to allow these occurrences to effect you even though it may be hard to ignore.

June is a great time for us to take a little extra time for ourselves and to spend with family and loved ones. July will bring less time and a time where you will see many people receiving wake-up calls about their health. Spirit is trying to tell us not only to take good care of the planet but also to take care of our own body. If not, then there will be a price to pay. This is another reason you will begin to see weather like you have never seen before. Storms upon storms of rage ripping through areas unexpectedly. Mother earth is very upset and it is time for a big spiritual shift that will continue for the next few years. This does not take from the opportunity and doors that will open in our lives. Time for relaxation will lead to a time of being overwhelmed with good things come the fall months.

Many are struggling during this shift and we must have faith and know that things will get better. Ask spirit what the lesson is that you are suppose to learn from your experiences so that you can move forward. There is still some clutter surrounding us in our lives that we need to clean up so that we can make room for the new. Don't be afraid of change for no matter how difficult change may be we will still look back and smile with happiness as to where those changes have actually brought us. It is a good place that you are heading after getting through the summer mess. This is what makes June a good time to spend taking it easy and being surrounded by those that you love. Use July as the month to finish clearing the clutter so that come fall the doors of opportunity open more.

As for matters of the heart and love. June would be a good month to go out on a date with someone new. If you already have love in your life then June is a good time to spend extra time with your love. Plan a getaway, go out for a romantic dinner and bring a little spark back into your relationship. Do this all before July for that will be a month with less time and more frustrations. June is a time to make things right. Reconcile indifference's with a friend or family member in June. Fix up some things around the house and clean the clutter out of the closets, attic & basement. All of this will help take your mind off things and make way for new. Until the next time may you all be blessed with love & light.



Anonymous said...
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baker said...

Helly Joseph,
I found you through your Youtube predictions for 2010 and was very impressed by your accuracy of most of the things you got right already so far...Also I resonate very well with the shift that is happening on our planet at the moment. I wanted to write to express my gratitude of the work you do. =)

Carol said...

"Could you imagine being a guide and being stuck with a being that never communicates with you and never listens when you try to give them direction?"
Oh, man. Thank you so much for this! When my spirit guide first came to me, I didn't know what to think! Sometimes, I can feel him and communicate with him clear as day, other times it's more of a challenge. His guidance tends to be general rather than specific...but I like how you encourage us to build a relationship with our guides. Can't wait to see where he leads me. I'm learning how to bring that wisdom into the world, especially when it contradicts the old way of thinking and relating to it. Thanks!