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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

I just wanted to take a moment to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving. I hope that you all will take some time to reflect on the meaning of Thanksgiving and the things that you are thankful for in your life. Maybe it is simple things like being thankful for the ones we love, thankful for the life we have, our health, and of course thankful for the wonderful Thanksgiving dinner you are fortunate enough to have. Remember there are so many people in this world who are not as fortunate as we may be.

We should also remember to be thankful each and every day for the things in our lives, including the food we eat, and not wait until Thanksgiving to help remind us that we have a lot to be thankful for. We only celebrate Thanksgiving in the United States, but hopefully it will be a reminder to the world that it does not matter where you are for you to be thankful for the things in our lives. I'm thankful each and every day for everything in my life and thankful to each and every one of you who take the time to stop by and read my blog. Bless you all and once again I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and of course a great day.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Toys For Tots & Whats Going On

I think I speak for many of us when I say things have been a bit hectic over the past few weeks. Part of me is really looking forward to relaxing during the holidays after we return from running all over gods creation. Something is certainly in the air lately leaving us all feeling a little frantic and bedazzled. The thing is, we have to get used to it because it is going to continue for a while. The holidays may be the only time we have to catch our breath and get some relaxation and peace of mind.

A few weeks ago Bob and I got to see Lisa Williams when she was in town. It was so nice to see her again and she had a really good show while she was here. Bob and I met with Lisa before the show and chatted a bit. I love Lisa, she always has a few great stories to tell us along with a little gossip. We brought her some Philly treats like Tasty Kakes and soft pretzels. Also over the past few weeks we have been trying to plan all of my upcoming events and get the tickets posted. Tickets for all events will go on sale this week. I also had the pleasure to talk to John Holland over the past few weeks. If you are not familiar with John Holland you should look him up. He is a great medium and has several good books out through Hay House. John is also host of his own radio show in which I will be a guest on the show in February. I will also have him on my radio show soon.

My book has ended up in the hands of a publishing company. One of my dreams is to have my book, and future books, picked up by a major publisher. This is very hard to do and I'm praying something will come out of this. I want to work on my second book but know I'm going to have to add more to my current book and possibly make other changes. So I'm hoping to hear something by the turn of the calender year. I have two other book concepts in mind and even began working on one. I hope to pick this back up soon and have the second book out late next year.

Earlier this week Bob and I arrived at the office to find that our power was out and there was a shut off notice on our door. Our electric is included in our rent, so we knew nothing about it. I had to cancel all of my appointments which I feel horrible about but was left with no other choice. I could not conduct a phone reading without our phone and with no computers we could not contact any clients. This has been nothing but a head ache and today is day five with no power and a huge loss. Just another problem to add to the list of problems we have faced in this new office. About a month we discovered our roof leaking onto the new office furniture. We told the landlord and it took another complaint and weeks later before it was fixed. This just goes to show something is in the air and we are all feeling its effect.

On a better note. We are working to help WBCB radio gather together as many new unwrapped toys as possible for the Toys For Tots campaign. WBCB has been doing this for years and we want to join them in their efforts to make the holidays possible for children who may not have one without our help. So if you would like to help us to help others, here is what you can do.

If you are attending my event on December 5 at the Holiday Inn you can bring a new unwrapped toy with you and put it in the drop off box at the event. You may also bring a toy with you to our office if you have an appointment or have a toy ready for me if I'm coming to your home over the next few weeks for a private event. You can also hear a list of other drop off points during my show. If you are not in our local area you may also send your toy to us or look for a place in your area that has a Toy's For Tots Campaign. Just think of the smile you can help bring to a child's face this holiday season. Bob does not know it yet, but I'm dragging him out this week to go shop for the kids. I'm really looking forward to it.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Until the next time, be well and take care of yourself, those you love Remember this holiday season that helping someone in need is the best gift you could ever give.


Joseph Tittel

Monday, November 10, 2008

Newsletter & Event Tickets

Last week I came across a new site that you can build newsletters with. Instantly I feel in love with this site and program. The first newsletter did take a good amount of time to prepare beings I was learning the program. The site allows me to send my newsletter to thousands of subscribers in a click of a button, which is great. It also allows me to track the newsletter and see how many people actually opened the newsletter and read it.

I was extremely surprised that out of all my subscribers only 31% of the newsletters sent out were actually read. I can easily assume that the other 69% of the subscribers either deleted the newsletter without knowing what it was or the newsletter ended up in their spam folder. Only 3% of the newsletters bounced back meaning that the email address is no longer valid. If you are are my mailing list and think you have not received the newsletter, please check your spam folder. You also need to go into you email options and accept emails from You can view a copy of my newsletter on line by clicking here.

We have received a bunch of emails and messages at the office in reference to tickets sales for 2009 events. We are planning on getting them up on the web site some time this week. Thank you all for your patience. We are switching ticket sales over to a ticket service. This helps us eliminate any confusion with registration and the over selling an event. More information about this is in the newsletter. We will no longer be able to reserve tickets for anyone and all ticket sales will go through They will also be available through the box office and by calling their toll free number. There is a service fee and in order to get the lowest service fee you should get tickets at a box office. Purchasing them on our site also has a lower service fee where phone order fee's are higher. We will not take ticket sales through our office. Sorry for any inconvenience and you can find tickets for most events later this week. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and newsletter. I hope you are having a great day and have a great week.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Brick Hotel Ghost Investigation

Friday evening I was invited to go to the Brick Hotel in Newtown with the Garden State Ghost Hunters. This is the same team of ghost hunters that I went into the eastern state prison to film mysterious journeys for the travel Channel. They were going to the Brick Hotel to do a go ghost investigation and film a pilot for cable television. I was not at all familiar with the brick Hotel and did not realize I was in for quite a surprise. The hotel was built in the early 1700s and was full of spirits roaming the grounds and the hall ways.

We arrived at the hotel a little before 10 in the evening. Bob and I were greeted by our friend Bonnie from the ghost hunters. It was so nice to see Bonnie and crew and have the opportunity to work with them again. We started in a room up stairs as we gather discussing exactly what we're going to do and the rooms we were going to investigate. The first room I walked into I had an instant feeling that we're being watched and that something terrible may have happened in the room, including a murder. Many years ago the room was rented out and the following day, while the maids were cleaning the room they found blood all over the bed. They never found out what actually happened in the room.

We ventured through out the whole building and I was in the amazement as to the amount of energy, spirits and information I was able to pick up. I even picked up that George Washington had stayed in the hotel before. When we went into the basement I began to receive all types of information about the Revolutionary war and the fact that there was an underground railroad that ran beneath the hotel. At one point, while in the basement I began to see bodies piled against the wall. this is something they used to do during the war because the ground was too cold to bury the bodies. Then I also had a vision of a man being whipped and tortured up against the wall in the basement.

There was another point where I had felt that there was a man who hung himself in the hotel. Some of the information was able to be validated by a woman who worked at the hotel. So Tony, another psychic, and I went into a room with the camera guy and sat and waited to talk to any willing spirit. A woman appeared to me in very old early period clothing with a corset. She was a little shy and did not hang around very long. Then I was walking down the stair case and ran into yet another ghost and his name was Mr. Davis. This time I had a gadget that the ghost hunters use to see if there is a spirit present and to see if they can communicate with them. Not actually sure what the gadget is called, but I had fun with it. The gadget has several lights on it with different colors. When the gadget is turned on, it starts off with a yellow light. When a spirit or ghost walks by the gadget the other lights will begin to light up. The gadget is something scientific that picks up certain types of energies in the air.

After I ran into Mr. Davis he began to talk to me and I could understand him pretty clearly. So I asked the ghost, Mr. Davis if he would cooperate with me and answer a few questions by waving his hand in front of the gadget to make the lights go on when the answer is a yes. I began to ask a question like, did you die here. With every question I asked the ghost would perfectly answer the question. This was so much fun, and even though I could understand the ghost when he talked to me. I wanted everybody else on the crew to see that I was actually communicating with this ghost. Everyone walked away knowing that we were actually talking to Mr. Davis. It was especially fun for me beings that a few people on the crew were skeptical.

We spent several hours at the hotel conducting the ghost investigation. I never expected to run into as many ghosts as I actually did. I have to say the brick Hotel is a very haunted hotel. We will be heading back there next Saturday evening for another night of investigation. I'm looking very forward to. There was one experience that I didn't care for too much at all. It was the top floor when I was going into the one room. Suddenly I began to get extreme pressure in my chest area and had a very hard time catching my breath. I found it very hard to breathe in this room at all. It was a little bit scary. Bonnie from the ghost hunting crew had the same experience with the heaviness in the chest. I did not relate this to the man who hung himself in the hotel. It felt to me as if someone didn't want us there. I also had a feeling that somebody may have either drowned in the bathtub or was suffocated in the room.

Then as the night was coming to an end I began to walk up the staircase once again. That is when I began to get a smell, it was an overwhelming smell. The smell was as if I was walking through a house that had burned down. It was not quite like a smell of a fireplace, but a little more distinct. I could smell more distinctly other things, like wires or something that was burnt. Several others on the crew smelled the same thing. Then one of the girls who worked at the hotel told us that there was a fire there are several years back. That fire was not too bad and no one was injured. If we were getting that smell it would more likely be because of a tragic fire that would have taken a life. It would be a small that a spirit would manifest.

So if you ever have the opportunity to go eat at the Brick Hotel and even stay the night you should be prepared to run into a few ghosts. I will be sure to keep you updated with our next journey at the hotel. The Garden State Ghost Hunters had several camera's set up and so many pictures were taken that I have not had the opportunity to see yet. Looking forward to that and to sharing more with you.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween Weekend & The Flanders Event

We celebrated Halloween Thursday by hosting a murder mystery dinner at our house with a small group of friend. We do this every year and all dress as the characters we are playing. This years murder mystery was actually a Halloween theme and my character was the prince of dimness, the younger brother of the prince of darkness. As usual it was a fun time with friends and once again I was not the murderer. This was a great weekend for connections with spirit and messages from the other side. Friday evening, which was Halloween, we had a special event at our office. This was the first time that we did an event in our office and everything went really well. I'm looking forward to doing future events in the office. I plan on doing at least one small group gallery once a month in the office. The Halloween event went a little different than my typical events. This time I wanted to focus on doing an event where everyone could get the opportunity to receive a message from their deceased loved ones on their own.

I began the event by explaining the meaning of Halloween ways that our deceased loved ones show us signs and try to communicate with us everyday.then I guided everybody into a special meditation, where they could get the opportunity to meet with a deceased loved one. I did not expect everybody to actually get a message from a deceased loved one through the meditation. I wanted to at the least show everyone how they could do this on their own. I was surprised that at least half the group actually did receive a visit and a message from a deceased loved one on your own through the meditation. It was a very cool experience for those who actually did have the opportunity to receive a message and visit from their loved one.

The evening went really well and I look forward to doing future events at the new office. So much information came through, and everybody left with a little bit of something. The evening was a very draining for myself. Then Saturday we had to head out early to drive to Ocean City New Jersey for an event at the Flanders Hotel. This would be my second time at the Flanders Hotel, and I was looking really forward to the whole experience. We arrived at the Flanders Hotel between two and 230 in the afternoon. The Flanders was kind enough to put up in a beautiful suite on the seventh floor. Bob's mom, Pam, also came along with us to the Flanders event were all a little hungry and took a walk a few blocks to a quaint little restaurant to have lunch. After lunch we went to our room and I began to prepare myself and get ready for the four o'clock live radio show from the Flanders.

The radio show went well and the discussion was not the typical discussion. This time we focused more about the Flanders and the spirits that roam the hotel. There was quite a crowd gathered around as we were doing the live radio show. We gave several of them the opportunity to ask me a question along with taking telephone calls. After the radio show was over, we took a walk down to the boardwalk before heading to dinner. We had a very nice dinner at Emily's Cafe in the Flanders Hotel. After dinner I headed back up to the room for my prayer ad meditation as Bob and everyone got the room ready for the event.

There were close to 50 people who attended the event messages from the other side at the Flanders. This was a very nice crowd. The event began, a little behind schedule, but all in all, everything went really well. I went to so many people within the group with messages from their deceased loved ones. One thing that I did notice about this group is that many were very eager to receive the message. Therefore, several people tried to claim information that really wasn't coming from their deceased loved ones. All this does is cause confusion. Some so badly want that information to belong to them that they jumped right in on the opportunity of claiming the information. During this particular event. I actually saw several of the spirits in the room, standing next to their loved ones. This is great for me because it allows me to go directly to the person for whom the information belongs to. Even though I saw so many hands go up. It is obvious to me that I have the right person when I see their deceased loved ones standing next to them giving that information.

So much information came through that I don't really remember all the details of everything that happened. I do recall one thing that came through, that was pretty amazing for me. Beings I actually at times go to the scene of where people were killed and see everything as if I were really there,it allows me to bring through such details. At one point I began to get a connection with a brother who had past. The young man was tragically killed during the Vietnam War. He actually went to the battlefields and it's still as if I was standing right there watching everything that was going on. Some of these things that I see are rather disturbing. At the same time, I know that it is bringing healing, closer, and validation to the people within the audience, so therefore it is worth it to me. Even if it is a little disturbing. This brother figure was so determined to get his message is wrote to his brother in the audience. That is why he took me to the scene so that I could describe everything including the the fact that he was a pilot that flew airplanes and helicopters during the war. this was actually how he was killed. The details causes every one's mouths to drop in the audience. what a great event.

After the event I did a short book signing before heading into the caddy comes with a ghost tour. I felt that it was rather interesting that there was not as much ghost activity in the catacombs as there was the last time we were there. I was expecting a lot more activity beings it was the day of the dead. I did come across several spirits and even caught several on photographs in the form of orbs. We spent a good amount of time in the catacombs checking everything out. I even tried to catch a ghost speaking to me on my digital recorder. I have not had time to go over that yet. it was really odd that this event was not as draining as my first visit to Flanders Hotel. Maybe it's because I'm more familiar with the energies there. All in all was a really good event and I look forward to going to Flanders again in the near future.

Click on the pictures to blow them up and for a closer look. In the pictures you will find the following. First Picture is me in my costume for our murder mystery dinner. Next is the live radio broadcast from the Flanders Hotel and then the live broadcast from the Tropicana Casino in Atlantic city. The forth picture is the gallery at the Flanders and then comes the pictures from the catacombs. First you can see an orb near the chair and then in the second one you can see a red light going through the room on the left side. It was completely dark in the catacombs during the tour and all the apparitions in the photos are a sure sign that we were not alone. The next picture has a large red supercharge orb flying through the room. It was black in that area when I took this picture. The next one has an unexplainable light just sitting there in the catacomb, very odd. Then you can see several orbs surrounding the crowd during the tour. Finally in the last picture you can clearly see that Bob has company around him while he was giving the introduction to the gallery. I will post more pictures on my Myspace page. Until the next time, be well and know that you may have company with you right now.

Election Day & Lisa Williams

There is not enough time right now for me to blog about everything I would like to. We had a wonderful Halloween and event at the Flanders that I would like to share with you. I will do that within the next few days. I wanted to remind everyone about today's radio show. Lisa Williams will be joining us once again for the show.

For those who may not be familiar with Lisa Williams she is from the hit Lifetime series Life Among The Dead and author of the book Life Among The Dead. Join us at 4 pm Eastern time as I bring you Messages From The Other Side. Listen live on the net at Find out more about Lisa on her site If you are in our local area you can listen live at 1490 AM. If you have a problem listening on the net make sure you try another web browser such as Internet explorer.

Don't forget to get out today and vote, I know I will be. Many people have sent us emails asking about my feelings on the election. I have said in my 2008 predictions that the demarcates will win this election and I still feel that way. I'm also feeling problems with the polls and certainly hope it does not end up being fixed like a past election. If this happens I think it will come out and we will all know. Still, without a doubt, I believe Obama will win it all. No matter what happens either candidate is up for more then they can handle. I see a really tough road ahead for the next president and for the United States. It is a little scary but at the same time I do see some huge changes coming along with the job. Just remember to get out there so that your vote will count and remember to enjoy your day.