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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween Weekend & The Flanders Event

We celebrated Halloween Thursday by hosting a murder mystery dinner at our house with a small group of friend. We do this every year and all dress as the characters we are playing. This years murder mystery was actually a Halloween theme and my character was the prince of dimness, the younger brother of the prince of darkness. As usual it was a fun time with friends and once again I was not the murderer. This was a great weekend for connections with spirit and messages from the other side. Friday evening, which was Halloween, we had a special event at our office. This was the first time that we did an event in our office and everything went really well. I'm looking forward to doing future events in the office. I plan on doing at least one small group gallery once a month in the office. The Halloween event went a little different than my typical events. This time I wanted to focus on doing an event where everyone could get the opportunity to receive a message from their deceased loved ones on their own.

I began the event by explaining the meaning of Halloween ways that our deceased loved ones show us signs and try to communicate with us everyday.then I guided everybody into a special meditation, where they could get the opportunity to meet with a deceased loved one. I did not expect everybody to actually get a message from a deceased loved one through the meditation. I wanted to at the least show everyone how they could do this on their own. I was surprised that at least half the group actually did receive a visit and a message from a deceased loved one on your own through the meditation. It was a very cool experience for those who actually did have the opportunity to receive a message and visit from their loved one.

The evening went really well and I look forward to doing future events at the new office. So much information came through, and everybody left with a little bit of something. The evening was a very draining for myself. Then Saturday we had to head out early to drive to Ocean City New Jersey for an event at the Flanders Hotel. This would be my second time at the Flanders Hotel, and I was looking really forward to the whole experience. We arrived at the Flanders Hotel between two and 230 in the afternoon. The Flanders was kind enough to put up in a beautiful suite on the seventh floor. Bob's mom, Pam, also came along with us to the Flanders event were all a little hungry and took a walk a few blocks to a quaint little restaurant to have lunch. After lunch we went to our room and I began to prepare myself and get ready for the four o'clock live radio show from the Flanders.

The radio show went well and the discussion was not the typical discussion. This time we focused more about the Flanders and the spirits that roam the hotel. There was quite a crowd gathered around as we were doing the live radio show. We gave several of them the opportunity to ask me a question along with taking telephone calls. After the radio show was over, we took a walk down to the boardwalk before heading to dinner. We had a very nice dinner at Emily's Cafe in the Flanders Hotel. After dinner I headed back up to the room for my prayer ad meditation as Bob and everyone got the room ready for the event.

There were close to 50 people who attended the event messages from the other side at the Flanders. This was a very nice crowd. The event began, a little behind schedule, but all in all, everything went really well. I went to so many people within the group with messages from their deceased loved ones. One thing that I did notice about this group is that many were very eager to receive the message. Therefore, several people tried to claim information that really wasn't coming from their deceased loved ones. All this does is cause confusion. Some so badly want that information to belong to them that they jumped right in on the opportunity of claiming the information. During this particular event. I actually saw several of the spirits in the room, standing next to their loved ones. This is great for me because it allows me to go directly to the person for whom the information belongs to. Even though I saw so many hands go up. It is obvious to me that I have the right person when I see their deceased loved ones standing next to them giving that information.

So much information came through that I don't really remember all the details of everything that happened. I do recall one thing that came through, that was pretty amazing for me. Beings I actually at times go to the scene of where people were killed and see everything as if I were really there,it allows me to bring through such details. At one point I began to get a connection with a brother who had past. The young man was tragically killed during the Vietnam War. He actually went to the battlefields and it's still as if I was standing right there watching everything that was going on. Some of these things that I see are rather disturbing. At the same time, I know that it is bringing healing, closer, and validation to the people within the audience, so therefore it is worth it to me. Even if it is a little disturbing. This brother figure was so determined to get his message is wrote to his brother in the audience. That is why he took me to the scene so that I could describe everything including the the fact that he was a pilot that flew airplanes and helicopters during the war. this was actually how he was killed. The details causes every one's mouths to drop in the audience. what a great event.

After the event I did a short book signing before heading into the caddy comes with a ghost tour. I felt that it was rather interesting that there was not as much ghost activity in the catacombs as there was the last time we were there. I was expecting a lot more activity beings it was the day of the dead. I did come across several spirits and even caught several on photographs in the form of orbs. We spent a good amount of time in the catacombs checking everything out. I even tried to catch a ghost speaking to me on my digital recorder. I have not had time to go over that yet. it was really odd that this event was not as draining as my first visit to Flanders Hotel. Maybe it's because I'm more familiar with the energies there. All in all was a really good event and I look forward to going to Flanders again in the near future.

Click on the pictures to blow them up and for a closer look. In the pictures you will find the following. First Picture is me in my costume for our murder mystery dinner. Next is the live radio broadcast from the Flanders Hotel and then the live broadcast from the Tropicana Casino in Atlantic city. The forth picture is the gallery at the Flanders and then comes the pictures from the catacombs. First you can see an orb near the chair and then in the second one you can see a red light going through the room on the left side. It was completely dark in the catacombs during the tour and all the apparitions in the photos are a sure sign that we were not alone. The next picture has a large red supercharge orb flying through the room. It was black in that area when I took this picture. The next one has an unexplainable light just sitting there in the catacomb, very odd. Then you can see several orbs surrounding the crowd during the tour. Finally in the last picture you can clearly see that Bob has company around him while he was giving the introduction to the gallery. I will post more pictures on my Myspace page. Until the next time, be well and know that you may have company with you right now.

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