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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Toys For Tots & Whats Going On

I think I speak for many of us when I say things have been a bit hectic over the past few weeks. Part of me is really looking forward to relaxing during the holidays after we return from running all over gods creation. Something is certainly in the air lately leaving us all feeling a little frantic and bedazzled. The thing is, we have to get used to it because it is going to continue for a while. The holidays may be the only time we have to catch our breath and get some relaxation and peace of mind.

A few weeks ago Bob and I got to see Lisa Williams when she was in town. It was so nice to see her again and she had a really good show while she was here. Bob and I met with Lisa before the show and chatted a bit. I love Lisa, she always has a few great stories to tell us along with a little gossip. We brought her some Philly treats like Tasty Kakes and soft pretzels. Also over the past few weeks we have been trying to plan all of my upcoming events and get the tickets posted. Tickets for all events will go on sale this week. I also had the pleasure to talk to John Holland over the past few weeks. If you are not familiar with John Holland you should look him up. He is a great medium and has several good books out through Hay House. John is also host of his own radio show in which I will be a guest on the show in February. I will also have him on my radio show soon.

My book has ended up in the hands of a publishing company. One of my dreams is to have my book, and future books, picked up by a major publisher. This is very hard to do and I'm praying something will come out of this. I want to work on my second book but know I'm going to have to add more to my current book and possibly make other changes. So I'm hoping to hear something by the turn of the calender year. I have two other book concepts in mind and even began working on one. I hope to pick this back up soon and have the second book out late next year.

Earlier this week Bob and I arrived at the office to find that our power was out and there was a shut off notice on our door. Our electric is included in our rent, so we knew nothing about it. I had to cancel all of my appointments which I feel horrible about but was left with no other choice. I could not conduct a phone reading without our phone and with no computers we could not contact any clients. This has been nothing but a head ache and today is day five with no power and a huge loss. Just another problem to add to the list of problems we have faced in this new office. About a month we discovered our roof leaking onto the new office furniture. We told the landlord and it took another complaint and weeks later before it was fixed. This just goes to show something is in the air and we are all feeling its effect.

On a better note. We are working to help WBCB radio gather together as many new unwrapped toys as possible for the Toys For Tots campaign. WBCB has been doing this for years and we want to join them in their efforts to make the holidays possible for children who may not have one without our help. So if you would like to help us to help others, here is what you can do.

If you are attending my event on December 5 at the Holiday Inn you can bring a new unwrapped toy with you and put it in the drop off box at the event. You may also bring a toy with you to our office if you have an appointment or have a toy ready for me if I'm coming to your home over the next few weeks for a private event. You can also hear a list of other drop off points during my show. If you are not in our local area you may also send your toy to us or look for a place in your area that has a Toy's For Tots Campaign. Just think of the smile you can help bring to a child's face this holiday season. Bob does not know it yet, but I'm dragging him out this week to go shop for the kids. I'm really looking forward to it.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Until the next time, be well and take care of yourself, those you love Remember this holiday season that helping someone in need is the best gift you could ever give.


Joseph Tittel

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CKaye said...

Forgive me if I sound like your nagging Aunt Bertha, but I had a feeling this move would be problematic for you! You're not mentioning your obstreporous neighbor any more either - what happened with him? Did you get him to see the light?

Take care, and God bless you guys. xtina