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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Brick Hotel Ghost Investigation

Friday evening I was invited to go to the Brick Hotel in Newtown with the Garden State Ghost Hunters. This is the same team of ghost hunters that I went into the eastern state prison to film mysterious journeys for the travel Channel. They were going to the Brick Hotel to do a go ghost investigation and film a pilot for cable television. I was not at all familiar with the brick Hotel and did not realize I was in for quite a surprise. The hotel was built in the early 1700s and was full of spirits roaming the grounds and the hall ways.

We arrived at the hotel a little before 10 in the evening. Bob and I were greeted by our friend Bonnie from the ghost hunters. It was so nice to see Bonnie and crew and have the opportunity to work with them again. We started in a room up stairs as we gather discussing exactly what we're going to do and the rooms we were going to investigate. The first room I walked into I had an instant feeling that we're being watched and that something terrible may have happened in the room, including a murder. Many years ago the room was rented out and the following day, while the maids were cleaning the room they found blood all over the bed. They never found out what actually happened in the room.

We ventured through out the whole building and I was in the amazement as to the amount of energy, spirits and information I was able to pick up. I even picked up that George Washington had stayed in the hotel before. When we went into the basement I began to receive all types of information about the Revolutionary war and the fact that there was an underground railroad that ran beneath the hotel. At one point, while in the basement I began to see bodies piled against the wall. this is something they used to do during the war because the ground was too cold to bury the bodies. Then I also had a vision of a man being whipped and tortured up against the wall in the basement.

There was another point where I had felt that there was a man who hung himself in the hotel. Some of the information was able to be validated by a woman who worked at the hotel. So Tony, another psychic, and I went into a room with the camera guy and sat and waited to talk to any willing spirit. A woman appeared to me in very old early period clothing with a corset. She was a little shy and did not hang around very long. Then I was walking down the stair case and ran into yet another ghost and his name was Mr. Davis. This time I had a gadget that the ghost hunters use to see if there is a spirit present and to see if they can communicate with them. Not actually sure what the gadget is called, but I had fun with it. The gadget has several lights on it with different colors. When the gadget is turned on, it starts off with a yellow light. When a spirit or ghost walks by the gadget the other lights will begin to light up. The gadget is something scientific that picks up certain types of energies in the air.

After I ran into Mr. Davis he began to talk to me and I could understand him pretty clearly. So I asked the ghost, Mr. Davis if he would cooperate with me and answer a few questions by waving his hand in front of the gadget to make the lights go on when the answer is a yes. I began to ask a question like, did you die here. With every question I asked the ghost would perfectly answer the question. This was so much fun, and even though I could understand the ghost when he talked to me. I wanted everybody else on the crew to see that I was actually communicating with this ghost. Everyone walked away knowing that we were actually talking to Mr. Davis. It was especially fun for me beings that a few people on the crew were skeptical.

We spent several hours at the hotel conducting the ghost investigation. I never expected to run into as many ghosts as I actually did. I have to say the brick Hotel is a very haunted hotel. We will be heading back there next Saturday evening for another night of investigation. I'm looking very forward to. There was one experience that I didn't care for too much at all. It was the top floor when I was going into the one room. Suddenly I began to get extreme pressure in my chest area and had a very hard time catching my breath. I found it very hard to breathe in this room at all. It was a little bit scary. Bonnie from the ghost hunting crew had the same experience with the heaviness in the chest. I did not relate this to the man who hung himself in the hotel. It felt to me as if someone didn't want us there. I also had a feeling that somebody may have either drowned in the bathtub or was suffocated in the room.

Then as the night was coming to an end I began to walk up the staircase once again. That is when I began to get a smell, it was an overwhelming smell. The smell was as if I was walking through a house that had burned down. It was not quite like a smell of a fireplace, but a little more distinct. I could smell more distinctly other things, like wires or something that was burnt. Several others on the crew smelled the same thing. Then one of the girls who worked at the hotel told us that there was a fire there are several years back. That fire was not too bad and no one was injured. If we were getting that smell it would more likely be because of a tragic fire that would have taken a life. It would be a small that a spirit would manifest.

So if you ever have the opportunity to go eat at the Brick Hotel and even stay the night you should be prepared to run into a few ghosts. I will be sure to keep you updated with our next journey at the hotel. The Garden State Ghost Hunters had several camera's set up and so many pictures were taken that I have not had the opportunity to see yet. Looking forward to that and to sharing more with you.

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