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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day & Lisa Williams

There is not enough time right now for me to blog about everything I would like to. We had a wonderful Halloween and event at the Flanders that I would like to share with you. I will do that within the next few days. I wanted to remind everyone about today's radio show. Lisa Williams will be joining us once again for the show.

For those who may not be familiar with Lisa Williams she is from the hit Lifetime series Life Among The Dead and author of the book Life Among The Dead. Join us at 4 pm Eastern time as I bring you Messages From The Other Side. Listen live on the net at Find out more about Lisa on her site If you are in our local area you can listen live at 1490 AM. If you have a problem listening on the net make sure you try another web browser such as Internet explorer.

Don't forget to get out today and vote, I know I will be. Many people have sent us emails asking about my feelings on the election. I have said in my 2008 predictions that the demarcates will win this election and I still feel that way. I'm also feeling problems with the polls and certainly hope it does not end up being fixed like a past election. If this happens I think it will come out and we will all know. Still, without a doubt, I believe Obama will win it all. No matter what happens either candidate is up for more then they can handle. I see a really tough road ahead for the next president and for the United States. It is a little scary but at the same time I do see some huge changes coming along with the job. Just remember to get out there so that your vote will count and remember to enjoy your day.

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