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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Frank Sinatra & Feeling The Retrograde

Such a wonderful week of strong messages of closure and validation. I have also been feeling the effects of the Mercury Retrograde. Monday the planet entered into retrograde with the sign Gemini and this will last until June 18. So what does this mean? I blogged about the effects this has in a past post in which you can find in the archives. This round the signs Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius will feel the brunt of the retrograde. Being a Virgo I have definitely been feeling the effects and I can even feel it in the air. Communication is one of many problems you may face during this time. Things get messed up, canceled and thrown out of order and electronics break down including cars.

So much stress seemed to come into my life this week making me want to bang my head on the wall a few times. Lol. I even had to cancel my event in Vorhees New Jersey later this month because I had something come up and will have to leave town that week. We canceled several things for the days we will be away. We will be planning a future date in the same area sometime this fall. So when in doubt just blame it on Mercury.

Even with a little stress and several private sessions and galleries things flowed through nice and clearly from spirit. So many messages I do not know where to begin and don;t have much time to write about them all. Last Sunday was our event at Ashes To Ashes Cigar Parlor in Bordentown New Jersey. I love doing events at this shop beings the energy is so nice there and everything goes so well. There was so much that came through that I don't recall the details of the messages. I do recall that there were so many tears shed at this event, more then the usual. Of course these were not at all tears of sadness but more of comfort for the closure and validations from the deceased.

Joining us at the event was David, a reporter from the Philadelphia Inquirer, and his wife. David contacted Bob a few weeks ago with interest in doing a story about my work as a medium. I invited him and his wife to come to the event so he could get a good glimpse at my work and experience it for himself. He even spoke to a few of the audience members who were fortunate to receive messages from their deceased loved ones. I do remember I had a young lady come through for a family who attended who was brutally murdered. Beings I can see visions of the entire murder in my head I have a hard time blocking that. In respect of the family I will not give any details of the messages. I think David asked to speak to them about the experience and they declined.

The article may end up in tomorrows newspaper. However I can not be certain that will be the case. I was told that the date of publication is scheduled for June 2, but that could change and I have not had a confirmation. We will have it posted on my web site and here when it comes out. David also came to my home with a photographer and we talked about my work for a few hours. Then he came along with Bob and I to sit in on my weekly radio show on Tuesday. I'm very anxious to read the article. Thank you David and I hope I was able to inspire you.

Another really cool experience I had this week that I just could not forget. This reading was over then phone with a woman who was certainly in need of a connection from her loved ones. I can't give you the details of her reading, but I can tell you a few thing. I asked her how she heard of me and she said Cher. What? Yes Cher, like Sonny and Cher was her response. She said first I tried to get a reading with James Van Praagh and he does not offer private sessions. So Cher and her mother recommended you. I was like oh my god Cher knows who I am, wow. Tell Cher to call me some time. I would love to sit down and give her a reading and even hang out.

The woman's reading was intense and had a very interesting closing. Suddenly I visually see Frank Sinatra standing in right in front of me min my angel meditation room where I do my readings. I said to her "your not going believe this one. Frank Sinatra is here with us." Her response was "So what is he saying." We both chuckled. Here she was friends with Frank and he wanted to thank her for the special things she did for him and his family. Such a cool experience.

Tomorrow we have another event, this time in Doylestown, PA. Last I heard there was about sixty people registered for this event. As always, I'm looking very forward to sharing this special gift and the messages from spirit with this group. Tickets have become available for our fund raiser event June 29. Tickets are already flying out the door and this will sell out quickly. We are also planning another event for Friday July 18 in Bensalem, PA. Check my web site for details. Please take a moment to take my poll located at the top right side of this blog page.
Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and take my polls.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

What's Going On?

Finally I have found a little bit of time to sit and blog a little bit. The past week has been a little crazy a crazy, if that makes any sense. Last weekend my schedule was full with private home galleries and I found myself really looking forward to my days off. Saturday night after a private gallery in New Jersey Bob and I headed into Philly to see the Phillies play the Blue Jay's.

I have not been to a Phillies game in what seems to be forever. Bob won the tickets during
an event the radio station had for their sponsors. We had excellent seats a few rows up from the field between third base and home. Even though the Phillies let us down by losing that night we still had a good time.

Monday Bob and I meet up with our frie
nds Melissa and Leo for a day of fun at Six Flags Great Adventure. Yes it was a little bit on the chilly side, but at least it was not a wash out. I picked this time of year because there are no crowds. We didn't wait more then fifteen minutes to get on a ride. The longest wait was for their new ride the dark knight. If you go don't waste your time in line for that one, it was horrible. They hype the ride up making it look like its something great in which it certainly is not.

The roller coasters are my favorite and Six Flags has some really good ones. We made it onto every roller coaster except for rolling thunder because it really gives you whiplash. I really have a hard time trying to decide which one of the eight roller coasters is my favorite. First there is the Great American Scream Machine which kept us all screaming all the way down its 15.5 story drop. My thing with coasters is that I liked to be scared. The scarier the better.

Next comes the Superman coaster. This one was scary for me just because
of the way they have you strapped in. You are literally face down and all that went through my head was if the strap fails I'm going face first to most likely my death. A very scary thought but it was fun!

The next coaster was just absolutely in sane and has to be my favorite pick. The Kinda Ka is the fastest and highest roller coaster in the world. You know its high when there is a blinking light at the top for airplanes to see. In 3.5 seconds you are shot to a speed of 128 miles per hour and 45 stories high. You just have to ride in the first car for this one. Especially when it comes to the 45 story drop. Wild!

El Tora was another one of my favorites and rated one of the top three in the world for peoples favorite coaster. This wooden coaster makes you lift off your seat giving you that scary feeling that your gonna come right out of that seat. El Tora has the steepest drop of any wooden coaster in the country with a record breaking 76 degree drop.

ere was also batman which has been there for a long time and I really enjoy it. We also hit Medusa, the worlds first floor less roller coaster with a 13 story drop and a speed of 67 miles per hour. Another good one is Nitro which has an amazing 215 foot drop. I had to ride the front car for this one. Nitro goes up to 80 miles an hour. We definitely got our moneys worth this time. Recently I found out that you can buy tickets for theme parks, museums and the zoo really cheap at the local township municipal building. We got the Six Flags tickets for $30,00, thats less then half price. All worth the sore back that I had when I got home.

Tuesday was the radio show at four o'clock which went very well. One thing that bothered me a bit was the repeat callers. I said to listeners right before we opened up the lines that if you have called the show over the past few weeks please do not call. It is not at all fare for others who try to call and can't get through. Even our regular listeners are getting familiar hearing the same repeat callers every week. If you call in to the show and get a connection from a deceased loved one then there really is no need to keep calling every week wanting another connection. So if you are one of those repeat callers please give others a chance to call and get through.

With all the rain I did not get a chance to get all of the gardening done right away. I love planting my own vegetables every year. I had my first vegetable garden when I was four years old. I remember that well, I planted pumpkins. I did finally get the rest of the vegetables in yesterday before a private gallery I had last night. This year I have tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, strawberries, zucchini, celery, watermelon, cantaloupe and yes of course pumpkins. I took a few extra days off this week so we could do the Six Flags trip and get the garden in. I also wanted to be here for Bob because he had oral surgery. No fun at all. Bob is recovering in pain so we closed up the office for the next week.

Tomorrow is my event Messages From The Other Side at Ashes To Ashes CigarParlor in Bordentown New Jersey. I enjoy doing events there and The owners Joe and Stacy are wonderful people. We hold an event here usually every other month. Space is limited to 35 and this event has been sold out for quite some time. I like the energy at this event and it seems more intimate.

We will be holding another event at Ashes To Ashes Sunday June 29th. This will be a special fund raiser to benefit children infected and affected by HIV and AIDS.
$15.00 from each ticket sale will go to purchase gift cards which will be donated to Camp Kindle and Camp Dreamcatcher so that counselors can purchase items for the kids at the camp. You may also bring additional gift cards to the event to be donated or mail them in to us or directly to the camp. Tickets will be available some time next week. If you are interested keep an eye on the web site because tickets will go fast.

For all the radio listeners out there. This Tuesdays show will air at 2 o'clock in place of the normal 4 o'clock time slot. Once again baseball is screwing up the schedule. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Till the next time- Be well and take care of yourself and the ones you love.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

2008 Predictions Coming True?

After seeing the big story on the news and receiving several emails about the earthquake in China I decided to go over my 2008 predictions. Honestly I was hoping that my visions of future events were just my own imagination. I should have known this was not at all the case. Like I said in the 2008 predictions blog, this is something I never sat down and focused on before. I wonder whether or not it is better not to know about these future events. Some could of course be prevented, but others like weather related predictions certainly can not be prevented.

One of my first weather related predictions was that of what I considered to be the biggest earthquake in history. China was hit by what they are calling one of the biggest earthquakes to hit in more then 30 years. More then ten thousand people were killed and still counting. They are not calling it the biggest in history but I certainly would say this is the exact vision I was having when preparing my 2008 predictions. Also in my predictions I list some important dates. Among those dates is the number 12, the earthquake happened on May 12.

China also experienced some of the worst ice storms ever, definitely a year of ice storms which was also a prediction of mine that has come to pass. There was the largest beef recall in history here in the U.S., another prediction to come true. The big explosion I was seeing with burn victims in another vision could have also come to pass. On Feb. 7 we had a large explosion at a sugar refinery here in the U.S. I also saw a shooting at a school and a fast food restaurant which happened earlier this year at a N.I.U. and at a Wendy's in Florida.

Then comes the horrible tornado's which I predicted would hit the U.S. harder then ever. I even said that I saw them hitting a big city bringing a good amount of damage. Well this year has been huge for tornado's. We even had a tornado hit the city of Atlanta this year bringing yet another prediction to the surface. Even Michael Jackson hit the news again this year as predicted and Brittany did disappear just a bit, at least from the headlines. Things should get much better now for Britt and I'm expecting a huge come back from her in the future.

So many predictions have already come to pass although there are still many to come. I pray that many do not come to pass, but we have no control over mother nature. The Earth is in trouble and mother nature has to be a little pissed off at this point. All she can do is do some cleaning up and maybe it will eventually hit a cord with the world to do something about this earth crisis. Until the next time, love and light.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Good Messages, Good Friends & A Good Cause

I apologize to all my blog addicts for not having a new post in a while. By the time my day is finished I'm just too drained to sit and blog. The past few weeks have been a little overwhelming and very draining. This past Wednesday was the first day off I had since my vacation that I actually sat and relaxed the entire day. With so many things that need to be done around the house, I just never take an entire day to relax. I was just too wiped out to do anything other then sit around and relax.

I honestly do not mind that I have a busy schedule and don't take too much relaxation time. If I really wanted more time I would take more time off. This month I have actually planned many consecutive days off so we can get our garden work done and other things around the house. Some days I wish the good lord up above did not invent sleep. If there was no sleep then we would all have so much more time on our hands. and so many thing would be accomplished.

Over the past few weeks there have been so many connections with spirit which has its way of making me feel depleted. To me it is all worth it when you know deep down inside that you really helped so many people and have even changed a few peoples lives for the better. The past few weeks of messages were very intense and oddly enough many of them were similar. Similar in the manner of the type of healing that needed to be presented. There were many apologies from deceased loved ones for things they said or did prior to their passing. There were also many apologies from deceased fathers for not being around like they should have been when they were living. In my eyes it just seemed to be a big week for apologies from the deceased.

See what happens when we pass is quite simple. Once we reach the other side and re-unite with everyone who was in our life at some point. After the reunion our whole life is brought before us. Two screens, one with everything good you did for yourself and others throughout your life, another with all the bad you have done unto yourself and others. This is when we come to the realization of so many things and basically the whole purpose of that lifetime. Some souls really have no idea of all the wrong they have done and people they have hurt. This is the reason why they come through in readings with apologies. That is also why we should all remember to do good things for others, including ourselves.

Last Saturday after doing a private gallery in Springfield Bob and I headed to dinner with a few friends. We were invited by our friend Beth and her husband Joe to come to their home. Joining us were their two wonderful children Dean and Tommy and two other friends of ours Mary Lou and her husband Skip. Their home is basically in the country surrounded by acres of land. We arrived to see them gathered around the fire outside. It was such a nice evening with a great group of friends and healers.

The home is over 300 years old and had quite a presence inside. We were taking a tour of the home when I ran into the resident ghost. I was not even thinking about ghost's or spirits when we were touring their home. I turned and looked back toward the one sitting room where the piano is. I saw a guy sit down in the chair and really did not think about it. I though a real person came in and sat down until they disappeared in a blink of my eye's. I'm sure that this ghost is not the only one residing in their home.

The one reading that really sticks out in my mind from the past few weeks was that of a murder victim. This young man was not only determined to get his message through, but even more determined to catch his killer. My client was not there to connect with him and the young man did not want to hear that. He was all about getting his messages to his family and to the police. The young man and a friend were both killed during a drive by shooting. The details were in depth about the shooter, the people in the car and a full description of the car. My client could not confirm all of the information that was coming through. I asked her to please take the information to the family and hopefully to the detectives investigating this case. I also told her that she can tell the family to have the police contact me if they would like my assistance.

Friday night Bob and I headed to Trenton New Jersey for a fund-raiser event to benefit Arthritis Foundation. 11 year old Alyssa Kondash and her mother Ann Marie organized the entire benefit event which raised more then $2000.00 for the cause. Every person that attended this event had a great time. There were so many messages I really had a hard time keeping up. I went to so many people in the audience and made dozens of connections with the deceased.

One young lady I just can not forget about. I kept getting pulled to this young lady sitting in the back of the room with her friend. It was now after 9 o'clock and I was suppose to start the questions segment at 9. Well that was not going to happen until she received a very important message. Her husband passed suddenly only two months ago. The details were very specific and he wanted his wife to know that he is at peace and watching over her and her children. The young mans messages were very touching to everyone at the event. I'm so grateful that I have a gift that brings so much healing into peoples lives.

The past few weeks have been good with the exception of some bad news. Some of you may have read in my blog about my 13 year old niece Rhiannon. Rhiannon has been battling cancer for several years now. More then a year ago doctors gave Rhiannon a clean bill of health claiming the cancer was gone. During her three month check up they discovered another tumor and she began treatment once again. This week cat scan results discovered yet another tumor, this time in a place that is inoperable. I thank everyone who sent messages and prayers in the past. Rhiannon certainly could use some prayers right now. Rhiannon remains strong and never gives up. Before going back into the hospital next week my sister flew Rhiannon to Florida to fulfill her dream to work as a marine biologist and dolphin trainer.

Thank you all for taking the time to read my blog. Remember to never give up and do good things for yourself and for others.