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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Good Messages, Good Friends & A Good Cause

I apologize to all my blog addicts for not having a new post in a while. By the time my day is finished I'm just too drained to sit and blog. The past few weeks have been a little overwhelming and very draining. This past Wednesday was the first day off I had since my vacation that I actually sat and relaxed the entire day. With so many things that need to be done around the house, I just never take an entire day to relax. I was just too wiped out to do anything other then sit around and relax.

I honestly do not mind that I have a busy schedule and don't take too much relaxation time. If I really wanted more time I would take more time off. This month I have actually planned many consecutive days off so we can get our garden work done and other things around the house. Some days I wish the good lord up above did not invent sleep. If there was no sleep then we would all have so much more time on our hands. and so many thing would be accomplished.

Over the past few weeks there have been so many connections with spirit which has its way of making me feel depleted. To me it is all worth it when you know deep down inside that you really helped so many people and have even changed a few peoples lives for the better. The past few weeks of messages were very intense and oddly enough many of them were similar. Similar in the manner of the type of healing that needed to be presented. There were many apologies from deceased loved ones for things they said or did prior to their passing. There were also many apologies from deceased fathers for not being around like they should have been when they were living. In my eyes it just seemed to be a big week for apologies from the deceased.

See what happens when we pass is quite simple. Once we reach the other side and re-unite with everyone who was in our life at some point. After the reunion our whole life is brought before us. Two screens, one with everything good you did for yourself and others throughout your life, another with all the bad you have done unto yourself and others. This is when we come to the realization of so many things and basically the whole purpose of that lifetime. Some souls really have no idea of all the wrong they have done and people they have hurt. This is the reason why they come through in readings with apologies. That is also why we should all remember to do good things for others, including ourselves.

Last Saturday after doing a private gallery in Springfield Bob and I headed to dinner with a few friends. We were invited by our friend Beth and her husband Joe to come to their home. Joining us were their two wonderful children Dean and Tommy and two other friends of ours Mary Lou and her husband Skip. Their home is basically in the country surrounded by acres of land. We arrived to see them gathered around the fire outside. It was such a nice evening with a great group of friends and healers.

The home is over 300 years old and had quite a presence inside. We were taking a tour of the home when I ran into the resident ghost. I was not even thinking about ghost's or spirits when we were touring their home. I turned and looked back toward the one sitting room where the piano is. I saw a guy sit down in the chair and really did not think about it. I though a real person came in and sat down until they disappeared in a blink of my eye's. I'm sure that this ghost is not the only one residing in their home.

The one reading that really sticks out in my mind from the past few weeks was that of a murder victim. This young man was not only determined to get his message through, but even more determined to catch his killer. My client was not there to connect with him and the young man did not want to hear that. He was all about getting his messages to his family and to the police. The young man and a friend were both killed during a drive by shooting. The details were in depth about the shooter, the people in the car and a full description of the car. My client could not confirm all of the information that was coming through. I asked her to please take the information to the family and hopefully to the detectives investigating this case. I also told her that she can tell the family to have the police contact me if they would like my assistance.

Friday night Bob and I headed to Trenton New Jersey for a fund-raiser event to benefit Arthritis Foundation. 11 year old Alyssa Kondash and her mother Ann Marie organized the entire benefit event which raised more then $2000.00 for the cause. Every person that attended this event had a great time. There were so many messages I really had a hard time keeping up. I went to so many people in the audience and made dozens of connections with the deceased.

One young lady I just can not forget about. I kept getting pulled to this young lady sitting in the back of the room with her friend. It was now after 9 o'clock and I was suppose to start the questions segment at 9. Well that was not going to happen until she received a very important message. Her husband passed suddenly only two months ago. The details were very specific and he wanted his wife to know that he is at peace and watching over her and her children. The young mans messages were very touching to everyone at the event. I'm so grateful that I have a gift that brings so much healing into peoples lives.

The past few weeks have been good with the exception of some bad news. Some of you may have read in my blog about my 13 year old niece Rhiannon. Rhiannon has been battling cancer for several years now. More then a year ago doctors gave Rhiannon a clean bill of health claiming the cancer was gone. During her three month check up they discovered another tumor and she began treatment once again. This week cat scan results discovered yet another tumor, this time in a place that is inoperable. I thank everyone who sent messages and prayers in the past. Rhiannon certainly could use some prayers right now. Rhiannon remains strong and never gives up. Before going back into the hospital next week my sister flew Rhiannon to Florida to fulfill her dream to work as a marine biologist and dolphin trainer.

Thank you all for taking the time to read my blog. Remember to never give up and do good things for yourself and for others.


Anonymous said...

Hello Joseph,

I feel a little funny writing you this comment, but, I read your blog every now and then and I've noticed that you've been mentioning how drained you are feeling and how tired you get. Please do take time to rest Joseph. You are devoting so much of your energy to helping other souls, don't forget that you have one too. One that needs your devotion and caring as well. All your fans love you, maybe sometimes we ask too much, maybe sometimes the sprits who have passed on ask a lot too, so please do take time for yourself and rest. Again, it's just that I've noticed that you've mentioned a few times how drained you've been feeling. Please do rest.

Anonymous said...


Just wanted to say that I enjoy reading your blog and thank-you for clarifying why you hadn't blogged in a while.
I was especially glad to hear you say that you're so grateful for having the gift of mediumship. I've always felt your humble spirit and I've often said to myself that I would be so humbly grateful if I had your gift. You are a beautiful spirit. xx

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry about your niece. She and your family will definitely be in my thoughts.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Joseph, like anonymous above I am worried when I hear how tired you get. Maybe, just maybe, you have to slow down a little. Remember that this happened to Edgar Cayce too and he had to rearrange his life. This is no good if you get sick from being run down, dear. I also believe Spirit is making you tired for a reason - please think! You are genuine and precious and you must take care of yourself!

My father is going to be 75this year and has for the most part been a totally negative self centered maniac who hurt anyone who had the misfortune of being close to him - a very harmful person. He is now becoming afraid of dying, will not discuss healthcare power of attorney, will not discuss burial, and will certainly not discuss spiritual work. If I or anyone else brings it up, he bites like a viper! Despite his cruelty towards me throughout my entire life, I feel sorry for him now - 75 and hasn't learned a damned thing. I'm sure he will not be looking forward to looking at those two screens - there's going to be very little on one of them.

Anyway, I pray for him - what else can I do for his man? Will he be coming to me to apologize one day?

Prayers for Rhiannon - god bless this young girl who has been given this terrible burden. My heart goes out to this beautiful girl. xtina

Anonymous said...


I am saddened to hear that Rhiannon has an inoperable tumor. I know of your connection to her through your previous blogs; if I have permission, I would be happy to assist with Reiki . I know you mentioned in Doylestown you are a Reiki as well; however, since I am now out of half time school and only working full time, I am beginning my daily meditations, prayers,, etc.. and will include Reiki. Please let me know if it is ok to send.
Many blessings and Much Comfort.
Michelle H