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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Few Up-Dates

I received an e-mail from the publisher informing
me that my book is going to the printing process. I should be receiving the first copy some time over the next week. Then will come the final approval and within a few weeks the book will be available. Over the next few days I will be contacting distribution companies so we can get the book into major books stores. I will also be contacting a few smaller book stores in the area to see if they would like to carry the book. The book will also be available on my web site, and We will begin taking pre-orders some time within the next week.

Over the next few days we will also be making preparations for the October 28Th Breast Cancer Awareness Event at the Buck's County Sheraton. I did contact the Susan G. Komen Foundation for their support and as the charity where the money will be donated. Someone did get back to me and I returned her call over a week ago and have not heard back. Hopefully I will touch base with them some time this week.

I will be up-dating both web sites with more information on the event and making tickets available as well. There will also be a link placed on the site to pre-order your copy of "Messages From The Other Side". We will also be doing a gallery again at the Ashes To Ashes Cigar Shop in Bordentown NJ on September 16. Ashes To Ashes has such a nice peaceful atmosphere. I have to also mention that it does not at all smell like cigars. There is no smoking in the shop during my events and you can not even smell a lingering cigar. I love doing events at Ashes to Ashes and the owners Joe and Stacy Salera are great people. Events there are limited to 30 people and there is a coffee bar along with snacks during the break.

I was fortunate enough to get a phone call from a producers in California. They told me more about filming and set up an interview with me for the following day. I had to set up a video camera and a speaker phone for the interview. The interview went well from what I can tell. There were some off the guard questions but nothing that was difficult in any way. I just remained myself during the entire interview process. I mailed the video tape to them next day air the following day. Today I received an e-mail from one of the producers asking for an on line picture of myself. I have a positive vibe on everything and believe if it is meant to be it will happen.

Monday, July 30, 2007

King Tut Exhibit, Ancient Egypt & Past Lives

I have quite an obsession with ancient Egyptian history and artifacts. I'm completely fascinated and intrigued by the entire subject. I love watching the shows on Discovery about Egypt and its history. I have never had the opportunity to visit Egypt yet, at least not in this life. However, I did get a chance to go see the King Tut Exhibit at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. The exhibit was enjoyable and disappointing at the same time. I had in my mind that I was going to see king Tut and his mask. It was a huge disappointment to me that King Tuts mummy, mask and everything else that I thought I would see was not there. The way they advertise the exhibit they have you thinking that's what your going to see and that is not the case at all.
The exhibit was something to see for sure, unless your planning a trip to Egypt in the near future. I looked into going to Egypt and its quite expensive. I was told you should go with a tour group for safety concerns. Most group trips are 10 to 14 days long. Another museum that I enjoyed even more then the Tut exhibit was at the University Of Penn in Philadelphia. They have a wonderful Egyptian exhibit in their museum that you can see all year round. They have pieces that are more then 12 feet tall. Definitely something to see if you have any interest in historic relics.

About a year ago I was fortunate enough to come across some rare ancient Egyptian artifacts at an auction. I have some really unbelievable Egyptian pieces dating back more then 2000 years. Some still have the original paint and the dirt from excavation. There are also a few Egyptian Pendants within my collection. Recently we redesigned our bedroom to an Egyptian theme. There you will find about a dozen ancient Egyptian pieces along with some modern Egyptian decor.

It is believed that things that we are attracted to in this life are sometimes carried over from a past life. This includes fears of things such as water. Beings I'm so infatuated with Egypt, there is a chance I was there in a past life. Being certified in hypnosis and past life regression I have had the opportunity to see some of my past lives. As you can already assume, I did live in Egypt in a past life. I once lived as a great Pharaoh in very early Egypt.

The ancient Egyptians worked their entire lives to basically prepare for their after life. The Egyptians would conduct magical rituals in honor of the Gods and Goddess' that they would meet in their after life. They prayed to more then one hundred different Gods and Goddess over the thousands of years. Each God would represent different aspects of life and the afterlife. One example would be my favorite of all the gods "Anubis". Anubis ruled over death and the mummification ritual and looked like the jackal all in black. The Priest would wear a costume and a head shaped like the jackal to over see the funeral and mummification ceremonies. We have a black lab who was named Anubis after the Egyptian god. We shorten his name from Anubis to Nubis and finally Newbie.

The Egyptian were inventors of so many things that we use in our every day life. Some of their inventions include Make-up, writing, paper, beer and so much more. The modern day Easter Egg was also most likely taken from ancient Egypt. The Egyptians would color eggs and decorate them to place in the tombs of the dead. This was believed to represent rebirth and guarantee life after death. Another interesting fact about the Egyptians was their deep worship of the female deities such as mother Isis. She was greatly adored by the Egyptians as the all loving mother and giver of life.
So remember you were hear before the next time you are pulled toward a different time, nation, or fear.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

More Messages

Another long weekend of bringing messages of hope and validation to dozens of people. The galleries I did this weekend went extremely well. Saturday I had a group that included several men. Honestly there are not many men that attend private galleries. The men are usually the ones that hold the most skepticism. I have nothing against skeptics at all. Sometimes it is actually good to be skeptical with many things in our lives. Unfortunately there are more bad psychics out there then good ones. Many are frauds and it should be easy to spot them. One sign is if they try to get any more money from you for whatever reason, then you should just walk away.

When I began Saturdays gallery I had an instant connection with a young father figure that had passed. He told me his name was Jim and with that came more validating information. One of the gentlemen in the gallery was named Jim and his deceased father was Jim. Jim was very open with the messages he was receiving and even began to show emotion to the messages. I don't think he was at all skeptic before we started and definitely not any more. The gentlemen sitting next to me I would say was very skeptical and most likely is not any longer.
It was not until the end of the gallery that I would begin getting a connection that would set aside all of his skepticism. I visually saw a police officer in uniform standing behind one of the girls in the gallery. I began describing the police officer, his name and significant dates. He mentioned another police officer that has passed and the one who was present in the gallery. I was pulled to the gentlemen next to me with the name Frank. Frank was a police officer who had passed and the gentlemen next to me is currently a police officer. So many details and validating information would have him leaving the gallery a complete believer.
There were actually several very skeptical people at this particular gallery on Saturday. One person I believe blocked the information the best she could leaving the gallery with little fulfilment. There was also a woman that wanted to block out me and the messages, but her deceased sister would not give up. Her sister passed from breast cancer and was very persistent on letting her know that she was communicating with me. There was not one thing I said to her that did not hit home hard. Every detail she could ask for plus some. She also needed to hear her sister confirm that she is doing a great job raising the children for her. Most of the time the skeptics get the best readings. If a spirit wants to get a message through their going to do whatever it takes for the skeptic to get it. I don't think anyone left Saturday's gallery feeling at all skeptical.
Sunday was a fun group of 13 woman and one gentlemen. When I arrive at a gallery I like to ask how they have heard about me and if they have seen me previously. There is always at least one person in the group that has been to me in the past. Usually there are actually several in the group that have seen me at some point. I was surprised to find that not one person out of the 14 have ever seen me before. I honestly have never been to a group where not even one person has been to me before.

This gallery went very well and we all had many laughs throughout my time there. I think everyone there had a very strong connection and many validating messages. I'm sure I will see many of them again in the future. One thing that sticks in my mind from this gallery was one of the visions I would see of someones passing. I had a several firefighters come through during this session. I believe there were actually three firefighters connecting with me. If I remember correctly one passed from a major heart attack. He came through as a father figure and was in deed one of the woman's father. He brought through another firefighter who had a younger energy. I would say he passed in his mid thirties. He showed me how he passed. It was in a fire and he was coming down steps or right near the steps. The ceiling above him fell in and something hit him on his head knocking him out completely. It looked like a board or stud that hit him in the back of the neck knocking him down. The smoke and carbon monoxide took over his lungs and caused him to perish. A very clear vision and a bit scary I must say.

Smoke Detectors Save Lives! Make sure you have one in every room and they have fresh batteries.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

More Messages & The Vegatable Garden

It has been what feels like a pretty long week to me. I'm glad to have off today and actually have time to write in this blog. This weekend a client at one of my private gallery's told me she loved the blog and is hooked on it. I'm so glad that you are all enjoying it. I had a call from my Aunt Fran the other day, she's the best. I mentioned the blog to her and she said she would go on and check it out. Later that day she called back and said she had a real problem getting her house work done for the day. Why I asked? She responded that she was completely hooked on this blog and could not stop reading it. She also mention some of my grammar mistakes. Sorry, I was not an English major. I assure you all that my book has been very well edited.

Monday I had a couple come together for a reading with me. I assumed they understood my work and that was probably why they were here. I introduced myself and told them that I felt that one of them had a father that had passed. They were completely puzzled and honestly had no idea what I was talking about. The young lady turned and said "you mean a dad who is dead?" Well yes, I'm getting a father figure who has passed and wants to communicate with one of you. I still don't think either of them really knew where I was going with this information. So I turned to the young lady and said Is you dad passed and again she relied "Yes". Then I asked her to come with me into the room for her reading.

As we sat there she had still seemed a bit clueless to why I wanted to know if her father was deceased. I asked her if she was at all familiar with my work. She explained that she though I was just a basic psychic who would just sit and tell her the future. Well I can do that but it seems to me that your father wants to communicate with you. Are you familiar with John Edwards? No. How about James Van Pragg? No Sylvia Brown? No. Do you know what a psychic medium is? No. Oh boy, your in for quite a little surprise. I went on to explain exactly what I do as far as communication with deceased relatives. I told her she could have me focus on her future or with those who have passed. She smiled and said "Just do what you do best". So off I went into the reading.

The connection with her father was a strong one in deed, with all the details of his passing. This was not at all what she was expecting today. She especially did not expect to come to me and actually communicate with her deceased father. I could see the overwhelming expression and emotion with each detail I gave to her. Then the reading toke and unexpected turn for both of us. A young man, maybe about 22, stepped forth to bring through messages. His name was Billy and he began to mention the woman's son by name. Then he went into this detailed story of his death. I do not remember all the details, so I will do my best here. The woman's son was driving with his friend Billy in the passenger seat. A car came across the medial strip hit them and their car spun head on into a tree. The car was actually split in half and the passenger Billy was killed instantly.

This message was very important for the woman to pass to her son. Billy was not there just to give me details of this accident, but more to bring the validation that it was him. Then in turn he would be able to bring a more comforting message. I explained to her that he was telling me that her son feels responsible for the accident and still mourns over his friends passing. Billy kept insisting that it was just an accident and was meant to be. He wanted to let his friend know that he was at peace and happy and that he should move on and know that it was not his fault. What a wonderful message of healing for a mother to take home to her son. Someone who was only looking for future advice walked out with so much more.

So I thought I would share a little Hobie of ours here at home. We love to to keep the outside looking good with flowers and so on, but more then that we love the vegetable garden. I had my first vegetable garden when I was just four years old. My grandfather on my mothers side grew up on a farm and loved to do gardening. My father had a big vegetable garden in the back yard when we were kids and I would sit and watch him play in the garden. I remember saying to my pop "Daddy can I have my own garden?" So my Pop dug me a little section along the fence for my to grow a few things. My first plants were pumpkins and also cucumbers. That was my first garden. When I was 13 we moved to Levittown where I would begin my own big garden.
My Grandfather gave me all kinds of seeds and growing tips. He even let me borrow his roto-tiller to make the digging a little easier. When my grandfather passed of course I got the tiller. I used it all the way up to this summer when it finally broke. I was so into my garden growing up that I even entered the grange fair competitions. I won dozens of ribbons for the largest vegetables. When I was fifteen I was in the newspaper for having a 80 pound pumpkin in the month of August.

This year we made the garden a little smaller then we had it last year. We decided not to grow corn because the squirrels ate more then we did. Although we have less this year, the garden is still about 10 feet by 30 feet. We have a great selection of things growing in the garden. Almost everything is doing extremely well except for two things. For some reason the pepper plants look like they are dying even though there are some nice peppers on there. The cantaloupe plants did horrible. 1 of the six plants is doing well, the others dies. The pumpkins are doing great and are growing over into the neighbors yard. There are about 8 pumpkins so far and two are already about 15 pounds each.

I put strawberries in last year understanding that I would not get any berries for another year. We had one row of strawberries that stretched out into two and a half rows now. We only got one good batch of berries and nothing since. If that's the case we may did them up at the end of the season. Last year our pumpkins died and cantaloupe did great. We also replanted some watermelon again this year, Well that just took over the garden with the pumpkins. There are at least 6 watermelon going strong. Three are absolutely huge and weigh at least 15 pounds. There is also some honey dew that is hanging in there with a few dews. Then come the cucumbers which are my favorite vege. They are doing well with some larger then 12 inches.

We also put in zucchini which we really don't eat. The reason I like to grow it is for this awesome zucchini bread that I make. It sounds disgusting but it is honestly really good. The recipe came from a neighbor when I was a kid. She has passed since. It was her grandmothers recipe. We can't forget the tomatoes. They didn't do excellent last year but they did go good. I only eat them in my salads and end up giving bags of them away. Last year I decided to try and make my own home made tomato sauce or gravy if your Italian. I had never attempted such a thing and had no idea what to do. I bought a pressure cooker and found a good recipe on line. Well let me tell you, it was the best sauce I even ate in my life. No exaggeration. We canned a few jars and they were gone rather quickly. This year I plan to make a couple dozen jars of sauce. I just need the tomatoes to get ripe. I found the first one turning red today, but I need more then that...

I tried making pickles last year and canned them. I though they turned out soggy, but my 13 year old niece loves them. This year I even attempted planting pine apples. Did you know if you cut off the top of a pine apple and place it in water, it will grow. You wait about a month for lots of roots to appear and then place it in soil. I just found out that it takes two years to get a pine apple. So I will have to bring them inside this fall. There is also some fresh basil and oregano growing for that delicious tomato sauce.

Monday, July 23, 2007

The Past Weekend

I was off this past Friday and did not really do a while lot. As you can guess I'm a big fan of John Edward. No not the politician, John Edward the psychic medium. It surprises me when I mention his name and people think of the politician and not the Psychic. John wrote a great book that I highly recommend called "Crossing Over". He also had his first TV show Crossing Over With John Edward on the Sci-Fi channel. A few years later the show moved over to CBS and later was canceled for some reason I do not know. John has a new show starting its second season this Fall on the WE network called "Cross Country With John Edward". Check out the show some time.

Saturday I received the final proof for my book cover. Now it is getting very exciting for me with the book release coming closer and closer. Today I gave the book the final approval and it should not take too long for its release. I will call the book publisher this week to try and confirm a release date. After checking my e-mail I went about my routine of exercise, lunch and meditation before leaving for a private gallery in New Jersey.
As you may know if you have been following the blog, I do not always remember the messages that come through. It is not a thinking process when bringing through messages so I forget much of the information that comes through. Unless however, the information coming through is mind blowing in some way that makes it an unforgettable experience for myself.
As I was bringing through messages during this gallery I remember clearly giving the name Jake. I could see by some of the expressions that this was a very important message for this group. As Jake began connecting with me I immediately felt that his presence was that of a very young energy. I felt as if this connection was with a sever year old child. Jake began giving me many details about a cancerous tumor that was the cause of his passing. Along with that came some dates and the number three, which was very important for this group. Jake's important messages brought so much closure to this group and validation that he is now in good hands with his grandma.
After the gallery ended I was told that Jake was only 3 when he had passed. I was also told that he did not even speak yet. The group found it very interesting, as did I, that Jake had evolved on the other side and was able to bring these messages to me. Jake would now be 7 years old, the age that I felt the child I was connecting with was. If there are important messages that need to come through, especially from a child, they are gonna get through. This was not the first time that I had connected with a young child. It has happened dozens of times. I remember one session a child made me draw a picture for his family. The picture was just like a child's picture with a stick looking man and a few other details. The family understood exactly what the picture I had drawn was and brought so much more closure and validation to them.
Some things are just meant to be. Hopefully we can learn and grow from the negative events in our lives.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

An Inconvenient Truth

You are all familiar with Al Gore, and by now you should be familiar with his documentary "An Inconvenient Truth". If you are not familiar with the film please let me fill you in for a moment. This documentary takes us through the issues concerning Global Warming and the effects Global warming is currently having on Earth. I highly recommend that everyone check out this film and the web site. you can find it here: I'm not writing to just enlighten you about the documentary, but to share with you past experiences relating to Global Warming.

When I was beginning my work as a Psychic at the age of 19 I became interested in Prophecy. I read as much as I could on the subject and great Prophets like Nostradamus,Edgar Cayce and several Native American Indians. One book that really caught my eye was Phoenix Rising by Mary Summer Rain. She writes about the Earth Changes and the visions of an old blind Native American Woman called No Eyes. She spoke of this to come in the future all revolving around the Earth Changing and the world ending as we know it. I have studied many Prophets and put them all together along with my own feelings and visions.

I spent many evenings sitting alone meditating on the subject of the Earth Changes and what was to come of our Planet. At this time it was around the year 1990 and there really was not much talk about global warming as there is now. If there was, I did not hear about it or pay any attention to it. Another thing that came to my mind was the memory of so many childhood dreams. Dreams of storms, tidal waves, bridges falling and so forth. Maybe these dreams were something that I felt coming when I was a child. There again maybe it was a child's continued nightmares. All of these things really hit me after reading Mary Summer Rains book.

In the back of her book is listed what she calls the Earth Chronicles. Things that are to come to us when the Earth Changes begins. Looking at these chronicles fifteen years later is quite frightening. They are all beginning to take form. You can read all of the chronicles on the web site I have listed at the bottom of today's blog. Now comes the legend I read about the White Buffalo. The white buffalo is somewhat compared to the unicorn for the fact that it is just a legend. The Native American told stories about the Earth and the coming of the White Buffalo. This would be a sign from the gods, and the Earth Changes would begin. There is also belief by the Cherokee Indians that the date in which Earth Changes would occur will be in 2004 or 2012.

In 1994 the first White Buffalo was born and named Miracle. Thousands of peoples from around the world would come to see the great white buffalo before she would die in 2004. Could this be a sign that the Earth Changes has begun. You can be the judge for yourself. I have also included other interesting links where you can find more prophecies. There are even maps that have been done by several prophets and psychics. The interesting thing is that all of these maps are very similar and some almost identical. Some of these maps were drawn more then 50 years ago, including one from the native American Indians.

I do believe that the future of the Earth is in danger. I also believe that there could still be hope and help for the planet. If more people are aware of the issues facing the planet and how we can help, then maybe we can make that change. I see so many horrible things that could come to pass if we do not help in any way possible. Many people could honestly care less about the planet and what happens, but there are more that do care. I saw an episode of the Oprah show recently that also gave me some ideas we can all do to help. The most simple is just changing the light bulbs in your home to energy saving bulbs. We did that here and spent a good amount of money doing the complete change over. These bulbs last up to seven years and are guaranteed. Wait until you hear the change in the electric bill. The first month before changing every bulb the bill went down a little more then $50.00 for only one month. That paid for the bulbs. That's is a savings of over $600.00 a month. That's no petty cash!

I could write an entire book on my thoughts and research on the Earth Changes and future prophecies. Check out the film and the links below and hopefully this will help to enlighten you to help make a difference for our planet. Don't forget to recycle!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Today's Readings

When a person comes to me for a private reading the first thing I make very clear is that I can not dial up whomever they want to connect with. Everyone comes to me in hopes to connect with a specific loved one who has passed. I really wish I could dial up whoever they choose to connect with, but it does not work that way.

Another rule that I like to stick with is the fact that I do not like to know who they desire to
connect with. I would rather be the one to tell them who my connection is with. To me it is more validating to my clients when I tell them the information without knowing anything before hand. To me it is more intense and more validating for me the psychic to know as little as possible about my clients and who they want to connect with. A good psychic does not ask questions and does not need to be feed information.

Something that rather baffles me a bit is how some connections are so much stronger then others. I do understand through the years of doing this work that some spirits are just stronger then other. The older the soul, the stronger their energy is. This makes it much easier from my perspective. My goal is to bring through the most validating messages that I possible can. When connecting to a stronger energy it is more like holding a conversation with that spirit. Other energies, or younger
souls, are much more difficult to connect with.

Before beginning a private session I always ask my client to try and put aside the thoughts of who they want to connect with. If you are here to connect with only that one person or spirit and only want to hear specific things that you want them to say, then you are waisting both my time and
yours. I can not stress enough that it just does not work that way in all cases.

Sometimes a stronger energy that has passed will step forth and bring the messages through from that specific person that you want to connect with. So if you want to connect with dad and Uncle Jim comes through in stead, you need to listen to his messages. More then likely he is bringing through messages from dad. I even tell client not to apply everything I say to who I'm connecting with. It may have nothing to do with them at all. They may be coming through with messages from others. Then there are some readings I conduct and have literally a dozen different energies connect.

To have an enjoyable session and a very validating one, you must first remain open to whichever energy decides to connect. I had a client in the past who had a connection with her mothers best friend that had passed from breast cancer. She really did not want to hear from her mothers friend. Many of the things I told her made no sense to her until I was forced to do something I do not do often. We picked up the phone and called her mother in Florida and made her a part of the session. She knew
absolutely everything that was coming through from her friend.

The reason that I record every session for my clients is because they often get more out of the tape then they do from the actual session itself. We are all human and desire to connect with a specific energy that has passed. If you sit there focusing the whole session on who you want to hear from, then you will miss many messages from others who are trying to get through. This is not a problem I run into often, but I do run into it at times. I would say 99 percent of my readings are very strong connections and very validating to my clients. The other 1 percent usually block me out or the energy that is trying to get through. Why? Because they only want to hear what they want to hear and nothing else. It just does not work that way. We are all human and should be used to not getting what we want.

Today I had a few client who in my eyes all had very strong connections from the other side. My first client was very calm and had herself together very well. I
always do a prayer and at least a fifteen minute meditation prior to my clients arrival. Many times I receive messages and names during this meditation. I do not always remember what those names or messages were during the meditation. When I do remember I will ask each client that day to see if the information I received was for them. It always has something to do with one of my clients for the day. I just don;t know who the message pertains too.

I began her reading and mentioned a few things from my meditation first. She did recognize one name, but nothing else. I began to connect with several energies at one time. It can be a little confusing when I have several spirits talking to me at once. She was able to put it all together. After a few minutes those energies stepped aside and a very good looking young man stepped forth. His connection was very strong in deed. I began to describe the young man and he then gave me his name "Chris". I could instantly feel and see the emotions coming from my client.

He is telling me that there was
suffocation of some sort. I feel as if it was like a drowning where his breathing was cut off. I had the feeling as if a pillow was over my face suffocating me. I'm also getting that he is a very young man maybe around 22 years of age. Now he is showing me the inside of a house burning. I feel as if he may had been in this fire and this is where his life ended. He is telling me mom, so this would be your son that has passed. Tears slowly rolled from her eyes as she confirmed that her son did pass.

He is also telling me that there was something with his head. Maybe a fall or a hit on his head. I don't feel as if he was burned in the fire at all. I'm seeing that he may have tried to get out and either he had fallen and hit his head, or something had fallen on his head. It was the smoke and the carbon monoxide that had taken over his lungs and
suffocated him. I do not feel as if he was burnt at all. He did not feel any pain either. He is telling me he had an argument with God, and we both laughed.

He did not even realize what had happened and did not at all think that he had died. His grandmother had help to cross him over because he really did not think he had passed. So many other validating things came through during this session. The trophy's that he had won growing up. The ball that he hit through the house window when he was a child. So many validating things that she needed to hear. She was able to confirm everything that I had told her during the session. It was her son and he did pass during a fire in his home. He was not burnt at all but passed from the smoke and carbon monoxide.

Being able to give a mother the validations and messages from her son that has passed so tragically is so heartwarming to me. I could only imagine the suffering and things going through her mind. I know that she came to connect with him and I;m glad I was able to do that for her. Her son was not the first one to come through, but she kept an open mind and knew the other connections. As calm and together as she was, I would never have suspected that she would have had such a tragic passing in her life. I thank her for giving me the opportunity to give her the messages and validations that her son is in peace now.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Messages & Validations

Last night I had a private gallery in New Jersey with about 18 people. This was a fairly large group for a private event. My only concern was trying to get as many messages as possible to as many people as I possibly could. It is very important to me that everyone receives the validation that their loved ones are here and do want to communicate with them. My goal is for everyone to get something from this event, whether it is a message or just the validation that some of us can communicate with those who have crossed over.

Soon as I started the gallery I had an immediate connection with a very strong energy. I was pulled to a woman sitting in a chair in the back right of the room. I began bringing through a young man killed in his twenties. I believe I did give her his age and I think it was 27. Sometimes spirits will take me to the seen of their death and show me everything that had happened. The scenes that I'm shown are not very pleasant, but it is shown to me for a reason. They want me to describe what has happened to them for more validation that it is actually them speaking to me.

The young man also gave me his name and told me that it was his mother sitting in the chair. I asked her if this was her son that was killed and she confirmed that with a yes. He then took me to the seen of a horrific automobile accident. This is where he was instantly killed from the impact of the accident. I could see the tears fall from the woman's face as I described the accident in complete detail. Some dates came through that would also give her the validation that this truly was her soon that I was connecting to. Then I went on with more validating information from her son that only she would have known.

Another thing the young man began to show me was picture of him on a motor cross bike or dirt bike. I was able to give her a complete description of her son and things that he enjoyed like the dirt bike. She acknowledged that dirt bikes were a big connection for her son. He then began telling me about the time he jumped a ramp on his dirt bike and ended up with stitched on his forehead. She was also able to confirm that as something that did happen to her son when he was younger. She also recently had the picture of her son on his dirt bike out in her hands. A very heartwarming experience for us both.

I connected with so many energies during that gallery, more then usual. My first connection with the young man was my most remember able. There were several young energies that came through during this gallery. Another one I remember very well was the connection with a young girl who was also killed in an automobile accident. She showed me the scene of her accident and it was just something I could not forget. Seeing these visions to me is like being there watching it happen. She showed me her being ejected from the vehicle and then the vehicle landing on top of her. The vehicle had her pinned from the chest down. She held a complete conversation with the paramedics and asked them to pass a message to a loved one. Soon after she passed, before they were ale to get the vehicle off her.

After the gallery the first woman I read that lost her son approached me. I tear gently fell from her face as she said to me "thank you so much for everything. This has done more for me then you could imagine, thank you." I gave her a hug and thanked her for giving me the pleasure to pass the messages to her from her son.

Another woman approached me after the event to give me a little feedback from a previous reading. She explained that her and a friend had come to me a private readings. While reading her friend I gave her the date April first and said it was very significant. She had no clue what that date was and it really meant nothing to her. I also began seeing pictures of Pope John Paul and again she had no idea what that had meant. I had no idea what the date or the Pope meant either. I just pass the messages along and many times have no idea exactly what the message means. Most of the time it means something very significant to my client. The Pope? That has to be something very significant and very special. No idea?

Well not long after her reading the date April first would come. On this day the woman would get the terrible news that her mother had passed away. It hit her right away that the date was the same date I gave her during the reading. She thought that I knew about the passing and did not tell her. Instead I just gave her the date of the passing. This is not at all the case. I hide nothing from my clients. I believe that if it is shown to me it is shown to me for a reason. A reason that my client needs to be aware of. Some things are just not meant to be known. Well the day after the woman's mothers passing she was home making funeral arrangements. She turned on the television and there was a picture of Pope John Paul. It was the anniversary of the Pope's death.

Some things are just not meant to be known.

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Thursday, July 5, 2007

My New Book

Messages From The Other Side is the title of my soon to be released book. Many people have e-mailed us and have been asking when the book will be released. Well that really is a good question and I honestly do not have an exact date. The process of writing the book itself had taken years for me. I would not have imagined that it would take this long to get the book into print.
Earlier this year I decided to go with self publishing. The reason that I had come to this decision was mainly because I wanted to get the book out as soon as possible. To get a book published by a major publishing company you must first find a literary agent. The agent acts as a representative of you and your book. Their job is to sell the book and get the author a contract with a major publishing company. This process can take several years. You must come up with a large well written proposal to send out to literary agents. Then you sit back and hope that one decides to represent you. This is one process I did not want to go through first.

There were many things that came up and slowed down the process with my book. The first was getting good testimonials to place on the back cover of my book. I had asked another well known author to write a testimonial for me and they agreed. Months passed and I never did receive their testimonial. The next hold up was setting up a photo shoot so that I would have a recent picture for the back of the cover.

The current hold up with the release of my book is the cover. Graphic designers had given me several proofs that I was not happy with at all. t seems to take them a while to get back to me with a new design. I believe that once the cover is approved the book will go on its way to print. Once it goes to print it will be available for purchase in two to three week. If I do not approve the next design the release will most likely go to August or early September. September will hopefully be the latest release date.

At this point you may be wondering where you will be able to purchase the book and will there be a book signing. Actually I'm excited that Messages From The Other Side will be available at the following on line stores.,,, and Messages From The Other Side will first be available on my web site when released. Once the book goes into print I will be setting up book signings in stores such as borders books. You may also ask your favorite book store to order the book for you.

I will send out an e-mail as soon as I have a release date.

There Is A Message Wating For You.