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Sunday, July 29, 2007

More Messages

Another long weekend of bringing messages of hope and validation to dozens of people. The galleries I did this weekend went extremely well. Saturday I had a group that included several men. Honestly there are not many men that attend private galleries. The men are usually the ones that hold the most skepticism. I have nothing against skeptics at all. Sometimes it is actually good to be skeptical with many things in our lives. Unfortunately there are more bad psychics out there then good ones. Many are frauds and it should be easy to spot them. One sign is if they try to get any more money from you for whatever reason, then you should just walk away.

When I began Saturdays gallery I had an instant connection with a young father figure that had passed. He told me his name was Jim and with that came more validating information. One of the gentlemen in the gallery was named Jim and his deceased father was Jim. Jim was very open with the messages he was receiving and even began to show emotion to the messages. I don't think he was at all skeptic before we started and definitely not any more. The gentlemen sitting next to me I would say was very skeptical and most likely is not any longer.
It was not until the end of the gallery that I would begin getting a connection that would set aside all of his skepticism. I visually saw a police officer in uniform standing behind one of the girls in the gallery. I began describing the police officer, his name and significant dates. He mentioned another police officer that has passed and the one who was present in the gallery. I was pulled to the gentlemen next to me with the name Frank. Frank was a police officer who had passed and the gentlemen next to me is currently a police officer. So many details and validating information would have him leaving the gallery a complete believer.
There were actually several very skeptical people at this particular gallery on Saturday. One person I believe blocked the information the best she could leaving the gallery with little fulfilment. There was also a woman that wanted to block out me and the messages, but her deceased sister would not give up. Her sister passed from breast cancer and was very persistent on letting her know that she was communicating with me. There was not one thing I said to her that did not hit home hard. Every detail she could ask for plus some. She also needed to hear her sister confirm that she is doing a great job raising the children for her. Most of the time the skeptics get the best readings. If a spirit wants to get a message through their going to do whatever it takes for the skeptic to get it. I don't think anyone left Saturday's gallery feeling at all skeptical.
Sunday was a fun group of 13 woman and one gentlemen. When I arrive at a gallery I like to ask how they have heard about me and if they have seen me previously. There is always at least one person in the group that has been to me in the past. Usually there are actually several in the group that have seen me at some point. I was surprised to find that not one person out of the 14 have ever seen me before. I honestly have never been to a group where not even one person has been to me before.

This gallery went very well and we all had many laughs throughout my time there. I think everyone there had a very strong connection and many validating messages. I'm sure I will see many of them again in the future. One thing that sticks in my mind from this gallery was one of the visions I would see of someones passing. I had a several firefighters come through during this session. I believe there were actually three firefighters connecting with me. If I remember correctly one passed from a major heart attack. He came through as a father figure and was in deed one of the woman's father. He brought through another firefighter who had a younger energy. I would say he passed in his mid thirties. He showed me how he passed. It was in a fire and he was coming down steps or right near the steps. The ceiling above him fell in and something hit him on his head knocking him out completely. It looked like a board or stud that hit him in the back of the neck knocking him down. The smoke and carbon monoxide took over his lungs and caused him to perish. A very clear vision and a bit scary I must say.

Smoke Detectors Save Lives! Make sure you have one in every room and they have fresh batteries.

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