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Monday, July 30, 2007

King Tut Exhibit, Ancient Egypt & Past Lives

I have quite an obsession with ancient Egyptian history and artifacts. I'm completely fascinated and intrigued by the entire subject. I love watching the shows on Discovery about Egypt and its history. I have never had the opportunity to visit Egypt yet, at least not in this life. However, I did get a chance to go see the King Tut Exhibit at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. The exhibit was enjoyable and disappointing at the same time. I had in my mind that I was going to see king Tut and his mask. It was a huge disappointment to me that King Tuts mummy, mask and everything else that I thought I would see was not there. The way they advertise the exhibit they have you thinking that's what your going to see and that is not the case at all.
The exhibit was something to see for sure, unless your planning a trip to Egypt in the near future. I looked into going to Egypt and its quite expensive. I was told you should go with a tour group for safety concerns. Most group trips are 10 to 14 days long. Another museum that I enjoyed even more then the Tut exhibit was at the University Of Penn in Philadelphia. They have a wonderful Egyptian exhibit in their museum that you can see all year round. They have pieces that are more then 12 feet tall. Definitely something to see if you have any interest in historic relics.

About a year ago I was fortunate enough to come across some rare ancient Egyptian artifacts at an auction. I have some really unbelievable Egyptian pieces dating back more then 2000 years. Some still have the original paint and the dirt from excavation. There are also a few Egyptian Pendants within my collection. Recently we redesigned our bedroom to an Egyptian theme. There you will find about a dozen ancient Egyptian pieces along with some modern Egyptian decor.

It is believed that things that we are attracted to in this life are sometimes carried over from a past life. This includes fears of things such as water. Beings I'm so infatuated with Egypt, there is a chance I was there in a past life. Being certified in hypnosis and past life regression I have had the opportunity to see some of my past lives. As you can already assume, I did live in Egypt in a past life. I once lived as a great Pharaoh in very early Egypt.

The ancient Egyptians worked their entire lives to basically prepare for their after life. The Egyptians would conduct magical rituals in honor of the Gods and Goddess' that they would meet in their after life. They prayed to more then one hundred different Gods and Goddess over the thousands of years. Each God would represent different aspects of life and the afterlife. One example would be my favorite of all the gods "Anubis". Anubis ruled over death and the mummification ritual and looked like the jackal all in black. The Priest would wear a costume and a head shaped like the jackal to over see the funeral and mummification ceremonies. We have a black lab who was named Anubis after the Egyptian god. We shorten his name from Anubis to Nubis and finally Newbie.

The Egyptian were inventors of so many things that we use in our every day life. Some of their inventions include Make-up, writing, paper, beer and so much more. The modern day Easter Egg was also most likely taken from ancient Egypt. The Egyptians would color eggs and decorate them to place in the tombs of the dead. This was believed to represent rebirth and guarantee life after death. Another interesting fact about the Egyptians was their deep worship of the female deities such as mother Isis. She was greatly adored by the Egyptians as the all loving mother and giver of life.
So remember you were hear before the next time you are pulled toward a different time, nation, or fear.

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Princess Of The Night said...

I loved your post. I believe I had lived in Egypt too