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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Messages & Validations

Last night I had a private gallery in New Jersey with about 18 people. This was a fairly large group for a private event. My only concern was trying to get as many messages as possible to as many people as I possibly could. It is very important to me that everyone receives the validation that their loved ones are here and do want to communicate with them. My goal is for everyone to get something from this event, whether it is a message or just the validation that some of us can communicate with those who have crossed over.

Soon as I started the gallery I had an immediate connection with a very strong energy. I was pulled to a woman sitting in a chair in the back right of the room. I began bringing through a young man killed in his twenties. I believe I did give her his age and I think it was 27. Sometimes spirits will take me to the seen of their death and show me everything that had happened. The scenes that I'm shown are not very pleasant, but it is shown to me for a reason. They want me to describe what has happened to them for more validation that it is actually them speaking to me.

The young man also gave me his name and told me that it was his mother sitting in the chair. I asked her if this was her son that was killed and she confirmed that with a yes. He then took me to the seen of a horrific automobile accident. This is where he was instantly killed from the impact of the accident. I could see the tears fall from the woman's face as I described the accident in complete detail. Some dates came through that would also give her the validation that this truly was her soon that I was connecting to. Then I went on with more validating information from her son that only she would have known.

Another thing the young man began to show me was picture of him on a motor cross bike or dirt bike. I was able to give her a complete description of her son and things that he enjoyed like the dirt bike. She acknowledged that dirt bikes were a big connection for her son. He then began telling me about the time he jumped a ramp on his dirt bike and ended up with stitched on his forehead. She was also able to confirm that as something that did happen to her son when he was younger. She also recently had the picture of her son on his dirt bike out in her hands. A very heartwarming experience for us both.

I connected with so many energies during that gallery, more then usual. My first connection with the young man was my most remember able. There were several young energies that came through during this gallery. Another one I remember very well was the connection with a young girl who was also killed in an automobile accident. She showed me the scene of her accident and it was just something I could not forget. Seeing these visions to me is like being there watching it happen. She showed me her being ejected from the vehicle and then the vehicle landing on top of her. The vehicle had her pinned from the chest down. She held a complete conversation with the paramedics and asked them to pass a message to a loved one. Soon after she passed, before they were ale to get the vehicle off her.

After the gallery the first woman I read that lost her son approached me. I tear gently fell from her face as she said to me "thank you so much for everything. This has done more for me then you could imagine, thank you." I gave her a hug and thanked her for giving me the pleasure to pass the messages to her from her son.

Another woman approached me after the event to give me a little feedback from a previous reading. She explained that her and a friend had come to me a private readings. While reading her friend I gave her the date April first and said it was very significant. She had no clue what that date was and it really meant nothing to her. I also began seeing pictures of Pope John Paul and again she had no idea what that had meant. I had no idea what the date or the Pope meant either. I just pass the messages along and many times have no idea exactly what the message means. Most of the time it means something very significant to my client. The Pope? That has to be something very significant and very special. No idea?

Well not long after her reading the date April first would come. On this day the woman would get the terrible news that her mother had passed away. It hit her right away that the date was the same date I gave her during the reading. She thought that I knew about the passing and did not tell her. Instead I just gave her the date of the passing. This is not at all the case. I hide nothing from my clients. I believe that if it is shown to me it is shown to me for a reason. A reason that my client needs to be aware of. Some things are just not meant to be known. Well the day after the woman's mothers passing she was home making funeral arrangements. She turned on the television and there was a picture of Pope John Paul. It was the anniversary of the Pope's death.

Some things are just not meant to be known.

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~Santiago Family said...

The video is amazing! I felt like I was sitting there in the room. It brings me back to the reading I had with you in June......and I did pass on the messages that I was supposed to (what a overwhelming feeling of obligation). Thank you!