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Monday, March 3, 2014

2014 World & Celebrity Predictions From Medium Joseph Tittel

 Joseph Tittel was the only Psychic in the world to specifically predict the March 11, 2011 Japan tsunami, earthquake & nuclear disasters. This is just one of hundreds of specific predictions that have made Joseph Tittel's predictions the most listened too and most Goggled predictions on the net, aside from the late Nostradamus. Some of Joseph's other predictions have included the outbreak of the swine flu, the gulf oil disaster, the cruise ship disaster in Italy along with the deaths of Michael Jackson, Nelson Mandela, Heath Ledger and hundreds of other specific predictions that have come to pass.
Below you will find the complete edition of Joseph's 2014 World Predictions. As he has been doing over the past 6 years every New Years Day Joseph announces these predictions live on his radio show Journey Into The Paranormal. You can go back & listen to the live version of all his past prediction shows. Joseph often adds to predictions during the live show that may not appear in the written predictions. 
Joseph goes into a special prayer ceremony and meditation to receiving information about the future. Often he will see these events in the form of news headlines and in some cases will see the actual event taking place. He describes what he see's into a voice recorder. Often he will have to do several prayers and meditations to receive more information. Then he will listen to the audio and translate that into the written predictions. As he is typing those out he will often receive more information and more predictions. As much as he tries to focus on a time period and just the upcoming year Joseph will often pick up things that may happen over the next few years. It can be difficult placing a time line on some predictions. 


"I would like to thank all of you for your love and support over the past decade. It has been such an honor sharing my gift and work with all of you & growing together through the challenges and lessons we have learned. I hold so much gratitude in my heart for all of my fans and followers and everyone who crosses my path. I hope that I have inspired you and continue to inspire you. 
2014 and this time on the planet is a very exciting time. A time when our hearts will begin to open as we reach toward a new sense of enlightenment and love on the planet. As our planet shifts it is very important that we focus on taking care of ourselves and the planet each and every day. Taking care of ourselves by eating healthy organic foods free of pesticides, hormones and antibiotics. Doing things that are good for us like exercise or yoga. And by doing things that make us and our spirit happy. We need to stop telling ourselves we can't do things or that we are not special. We are all special and we all are a gift to the world and have so much to offer others and our planet. It is important that we all do our best to focus on sending love and gratitude to the universe for the things in our lives and love and gratitude to the waters and the planet so they may heal.
 Together we are powerful beings that vibrate with love and light and together there is nothing we can not accomplish and nothing we can not heal. Our planet needs you and the people need you. So make 2014 the year of big bold moves in your life. The year to stop saying your going to do it and actually get up and start making the steps to make it happen. Once you begin taking the first steps the universe and your angel guides have your back and will guide your forward to help you to reach your fullest potential and your blissful place. So stop sitting around making excuses for that is just your fear and ego trying to get in your way. Tell that ego to step aside and don't let your fear get the best of you. Change is always good and again 2014 is a great year for that and a great year of heart openers. There is nothing to fear any longer. Trust in your intuition and always go with your first thought and instinct before your ego comes along and talks you out of it. 
Once again I thank you all with much love & gratitude and wish you all the very best in 2014. Be sure to visit me on Facebook and Twitter along with my web site where you will find upcoming events and places I will be traveling to."
Much Love

 2014 World & Celebrity Predictions From Medium Joseph Tittel

1. I see two major issues breaking out, which may or may not be related to each other, revolved around rodents. Either mice or rats are indicated, and most likely it is rats. The first issue I see is an  infestation of rodents in one particular area or city. This may be NYC or more likely outside of the, US- probably China. This becomes a major issue.


2. The second issue I see arising related to these rodents is a new disease that breaks out which is caused and said to be spread from these rodents. It is possible that this is connected to the first prediction. This problem will develop over the next few years. One of these issues will also take place in Japan or China, most likely China. China ends up enduring a much larger issue with this than is seen in the US. The issue of how to exterminate all of these rodents, which are causing the spread of this disease, becomes a huge international discussion.


3. More controversy will arise around the mayor of Toronto who ends up eventually going to jail. I see court proceedings around this mayor and I believe he will spend time in jail, without bail, during these court proceedings. He will most likely get off lightly. I find it even more possible that the Toronto Mayor will experience a major issue such as being assaulted or being diagnosed with a serious illness. I do not see him spending much more time on this planet. He will most likely pass within the next year or two. Most likely a drug and heart related death.


4. A definite sore spot in my heart is the truth behind the Fukushima Nuclear plant. There are hundreds, probably thousands of gallons of toxic high radiation contaminated water flowing into the ocean. This plant is a major issue and the the public is being kept in the dark about the truth of how disastrous this is for our planet. Special television and/or documentary film footage, including interviews with top agents who were involved with Fukushima coming clean with the truth. The truth will get out to the public very soon. This highly toxic water is effecting the eco system drastically and  infecting fish with high doses of radiation. These fish will be turning up more and more frequently in places like Alaska and California along with places that surround the entire current flow of the oceans. Over the next few years some fish will become un-edible and some fish will completely die out in popularity such as tuna for example. Japan and China will endure major issues with this contamination.


5. More issues will arise from the Fukushima Nuclear plant in mid to late 2014 and again in 2015. I believe another earthquake will hit the same area where Fukushima is, causing more complications with this nuclear plant. I believe Japan will endure two major earthquakes over the next 18 months and one overall much larger then the other. The second earthquake will hit the opposite coast of Japan bringing major destruction to a new area. The Japanese will attempt to try one method to secure the  plant and prevent the highly toxic waters from flowing into the ocean. Their first few attempts will fail.  The reality of the affects of this are a hundred times worse than what they they are telling citizens. Food becomes more and more polluted.


6. When it comes to earthquakes in 2014 there are many areas that will shake that have never experienced such quakes in the past. I believe China is also not very safe in regards to quakes in 2014. They can expect at least one major quake in 2014. This one may break records. The ring of fire as they call it will be very active in 2014 and early 2015. Again causing many new quakes and the eruption of three big volcanoes in 2014. One causing major complications for people traveling in that area of the globe.


7. When it comes to water, 2014 is going to be a year to remember. We will endure record breaking floods and issues related to water. We will see more significant water related storms, floods and weather related issues than ever recorded in previous history. 2014 will be a very difficult year in the way of weather. Some of these storms will be typhoons that will effect areas such as China, Japan and that region, even including Australia. Russia will also endure major crazy weather related patterns and floods in 2014. Including rivers that overflow.


8. I see a dam that begins to overflow from large amounts of water that falls from the sky in a short period of time. In turn this dam begins to crack and break, causing areas to be completely wiped out. Not sure if this dam is related to Russia or not. I believe there will be many issues that arise with a variety of dams throughout the globe in 2014. Certain areas will be evacuated beforehand and other areas will be evacuated as a result of storms and flood. Dams will be a growing concern in 2014. Some things will be kept from the public eye including a problem with a popular/well known dam.


9. Russia may also endure a crisis with a major earthquake that will take place there and with a major quake in the center of the continent between Pakistan China and Kazakhstan. Another quake which may bring a sign can't  tsunami to the area of China or Thailand. Philippines


10. Due to there being so many water related issues in 2014 I have no doubt that the world will endure another major tsunami that will be even larger then that of the March 11, 2011 Japan tsunami disaster.


11. New Zealand will hit world news headlines in 2014 for several reasons. One of them being more sea animals such as whales washing up along their shores. They may also see issues with small earthquakes in 2014.


12. Storms will grow in intensity over the next few years, 2014 will be a small taste of what we shall see over the next decade. We must all become more aware, conscious. and more prepared for storms of great magnitude to hit us -in many areas where we will least expect. Preparation is the key.


13. Tornadoes will be another big issue in 2014 for the U.S. Tornadoes will hit in new areas as well as old. Once again I see a series of 6 to 7 tornadoes touching down all at once heading in 3 different directions. I believe it to be in tornado alley. Out of this series of tornadoes, they do not all touch down on land. At least two of these major tornado's do touch ground but bring great devastation. I see great destruction in 4 to 5 states or counties throughout the west/mid west. In the least expected areas- ones that don't typically see tornados- they may expect to be surprised when tornado's touch down ripping through new territories. These tornado's can be expected during extreme storms- ones that dump large amounts of rain and hail in just a short period of time.


14. We will see rain and storms like never before in 2014. These rain storms cause so many issues with floods and damage in places like the west, mid-west & South West (Arizona, New Mexico and California are in the mix). I see dry rivers beginning to rage with waters that crash powerfully against bridges and roads. Bridges in some areas will be washed away in the strong, high currents of rivers. Rescue missions become overwhelming in places where they are forced to call for outside help. I see lots of helicopters struggling in the high winds and pounding rains trying to bring others to safety. One rescue mission goes horribly wrong in turn taking several lives with it. It is very possible that this mission gone bad will involve a helicopter and/or boat. I see headlines that read 3 people killed in storm. Not sure if these deaths take place together or in different places and times. Other places that will endure very similar weather patterns will include Melbourne, Tasmania and Western Australia, Poland, Indonesia, New Zealand and the Philippines.


15. Due to extreme heat and the dryness around the time of July and August, a major forest fire, largest recorded so far, tares through and covers the length of three to four states. One state may include Washington. Australia will also endure major issues with fire in very dry areas and an area where I see a lot of campers and hills or mountains.


16. For some reason I keep getting this pull to the center of Australia but can not put my finger on why this is. I get this same pull with the Antarctic. This could be for several reasons. Being pulled directly to the center could be related to one of my previous predictions where there could either be severe issues with water/rain or back to the previous prediction and this being the location of the fire. I would think overall that both the center of Australia and the Antarctic can be the locations of major earthquakes in the near future.


17. Africa endures many issues throughout 2014. I see some type of rioting which may be connected to a change within the government or a leader.


18. Over the next few years we are going to see more and more, as we have in the past few years, controversy, riots over certain leaders of different areas and different countries that have a negative intents for their people and country while abusing their power. As this shift is occurring on the planet and the good starts to overwhelm the negative while peoples hearts are opening up more and more will help to finally bring many things to light and the people will no longer accept these leaders with negative intents and they will begin to fall or literally be yanked out of power. With this new revolution, wars begin to develop in several areas in 2014 and 2015.


19. North Korea will become very controversial in 2014, especially late 2014, causing many concerns.  Their leader will totally go off the deep end. He recently locked up his own uncle then killed him and this will not be the last of those who he murders. I see this man being very similar in mind set as Adolf Hitler. I see him murdering several people, including a young Korean woman. I also believe there will be a huge situation with this country taking several people hostage.


20. I see someone actually being be-headed in what looks like some small town square where I see hundreds of people observing as this persons head is clearly cut off completely. This makes me believe that this can go back to the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un. I also feel that this situation could even be related to or caused by Al-Qaida. I just pray that this beheading is not that guy from the United States that we been hearing about on the news all year who has been captive for about ten years. This whole incident brings on such tension that it may be on the borderline of causing a war.


21. Germany is another area I continue getting pulled to while preparing and meditating for my predictions. This could be that there will be a lot going on for the Germans in 2014 and 2015. They may also endure issues with one of their leaders and possibly the transition of one leader to another.


22. I have a strong feeling that the royal family is in great danger. I believe they have been in danger for some time but it seems that the level of danger has increased now and will continue to rise for this family. Just as I believe Princess Diana was murdered and there were many cover-ups in the process. Eventually more about this will finally come to the public's eye. I believe the entire royal family could be threatened  but certainly the queen would be in most danger. I believe a citizen will be overtaken with anger and hatred toward the royal family most likely because they are not at all happy with some new laws that have and may have in the future come to light. This person may also hold hatred toward the Queen because of her views on gays and gay marriage. I also kept seeing what looked like to me as someone who looked like a sniper with a sharp shooting rifle and scope. I believe, like in any situation, that if we all were to focus on sending love and a protective shield around the queen and the royal family, it would be helpful. We are strong beings of light and have the power to do many things we have yet to discover. There may also most likely be an assassination attempt on the Queen and this may occur while she is out on a balcony waving to the people during a special celebration. I certainly do not see the queen in power all that much longer. Long live the Queen….


23. Hilary Clinton is hospitalized reads one headline I see in my meditation. Not sure why. Hilary is strong and comes out just fine.


24. Speaking of Hilary Clinton. Last time Hilary ran for president I had no doubt that I saw her and saw a woman coming into the white house as president fairly soon. I believe this would happen within the next two presidencies. I also have no doubt that Hilary is going to run next round and I would not be surprised to see one of her running mates being Governor Chris Christi. Here is the problem that Hilary is going to face. The president is nothing more then a front person and this country and most of the world is being ran by a much deeper and much darker force. Some may call them the Illuminati and they are in deed in charge. And this group does not want Hilary in the White House at all. Sure Bill made a good gimping but Hilary has a set of balls and takes no crap from anyone and she is a leader not a follower and therefore will not take orders. This will not fly with this controlling group of illuminates who have much deeper and darker intentions for the planet. Part of me does not at all worry about this or these people for the planet is shifting and eventually much of what we know and see now will be completely changed and shifted over the next two decades.


Believe it or not Hilary is the one we want in the White House and the only one, at this point, that will benefit not only the United States but also the rest of the world. Not putting her in could lead us down a much more challenging path over the next 4 to 8 years. But again the Illuminati will not allow her to be in the White House for I feel the fear of her so I would be surprised if she would win. I have no doubt that the entire thing, just like past elections of Bush Jr., were totally rigged for them to win. They will rig this to ensure that Hilary does not win. The more we all come together and start praying for the planet and the best possible outcome, the faster we will affect positive change. If Hilary sticks it out and does not give up she could take the presidency but at the same time I feel were going to go back to a Republican, which would be a disaster in the next term. Again most likely because the race is so close and so fixed for a republican to win. The overall race will be very very close.


25. Two different explosions and accidents occur at oil refinery and production plants. One of these may occur off the coast of the United States -this time closer to California and north toward Alaska. I do not believe this will be as serious as the past Gulf oil disaster.


26. More controversy arises around the ongoing and upcoming searching, drilling and processing oil from the Antarctic. This is an extremely bad decision. May god please have mercy on our planet and the safety of the Antarctic & its entire eco system. I think it is absolutely ridiculous that governments are allowing these money hungry oil companies to go and screw with the amazing and beautiful Antarctic. These people have to be out of their minds. Anywhere oil companies go, disaster and environmental destruction occurs. And all of this is usually kept from the public eye. Fracking is another big one that is totally destroying the ecosystem, poisoning the waters and causing earthquakes and other disasters. You can not dig for oil anywhere, especially the ocean without there being major consequences. I see oil and oil refineries having major concerns including accidents and fires that also have detrimental consequences on our amazing planet. They do all of this out of greed and hunger. Their hunger for money and power. And like I said before, those who do not have a positive intention for the people and the planet will begin to fall and collapse completely. Those who continue to proceed forward with that “I don't give a shit” attitude toward the planet will soon find out the hard way how the planet can give us that same “I don’t give a shit” attitude toward the people of the planet. People should not mess with mother nature. She can hold a grudge. Again we all need to pray as much as we can and send love to the planet, the waters and all of gods creatures. Send love and gratitude to every part of the planet. Remember to thank the water when you are drinking it or swimming in our mothers oceans. Any moment you have to send love and gratitude to the planet is a great opportunity.


27. As I said in last years predictions that the existence of our galactic brothers and sisters and true life on other planets will slowly but surely be coming more into the light of our awareness. Secrets kept by many governments, such as the U.S., Russia, China and Canada, are going to be revealed. Nothing will be safe as far as information on things finally coming to light. We are seeing and hearing of so much more proof, even just over the past year alone, from television shows, internet and radio in the way of UFO’s & other worldly beings. Peoples stories are getting out and with most of us having a camera at our hands more and more video footage is showing up. Yes many were and are hoaxes and many more are true in their nature.


Our home, the planet Earth, is not the only planet in the universe that is advanced with life and a civilization. Some are actually way more advanced than us. Other beings know we exist and have the capability to come here and do so very quietly, on the down low. I know this from my own personal experiences, information gathered through study, and most of all through my meditation and discussions with my Spirit Guides and Angels. There are at least three other planets which house advanced beings like ourselves. One of those groups of beings have become known as the grays. The grays are not necessarily kind and gentle as we human beings are. And they have done some not so nice things to our brothers and sisters on this planet for hundreds of years. They are not as present here as they have been in the past. It is as if our governments have chased them away. The other two planets house beings that are much more gentle, loving and caring- much like ourselves. Except they are extremely advanced and hold more love and their hearts and a deeper connection to the spirit world. Much like our ancestors did. They are here to help us and they are the ones people have been reporting seeing more and more of over the past few years.


There is film footage of their space craft hovering off the coast of Japan right at the time Japan was hit with a major earthquake and tsunami. Those who live their lives in fear would like to believe that these beings somehow created that earthquake which created the tsunami causing Japan’s largest disaster in history on March 11, 2011. In reality they were there to help for they have the technology to fix things and clean up the waters in ways that we can not. The thing is that if our governments were also not in such a place of fear our galactic brothers and sister would touch base with us to help us solve many of the major issues that are destroying our planet. They can not touch base because they would be blown right out of the sky. The military would try to take them down all so they can try to create the same technology here. Fact of the matter is, most of the technology we have today, such as fiber optics, the micro chip and the internet, all began with our galactic brothers and sisters. They are here to help us as they helped our ancestors thousands of years ago. And soon enough, over the next decade, the world will know the truth. Those who are willing and open to that truth, without fear, will find out about life on other planets and our galactic brothers and sisters. The things they have taught our ancestors will soon be taught to us once more. When the planet comes to the point of dire need they shall step forward to help us to heal and to bring an amazing time of peace and love on the planet. A peace and love this planet has not seen in more then ten thousands years and this new peace and new time on the planet will continue throughout the next cycle on the planet for a few thousand years.


28. Keep seeing news headlines that say “Disaster in Washington!”. Can not be sure whether this is the state of Washington, most likely so, or Washington D.C. but I did see this as a big front page top story. Could possibly be related to one of my earlier predictions revolved around the huge forest fire or, given that Washington is in the ring of fire, may endure something with an earthquake.


29. The price of gold will drop to the lowest price we have seen in quite some time along with problems and drops in the stock market in 2014. I do believe that certain stocks will plumage in price decreases during this time period. More likely around the summer months of July & August. This will worry some who might be thinking that we are dropping into a deeper recession. I feel this is not at all the case. The economy will see some better days ahead in 2014 and 2015. But still it seems the U.S. is falling behind other countries with its inability to get the economy in the U.S. booming once again.


30. Again weather and earth changes will be very prominent in 2014. The new year will come in with a bang as far as weather and storms. Snow and storms will bring on so many challenges for those in the United States and all over the globe. Places that do not get snow will receive storms that drop anywhere from 3-12 inches of snow and ice. In turn this will cause more road and weather related accidents and deaths then reported in past years. Some areas will receive record breaking levels of snow fall up to 5 to 6 feet deep from a few days snow. There will a point where almost the entire planet is enduring severe cold and colder then normal temperatures. This will be such a challenge for so many and unfortunately for many farmers and their crops. We will see a rise in price with many types of vegetables and fruits. This will once again include issues in Florida with cold temperatures that begin the effect oranges and the production of oranges and orange farms. I was seeing oranges trees and oranges covered in thick ice during my meditation. I know I have seen this in past predictions but this time I believe this challenge could be a bit more intense than before. It could very possibly occur during the time when I saw most of the planet in below normal temperatures. We will also see more record breaking snow and weather related rescues and deaths in 2014 related to the same weather issues.


31. I see a few pretty significant & major issues when it comes to space exploration in 2014. Looks to me like there is something that literally explodes in the sky. I do not think and certainly hope this is not an airplane. I do not think it is because I do not feel like there is anyone hurt during this one space event but I could not clearly see what this was exactly. Also issues for the Russian and Chinese space exploration including and incident where two to three astronauts become stuck out in space when they are put in complete danger to attempt some type of work possibly on the space station. It is even more possible that several lives will not only be at risk in space in 201,4 but several lives will also be lost. Another issue I see is something big around a satellite, this could be where one of the explosions may occur. This satellite seems to be something of great importance and ends up becoming space debris that circles the planets atmosphere.


32. A potential large public shooting at a school or, more likely, a shopping mall. Somehow the number 32 or 23 is relevant here. Possibly could be related to the date the 23rd or related to number of shots, injured or possibly killed during this horrific attack. Possible this may occur in November. We will also see more of these shootings and public outrages with people who totally flip their lids outside of the United States. We will see this in all sorts of place such as the U.K., Brittan and even Russia. As we continue to endure these very heavy and very serious energetic shifts, many throughout 2014, which in turn can cause some people, the crazy ones as I like to put it, to be unable to handle the energy in turn going a little off the wall. I would be willing to bet the percentage of suicide around the globe will increase quite significantly in 2014. I know that one of these heavy shifts will occur in March/April. This is not at all a bad thing- it can be an amazing thing as long as we keep ourselves grounded and continue to put our intentions out to the universe with

love and gratitude on a daily basis.


33. One major earthquake will take place rather early in the year and by the end of March. This could actually occur right during that next big energetic planetary change that will occur in mid March through mid April. And again they may be one as early as January 11th. I see at least three fairly large and devastating earthquakes in 2014. Two of the three being located in the ring of fire. I also believe the planet will not only endure one very large devastating earthquake/tsunami but very possibly will see two major tsunamis. One of these tsunamis will be very positive. It will wipe out an uninhabited island  as it breaks it up and lessens its strength.


34. Alaska keeps coming up to me pretty strongly and my spirit has been pulled to this area of the globe for just about the entire last half of 2013. I keep seeing the coast line of Alaska and I just hope and pray it has nothing to do with these oil companies and their strong desire for wealth and power.


35. I see thousands of fish, all look to be of the same species, floating dead in the water with a horrible stench. I don’t commonly get smells in my meditations and connections with spirit. So I could interpret my experience with this stench while seeing this in meditation in two ways. Number one just the all out stench of dead fish which would make us think this would have to be in a very warm or hot area that would allow the fish to decompose very quickly. Secondly and I believe more possible that this could be due to some type of horrible smelling chemicals getting into the water, some type of chemical spill similar to an oil spill. Not sure if this is connected to my previous prediction about Alaska as one may think beings this came to me in meditation right after my Alaskan visions. With in days a major earthquake and possible tsunami will occur, not necessarily in the same area where the fish wash up dead.


36. I see a rather large bridge that collapses and a good part falls into the cold waters below. This bridge looks rather large with a good amount of traffic on it during the collapse. I feel there was some controversy over the same bridge. There will be more then one bridge collapse, one much larger then the other. The larger one may possible be caused in one of two ways. First by a fairly large earthquake or secondly due to some type of maintenance issues and past issues with the bridge. Looks as if the road part of the bridge collapses while part of the suspension stays in place. Seems like there are a lot of vehicles on this bridge. One bridge is in the United States and the other out of country possible in China. This may be a very well known popular traveled bridge.


37. One headline story in 2014 is a little creepy if you are one who rides an elevator quite frequently. An elevator wire snaps sending an elevator of people falling several stories, possible 15 or more stories. The elevator completely shatters even injuring one bystander waiting below for the elevator to arrive. This may occur in New York city but not clear on a location.


38. Russia becomes more of a problem for the United States. Even peace negotiations take place to try and help this process. The leader of Russia has bad intentions for the United States and even for his own people of Russia. He is not to be trusted. Russia and their relationship with North Korea becomes stronger and closer. Russia also teams up with them and the Chinese.


39. People will begin to notice one countries leader visiting the leader of North Korea more frequently making it obvious that they are building a closer relationship. Again this could also involve China and the leader I speak of may the that of the Russian leader. The earlier beheadings that I was seeing in my meditation very likely could be the leader of North Korea. I would advise caution when traveling to these areas.


40. More controversy arises around Iran and their ability to possess a nuclear weapon and missile heads of any sort. Once again the United States brings on this blame and could once again force a war over the next decade. This would be a very bad decision for the United States and would indeed cause the beginning of the next world war. I know this has nothing to do with nuclear warheads and the United States worry of other countries possessing these as they claimed in starting past wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is all over oil and the United States trying to corner the worlds entire oil market so they once again can become the world power with money and such, for the U.S. is quickly losing its value and in turn power is lost. All these war have been, are and will be over oil and nothing more. The U.S. is trying to control the entire middle East and they are doing a good job at it thus far. Greed will not allow them to keep going as the energy shifts on the planet.


41. I see a headline story about an important person, not sure if it’s a celebrity or someone like a politician, traveling out of county who is kidnapped and taken hostage. This becomes a big story questioning how this person will be rescued.


42. I can not think of the mans name but the guy who has been held captive for like ten years by Al-Quaida I see finally receiving some type of closure. I pray that this is his release that I am seeing and not the beheading I have been seeing in earlier predictions.


43. Going back to Queen Elizabeth. I really feel that her time on this planet with us is about to come to a close. As the planets energy shifts there will be need for new leaders and new things and she has been in control for more time then any other leader. Besides her being in physical danger I see her falling ill and possibly ending up with a severe case of pneumonia or the flu. This is suppose to be held from the public but ends up leaking out anyway. Many things leak out in 2014 including more things around the Queen, her family and the castle.


44. More and more controversy appears around Obama care that ends up bringing this into the court systems and causing much needed changes to the Obama care system. A lot of Obama care will become Obama nothing and will be weaned out. Most of this was a big pay off from the insurance to Obama’s bank account and karma is gonna come back to him for that and for screwing many Americans in the way of health care. The United States needs to be more like Canada where there the citizens get all of their medical and dental for free. But again as this energy shifts many of these issues will become a thing of the past.


45. The United States will endure issues with China that may effect our import and export relationship with them. China builds their relationship with Russia while developing complications with Japan that could result in China wanting to go to war with Japan.


46. I see a large amount of missiles being launched from military jets and possibly from ships. I see an area that looks like some type of military installation or base being totally wiped out by these missile attacks. I can not say whether or not it is the U.S. that is dropping these missiles at the center of this attack.


47. Many new discoveries will come out of Egypt in 2014 and over the next few years. Some of the most amazing intelligences and information will be gathered from these discoveries that will help bring so much to light as far as the way the Egyptians lived and the true powers they possessed.


48. The governments are flying things into space, such as nuclear waste and things that could cause environmental disaster, and placing them onto the moon or other stars and planets and leaving them in space to put the Earth out of danger from these horrific chemicals and such. Space becomes a new place to dump the Earths toxic chemicals believing it will put the Earth out of harm but in reality it only delays the harm that this will impact the planet.


49. Problems in the Antarctic will continue to grow over the next few years. We will see parts of the Antarctic melting quicker then it has in past decades while other parts of the Antarctic begin to freeze up suddenly like it has not in a long time. There will also be some major and amazing new discoveries that will come out of the Antarctic as the ice rapidly melts. One of these discoveries may occur around October/November including a ship with a very profitable amount of gold, silver and jewels on board.


50. 2014 will be the beginning of some amazing discoveries that help us to become closer and closer to cures from cancer. Radiation and chemotherapy will become a treatment of the past when it comes to cancers of many forms. Scientist are finally going to discover that holistic  methods of healing using natural things as herbs, tree barks and even certain breeds of fish to cure all types of cancers. There is a cure on this planet for absolutely every disease in human existence. As we see a huge rise in cancer over the next few years (and the fact that we will all know someone that has or died from cancer) will be a sign that times are about to shift and finally new methods of healing and many new cures will finally come to light.


51. I see one headline that reads “Deadly Hot Air Balloon Accident”. I believe this will be during some type of race or gathering that brings dozens of hot air balloons to the race. Up to four killed as hot air balloons collide causing a major accident high in the air sending several plunging to their deaths. I see one dangling from wires or a tree. This could be in Australia or Sweden.


52. Within most of our life times there will be more major breakthroughs in the way of cures for just about every type of disease and cancer out there. We will finally discover that the cure for every disease and cancer lies right on front of our eyes in the way of natural herbs, plants and barks.


53. The economy will get an overall boost in 2014. With unemployment dropping more significantly then past few years. Even though I see a significant drop in stocks around the summer months I feel this could be a profitable year with certain stocks and minerals like gold. In some cases people will be able to double their money fairly quickly.


54. With all the huge amount of snow falls throughout the globe, especially the United States, come Spring this is going to cause a huge mess with floods and mudslides like never before as spring storms head our way. I do see a warm break in the winter where people are venturing out without a coat. So that can only be a good thing. But I stress water will be a huge issue in 2014. April will be a big month for floods and disasters.


55. We are going to see huge earth changes that cause a lot of structural damage, causing many things to collapse like bridges, buildings and even small villages being wiped out.


56. It will be a great year for so many new discoveries. Archeologists finding many new things that bring more light to the existence of man and our ancestors. A year for many breakthroughs in the way of medical breakthroughs with cancer and cures of many diseases as new diseases break out.


57. You would think Carnival cruise ships may be jinxed at this point. Carnival along with many cruise lines and ships will encounter major issues in 2014. Once again I see a large gash in the side of a ship. Also see another ship sinking into the ocean. One cruise ship incident will cause several deaths while another cruise ship faces huge issues when people become deathly ill.


58. Hurricanes will be another massive issue in 2014.

59. Just recently, during a group reading, a client asked me a question regarding her son who is autistic and how he would be. At this point I was still in pretty deep trance mode. To everyone's surprise information came through in regards to some type of new discovery, over the next decade, and somewhat of a cure for autistic children. Part of what came through was this would be more successful with a majority of children with autism, but not all. Even those with who are severe autistic may benefit from this new discovery. It will be a complete cure for some while others will see improvements of up to 80 percent. 


Celebrity Predictions


I keep seeing Katie Perry smiling in a wedding dress. So I have no doubt that Katie Perry may soon become Katie Perry Mayer. I sure hope she enjoys that period of happiness for herself for it certainly will not last long. I also see her pregnant with a little girl. I’m not sure if I’m picking this up around her from the past but sure hope and think it is not in her future but I see the spirit of a child with her and I would only see this because she had a miscarriages, abortion or lost an infant in the past. It may also signify a baby that will soon be in her womb and the spirit of that child is ready to come back into this physical world.


Miley Cyrus is in for another ride in 2014. Most likely she will be staying in the top of the charts. I feel a bit of worry and concern when it comes to Miley for several different reasons. I believe her heart is hurting and will experience an even deeper hurt in 2014. This deeper hurt could end up causing her to say and do things she may regret later. Another thing I worry for Miley is her safety. I was having flashes of her posting on Twitter letting people know she is fine and thanking people for their love and support. These could be separate tweets. She may be in danger of getting into a serious accident of some sort.


Madonna tries to bring some drama and controversy into 2014, all in attempts to try and self promote herself and possibly a new album or tour. One of these issues will have to do with her jealousy and hatred toward Lady Gaga and a downright war between the duo. This can run over onto Twitter and the media of course. I also feel that Madonna needs to be more aware of her health especially when it comes to the area of her chest. Not sure if this is related to her lungs or related to breast cancer. What I mean by saying she needs to be more aware of this area is not necessarily because there is an issue present at the moment but if she does not bring her awareness to this area she will very well have issues with this in the near future.


Larry King is in the headlines and I’m not feeling like this is at all for a good reason. His health will take a bit of a turn and end up on a very bumpy road. I do not know if Larry is or ever was a smoker but my vibe feels as if his lungs are that of a long term smoker, which could also be me just picking up that he will endure issues with the lungs which could include C.O.P.D. emphysema or even worse, lung cancer. I do not think Larry King will be with us much longer. He could pass by year end.


Mike Tyson is in the news headlines again in 2014. This time Mike will end up being accused of something I feel he did not do. Mike has changed and is not the same angry person as he was in the past. But someone is going to try their best at trying to make it look like he is the same old angry Mike Tyson. They will fail at their attempt and Mike Tyson will be set free. And I believe Mike, to show how my his heart has opened, will insist that his accuser is forgiven and also set free.


George Zimmerman, murderer of Trayvon Martin, just can not stay out of trouble or out of the news medias headlines. Well soon George Zimmerman’s final headline story will come from the media. That headline will read “George Zimmerman Killed”. Someone already has a complete plan to murder George Zimmerman and this person will hunt them down and will not be happy until they succeed and succeed is exactly what this person will do. George will not see this coming and may be shot in the back. The killer will most likely be using a gun and he will do it in a way that he is caught. He does this purposely because he wants to look like a hero in his own way.


Justin Beiber is digging a deeper and deeper grave in 2014. Soon he will be compared to Lindsey Lohan. Most likely Justin is going to find himself having issues with both the law nd the justice systems. He will find out the hard way that money can not buy you everything. His ego is really taken over his life. November is a very significant month in many different ways.


Major things will occur in November including weather related issues, airline issues, more government issues and a potential large public shooting at a school or shopping mall.


Other Significant dates and time spans in 2014.….. January 15th April 9, 10 & 11th. July 11th August 10, 11th.


Solen-ya (Mel B) said...

Was waiting forever for this post. Thanks for taking the time to do this! Love and light.

Jules said...


but you let your utopian left wing view colour your preds too much . Shrillary Clinton !? that 2 faced liar... are you for real? she's as spiritual as a cockroach.

at least you give the conman in cheif, his highness obama some flak.

all the best from Australia
Deus Bellator.

Tracie said...

#28 may have already occurred. Major landslide/mudslide in Oso WA took out entire neighborhood and people driving. Clean up has been going on for a week now, but 30 people still missing and 25 people confirmed dead.

Marybel said...

Hello thank you very much for revealing the predictions, although I would have liked between predictions Celebrity Kristen Stewart was wanting to know that the future holds in this 2014
If she and Robert are still together or actually ended his career and if you continue to rise?

Anonymous said...

All my predictions have come true. I predicted that there will be 6 scandals involving the whitehouse in 2010. I predicted the frauds committed at the poll places and the IRS involvement in 2009. I predicted that two people with the initials RR won the election. I was not sure who they were but I was right. It was Romney and Ryan. Unfortunately, my prediction of the fraud changed the outcome. I now can predict to your blog that I see RP winning the 2016 election. Hillary is not in the cards. You are definitely wrong. Maybe it is your age and you need more practice, child.

Unknown said...

In Washington state we have 2 crazy wildfires going on in eastern Washington and they are not Contained yet. Also seeing more earthquakes on the news. I worry cause I hear WA is over do for a major earth quake that could be catastrophic

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Madonna is not jealous of Gaga. Why would she be? Gaga is struggling and Madonna's had a successful 30+ year long career that will go down in history, and already has. It is Gaga that is always speaking ill of her because M turned down a collab when she was working on MDNA. I predicted that Gaga would have change of direction and was right. She's trying to pass as a jazz singer. Pop no longer needs her. She needs to take a break and stop manipulating her fans and the media.