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Thursday, May 8, 2014

May 2014 Inspiration Message (From The May Newsletter)

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Hello Everyone,

Happy May to you all. As we enter into this 2nd quarter of 2014 you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed with life. You may have been feeling pretty much the same for the past year or so. Your emotions have been heightened and there are days where the energy has been so heavy that in turn we become unmotivated and can not seem to stay focused. You may feel as if you are suddenly on the wrong path and your goals have become fuzzy and unrealized. 

You are not the only one feeling this. We are all in the same boat.

The energy on the planet is shifting at a very fast pace. This has a tendency to throw us out of whack just a bit. This energy is something we are not use too for it is an energy our souls have never endured. It is a very important time on our planet and things are going to change very quickly and in some cases a bit drastically. This needs to happen or we are going to destroy this planet even quicker.

So as this energy shifts and we are feeling this intensiveness all around us we need to utilize it to our advantage. Remember, the universe is on your side and there to help you with anything you want, realistically of course. Winning the lotto is not realistic but having the money is very realistic. We constantly tell the universe what we want but we allow our fears and ego to get in the way.

Take advantage of this time first by starting to learn to say yes to things. Especially when it comes to things that make you happy and make you feel good. We constantly say no and talk ourselves out of things all the time. An opportunity comes to us and we say "no" thinking that it is not the opportunity we want. And all along we have been asking the universe, by thinking and wishing for it, to bring opportunity but still we turn it down when it comes. Not at all realizing that if you had said "yes" this not only would have led you to the opportunity you wanted but would have led to something even bigger and better beyond that. But you said "no".

A friend calls us up and asks us if we want to go away somewhere with them on holiday or asks us to go out to dinner or shopping with them. Instantly our fear or ego get in the way and talk us out of it by saying to ourselves "I don't have the money" or "I can't afford it". And yes that could very well be the case. But if you begin to shift your thinking and work with the universe as the universe works with you being completely aware of the ego and fear getting in your way you will be opening up a whole new realm of possibilities for yourself.

Remember the universe and spirit is on your side and your words and thoughts are basically the blueprints to your future. We come to this life with many potential futures and each and every day is an opportunity to change and shift things in order to help us reach our fullest blissful potential future.

Make a promise to yourself that starting today you are going to start saying yes to everything that comes your way. The universe brought it to you for a reason. There are no coincidences. Saying yes and knowing in your heart that the universe has your back and will take care of it for you will allow you to manifest all the things in your life that make you happy and help you to reach your happy blissful place.

Promise yourself that you are going to begin to do things for yourself that make feel good and make you happy. Don't say "I'll do it tomorrow". That is your ego getting in your way again. Tell that ego to shut up and move outta your way. Its time for you to live your life and stop allowing the ego and fear to run it for you.

This is the time where the energy is shifting consistently and throughout the next month is a great time to take advantage of this shift. Becoming aware of the things I just discussed is a great start. Also listen to you heart and listen to your intuition. This is your guardian angels and spirit guides giving you the information that would be for your best. But again we often allow the ego to talk us out of listening to our heart and angels.

How many times have your said to yourself "I should of picked A instead of B!" or "I knew I should of done or picked that one!". We do this all the time. The first thing that comes to you is your guides once again trying to give you the direction that is for your best. Spirit gives you the answer or direction and soon after the ego or fear talks us out of it and we pick B instead of A. When we knew we should of done the other. From this point forward always go with what comes to you first. This is always our guides doing their work guiding us. From my 30 years of working with Spirit I know Spirit never lies and always says it exactly the way it is. That is what I love about Spirit.

Lately your heart, intuition and Spirit has been telling you about the things your need to clear out of your life. This has become very strong and until you clear what they direct you to clear it will just become more challenging. Spirit is trying to help you reach that blissful place and this is the reason you are having this strong pull to close certain doors in your life. Perhaps it may be in matters of love and relationships you strongly feel need to shift. Perhaps it is a friendship or family member that is bringing you down. It may even be your residence or area in which you reside that is suddenly becoming uncomfortable. Whatever it is you are feeling you must trust in your heart and in the universe that clearing this, bringing it to an end and closing that door will be the best thing your could do for yourself to help you achieve that blissful place. Don't stick it out for it will not change. You know this in your heart. It is time to move on to better brighter things.

Another amazing part of this shift is the way peoples hearts are opening up and people are changing without even knowing it is happening and with very little effort. You may be thinking about your loved ones in Spirit more often then you use to. You may be feeling them around you more then you use to. And you may even be seeing more signs they send you then you use to. It is not at all because they are around you more then they use to be. It is because you are becoming more sensitive to this energy as your heart is opening up. As your heart opens it will be easier for you to connect with both your loved ones in Spirit and more importantly your Angels, Spirit guides and Spirit Helpers in the Spirit realms. The relationship that took me a decade to develop with my guides people now can do much quicker & easier. It is easier for us all now to access any information the universe and spirit has to offer. Meditating will also help you with this even more. Take advantage of this for your guides are anxiously awaiting you.

Thank you all for your love and support and for taking time to read my message. A big thank you to Spirit for the guidance and wisdom they bring along. My hopes are to inspire you and help you to reach your happy blissful place. And I hope that I have inspired you in some way today. It is May so please consider taking a little time and dedicating a little space outside to planting yourself a nice healthy garden. Not only will you save so much money on Veggies and herbs this summer you will also be eating healthy pesticide and weed killer free vegetables which will in turn raise your vibration. The higher your vibration the more open we become to spirit and we protect ourselves by strengthening our immune systems. On top of that you are helping to heal the planet so that our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren have the opportunity to enjoy this amazing planet as we have enjoyed it. Hope you all have a fantastic month.

With Love, Gratitude & Desire To Inspire


Kate said...


I just wanted to take a second to thank you for this post, as it feels like you wrote it directly at me! This message was what I needed to hear and touched on just about everything going on in my life this month. I trust that I was led to your site for this reassurance.

Thank you again for your insight and inspiration.

Discovering Your Inner Psychic said...

What a great info for psychic medium. This is the time where the energy is shifting consistently & it's help me continuously.It's fantastic.