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Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Beginning on the Fall Equinox the veil that separates our world from the spirit world begins to thin out. On All Hallows Even the veil is at its thinnest point. Then the veil slowly begins to restore itself and is back to normal on the winter solstice. This belief goes way back in time and has been celebrated for centuries. All Hallows Eve is a great time to honor your deceased loved one and try to receive messages on your own from them.

I love talking about Halloween because I have studied the ancients beliefs revolved around the holiday and find it all so fascinating. Did you know that there were never Jack-o-lanterns back in those times. The pumpkin is native to the United States and they did not have them in other countries. They would carve out other fruits and vegetables such as the apple. They would believe that by placing them outside with a candle inside would keep away the bad spirits. Because the veil is thin it allows all types of spirits to roam around, including the bad or negative ones.

It was not until the traditions came to the U.S. that we began carving pumpkins and began giving away treats. Some traditions believed that it was a time to dress up as the person you hope to be in your next life. This would insure that you would become this person in your next life. In other traditions it is a time to celebrate the dead and those we have lost that were close to us. Another interesting fact I learned over the years is where they got witches flying on brooms.

In ancient times the Pagan people (people who live off the land) would hold a big celebration of the crops. Some would ingest hallucinogenics before attending the big ritual. The people would gather in the fields and put shovels and other gardening tools between their legs. They would jump high into the air to show the crops that they need to grow high and yield a good harvest for the following ear. I'm sure the hallucinogenics had a lot to do with some claiming that they were flying in the fields. Along came Christianity and they did all they could to destroy the old traditions and practices. They were accused of being devil worshipers and witches and of course accused of flying in the fields. I always thought that was very interesting and now you know where we got witches flying. Of course it started with shovels and gardening tools and later went to brooms.

So tonight find a quiet place to sit and relax. Light a white candle and begin to say a prayer in honor of those who have passed. It is also a good idea to have their pictures out and maybe a few personal belongings. Guide yourself into a meditation and eventually you will begin to picture a door in that meditation. On the other side of that door will be a few loved ones who have passed. Open the door and enjoy your reunion with your loved one. You may also do a prayer with a white candle and ask your loved ones for a few signs. It is very likely that you may get that sign sometime in the next twenty four hours. Remember that your loved ones are with us today and you may feel them and even get a message from them on your own. If you are going out this evening, please be safe. Remember to have a designated driver and do not drink and drive. Happy Halloween everyone.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

As Predicted - Phillies Go All The Way!!!

It was more then three months ago during my weekly radio show Messages From The Other Side that the Big Kahuna asked me how the Philadelphia Phillies were going to do this season. Normally I never make predictions when it comes to sports. The gift I have does not allow me to do things like predict sports outcomes or lottery numbers. If it did then I would be spending a lot of time at the casino. When the Big Kahuna unexpectedly threw that question at me about the Phillies during my show, the answer just flowed right out of my mouth. "They will go all the way this year."

When things just come out of my mouth with no thought I pay very close attention to those words. I told the Kahuina and my listeners that this will be the year for the Phillies. I'm sorry that I can not say the same for the Eagles. This prediction was before the Phillies were even half way through the season. I had no idea where they Phillies even stood at that point because I just do not have the time to pay attention to sports, even though I love the Phillies and grew up going to the games and of course collecting baseball cards.

The last week I received a call from a reporter at the Buck's County Courier Times. I was told that the editor of the newspaper wanted my opinion on the Phillies and of course my prediction on the World Series. I was very hesitant just because I know that they would love to eat me alive if I were wrong. The way it just slipped out of my mouth during my radio show months back was the same way it slipped out to the reporter. "Yes, the Phillies will take it all." was my response to the reporter. It just came out and I stick with what comes to me from spirit. I made the time to watch the World Series this year and really enjoyed the games. I enjoyed it even more beings the Phillies indeed toke it all.

A few years ago during a group gallery reading in Bordentown an older gentlemen asked me a question. He said to me "Where do you see my grandsons carrier going?" Instantly I saw baseball and told him what I saw and then said I see him playing for the Phillies. The gentle got such a big smile on his face and responded with "My grandson is trying out for the Philles this spring". I never got his grandsons name but heard that he now plays pro ball, I think for the Phillies. I just thought about that while I was writing this blog. I thought that was pretty cool and wanted to share that with you.

So congratulations to the Phillies. I knew you would not let me down. You can read the article from last weeks paper by clicking HERE. I have to go through my radio archives to find the exact date that I made this prediction. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and if you are celebrating the Phillies win over the next few days, please, do not drink and drive. Find a designated driver or do not drive at all. You could be saving your life and the life of someone you do not even know. Be safe and be well.
Joseph Tittel

Thursday, October 23, 2008

More Messages From The Deceased

October always seems to be the busiest time of the year for me and this year is no different than any other. This past weekend was very busy also several private events, along with our event at Ashes To Ashes on Sunday. I always love when we do event ashes to ashes in Bordentown. The Atmosphere is so nice and always a wonderful crowd. Not to mention that the owners Stacy and Joe are such wonderful people and always make things so nice. We had 35 people at this event and the messages were stronger than ever.

As always, I don't remember all the details of all the readings that I did. However, there is one reading that did stick out in my mind is pretty strongly. It's really odd that every time I do an event here, there always seems to be a police officer or firefighter that comes through in the reading. This time we had both. I remember seeing the firefighter in uniform and bringing the message to young lady in the second row. She seemed to have no idea what I was talking about. So I went on with the messages anyway. I began to receive complete details as to how this firefighter passed away. He began to tell me that it was a home that was on fire, and he fell through the roof. Then something hit him very hard on the head knocking him completely unconscious. He told me that he passed from smoke inhalation and from the hit on his head and that he did not burn in the fire. So therefore there was no pain or suffering that he had to go through.

The young girl had absolutely no idea what I was talking about. All the information was coming from her deceased mother. The firefighter went on to bring through the message about a memorial or something in honor of his name. He went on to show me a sign and told me that he was a little upset that someone had spray-painted this memorial. Again, the girl had no idea what I was talking about. After spending a good amount of time bringing messages through for this young lady I moved on to someone else and another firefighter. She was not able to validate anything except that she didn't recall something about a firefighter was not sure what it was.

The following day I received an e-mail from the young lady's sister, who also attended the event. She had to hold me that they both had a friend who was a firefighter and was killed and forgot all about it. Most likely they were both so focused on the messages from their mother that they could not recall their friend, the firefighter. She explained that her message to me that everything I described about the fire in the house and him falling through the roof and hitting his head was all true. She went on to explain that everything I told her about the firefighter was absolutely accurate. And then her and her sister recalled a park in his memory and decided to take a drive and check it out. When they arrived, there was a sign with his name on it and dedicated to the park. And yes you guessed it the sign was spray-painted by vandals. I thought that was really cool that she was able to validate all those details and send them over to us.

After a busy weekend's Bob and I had to head out on Monday to Atlantic City New Jersey. We were invited by the big Kahuna to do a special two-hour radio broadcast live from the Tropicana. Not really thinking about how busy I was I agreed to go and do the show anyway. The Tropicana put us up overnight in a nice suite and even treated us to a great dinner and breakfast before we headed out in the morning. When I was first asked to do the radio broadcasts. I never really thought about the format and how it would work reading random people walking through the casinos. The thought never crossed my mind. It was something I really should have thought it out before I decided to do it.

When I do my normal radio show the people call in because they want to make a connection. Same thing goes for any event that I do. People come because they want to make that connection. With a show at the Tropicana and it's much different and I'm basically doing readings for people who have no idea what I do or what they are about to receive. Besides that, I knew I would be running into a lot of close minded and skeptical people wandering through the casino. All this hit me right before I was about to go on and do the show. At first I felt like it similar to Chris Angel in the show might freak.

The entire experience at the Tropicana Casino was absolutely amazing. The radio show went so well in the messages were absolutely unbelievable. We allowed people to ask questions, and as you would guess most of them would ask me to communicate with a specific individual, which is just not possible. I can not communicate with whomever you want me to communicate. I can only communicate with spirits that comes through to me. Once again, I do not recall all the details of the readings. What I do recall is that I was able to communicate with almost every specific spirits that they had wanted me to. Some did ask me a question first and then I would immediately begin to communicate with their deceased loved ones. This is what started the whole communication thing and people began asking me to talk to their specific deceased loved ones. We were trying to do the show in the format that I do my show and have people just ask one like the question and go from there.

The connections were very strong and this brought emotion to several people. When people walking through saw this a crowd began to grow. Soon everyone wanted to ask me a question, even a few skeptics. One gentlemen in the group was quite skeptical and within a few minutes he filled up with tears when I mad a connection to his son. The entire experience was rather mind blowing for everyone, including myself. I placed myself in a little bit of a difficult situation and there had to be strong connections and messages from spirit in order to allow these people to know they received a very special gift, a message from a deceased loved one. It was interesting to see how the people I gave messages too instantly seemed to change. With some you could see this whole wave of emotion wash over them and then it seemed as if a big weight instantly lifted of their shoulders. Was an amazing sight to see. Bob and the Kahuna both said that they could see the change in the people when the message came through. I look forward to going back to the Tropicana for a show again in the future.

When Tuesday rolled around I awakened feeling horribly drained. With so many things over the weekend I was completely wiped out. We went to breakfast at the Trop. and then drove about an hour and a half home. I had no desire to do another radio show on Tuesday, but it is something I'm committed to. I was complaining a little bit about it right before we went on air and wished I did not have to do it. Kahuna began the intro to my show and as I was about to say hello to my listeners the lights began flickering on and of very quickly. Of course everyone looked at me. Spirit loves to play and there also happens to be a ghost in the WBCB studio. Within a minute of flickering the power was completely lost. The wind knocked a tree branch into a transformer and it blew up. It was something you just had to see. It had this great blue glow and was very load. You could feel the ground vibrate under your feet. It was a little scary. The station has a generator and would you believe no one could get it started.

About eight minutes before my show was suppose to end Fred from East Penn Automotive got the generator to start. So, needless to say, I never really had a radio show on Tuesday. So if you tried to listen in you now know why you got nothing but static. You really have to watch what you wish for, you may just get it. We will be on the air this Tuesday at 4 and hope there will be no repeat problem. Tomorrow I have an event at the whole life expo in Valley Forge. I do not think it is a large crowd at all. SO if you are looking for something to do you should come check it out. Next weekend is the event at the Flanders. Looking really forward to that one. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Until the next time, be well and know that your deceased loved ones are still a part of your life.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Problem With Today's Radio Show

There always seems to be something going on when it comes to my life. Yesterday we had an amazing two hour radio show live from the Tropicana in Atlantic City, NJ. The entire evening left me completely wiped out today. Getting no sleep did not help any either. We all headed to bed by I think 1 AM, but I just could not get a good nights rest. So today my butt was dragging and I really had no desire to do my regular weekly radio show.

Bob and I arrived at the WBCB studio and sat a few minutes before my show was suppose to start. Right before we went on the air I said to Bob and the Kahuna that I really had no desire to do any type of readings because I was so drained from yesterday and the busy weekend. The show began and as I was beginning to say something the lights at the station began flickering on and off and boom, out went the power. We heard a loud noise and ran out back of the building to see sparks of blue light coming from the transformers. Not really sure what really happened. Needless to say, the stations power was out for close to an hour. We did not get onto the air until about eight minutes before my show was to come to a close. I guess that is why they said "watch what you wish for, you may just get it".

I have a bunch of things to blog about and have no time at the moment. I will get a new post up in the next day or two. Until then, be well and don't forget about the chat tonight. Hope that you will join us from 8 to 9 PM. Also, please read the rules and guidelines for the chat right away. When I'm trying to answer questions it is so frustrating when some people keep typing things and asking questions. I call people by name and it is easier to keep up with the chat when everyone sticks to the guideline. Once again I hope that you will join us this evening.
Joseph Tittel

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

When It Rains It Pours...Madonna, Brittany & the Mercury Retrograde

When it rains it pours is a saying I have been thinking about over the past couple days. The saying is quite true in its nature. Everything in our lives, both good and bad, seem to happen in groups of threes or even in small clusters. Even when it comes to death. Unfortunately, it always seems to come in threes. But like I said everything, both good and bad. I find that to be true all of the time in my own life. It was something that I was just thinking about and I just thought I would share it with all of you and give you something to think about.

I'm so glad that today is the last day of the Mercury retrograde. Now we can all begin to start something new in our lives, perhaps a new job or planning for a new baby. Beginning next week is also a good time to sell your home, get a loan or start a new business. You will also find that things will become much more calm over the next few weeks. Nothing like the craziness we've been having over the past month. This should also give a boost to the economy and the stock market over the next month, but just a small boost.

Today on the news I noticed they announced the divorce of Madonna and Guy Richie. To no surprise we were discussing Madonna on my radio show a few months ago and I said that this would happen. This is great for Madonna. Over the next few years she will be hounded by the paparazzi and begin her new journey and huge comeback. At one time Madonna was the most photographed person in the world and soon we will take the title again. Another thing that I said on the radio show and in my predictions for this year is that Brittany Spears would make a come back. You can see this beginning to happen now and soon Britt will be on top of the world again.

The past few days for me have been full of running around and taking care of some things. October is the busiest month of the year for me, go figure. So many events and things coming up throughout the next month. It will be nice to relax a little more when the holiday's come round, not to rush it by any means. I had to take our one dog Newbie to the vet today. He is a nine year old black lab and retriever mix. Yes, very hyper he is, still at his old age. Well Newbie seemed to have pulled a muscle in his back knee. He was limping around and it was really bad on Saturday. I had to carry him, all 96 pounds, up and down the stairs to go out. Newbie also had Lyme disease twice. Once when he was about 3 and the last time was last year. So now I found out the poor dog has arthritis in all his knee's, bad hips and a bad back. You would never know it. He runs around in excitement as if he were still a pup.

Monday we are heading to Atlantic City to do a live radio show at the Tropicana. I was asked by the radio station and the Tropicana to come and do readings and take calls for two hours. So I will do that radio show Monday from 2:30 to 4:30 and my regular show on Tuesday. I;m excited because they put us up over night and we all go to dinner. Besides that I love the casino. I'm also looking really forward to the event at the Flander's Hotel in Ocean City November 1. That is an over night event and includes dinner and a tour of the haunted underground catacombs. I'm also looking forward to speaking at the Whole Life Expo in a few weeks. Tomorrow I have to put together a video for a new show that is coming out soon. It sounds exciting and I think I'm exactly what they may be looking for. I hope it works out and what ever is meant to be will happen. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Until the next time, reach out and help someone in need.