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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Reflections Of The Holiday's

With the Holiday's among us we reflect on those that are no longer with us. Weather it be a loved one who has passed away or a close friendship or relationship that is no longer existent. The holiday's seem to have a way of bringing these losses to the surface once again for us to reflect upon. Did we do what we needed to do or do what we were suppose to do? Did I make the right choice? Where would I be now if that did not happen? How would it be for that deceased loved one now if they never actually passed away? So many questions and thoughts sometimes overwhelm us during the holiday season.

This also has a lot to do with the year coming to a close and our frequent reflections upon the good & unfortunately more frequently the bad things that we have experienced throughout the year. How unfortunate it is that many of us reflect more on the negative then on the positive. Maybe that is because we are surrounded by so much negativity in the world and many of us are sensitive and walk around wide open so that this negative energy can attach to us. It is not always our fault & sometimes we may not even be aware of that negativity for ourselves.

During this time of the year we should equally reflect on the good and the bad. We need to do this so that we can recall the lessons that our experiences have taught us so that we can therefore grow spiritually. There is a lesson attached to just about every experience in our lives. At times you have to go through the bad in order to get to the good. This is the circle of life as we go from lifetime to lifetime.

We need to put our differences aside and make this a time of the year to reconcile our indifference's and start off the new year on the right note. The holiday's are the perfect time for making things right once again. If you reach out and try to reconcile an indifference with a friend or loved one and they continue to turn their back on you, then you should know the lesson that is in front of you. Sometimes we need to come to the understanding that some friendships, even with family members, have to come to an end. If a person is not willing to be a part of your life once again or fix the broken pieces, then who really needs someone like that in their lives anyway. Move on and know that you did everything you could to fix it and now the karma is all on them. The past is called the past for a reason. It is done and over with and we need to just leave it in the past as it will help to make our present and future much brighter.

During the holiday's our deceased loved ones are with us very strongly. Going from one loved one to another comforting us with their energy to help us get through the times. They do their best at sending us signs in many different forms. Whether it be a flicker of the lights or a special holiday song on the radio. Be assured that they are at peace in Heaven and smiling down upon us during the holiday season. Know that they want us to be happy and live our lives to the fullest. They will never judge us and will support us in anything we do or any path we choose to walk. Feel their love this holiday season and allow that love to take you into the new year. Thank you all for allowing me to share my gift and experiences with you over the years. Each and every one of you are a true gift to me and to the world in which we live. May your holiday's be filled with love & joy and may your new year be a happy, healthy and prosperous year. Many Blessings To You All.....Joseph

Monday, December 7, 2009

December Numerology Forecast By Alison Baughman

Usually I place Alison's forecast in my monthly newsletter. I was in such a rush to get out my newsletter that I completely forgot. So Sorry everyone & Alison. So below you will find the forecast that was left out of my newsletter. I will also be interviewed by Alison on her show tonight from 8 to 9pm est. Hope you tune in & enjoy.

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not know your Personal Year Number, please email Alison at with your Date of Birth and she would be happy to calculate it for you.

Monthly Forecasts for December

If you are in a 1 PERSONAL YEAR, December is a 4 PERSONAL MONTH for you:
A 1 Personal Year brings you opportunities as well as the desire and determination to make something new happen in your life. This month may slow down your momentum somewhat as you may get mired in long hours at work and be forced to pay attention to every little detail. Your workload increases and your free time is at a minimum which can make this month somewhat frustrating. Still this is an important month for your career and the only way to approach this month is to realize that it will pay off in the future so put forth your best efforts. It is not a time to quit but rather buckle down and put your nose to that proverbial grindstone.
There will be limitations this month and you could very well feel boxed in but keep in mind that next month, things get exciting and changes are coming so hang in there.
Get some extra rest, take care of your health and find ways to relax when you have the time. "Tis the season to be jolly" but for you, finding the time off from work will be the challenge.

If you are in a 2 PERSONAL YEAR, December is a 5 PERSONAL MONTH for you:
A 2 Personal Year can very well be a year that you meet someone very special, even ( dare I say it ) your soul mate. This month you could meet someone very unexpectedly, perhaps on a business trip or while traveling home for the Holidays. This month also amplifies your desire to be social and laugh and enjoy yourself but at the same time, you can be very sensitive and vulnerable to your emotions. Keep in mind you have to be a little cautious about being impulsive and it is best to not over-indulge especially with the Holiday Season in full swing. You may just be the "object of conversation" after that office Christmas party if you know what I mean.
Try to discipline your eating habits too during the Holidays as this combination of numbers can surely expand your waistline.
You may be feeling somewhat restless and ready for a change and this month does offer you the opportunity to make some changes in your life not to mention a few unexpected surprises. Be open to new ideas and opportunities. It is ok to take a risk this month but take some time to give it thought before you leap.

If you are in a 3 PERSONAL YEAR, December is a 6 PERSONAL MONTH for you:
What a perfect combination of numbers for the Holidays!
Your 3 Personal Year is meant to be a social one and you are at your most charming and the 6 Personal Month brings out your "Martha Stewart" when it comes to entertaining in style. Add to that, being surrounded by family and loved ones and you have a delightful combination of numbers to create a memorable Holiday Season. . "I'll Be Home for Christmas" may very well be your theme song. Add to that, your social calendar will be full this December so be prepared and start shopping for that party wardrobe now.
Keep in mind; you may be also devoting some extra time to your loved ones. You may be called upon to advise or counsel a loved one or could even be working on your personal relationships with your family.
Regarding your career, there is a financial boost but with it comes more responsibility.

If you are in a 4 PERSONAL YEAR, December is a 7 PERSONAL MONTH for you:
Your 4 Personal Year is at a close and you have been working hard and had little time for reflection but December is a 7 month for you and it is a time in which you will reflect upon the entire year and gain some needed insight. You have heard the phrase "getting your act together", well December will give you added momentum to do some soul searching and put your thoughts in order. You will find that you will be offered more time to rest and get lost in your thoughts and hopefully you will embrace this special time to slow down the pace of this year and do a little inner growth.
The chaotic Holiday season will seem totally opposite to how you are feeling but sometimes it is good to look at the Holidays from a different perspective, from a deeper soulful place. Goodwill to All will resonate with you in December.

If you are in a 5 PERSONAL YEAR, December is an 8 PERSONAL MONTH for you:
If "All you want for Christmas" is a good bonus and career recognition, this month is for you.
This month promises financial gains for you. It is also a great month to do some networking and let your ideas be known. You may be surprised to find that your efforts do not go unnoticed but rather you are commended for them. Maybe it is time to pull the boss aside at that office party and share your thoughts.
When it comes to shopping for the Holidays, my suggestion is to rein it in a little as you may have the tendency to overspend or buy extravagantly. No need to impress. Also be cautious about overindulging with party festivities as being in a 5 Year can have an effect on the most disciplined person. You don't want to start January with an expanded waistline and post Holiday bills.

If you are in a 6 PERSONAL YEAR, December is a 9 PERSONAL MONTH for you:
Your approach to this month should begin with making an effort to spread kindness and good cheer. Donate some time or money to a good cause and you will feel so much better. Lend a hand to those less fortunate and count your own blessings. Assume the role of the humanitarian this month and you will be blessed for your efforts.
On a personal level, I am sorry to say that you may be ending a relationship with someone or letting go of something. This situation can cause you to feel emotional. The perspective that you need is to realize that in order to begin something new in your life, you have to close a few doors in order to make room. You may not be able to see what is coming but just know that you are preparing for the future. Whatever the situation, it is for your greatest and highest good. It is best to handle it with love and compassion and forgiveness and just simply let go and "Let God".

If you are in a 7 PERSONAL YEAR, December is a 1 PERSONAL MONTH for you:
Your 7 Year has been a journey in self discovery as you have been doing a lot of inner work and soul growth. You will find December to be a welcome change as it brings focus to your career and gives you renewed energy. There is a good possibility that something is new on the agenda with work and possibly will bring about a change in direction as well as good financial news. You may be singing "Jingle Bells" before the month is said and done.
Still, you have left many things unsaid on a personal level and have been lost in your thoughts for the most part of the year which can bring about a misunderstanding with your loved ones. This is a good time to express yourself and share with others your deepest feelings.
This month can also bring about new relationships but ones that are formed on a more spiritual or intellectual level. Perhaps you will meet a mentor or someone who can assist you in your spiritual growth.

If you are in an 8 PERSONAL YEAR, December is a 2 ( 11 ) PERSONAL MONTH for you:
"Peace on Earth" may be your theme song as the month progresses and it is really important to avoid conflicts in the month of December. You could find yourself smack dab in the middle of someone else's conflicts as well, assuming the role of the peacemaker. Keeping harmony in all areas of your life should be your focus this month and you will find that you are capable of being diplomatic and tactful when addressing any problems. Someone may try to take credit for your ideas or perhaps a work project. No need to roll over, use that very same tact and diplomacy to handle the situation.
Pay attention to your intuition or any premonitions you may have as you are particularly psychic this month. Let those insights guide you. Be aware you are also very sensitive this month and conflicts could cause anxiety for you. Treat yourself kindly whether it is with soft vibrational music or meditation or getting extra rest.
If you are looking for love, Santa may just very well have a special gift for you as romance is on the agenda this month.
It is also a good month for negotiating contracts and finances as you will pay attention to every last detail.

If you are in a 9 PERSONAL YEAR, December is a 3 PERSONAL MONTH for you:
"Joy to the World" and for you, joy is on the agenda in December. You will be feeling more playful and less serious and ready to enjoy yourself. Your personality will sparkle and social events will be on the agenda and your sense of humor and creativity will light up the Holidays.
On a deeper level, you have worked through some difficult decisions this year, let go of many things and you realize that something is about to shift in your life. Indeed it is true that you are about ready to be reborn, begin a whole new phase of your life. It has been a year long process and this is a wonderful way to end the year, in celebration of the personal growth you have been through.
Enjoy it.
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