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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Interesting Point - Legend Dies = Ledger Dies

I just wanted to mention something that came to my attention today. My sister in law Candice called today because something clicked in her mind. During my New Years radio show I went over all of my predictions for 2008. Some of the visions I had for 2008 came to me in the form of news headlines. One of the headlines that I saw was "Legend Dies". I felt this would be accidental, maybe from a crash. I also felt that it could maybe be a rock legend or something just because of the headlines.

Candice pointed out the fact that maybe the headline I was seeing was "Ledger Dies". When she mentioned this to me it gave me a really creepy feeling. That could very well be the headline that I was seeing. Someone also mentioned to me the prediction I had about the stock market fall. I never said that would be just the U.S. market. The other day the market had a significant downfall, but fortunately it is back up. We are going going to see this a lot in 2008. This is why I feel that the stock market is not at all the place to invest this year. There will be another downfall most likely during the summer months. If you insist on investing, then do it when it falls in the summer. If you do that, wait for the gain then sell out.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Death Of Heath Ledger & Helping Others

It is very sad to hear about the loss of actor Heath Ledger. By now the entire world is aware of the actors death. This story is sure to be in the headlines for a while. So what exactly happened to Heath? My feelings on this matter is the that he did NOT take his own life and that it was more like an accidental death. The combination of the medications in his system basically caused heart failure. I do believe that he had a combination of both prescribed and illegal drugs. Its a little hard to explain so I would put it down as heart failure over a drug overdose. I do not feel like he had a huge amount of drugs in his system, more of the combination is what made it deadly. At the same time I believe God has a plan for him and it was his time.

During my New Years Day radio show and 2008 predictions I mentioned that Hollywood was going to have one of those years where we lose many great celebrities. I had even mentioned the drug overdose of a young female celebrity that would hit headlines this year. Hopefully I'm wrong on this and maybe I was picking up on the death of Heath. No one wants to see this happen to such a talented young person, or any young person for that matter. If anything good were to come out of this maybe it will show other young celebrities and young fans that this could be them if they do not get help.

Now onto a better note. We have been planning many events this year along with several fund raisers. Once again I will team up with Doctor Beth DuPree on April 13, this time to for a fund raising event for her foundation. The Healing Consciousness Foundation, a non-profit organization established by Beth Baughman DuPree, M.D., provides financial assistance so patients may access services such as: psychological therapy, nutritional counseling, weight management, exercise training, meditation, holistic services, and post-operative items (lymphedema sleeves, breast prosthesis, wigs and post-surgical undergarments). Funds raised by the HCF will be distributed to patients associated with the Comprehensive Breast Care Institute at DSI of Bucks County.

I will also be teaming up with 11 year old Alyssa Kondash on May 2 to raise money for the Arthritis Foundation through her organization "Alyssa's Hopeful Dream". Alyssa suffers from Arthritis and fights her disease by raising money for the Arthritis Foundation in hopes of finding a cure. God has certainly sent this little girl her to accomplish a mission. Alyssa is doing a great job in accomplishing many mission raising more then $10,000 over the past three years. Last year I did an event with Alyssa and her mother Anne Marie in Trenton New Jersey. I have included a picture from the event. More information on these events will be available on my web site soon.

Last year Bob had a great idea to send a bunch of beany babies to children affected by HIV. A little something to bring smiles to their faces. So we gathered together more then 500 of these beany babies. The camp is called Camp Kindle and they have several camps in the United States for the children. On their web site it states "Our mission is to improve the quality of life for young people infected or affected by HIV and AIDS. A child's self-acceptance is often made more difficult by the challenges of HIV. Giving young people chances to succeed, learn and grow sends messages that they are in fact special, unique and talented." This year we will be doing something for the kids at Camp Kindle. This time we are planning something a little different then just beany babies. More information on this fund raiser will be available on this site soon.

The Learning Annex in New York City has contacted me to speak at their facility. It is an honer to be a part of their upcoming events. Some very well known psychics and mediums have spoke at the Annex, including James Van Praagh and John Edward. For anyone in New York city that may be interested in the event, this will be posted on both my site and theirs soon. I may also be available to do several private sessions while in New York. You may contact Bob in reference to booking an appointment.

This weekend we are off to Bordentown New Jersey for an event at the Ashes To Ashes Cigar Shop. We really enjoy doing this event because the atmosphere and the people and owners of the shop are so wonderful. The event is sold out and we will be posting a new date at the shop in March. We will also be heading out to California in March for a few days. There may be plans for private readings and possibly a workshop and seminar. We will know more about this in the next few weeks.

Thank you all for stopping in to read the blog and for all your support. I feel blessed to be able to share my gift with you all. I hope to inspire you all. Blessings........Joseph

Friday, January 18, 2008

Book Review = Thumbs Up

After doing a little research about promoting my book, I came across book reviews. From what I have read it seems that having a good book review from a profession would help to sell your book. The thought never crossed my mind and I had no idea how to have my own book reviewed. So more research on the Internet would lead my in a good direction.

First you have to find a professional reviewer that would be interested in your type of book. Then you have to hope that they are accepting books to be reviewed. You have to send them a brief description of your book and wait for a response, hoping they will have an interest. Then you send them your book and wait, some times a long while. Hopefully the review will be a good one because the review get posted in many places.

So I found a nice lady by the name of Heather Froeschl
that agreed to review my book. I sent it to her and almost forgot all about it. She reads so many books that it would take here months just to get to my book. Well the review from Heather is in and posted throughout the net. Thank you Heather for taking the time to read and write a review on my book Messages From The Other Side.

Below is the review and you can find the review and more information about Heather on the following web sites.


Review by Heather Froeschl
Rating: A Good Book!
How does a psychic develop their gifts? Is it actually something that can be developed in all of us or is it a talent you must be born with? Many believe that we all have psychic ability to tap into. Joseph Tittel shares his life story as a medium in his book, “Messages From the Other Side.”

When he was just four years old, Joseph was aware of spiritual energy watching over him at the foot of his bed. This book chronicles how he grew up being psychic and shares his experiences of helping others as a medium. With his mother’s passing, Joseph was expecting a big sign from the other side, all the while he was telling clients to be aware of the smallest thing being a message. This is the reminder that we all need, because often the signs go unnoticed. Spirit may guide us to glance at the clock and see significant numbers, or change the radio station to one where their favorite song is playing, but they probably are not going to physically tap you on the shoulder and announce their presence, although I know this does happen too. Sharing his realization that he wasn’t taking his own advice, Joseph shows his humanity to readers. Even a psychic sometimes needs to pay closer attention.

Giving readings, Joseph has helped bring messages to loved ones from the other side. This allows some closure and validation and ultimately peace of mind. The book shares some of his more intense experiences and explains how this interaction with spirit can be healing for those left on the earth plane. Joseph goes on to help readers to tap into their own psychic abilities using detailed meditation techniques. Yes, we are all born with ability.

A compelling read, “Messages From the Other Side” addresses the questions many have sought the answers to. Joseph Tittel reaches out to readers in a friendly, easy going tone. Much like chatting over coffee with a good friend, the visit passes all too quickly. This book is an excellent introduction to the spirit world and a comfort to those who are grieving.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Special Message From A Deceased Brother & 2008 Predictions Update

Today I returned to work after being contained to the bed and couch for the past week. After two days at the hospital suffering from high fever and severe pain, Spirit was sure to get the message across to me. Being overwhelmed with work tends to take a toll on you and your health if you do not take a break. I knew I had to take some time off and we planned for going to California in March, but that was not soon enough. So I found myself sitting hear wondering what was this lesson with this one, for sure there is a message. When you feel that you need a break, you do, and your health is most important. So Bob had to cancel all my appointments for the past week. During my time doing absolutely nothing, I became addicted to myspace. Now I have a page there. LOL.

Today I was feeling much better and went back to work. I love what I do and know I needed a break, but missed working.
One of today's sessions included a young man I will call Jay. Jay wanted to make a connection with a loved one, but did not mention who. Being a medium I would rather not know, let me tell you who the connection is. Well Jay received his wish and made two very life changing connections.

This was the first time Jay has ever been to a medium or psychic, he was a bit nervous. Instantly I made a connection to several energies, the most important being his brothers. Jay also made a connection with his godmother and a friend. Jay's reading went into a very emotional and healing state. Michael was his main connection, I could see him clearly and then he gave me his name. Both of the deaths of the young men that came through to me were very tragic for the young man. His brother continued to repeat himself telling him to stop feeling responsible for his passing, there was nothing he could do to prevent it. One of the young men told me he hit his head, the young man confirmed by telling me that he ran into a car on his bike head first. Right before the accident he told him to wear his helmet and he did not, now he feels responsible. Listen, we are responsible for our own actions. He told him to wear a helmet and he didn't, that was his choice and not his fault. After helping get through the feelings of guilt the reading took another turn. The lecture from his loved ones began coming through. They warned him to get help for a problem and that he will make it through. It was all about encouragement and guiding him on the right path of recovery. This was one intense session. I felt so much remorse for the young man and know in my heart that this has healed him in a way that was well overdue.

Then there was a phone reading with a skeptic I will call Sam, and his wife Lisa on the other end taking notes. Sam's connection was also instant for me, this time with a father figure. His father was a strong energy bringing through details of his passing and current health issues Sam is battling. What makes this reading interesting is that I though it was funny. Sam's dad was a trip and wanted to make sure his son knew he was watching over. I remember relaying several messages to Sam and him responding with a no and his wife reminding him that I was correct. One message his
father mentioned him moving his cane the other day. Sam said no and his wife said "Yes you did Sam, you moved it from the closet the other day".

Such a specific message and still a response of no. This happens often when I run into skeptics. That is one reason I record my sessions. Usually when they listen to the tape it all sinks in. If Spirit want to get a message across they are going to use any means to do so. By the end of the session Sam was completely convinced that it was in deed his father coming through.

I have been contacted by a few people in reference to my 2008 predictions. One of those predictions includes the major eruption of a volcano. On January 10 the news broke out about a
volcano is Ecuador with some activity. Below is a short article that I found about the volcano. I'm not sure if this is what I was picking up on, we will have to see if it does erupt more. I still get pulled toward Hawaii and think one will happen there. There is a good chance there will be two big ones this year. Mother nature is going to pound us good in 2008.

Article from Sky News 1-10-08

Ecuador's Tungurahua volcano has begun erupting and is poised for a major explosion, a volcanologist has said. Lava from the Tungurahua volcano lights the night sky

The 16,575-foot volcano, 80 miles southeast of the capital Quito, has started to send shafts of molten lava into the sky after a fortnight of spitting ash.

Patricia Mothes, a US expert on volcanoes, said Tungurahua "is preparing to generate, in days or weeks, a great eruption."

She said that could mean pyroclastic flows -- blasts of volcanic material "that descend at high speeds and burn everything in their way."

Next prediction was that of problems with food poisoning and a food scare. On January 7 TH a company recalled 13,000 pounds of ground beef. Luckily no one was killed this round but this is not the end. This should teach us to always wash your hands well before touching food and wash food like vegetables. This is just a warning and I believe that this was not one of my predictions coming true.

Finally we come to poor Brittany Spears, well maybe not so poor. I feel bad for Brit and the paparazzi are going to drive her mad. What worries me about her is that I can see her ended up in an incident with the paparazzi like Princess Diane did. They need to pass some laws to keep them celebrities safe and give them some personal space.

I mentioned in my 2008 predictions that I saw
Brittany pregnant this year. Now all over the news you see that Britt was out shopping for a pregnancy test. I don;t think she is yet. That's the key, yet. Another thing I see with Britt is police all around her, not sure why. Could it be a flashback to OJ and the police chase? Or maybe worst? She is so talented and it is a shame to see her flush it away. She needs to pack up and move away from LA and she would be fine.
Till the next time, god bless you all and live life to the fullest.

Friday, January 4, 2008

2008 Psychic Predictions

2009 predictions CLICK HERE

A few friends suggested that I come up with a list of predictions for the new year. This is something that I had never attempted. I have predicted dozens of major world events in the past, but they were things that just came to me. It is not something that I just sat back and think about. Sometimes things things that are going to happen in the world just come to me in, both in the form of visions and feelings.

A few weeks ago our friend Bridget was over for a holiday visit. Bridget brought up the new years day radio show and asked if I had come up with any predictions at that point. At that time I did not have a list of my predictions but I did mention a vision that I kept having. I told her that there will be an assassination of world leader that would end up causes chaos. It was less then a week after telling Bob and Bridget this that the leader of Pakistan was assassinated. So that was one prediction that came true a little sooner then 2008. Bob posted that prediction on his blog prior to it actually coming true.

A few days before new years I decided to go into prayer and meditation and see if I could come up with some predictions for 2008. This is new to me so I was not sure if I would get much of anything. To my surprise I ended up with a few pages of predictions, some of them may go into early 2009. The unfortunate thing about doing this is that there is not really many positive things that came through in my meditation. There is also a few things here that I did not mention on the radio show. I honestly hope that I'm wrong on most of these predictions because I would rather not see them happen, but some of them came to me in visions which usually always come to pass from my experience. I received many dates but did not know how to match them up. So I will list dates separately.

Some of the predictions I saw as headlines in a newspaper. I will mark those predictions with the work headlines.

2008 will certainly be a year of weather that we never be forgotten.
Mother Nature is sure to be a little upset with the way we are treating her. In turn she will hit us harder then ever this year with storms and weather related tragedies.

Update: As of August 2008 this prediction has been completely accurate. In some countries, including the U.S., the weather has been sever breaking many records. A record amount of weather related deaths have also been reported this year.

Largest Earthquake in history will occur possibly in India, Indonesia, Japan or China. This may happen as soon as February 2008. Death toll will be in the thousands.

Update: More then 67,000 people were killed on May 12, 2008 when China received the biggest earthquake in their history of quakes.

Year of the Ice Storms. Ice storms will hit in area's unexpectedly. Ice is bound to be a big problem in 2008.

Update: There were some pretty bad ice conditions last winter in parts of the U.S. That does not even compare to what other countries.

On January 29,2008 China was hit hard by a devastating
ice storm making conditions in China a disaster which disrupted travel for millions during their Lunar New Year or what we call Chinese New Year celebrations.

Snow? The East coast is going to get a long awaited blizzard dropping more then 18 inches of snow in most area's. This may happen in December 2008.

Update December 18, 2008 - - As of today the East coast has been hit in many areas with major snow. This has even occurred in areas which do not normally get snow this early in the season and even in areas that do not get snow at all.

Fires in the mid west and far west are bound to jump several states in 2008.
Fires Jump State Lines was another Headline.

Update: As of August this prediction seems to be in the process of happening. Fires in the mid-west and far west are currently burning and close to state lines.

Update December 18, 2008 - - This prediction has come to pass and hit headlines like never before when fires hit a celebrity area in California. Even Oprah hosted a special show about the fires.

I see a large fire and the word Washington. I would think this would be the state of Washington but could be Washington DC.

Floods will hit from two major hurricanes hitting the US in 2008. I keep getting repeat flooding such as New Orleans or South Carolina.

Update August 30, 2008: As I'm updating my predictions New Orleans in worried about the approaching hurricane Gustav. If New Orleans were to be struck by Gustav it would be a repeat flood. Florida was hit by a major hurricane in early August. I do not think this is one of the two I saw in my vision.

Tornadoes hit like never before in 2008. I see these happening in many places where they have never hit before. There is also going to be a big city like Dallas affected greatly from these storms.

Update: 60 minutes(or one of those type of shows) featured a special news report about this being the year of the worst tornadoes in history. Breaking all the records, this year we have received more tornadoes then ever. Atlanta was also hit and I also stated on the radio that one would go through a city breaking windows in high rises which also happened this year.

Wisconsin kept coming to me over and over. Something big is going to happen here and I think it may be weather related.

Update: Wisconsin hit headlines on June 9, 2008 when floods caused a dam to break causing a major disaster.

A Tsunami will hit again. This time I feel maybe Japan or China.

I see tidal waves and also a volcano erupting. This may be off the coast of Hawaii. My concerns with this volcano is the tidal waves it may cause.

Update: Hawaii did have an eruption of a volcano this year which hit headlines.

California will get its fair share of weather hits in 2008. You will see this on the news often in 2008. An earthquake will hit the headlines also bringing a scare, but not much damage.

Update: California did hit headlines this year with a very large earthquake. As predicted there was not much damage.

Update December 18, 2008 - - This prediction along with my predictions on the wild fires have all come to pass this year.


I keep feeling that 2008 will also be a copycat year. You will see many things repeated this year including a school shooting and one in a fast food restaurant. Also a copycat serial killer makes headlines.

we have seen shooting deaths at Northern Illinois University, which was said to be a copycat of a previous school shooting. Also in the headlines was a shooting at a Wendy's restaurant in Florida.

Large oil spill that is a repeat of the Exxon and mobile oil spills in the past. I also saw headlines that said Ship Sinks.This may or may not be related to the oil spill. This may happen on the coast of Brazil, Alaska or Africa.

Nuclear Accident in Japan or China. I see people wearing face mask's. This may or may not be related to the nuclear accident. The masks could be related to something else like an outbreak of a disease or bird flue. I think the U.S. is safe with this prediction.

Another assassination of a world leader along with the assassination attempt or murder of a politician or mayor. One will take place in the U.S.

I see another problem with a plane crashing into a building or populated area. This will be an accident.

A military jet that crashed into a home in San Diego on December 8th which killed 4 people in one family.

Headlines: "The New War". I have no idea what that one means.

Update: In August 2008 reports came out and some headline read "New War" when Russia invaded Georgia.

Gas prices soar and there will be some states that will have gas wars. You will see people waiting in line for hours to fill up their gas tank. Price will hit up to $5.00 per gallon in some states.

Update: As of August 2008 the highest reported gas price hit the all time high of $4.85 in a few states.

Update December 18, 2008 - - The price of gas did sour to a little more then $5.00 per gallon before dropping to where they are now.

I had a vision of a large explosion. This could be a bomb or perhaps could be linked to the nuclear accident. I also seen people with burns covering their bodies. This could be related to the nuclear accident or a bomb of some kind.

Update: we had a horrific explosion with many deaths and burn victims on Feb.7 in Georgia. This appears to be an industrial accident at a sugar refinery.

I also had a vision of a plane exploding in the air. I felt that this plane I was seeing was shot down over water. Thats all I got out of this one.

Update: On June 10 a plane in Sudan exploded in the air right off the runway killing more then 100 people during a severe lightning storm.

Two major food scares will take place in 2008, both effecting the U.S. One makes me feel like a repeat of the Tylenol scare from back in the eighties. One is for sure a tampering with food with a poison of some sort. Once will include beef and may effect fast food restaurants. One will end up being the largest food recall in history. Another may have to do with canned goods and or vegetables. One will take at least a dozen or more lives.

Update: In early 2008 there was the largest beef recall in history, just as I predicted. The beef recall did have an effect on one major fast food chain as also predicted. Then there was the big recall of tomato's early this summer. As predicted we have had two major food recalls in 2008.


There will be a resignation of a political leader or other politician.

Update December 18, 2008 - -It has been in headlines this month about a Senator who was trying sell the new presidents senate seat. This has been all over the news and he will have no other choice but to resign making this the prediction I was seeing.

Bush is bond to go out with a bang. He is sure to launch a military invasion of another country. This could also be an attach against those helping to hide Bin Laden. Problems with Iraq, Pakistan and Korea get worst.

Update December 18, 2008 - - At this point it looks as if Bush is heading out with quite a bang. He has continued to hit headlines like never before including earlier this week when visiting Iraq and having shoe's thrown at him.

Bin Laden will be caught, most likely not alive. He is still alive and Iran has a lot to do with hiding him. His capture will most likely be in 2009.

Democrat's will blow away the republicans in the election. I see Hilary Clinton in the white house in the future. If she does not make it and the other democrat wins we are in a heap of trouble. She will definitely make it into the white house either in the next term or the following. She will spend eight years in office. Year ago I said that she would end up in the white house, this was far before it was ever mentioned that she was considering running for president.

Update: I still see Hilary in the white house and a woman for president. She will be a presidential candidate in the next election. I still feel this is a democratic election and a democrat will take over the white house.

Barack Hussein Obama is not at all the man he is trying to make American's think he is. He gives me a bad vibe. If he makes it into the white house America is in big trouble. America will not take his actions lightly if he actually does make it into the white house. This could be where my prediction of a resignation may take place or even worst.

Update December 18, 2008 - -There has been a lot of worry about our new demarcate president. It is unfortunate that Barrack is walking into a total disaster. This disaster is most likely exactly what I was picking up on and can easily predict that it is only going to get worst. I will discuss more about this in my 2009 predictions.

Celebrity News Predictions

Brittany Spears will be hitting head lines like never before. They (the Paparazzi) need to leave this poor girl alone or she may end up like Anna Nicole. She will enter rehab several times in 2008 and will also spend some time in the hospital. It will be a very messy year for Brittany and she may even go missing for a little while, which may be a good idea for her.

Update August 2008: As predicted Brittany did hit headlines like never before becoming the most photographed celebrity ever. Then Brittany disappeared for a while from the press and the paparazzi. She still is laying low before the big comeback that I predicted a few months after these predictions.

Update December 18, 2008 - - In a later blog post and on my radio show I predicted that Britt would make a huge comeback. From the looks of it, Britt is dong just that, making a huge comeback.

Michael Jackson will once again hit the headlines with some bad news.

Update August 2008: Michael Jackson did hit headlines again in March of this year when his ranch went up for auction on March 19. We have not heard the last of him for 2008.

It is obvious by now that OJ is bound to end up in the slammer where he should be. This will be a very bad year for OJ Simpson.

Update: On January 12, OJ Simpson did return to jail while facing charges for robbery.

Update December 18, 2008 - - This month OJ was sentenced to serve more then 10 tears in prison, right where he should have been sent a long time ago.

Elizabeth Taylor hits headlines as her health takes a very bad downfall. This may include a stroke and Liz will surely be spending time in the hospital. December will be a bad month for Liz.

On July 29, 2008 Liz was admitted into the hospital and rumors that she had congested heart failure and pneumonia. She is out of the hospital now but her health is not good according to reports.

Brad Pitt and Angeline will remain close together for the first half of the year before being torn apart for filming projects. Another adoption will happen very soon and then the relationship will begin to get rocky after a few months. Just the same old Hollywood marriage drama that will eventually end.

Update August 2008: Brad and Angeline were torn apart recently as they were both on filming projects as predicted. Along came another child and the two are now relaxed and enjoying the kids before hit the headlines even bigger then ever later this year.

I feel that a young female celebrity will end her life with an overdose of drugs. This could possibly involve a friend of Brittany. They will cover it up by calling it an accidental overdose.

Headlines: Legend Dies. This could be in a plane crash or ather accidental death and will involve some celebrity as big as Mic Jagger, Tom Cruise, Bradd Pitt or Rod Steward (Just examples).

Update August 2008: As we are all aware earlier this year we lost actor Heath Ledger (Or Legend). It is very east to see that I saw this in headlines and it was obviously Heath who now will go on as a legend.

Finances and Investments

Real estate will continue to remain steady and there will be more foreclosures then even during the first quarter. Then there will be big changes by August making real estate the perfect investment.

Update August 2008: So far this prediction remains accurate and just recently the rates have dropped again.

Stock market remains steady with a down fall in July. Nothing major but will cause major loss for some of the bigger companies. If your going to invest in stock I would do so with the companies that drop low in July. They will certainly take off again bring a great return.

Update December 18, 2008 - - The market as we all know has effected many large companies as predicted.

The same goes for gold. A great opportunity will come in 2008 when gold drops a significant amount. This may also take place in July or the summer months. This is a time to jump on the gold wagon. Buy it up because it will go on to rise to an all time high in 2009.

Update December 18, 2008 - - If you had taken my advice and invested in gold when it hit the lowest point this year of $709.50 you would have made a profit of close to 30 percent when gold topped out at $1002.80

Be careful of where you invest you money. You are better of investing in material things like real estate, gold, jewels and gems, not in paper things like banking, CD's and so forth.

Update December 18, 2008 - - This prediction was very accurate based on the past years economy.

Important Dates?

These are some of the dates I received during this meditation.

The number 9 and 12 kept come to me. I'm not sure if they go together and bring us to the date September 12 or not.

Update: I kept getting both those numbers and on May 12 was the 8.0 earthquake in China in which thousands of people were killed.

March 9 came to me several times.

July 4

August 19 and 20th which may be connected to the Earthquakes.

December 12 may be related to an ice storm or the blizzard on the east coast.

Update December 18, 2008 -- As predicted, on December 12 the New England area of the United States was hit hard by a major ice storm. The storm caused black outs and several deaths.

17 was another number,this may be December 17 and related to snow and ice.

Update December 18, 2008 - - As predicted, December 17 hit head lines with the news of the first now fall in decades in Las Vegas Nevada. There were also storms that hit in other area never hit by snow such as Florida.

January will be a significant month.

January was very significant for China when their Lunar New Year was disrupted by a major ice storm.

When I first went into my meditation I decided to try something called automatic writing. Automatic writing is a way of communicating and receiving messages from spirit. In a relaxed meditative state you hold a pen or pencil in your hand with your hand completely relaxed with paper underneath. If your session is successful you should have message written on the paper.
After trying this the message that was on the paper read "Christ will rise March." There was a date that followed that I could not clearly read. It looks like it may be 09. I have no idea what that means but can come up with a few ideas.

It could be a sighting of Jesus Christ that may hit headlines like similar sightings of the Blessed Mother Mary. It could also mean the rise of the so called anti-Christ that is said to come into our future. There has been a lot of talk about a world leader that people will see as a great leader that will rise to power possibly in the middle east. This man will go against the world and cause a world war before being assassinated. Legend has it that this will be the end of things as we know them. I'm really not at all sure what the message means but anything is possible.


Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Past Year

Another year is now behind us and a new one begins. The first few days of the new year I take a serious look back into the previous year. I try to reflect on the lessons I have learned and see if I missed any along the line. I take a good look at my accomplishments, goals that I met and perhaps a few things that I wanted to accomplish and did not. Looking into the past year will help me to move into the new year.

One thing I noticed in doing this every year is that there are always both good and bad things that happened in the previous year, there always needs to be balance. There will be gains and there will be losses, also bringing balance. We must remember with every death there is a birth and I don't mean someone dying and a baby being born. The death of a relationship or perhaps a friendship is certain to bring the birth of a new and hopefully better relationship or friendship. This is one of many lessons I have learned over the past year.

2007 was a very active year for myself which is bound to bring both positive and negative things to the surface. I have been procrastinating the past few days with writing in this blog because I was not sure what I wanted to share. Normally I write about experiences with readings and some of the things going on with my work. Today I decided to write about some personal issues and things that have bothered me over the past year. Things that have taught me a few good lessons. I'm hoping that this will help my readers in understanding a few of the things that I have learned over the past year.

This year I had many great opportunities and have met and worked with along with becoming friends with many wonderful people. I'm very grateful for the the experiences that I have had and the opportunities that have come. I have known for a long time that it is very important to give back to the community and to help others when you can.

One thing that I forgot and 2007 helped remind me is how good it actually feels to give to others who are in need. We have raised a good amount of money for several organizations including Susan G. Komen and the arthritis foundation. We also donated hundreds of Beanie Baby toys for a Camp Kindle which is a camp that caters to children infected and affected by HIV and AIDS. Its a good feeling that you get when you know that you have done something that helped someone in need and brought a smile to their face.

Along with the positive things that happened to me in 2007 there were a few negative things that came along with it. I have learned that Hollywood and being on television is not as glamorous as you may think. Yes it was a great experience and I hope I have others like it in the future, but it was very tiring. It certainly was not at all easy in any aspect what so ever. A celebrity psychic that I became friends with warned me that there would be some negative things that could happen from doing television. One of those things are the nasty emails that we received from people who are not big fans of psychics. Some of the things people say are more then just rude, they are a disgrace. I laugh at these emails and luckily that is one thing that did not bother me.

There were also some phone calls from some pretty disturbing people which you blow off after a short time. Then comes those who decide to try and slander your name through the Internet. That one really pissed me off and that taught me another good lesson. Type in any well known psychics name on the net or any famous actor or actress and so on. Without a doubt you will find some idiot out there that feels a need to try and make that person look bad. I learned that things like this will just go away. As long as your doing good in the world for both yourself and others, good will come back and the bad will dissolve.

Its nothing new to me or anyone reading this that there are just some really rude and nasty people in this world. People that live a miserable life and like no one else, not even their selves. So they feel a need to try and make others miserable like them. I learned that we need to smile and wish them the best in life and do not allow them to effect me. I have learned that jealousy does not discriminate. Also I leaned that some people change for the worst where others never change at all.

Earlier in 2007 I heard from a good friend , we will call her B after not hearing from her for a while. She invited Bob and I over for a little get together with some other friends. We were not even there an hour before B started hinting around that she wanted a reading. I thought we were all here to catch up on lost time and here it was all because she wanted a reading. That would be like inviting me over because I'm a mechanic and you need your car fixed without just calling and asking "hey when you have a chance, can you fix my car?". I blew off B's little comments about how long its been since she had a reading and left her home feeling used. Besides the fact that we were invited to a dinner and there was no dinner.

I have been friends with B for more then 10 years and she knows she can get a reading any time she calls and asks me for one. I did not hear from B for months, even after leaving her a voice message. The very next day after I appeared on America's Psychic Challenge I received a very long email message from B . I still can not believe the things that she said to me in this message. You can just imagine the nasty things that she wrote me all because I did not offer to give her a reading the day she invited us for a dinner. Better yet it took her four months to write me this message. If it were an issue she should have addressed it right away and not when she saw things going well for me. Then she in turn went onto the net to try and slander my reputation by posting negative comments about me on the APC website.

That was just one of a few friendships that I had to end in 2007. Sometimes you have to look at yourself, your life and the people that effect it. Like relationships that just are not good, the same goes for friendships. Is it healthy for you? Is it a constant stress? Are you happy? Do the friends and loved ones around you make you happy? You have to ask yourself these questions and decide what is better for you and your health. Again, as long as your doing good for others and leading a positive life you should come to the decision that you deserve to be surrounded by good and positive. Sometimes you have to clean up the clutter, not just in your home but in your life. Something else I learned this year.

Even though I ended a few long friendships in 2007, new ones have begun and the clutter is gone. Another hard lesson I learned this year is that even though a person says they are spiritual and say they are out to help others, that is not always the case. Being a spiritual person myself I tend to think I can trust others who seem to be on the same path. Things are not always as they seem. Some people that I thought were friends were only out to get information from me and copy my idea's. Some of that is flattering and some is a little too much. Come up with your own idea's!

Then comes another person who I thought was a friend and was just using me in any way that she can to make her career a success. I had someone volunteer to work our breast cancer event at the Sheraton, then I catch her stealing my email list. How screwed up is that? Then she tries to hold an event with another psychic at the Sheraton, probably with my mailing list. WOW! The things people will do. And they call themselves spiritual and light walkers. I think that's a little bit of trying to step on someones toes. I really don't know what goes through some people minds.

I stopped advertising on the radio after another medium decided she wanted to advertise on there also. Little did she know that advertising on that station did me no good at all. LOL. Then another medium tried calling Ashes To Ashes Cigar shop in Bordentown New Jersey where I hold a monthly event. She must have seen on my web site that this event often sells out. There are hundred of hotels and places to hold events. Why do these folks, who were suppose to be friends, feel that they need to do everything I do everywhere I do it?

This hurt my feelings more then anything. The Sheraton called me today to tell me about the woman calling to book another psychic at their hotel. Little did she know that I have a contract with all the places I hold my events so that things like that don't happen. That would be like me going and holding an event where she normally holds her events. How would you feel about that? So she is going to have to use the mailing list she stole from me for another one of her events. Don't these people know about Karma? Maybe they should read a little bit about it. Karma is a bitch. Another lesson that you would think most people would be aware of and focus on, what comes around goes around. That's why you have to do things for those in need. You have to give back to the community. Pay it forward.

One last thing I wanted to mention. The weekly radio show that I do every Tuesday. Some people think that I get paid to do this show and that would be incorrect. This is another way of giving back and helping others. I take peoples calls because I care and want to help people in any way that I can. This is a great opportunity for people who can not afford to go to a medium to call and get closure. If I do not have a sponsor for the show it comes out of my own pocket, which I'm fine with because it helps people.

For those of you that listen to the show you probably heard the calls from a very strange guy by the name of Bob. Bob seems to have a sick obsession with my sister for some reason. Not only is this guy really creepy, but he is also a real a**hole. He calls into the show every week and always comes off being a real weirdo. New Years Day Bob called in and had a few nasty things to say. He also mentioned that he thinks I need a new career. Sorry buddy but I love what I do and have no plan for change any time soon.

My message to Bob who called in is the same message that goes out to all the other jerks that feel a need to call into the station to say something bad or write me nasty emails about my work. If you don't like mediums, psychics or me then why are you waisting my time telling me about it? This guy calls into the station every week which means he listens every week. Why are you listening if you have a problem with it? If you feel a need to hurt others by bashing them through the net or other ways then maybe you should stop and take a good look in the mirror. It does not say much about yourself if you are out to hurt others, copy others or stealing from others. Remember karma folks and how much of a better world this would be if we all could just be ourselves and try helping others at the same time.

I will be posting my predictions from the New Years radio show some time tomorrow. I hope that sharing some of my experiences and lessons from 2007 will help to enlighten others to take a closer look at yourself and others.
God Bless you all and have a very healthy, happy and prosperous 2008.