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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Death Of Heath Ledger & Helping Others

It is very sad to hear about the loss of actor Heath Ledger. By now the entire world is aware of the actors death. This story is sure to be in the headlines for a while. So what exactly happened to Heath? My feelings on this matter is the that he did NOT take his own life and that it was more like an accidental death. The combination of the medications in his system basically caused heart failure. I do believe that he had a combination of both prescribed and illegal drugs. Its a little hard to explain so I would put it down as heart failure over a drug overdose. I do not feel like he had a huge amount of drugs in his system, more of the combination is what made it deadly. At the same time I believe God has a plan for him and it was his time.

During my New Years Day radio show and 2008 predictions I mentioned that Hollywood was going to have one of those years where we lose many great celebrities. I had even mentioned the drug overdose of a young female celebrity that would hit headlines this year. Hopefully I'm wrong on this and maybe I was picking up on the death of Heath. No one wants to see this happen to such a talented young person, or any young person for that matter. If anything good were to come out of this maybe it will show other young celebrities and young fans that this could be them if they do not get help.

Now onto a better note. We have been planning many events this year along with several fund raisers. Once again I will team up with Doctor Beth DuPree on April 13, this time to for a fund raising event for her foundation. The Healing Consciousness Foundation, a non-profit organization established by Beth Baughman DuPree, M.D., provides financial assistance so patients may access services such as: psychological therapy, nutritional counseling, weight management, exercise training, meditation, holistic services, and post-operative items (lymphedema sleeves, breast prosthesis, wigs and post-surgical undergarments). Funds raised by the HCF will be distributed to patients associated with the Comprehensive Breast Care Institute at DSI of Bucks County.

I will also be teaming up with 11 year old Alyssa Kondash on May 2 to raise money for the Arthritis Foundation through her organization "Alyssa's Hopeful Dream". Alyssa suffers from Arthritis and fights her disease by raising money for the Arthritis Foundation in hopes of finding a cure. God has certainly sent this little girl her to accomplish a mission. Alyssa is doing a great job in accomplishing many mission raising more then $10,000 over the past three years. Last year I did an event with Alyssa and her mother Anne Marie in Trenton New Jersey. I have included a picture from the event. More information on these events will be available on my web site soon.

Last year Bob had a great idea to send a bunch of beany babies to children affected by HIV. A little something to bring smiles to their faces. So we gathered together more then 500 of these beany babies. The camp is called Camp Kindle and they have several camps in the United States for the children. On their web site it states "Our mission is to improve the quality of life for young people infected or affected by HIV and AIDS. A child's self-acceptance is often made more difficult by the challenges of HIV. Giving young people chances to succeed, learn and grow sends messages that they are in fact special, unique and talented." This year we will be doing something for the kids at Camp Kindle. This time we are planning something a little different then just beany babies. More information on this fund raiser will be available on this site soon.

The Learning Annex in New York City has contacted me to speak at their facility. It is an honer to be a part of their upcoming events. Some very well known psychics and mediums have spoke at the Annex, including James Van Praagh and John Edward. For anyone in New York city that may be interested in the event, this will be posted on both my site and theirs soon. I may also be available to do several private sessions while in New York. You may contact Bob in reference to booking an appointment.

This weekend we are off to Bordentown New Jersey for an event at the Ashes To Ashes Cigar Shop. We really enjoy doing this event because the atmosphere and the people and owners of the shop are so wonderful. The event is sold out and we will be posting a new date at the shop in March. We will also be heading out to California in March for a few days. There may be plans for private readings and possibly a workshop and seminar. We will know more about this in the next few weeks.

Thank you all for stopping in to read the blog and for all your support. I feel blessed to be able to share my gift with you all. I hope to inspire you all. Blessings........Joseph


Anonymous said...

"It's funny because after I read your predictions and I heard this headline I was also curious to see if you got one mixed. Which I'm sure is possible with all of your amazing predictions and visions. Then I came on the computer and saw your blog. Like you said in your blog, hopefully you did, because it's so sad to see this kind of stuff keep on happening. I passed around your predictions to my whole family and they are holding on to their hats and realizing that this year is going to be bumpy. But hopefully everyone stays Safe. Keep up the blogs they are great."

Anonymous said...

I just came from your event at Ashes to Ashes and I have to say I was so impressed. You have an amazing gift and I will be calling for a private reading very soon. Thank you.