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Friday, January 18, 2008

Book Review = Thumbs Up

After doing a little research about promoting my book, I came across book reviews. From what I have read it seems that having a good book review from a profession would help to sell your book. The thought never crossed my mind and I had no idea how to have my own book reviewed. So more research on the Internet would lead my in a good direction.

First you have to find a professional reviewer that would be interested in your type of book. Then you have to hope that they are accepting books to be reviewed. You have to send them a brief description of your book and wait for a response, hoping they will have an interest. Then you send them your book and wait, some times a long while. Hopefully the review will be a good one because the review get posted in many places.

So I found a nice lady by the name of Heather Froeschl
that agreed to review my book. I sent it to her and almost forgot all about it. She reads so many books that it would take here months just to get to my book. Well the review from Heather is in and posted throughout the net. Thank you Heather for taking the time to read and write a review on my book Messages From The Other Side.

Below is the review and you can find the review and more information about Heather on the following web sites.


Review by Heather Froeschl
Rating: A Good Book!
How does a psychic develop their gifts? Is it actually something that can be developed in all of us or is it a talent you must be born with? Many believe that we all have psychic ability to tap into. Joseph Tittel shares his life story as a medium in his book, “Messages From the Other Side.”

When he was just four years old, Joseph was aware of spiritual energy watching over him at the foot of his bed. This book chronicles how he grew up being psychic and shares his experiences of helping others as a medium. With his mother’s passing, Joseph was expecting a big sign from the other side, all the while he was telling clients to be aware of the smallest thing being a message. This is the reminder that we all need, because often the signs go unnoticed. Spirit may guide us to glance at the clock and see significant numbers, or change the radio station to one where their favorite song is playing, but they probably are not going to physically tap you on the shoulder and announce their presence, although I know this does happen too. Sharing his realization that he wasn’t taking his own advice, Joseph shows his humanity to readers. Even a psychic sometimes needs to pay closer attention.

Giving readings, Joseph has helped bring messages to loved ones from the other side. This allows some closure and validation and ultimately peace of mind. The book shares some of his more intense experiences and explains how this interaction with spirit can be healing for those left on the earth plane. Joseph goes on to help readers to tap into their own psychic abilities using detailed meditation techniques. Yes, we are all born with ability.

A compelling read, “Messages From the Other Side” addresses the questions many have sought the answers to. Joseph Tittel reaches out to readers in a friendly, easy going tone. Much like chatting over coffee with a good friend, the visit passes all too quickly. This book is an excellent introduction to the spirit world and a comfort to those who are grieving.

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