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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Interesting Point - Legend Dies = Ledger Dies

I just wanted to mention something that came to my attention today. My sister in law Candice called today because something clicked in her mind. During my New Years radio show I went over all of my predictions for 2008. Some of the visions I had for 2008 came to me in the form of news headlines. One of the headlines that I saw was "Legend Dies". I felt this would be accidental, maybe from a crash. I also felt that it could maybe be a rock legend or something just because of the headlines.

Candice pointed out the fact that maybe the headline I was seeing was "Ledger Dies". When she mentioned this to me it gave me a really creepy feeling. That could very well be the headline that I was seeing. Someone also mentioned to me the prediction I had about the stock market fall. I never said that would be just the U.S. market. The other day the market had a significant downfall, but fortunately it is back up. We are going going to see this a lot in 2008. This is why I feel that the stock market is not at all the place to invest this year. There will be another downfall most likely during the summer months. If you insist on investing, then do it when it falls in the summer. If you do that, wait for the gain then sell out.

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