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Monday, February 11, 2008

Appreciation For The Messages

The Mercury retrograde is certainly having an effect in most peoples lives right now, including my own. Mercury seems to always have a hard effect on Virgos, and I'm a Virgo on the cusp of Libra. This round the planet Mercury will also have a big effect on Aquarius. I always try and keep my head straight and know Mercury is having a fun time screwing up things in our life. It is almost over and the retrograde will come to a close on February 19th, but Mercury will have an effect until March 10th. Mercury will enter into retrograde with Gemini on May 26, 2008.

Over the past few weeks I have been very busy with clients and events. During this time I have come to learn how much some people have little or no appreciation for the messages they receive from their deceased loved ones. Not only do some people have no appreciation for the messages, they have no appreciation for life or the things in their life. It is very important to appreciate the things we have, the experiences and the people in our lives. It completely blows my mind that some people can be so ignorant to the entire concept. It is even more mind boggling when people come to see me and get upset when they hear from a deceased loved one that they don't want to hear from. It is such a gift for me to offer people a connection with a deceased loved one. How often do we get the opportunity to receive a message from a deceased loved one? I have no control over who or what comes through. They come to me, usually to resolve issues with their passing or just to bring some validation and closure.

There were several experiences I had over the past few weeks that I would like to share with you. I have changed some things to hide the identities of my clients. First was a private gallery I conducted one evening for about a dozen people. The entire experience was not that of a positive experience for myself. My connections with the deceased were extremely strong and the messages very specific and accurate. The problem was not at all with my connections with the deceased, but more the ignorance of a few of the people who attended the gallery. Once I make a connection it is of the utmost importance that I'm not interrupted or the connection will be broken. Then it takes a lot of energy for me to make that connection again, and it may not be with the same previous connection.

Well one person that attended the event believed every single thing that I said was all about them. This person continued to interrupt the group to the point that I had to nicely say something to them. Sometimes I see the spirit that I'm connected to right behind the person whom they are trying to get a message to. When I see that I know the information is for that person. After explaining this the the person, they just wouldn't get it. On top of that we didn't get started on time because the hostess had two screaming little kids to tend to. The kids interrupted at least two times during the two hour gallery and two cell phones went off during the event after I asked everyone to turn off their phones. Then to really top of my evening, they were all drinking alcohol.

I'm sorry, but I take my work very seriously. You should not serve alcohol prior to a private gallery and there should be no interruptions and no children in the home at all. I almost walked out from this gallery but I knew I needed to get important messages across to this group. One of those messages was from the son of the person who would not keep quite during the gallery. When someone finally came through for them, they would not keep their mouth closed and listen to the messages from their son. I was blown away by the entire evening and could not believe that someone would hire me to come to their home and show no appreciation what so ever. What really bothers me is the fact that there were several young spirits that came to me that evening. All of their deaths were very tragic and the messages very important. I walked out feeling that not all of the messages were delivered and I had no control over the situation.

There was another client that came to me the other day that was rather frustrating. The person came with a few items that belonged to deceased relatives. I ask my clients to bring one article or item that belonged to the deceased person to help me connect with their energy. It is not a guarantee that I will connect to that person, especially if you bring items from five different people. The person brought along several items. My first and strongest connection was with the persons mother. Very detailed information came through from their mother about her passing and things that happened right after she passed. My client kept asking me, is there someone else? Is there messages from someone else? I explained that the messages could pertain to several deceased loved ones.

The reading ended and I felt the connection was very strong and my client would appreciate the validations that came through from their mother. My client turned to me and said "What about the slipper? Can you tell me something about that?" I was not getting anything at all with the slipper. I recalled that the mother mentioned one of the items in my hand and told her about that message. She replied "Yes the other item was my mothers but I really did not want to hear from her. I wanted to hear from the person connected to the slipper." That completely blew my mind. She brought one of her mothers belongings, but did not want to hear from her. She walked away upset that she did not her from the other person with absolutely no appreciation for the messages she did receive from her mother.

I have come to appreciate everything in my life, especially this gift God has given me to help others. I thank god several times a day for the things I have and the people I love. From all of this I hope that you have learned that we all need to appreciate all the things life has to offer us.

We all go through bad things and deal with nasty negative people. We need to smile, wish them the best and move on, never looking back. When we buy something we should appreciate that and our ability to have the money to make that purchase.The more you acknowledge the positive things in your life and come to appreciate them, the more positive things that will come into your life in the future.

Keep your head straight, think positive, forget about the negative and your future will be bright.

Thank you for reading my blog, I hope it has been an inspiration.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing with us. Sounds like it's been a tough patch.

I'm sure you know that each client takes only what they are able to handle at the moment. I can understand the frustration though, when you simply want to help and then hit obstacles. I have found that the benfits can multiply though.

When someone like the "slipper" client tells others of meeting you, the energy of your initial effort moves through them, touches another life, and can be of great benefit to someone you may never meet.

Sort of Psychic Serendipity. :)

Anonymous said...

What a waste of your gift Joseph, Those people are going to think about that evening and realise what a opportunity they wasted. Thanks for being you.

Anonymous said...

Oh Mr. Tittel! That you were able to keep cool in dealing with these people was a miracle - I know if I had been in that room with you I would have said something. That really is incredible, that someone would have the utter thoughtfulness and imbecility to say no, he/she didn't want to hear from that spirit, he/she wanted to hear from this one! Arghhh!!!

In 2005 I received a long distance reading from an excellent psychic in England. I sent her an email picture of myself and she sent me in incredible reading - I heard from people I had no idea where looking out for me. And to top it off, while she was doing the reading in England (me in Chicago), not talking to me at the time - she does the contact and then sits down and types the thing up in Word - I had a visitation from my father's father, a man who had died in 1934 - I was born in 1960! He is very close to me - I had no idea! IN OTHER WORDS, YOU COULD HAVE KNOCKED ME DOWN WITH A FEATHER. You need to have an open mind because you will get surprises, and the more open you are the more you get!

I hope I can find a way to see Mr. Tittel - I am pretty sure he is awesome. I will probably faint but I want to do it! And I promise I will not be rude! :)

Anonymous said...

"Keep your head straight, think positive, forget about the negative and your future will be bright."

I really needed to read that today. Thank you. It has been a challenged week for me. It seems sometimes that I am always giving myself and my work to others and nothing ever comes back in return.

It looks as though you are doing great and I am so glad to see that. I am also happy to see your giving yourself to projects that really, really need you. So strange how you and my brother resemble each other, you almost would make twins, haircut is the same. Lots of similarities.

I loved your blog and the way that you connect with people. You have such a bright future ahead. I just know it.

I wish you the best in all you do,

Anonymous said...

Don't let these people bother you. I love reading your rocks. These people sound like trash. Didn't they read your policy page..I know I did I when had you at my house. Your an Angel . Don't ever change.

Anonymous said...

I love the way you write about your experiences and the lesson that could be learned through them. Hopefully they people at the reading will realize that they lost out on a good experience.

rmk said...

I wanted to thank you for your recent reading you gave my daughter, Rina. You truly have a gift and you are the "real deal"! You have helped her like no other and despite seeking conventional means to help her through her grief after the death of her brother and my son, you have been the only person who has been able to offer her comfort and joy in what I already knew and felt, and that is that my son is happy and safe and with us all the time! You relayed things that noone could have known and let me tell you, that ride home from her reading was so fulfilling! Tears of joy! Thank you and God Bless!