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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sunday's Sold Out Event

This past Sunday I conducted an event at the Sheraton for more then 100 people. At first the event started off on a bad note. When we showed up at the Sheraton we were surprised to find that nothing was set up for our arrival. Well I can't say nothing was done, the chairs were there. There were no tables, a stage up front that we did not want there and no microphones. This put us all in a little frenzy for the first half hour.

After all that you would think Mercury was still in retrograde. Here the Sheraton had us scheduled for 7 PM instead of 2 PM. Well Bob, Pam, Tracy and Carol all pulled together and got everything done. We were 15 minutes behind schedule because we needed to wait for the microphones. This put me in a little panic thinking that things may not go so smoothly.

The event began with an introduction with Bob before my introduction. I spoke a little about my work and a bit about ghosts and haunting's. Then I answered a few audience members questions before guiding everyone through a quick meditation. Then I went on to bring through messages from the other side.

My first connection was a very strong and a bit surprising for me. Usually I have a male energy come through first, I have no idea why. Well this mother figure was not going to allow that. She had a strong message for both her son and daughter who were sitting in the audience. Every time I thought that she was finished coming through, boom, another message.

We took a 15 minute break about half way through and I signed some books during this time. Once we got started again I instantly made a new connection. There were many connections during this event on Sunday. There were a few that stick out to me like my first connection with the mother figure. A police officer on the other side was determined to get the attention of a police officer in the audience. I kept getting the information, but no one in the audience would acknowledge the connection.

After a few minutes a man in the back of the room wearing a hat stood up and acknowledged everything I was saying. The connection I was having with the police officer on the other side was very strong. I could literally see at least a dozen spirits standing behind this guy. At one point I gave the man a message and he persistently said no. There was another point where he said "That information is not correct". I knew the information I was receiving was completely accurate. I understand that the messages are very overwhelming for the people I go to in the audience. Many of the things that come through may not hit the person right away and that is OK.

Someone called into the radio show today and mentioned the gentlemen and said he had a bit of an attitude. He may have come off that way to some, but I think it was that he had a very strong presence. We actually received a very nice email from the gentlemen. He mentioned in the email that he realized several of the messages after leaving the event. All together he said it was a good experience and was very thankful. It is so common for me to see clients who do not get all of the messages or that tell me "No, it means nothing." It is really never a big surprise to me. Sometimes spirit does not want you to get it until later. There are also a lot of emotions involved in these messages and those emotions can interfere with the persons thoughts.

The next connection was about to turn a complete skeptic into a believer. I think the very first thing I said was I have a brother who passed and he is trying to get to his brother. I think this gentlemen had a very hard time raising his hand. Finally he stood up and I could clearly see his deceased brother standing behind him. When I see the spirit standing behind the person, I know the connection will be strong. This guys brother was determined to let him know that he was at peace and still a big part of his life.

When I clearly see the spirit I feel that I need to describe them. This brother figure was coming through very much like a hippie with a guitar, long hair and a bandanna. When I mentioned to the gentlemen that his brother was wearing a bandanna it certainly struck a note, so did the guitar. He told the audience that his brother played guitar and he had placed a bandanna in his brothers casket during the funeral. This guy did not say no to me once. He knew exactly what everything I was telling him meant, dates and all. Not bad for a skeptic. The messages were so intense that they brought the man to tears. I could see the fulfillment in his eyes and sensed how comforting it was for him to hear from his deceased brother.

This was certainly an excellent event. Sometimes I don't think people know how fulfilling this work is for myself. I am so great full to have the ability to share this special gift with you. Sometimes when I sit and think about some of the messages and how touching they are, it brings a tear to my eye. Like today when Joanne called into the radio show to talk about her experience and how it changed her entire life. Such a comforting message to hear from her, thank you. This allows me the comfort of knowing I'm doing the work God has sent me here to accomplish. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and thank you for allowing me to share my gift with you.
Joseph Tittel


Anonymous said...

Hi Joseph!
Good post! I was wondering when you guys were going to post your two radio shows! :) I don't live in the PA and are going through withdrawls! Anyways :) I was wondering if your events are taped and if we could see them.

Good post! I am glad things worked out in the end :)

Anonymous said...

Joseph, I hope and pray I get to see you one day. What a great service you do for people - it is really beyond words.

Laura said...

Hi Joseph! I am so thankful that you share your gift with us. Your abilities are absolutely amazing. I cannot begin to tell you how much your psychic ability has helped me through one of the toughest times in my life.I am eternally grateful!