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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Good Psychics, Bad Psychics, & Copyright Infringement

I'm sitting here getting ready to blog and listening to the news in the background. Then I happen to catch this big story about the largest beef recall in history. I talked about this as one of my 2008 predictions during my new years day radio show. It is also listed in the archives of this blog in my list of 2008 predictions. You can listen to the live predictions I made on the new years radio show by visiting my web site. I thought I would mention that before going on to other subjects in today's blog.

Beings I'm on the subject of 2008 predictions I have to share something that many of you will find more then just interesting. This morning I received several emails from people who felt they needed to point something out to me, and I'm glad they did. It has come to my attention that someone had taken most of the predictions I listed on this site January 4 and placed them on their site, claiming that they were their own 2008 predictions. At first I thought "no way", who would be that stupid?

There are so many psychics that make predictions for the coming year and it is very common for psychics to come up with similar predictions. If you are a psychic or even a medium, you are tuning into the same future. That is why when I first heard about this woman posting my predictions I figured it was no big deal. When I went onto her site I was absolutely blown away. Hey I know you are suppose to be a psychic, but come on already. I gave her the benefit of the doubt at first and easily came to the conclusion that they are actually my predictions with a little touch to try and make it look like hers.

Early in the year I blogged about how people copy others and sometimes it is flattering and other times it is just not right. After writing that blog entry I figured I was without a doubt going to face this again in my future. Again it is flattering to a certain extent, but this lady went a little to far. If you read the predictions on her site (posted on February 10, 2008) in comparison to the predictions listed on this blog (posted on January 4, 2008), you will clearly see that they were copied.

The predictions are in the same exact order with dates and all. She starts hers off saying she sees her predictions in the form of headlines, the same way I begin my list. Yes her predictions were altered a little bit, but it is obvious where the predictions came from. Another thing that struck my attention was the fact that she lives in the same state and county as I do, interesting. I have a tracker on my web site that allows me to view how many hits my sites receive and where they are from. I noticed that there were many hits from the same ip address in Chalfont where she just so happens to live.

There was also a newspaper article I came across mentioning this psychics predictions for 2008. Its funny that her presidential predictions she gave to the newspaper are completely opposite from the ones she listed on her site February 10th. There was also her prediction in the news article that this would be a great year for Brittany Spears, boy was that a bad call. She also offers an online magazine where she posts predictions monthly, if you are willing to pay twenty five bucks for something she probably steals from someone else. You can also join her online community and talk to others, that will cost you eleven buck's. Why would you pay to join her community when you can join James Van Praagh's community for free. His community offers so much more with chat rooms, bulletin boards and more. Check it out, I'm a member and it is free.

I know I'm sure to get a few negative emails from people who think writing about this is wrong. That happened last week when I posted my feelings on appreciation and how some people need to learn to appreciate things in our lives. I'm sorry but I feel that it is wrong to take things from others and then claim that their are your own. I also feel that it is important to point these things out to others who are looking to go to a psychic. There are many truly gifted psychics and mediums out there helping people every day, and there are those that are only there to help themselves by ripping people off.

How to tell a bad psychic or medium from a good one?

One of the number one things to avoid is psychics with store fronts and neon signs. You know the ones I'm talking about, you find them on the boardwalk and tourist areas.

Avoid psychics who try to get you to buy something. Some may tell you that there is bad spirits around you and charge you to burn candles or something similar to that. This is an obvious scam artist and they can usually be found working in a store front or a neon sign in their house window, where they work from.

Avoid psychics and mediums that offer an odd menu of services. An example would be a psychic who offers palm readings, cards readings, esp readings and crystal ball readings.

You should never pay more then the price the psychic has posted.

The key is word of mouth. Go to a psychic or medium that has a good reputation. Someone that a friend may recommend.

Do a little research on the psychic first, google their name and do a little reading reading up on them.

Look for psychics and mediums that have a good resume, so to speak. One who has done radio and maybe was in the newspapers.

You can also check out James Van Praagh's recommended list. James personally tests the psychics and mediums listed on his site. Locally there are only two mediums that I would recommend. One is Elizabeth Harrington, who is listed on James Van Praagh's web site. She is not real close to where I live, but she is in Pennsylvania. Please, do not mix her up with the other Elizabeth in Pennsylvania. The other medium, Marisa Pell, who I have worked with in the past and even had a reading done by her. She is not in Pennsylvania, but is not too far. She is in New Jersey and is also a good medium.

Other then the two, I really don't know any others that I have had a reading with. Honestly, I do not go to mediums. Thats what I do, so there is no need to go see one. There was this woman Carol in Levittown that I went to for card readings and she was excellent. I just bought a new car and went to her and she said I was getting a new car. I told her I just got one and she said there was going to be another. A few weeks later I was in a car accident and guess what? I had to get a new car. I'm not sure if Carol is even reading any more.

I hope that today's blog has been an inspiration. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and read today's entry.

Please be sure to leave me your comments below, I do appreciate it :-)

Visit her site and leave your comments there also.


Anonymous said...

oh i feel like i want to become a medium too. im not that interested in predicting the future, but i always like the messages from the spirits and passed by the medium to the people. it always give so much hopes and love to the living one. it must be very meaningful to become a medium.
all the best
~cheehooi from Malaysia~

Anonymous said...

You are so right Joseph. I went on the site and what a bitch! Karma will get her for that one. She seem to be in it for the money and is not at all an honest person.

Anonymous said...

You are truly the best without a dealt. I have had the honor of your readings quite a few times now. Sad to hear that there are people out there who cant make it on their own unless they lie and cheat. I enjoy your readings and Im always amazed how right on the money you are. Your awesome. God could not have sent this special talent to a better more honest person. Thank you Lisa B

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your blogs. As my mama used to say "I don't care what others say about me, it can't be half as bad as what I say about them" Good for you standing up for yourself. The copycat will get hers back at her 10 times.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joseph,

I'm quite familiar with this women and yes she is not a very good person. She was thrown out of the New Hope Metaphysical Society and then began her own society. The name she uses is not even her real name, it is a fake name. What a fruad!
Thank you for sharing your gift with everyone.

Unknown said...

And the Irony: her book, entitled
Psychic Attack Are You a Victim?: Exorcise Yourself by Using Your Secret Energies

one of the "reviwers" writes this on amazon: "This book reads like a fascinating, well-written novel, but offers practical advice for avoiding psychic scams and attacks..." hmmmmmmm.

Seriously think she has gone off the deep end...

Anonymous said...

Wow - you're right, Joseph. A little masking, but not very apt at that. If I was going to rip someone off I would do a much much better job than that!

It's tempting to write her off as a pathetic little soul, but if she is making bucks off of misrepresenting her ability it is serious. I wish there was a way to formally address her about this through one of your policing organizations.

Unknown said...

Maybe best is that before engaging to a psychic one should try to do some background investigation or ask for the opinions of the public there might be someone out there already tried that psychics power and are they getting the exact reading or what. Like me i stick to my current psychic whom referred by a friend she's Tammy Moir until the present this person give me the result i've ever imagine.