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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010 Psychic Predictions & 2010 Psychic Celebrity Predictions

I just finished up a special two hour edition of my radio show "Journey Into The Paranormal". I went through my entire list of predictions for 2010. The show received so many listeners that it actually crashed our chat room and many could not get on to listen at all. If you had that issue you can now listen to the archive of the show by clicking the link below.

I will not be posting all of my predictions on my blog. There were also a few predictions that came to me during the show that will not be posted in this blog. When you go to the link to listen be patient and give the page a moment to load. Sometimes Blog Talk Radio can be a little slow and you may even have to refresh the page or come back and click the link again. The show begins with music and then an intro. About half way through the show during the break there will be about a 10 minute pause of silence. There was an issue and my voice was muted, but I reread what was muted. So don't refresh the page thinking that something went wrong, the pause of silence is in the show. Remember the show is two hours in full. Thank you all for your love and support over the years. May you all have a very blessed 2010.

2010 World Predictions From Psychic Medium Joseph Tittel

Sunday, January 3, 2010

My 2010 World Predictions

Hello Everyone. I hope you all had a very nice holiday season & wish you all a very Happy, Healthy and prosperous New Year. 2009 was a transitional year which has made it very difficult for the entire world. We have all had losses in 2009 and we have to look at it in a positive manor. 2009 was the year of death. Not just the death of people, but more like the death of things in our lives. Getting rid of the old in order to make 2010 the year to bring in the new. The new year will be a good year for us to start new beginnings, new relationships, jobs or even a residential move.

2010 will be the opposite of last year opening doors in our lives to help us grow physically and spiritually. This will be a year of opportunity & a year to pay close attention to your health. If one ignores their health & additions, Spirit is going to point it out to you with a big warning. You don;t want that to happen. This will bring some health scares in many people lives in 2010. Unfortunately there will be more illness, cancer heart attacks then normal, most likely breaking records. So I hope we all pay attention to our health in 2010. Remember doors will open, many at the same time, and we will be tried & tested throughout the year. Be sure not to jump on the first opportunity that comes your way, keep your mind open and more doors will open along the way. There are still some major changes we all need to make in our lives this year and some big steps we must take. This will lead us into a new and much brighter life. It is your choice whether or not you want to take that path, some will linger, ignore the opportunities and wake up calls leaving their lives on hold for a long time.

I know many of you are anxiously awaiting for me to post my predictions for 2010. I announced many of those predictions on live radio New Years Day. With limited time I was unable to complete my list of predictions. Therefore I will continue with those predictions on a special two hour episode of my show Journey Into The Paranormal. The show airs Tuesday Evening from 8 to 10pm eastern time. I will not post my predictions here on my blog until after I read them in complete over live radio. The reason I do this is so they can not be altered changed or even stolen by another psychic. That actually happened to me two years ago when a few of my fans emailed me pointing out that someone literally copied & pasted my predictions to their site & claimed they were theirs. The funniest part to me was that she had the same spelling & grammar errors as I did which made it obvious they were copied and pasted. Once I announce the predictions I will send them out in my January Newsletter, hopefully by Wednesday. After that they will be posted here on my blog.

I wish you all the very best in the new year. It has been a struggle for most of us the past year and I assure you there is a light at the end of tunnel. We must also understand that Mercury is in retrograde for the next few weeks. That is not going to help the new year start off on a good note. Don't let this overcome you and always remain positive and project positive and good will come your way. Every thought you have is an energy you put out into the universe. So if you do not think positive and think you can't do something or accomplish something, then you won't. You should begin to feel a shift of energy in your life by mid March and into April. Spring will be the time for thing to blossom in your life. May you follow your heart and may the angels guide you all on your journey. Thank you for all of your love & support over the years. It is because of all of you that I keep doing the work I'm meant to do. I look forward to sharing new things with you in the new year. Many Blessings.....Joseph