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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010 Psychic Predictions & 2010 Psychic Celebrity Predictions

I just finished up a special two hour edition of my radio show "Journey Into The Paranormal". I went through my entire list of predictions for 2010. The show received so many listeners that it actually crashed our chat room and many could not get on to listen at all. If you had that issue you can now listen to the archive of the show by clicking the link below.

I will not be posting all of my predictions on my blog. There were also a few predictions that came to me during the show that will not be posted in this blog. When you go to the link to listen be patient and give the page a moment to load. Sometimes Blog Talk Radio can be a little slow and you may even have to refresh the page or come back and click the link again. The show begins with music and then an intro. About half way through the show during the break there will be about a 10 minute pause of silence. There was an issue and my voice was muted, but I reread what was muted. So don't refresh the page thinking that something went wrong, the pause of silence is in the show. Remember the show is two hours in full. Thank you all for your love and support over the years. May you all have a very blessed 2010.

2010 World Predictions From Psychic Medium Joseph Tittel


JuliB55 said...

As I said at your BTR site, you were awesome and at the top of your game. Even after that 10-minute lapse, you picked up right where you left off! I appreciated your passion and humor about your beliefs (which I share). Thank you, and God bless you and Bob. May 2010 bring you perfect health, abundant wealth, unending love, and creative recognition and fulfillment. Happy new year to us all! LOVE YOU!!!

JuliB55 said...

It's me again--sorry. You said something about a city being destroyed, and you kept saying "an island." I'm getting chills just writing that. Yesterday, 1/12/10, the city of Port-au-Prince, on the island of Haiti, was leveled by a 7.0 earthquake. Eyewitnesses are saying, "Yesterday, there was a city, and today, there is none." God bless and help them.

Anonymous said...

Haiti has been hit by horrible earthquake, Early casualty estimates from Haiti's massive quake range from thousands to half a million.

Julianne B. said...

My morning post didn't make it, so I'll try again: Joseph said he saw a city being destroyed and that it was on an island. Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti, which is an island country, has been demolished by the 7.0 quake that hit it yesterday. Sending prayers to survivors and aid workers.--julib55/Julianne B.