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Monday, April 21, 2008

My Day Off

Today I had to wake up at 8 Am which is very early for me, I usually stay up late and sleep until about 9:30 or 10. I had an appointment at the car dealership to have a check up on my car. There was no doubt in my mind that this one was going to be a little expensive. I also wanted to have the car detailed, I never had that done to one of my vehicles before and it certainly needs to be done.

Bob went along with me because I had to get a rental for a few days while my car is getting a check up and a good cleaning. After getting the rental and dropping off my car we headed home where I honestly planed on relaxing most of the day but that did not happen. You know how it is, a day off and so many things to do like laundry and so forth. I decided to go on a bit of a cleaning spree throughout the whole house. You could say I'm a little bit of a clean freak.

After dinner Bob and I went to visit our friend Jamie in Philadelphia for a little while. That is pretty much my whole day off and now it is almost 9 o'clock and I'm just now able to relax. Today there was a very nice article in the Wilkes -Barre Times Leader about our event yesterday. We received several emails from people who attended the event thanking Bob and I. One young lady wrote about how the event really helped bring closure and healing to her and her mothers life after receiving a connection from her brother.

Once again I thank everyone who attended the event for allowing me to share this special gift with you. Don't forget about tomorrows radio show at 4 PM. For those outside of Buck's, Mercer and Burlington Counties you can listen on line and call in with your questions, 215-949-3232. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.
Love & Light

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Our Trip To Wilkes-Barre, PA

We arrived home this evening at about 8 o'clock after spending the day in Wilkes-Barre. We drove up there yesterday afternoon and made a quick stop at the so called largest general store in America. I was very disappointed that the store was not as large as I thought. Later I found out that the bigger part had burned down last year. Before we left I said a little prayer to St. Christopher for a safe trip as I usually do before a long journey. All together we spent about two and a half hours driving more then 120 miles, which was not bad beings we made a stop.

As soon as we arrived into Wilkes-Barre the first this I took notice to out of the corner of my eye was a sign for a place called Saint Christopher, a sure sign that my prayer was heard. I quietly said a small prayer of thanks for a safe journey. Then a few minutes later as we were entering the city something else caught my eye and really pulled me to it. There was this little cove within the mountain with a big statue of the Blessed Mother Mary. That all I could see because I was driving but for some reason I could not get the place out of my mind.

We safely arrived at the hotel and checked in and headed to our room. We were in the room for about ten minutes before I asked Bob to walk with me to the place where I saw the statue of Mother Mary. Bob asked why I wanted to go there and I really had no explanation, I just felt pulled to see this special place.

So we ventured out onto the streets to begin our exploration.
We walked through the area of Kings College and noticed that there were several beautiful churches. We stumbled upon a bronze statue of St. Francis, so I stopped to take a picture. Just as I was about to take the picture a squirrel ran up , stood on the statue under the animal and looked right at me. I thought that was really interesting.
Then we headed up this big hill to the main highway where I saw the statue of Blessed Mother. Soon we arrived at such a beautiful and peaceful place full of energy. I stood for a moment and just stared and at the amazing site before me absorbing the sense of peace and love. What a wonderful place and a wonderful dedication to those who have passed. There were plaques with the names of families who donated some of the statues in memory of their loved ones who have passed. It is also a great monument and dedication to prayer, Mother Mary, Jesus and so many more.

We slowly walked through this blessed space absorbing everything we saw. I was simply amazed by the love and compassion that was put into this special place. I took so many pictures and read every plaque I saw. I was very touched when I stood before the statue of Mother Mary and looked up at the cross with Jesus set upon the edge of the cliff. There was just so much to see in this little area and I felt so blessed that we had the opportunity to see this place. There was even a few places to knell and pray, so I did just that. I thanked my guardian angels for bringing me to this place and also thanked the Blessed Mother, Jesus and the archangel Michael.

As soon as I was half way through my prayer the sound of church
bells began ringing from a church behind me. That was a little mind blowing for me and a sure sign that my prayers were being heard. We spent a good amount of time here sitting on the park beach just observing everything and enjoying the moment together. Then we ventured on our way through the city and back to our hotel. The town was like a ghost town for some reason or another. We got dressed and headed out to dinner.

The restaurant was packed so we requested to sit outside where there were not to many people. Our waitress was Lisa and Lisa was about to get a message from a deceased loved one. I saw her grandfather following her around and he was determined to interrupt our dinner to get a message to his granddaughter. I blocked and and told Bob what was going on and he insisted that I tell her, but I decided not to because I did not want to upset her while she was working. When we were through I placed a business card in with the check, something I never do but felt I needed to.

We were walking out of the restaurant and Lisa nabbed us going out the door. She said "Meeting you is definitely meant to be. I just saw you in the paper and really wanted to come to your event." I started to give Lisa a few messages and she began to show some tears. This is why I did not want to say anything during dinner, good thing her shift was now over. It was nice to be able to bring some closure and validation to someone that truly needed it. Lisa did come to the event and I spoke to her and more messages came through for her. Thank you Lisa for the great service, your smile and for allowing me to give you the messages you needed.

Today we awoke to a town that seemed empty and headed to breakfast. All the stores were closed which was really odd, even the CVS is closed Sunday. We went back to our rooms and got ready for the show and check out. After checking out we went directly to the banquet room to get things ready. We were greeted by two young ladies who said they have been waiting since 11:30 this morning. They heard about the event and wanted to make sure they were able to get tickets, bless them for being so kind. We set up and I went into another room to begin my prayer and meditation.

I was surprised that Bob sold many tickets at the door which does not happen often. This was a great bunch of people who were so welcoming. My connections were very strong and the messages extremely validating. I was able to get to more people then usual which was very nice. Beings there were so many connections I really don't recall much of the details. I know my first connection was with a young man who was determined to get him message to his mother and sister in the audience. Then there was another son coming through for a mother along with a brother in law who was murdered by his wife.

The young man who was murdered was sending through a message of apology. He blamed himself for what happened and said he deserved it because of the abuse he put his wife through. He was determined to let his sister-in-law know that he has forgiven his wife for what happened. All together it was an excellent event. There was even a daughter who wanted to make sure her mother in the front row knew she was at peace and in God's hands.

I did a book signing after the event and everyone was so nice. I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to bring so much healing to such a wonderful group of people. There was also a very nice young lady by the name of Sheena who came to do an article for the local Times Leader Newspaper in Wilkes-Barre. We talked a bit and the paper will be running the article in their paper sometime this week, I think tomorrow. Click here to read the article. Thank you Sheena and thank you everyone in Wilkes-Barre, I will see you again soon.

Thank you for allowing me to share my experiences with you all. God Bless.....

Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania

Today Bob and I drove several hours north to Wilkes-Barre. It was a beautiful day for a nice drive. We arrived at our hotel at about five o'clock in the evening. It took us a little longer then we intended because we made a stop on the way. Tomorrow I have an event here in town so I'm making this a quick blog tonight. There are still a few tickets available at the door if you happen to be in the area.

I had a few very cool spiritual experiences today. It was really kind of weird, but very enlightening at the same time. I can not wait to tell you all about it and show you some of the picture that I took. It is late and has already been a long day with the driving, walking and yes we also hit the local casino. I will most likely not have time to blog until sometime on Monday. We are driving all the way back home tomorrow after my event so I'm sure I will be to drained to blog. Make sure you get out and enjoy the rest of your weekend. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.
Love & Light

Friday, April 18, 2008

Venting on a nasty email

Today was such a long and tiring day. Had to drive up to Allentown, PA earlier today to pick up my father. Then I had to drive to South Philadelphia for a private event. The traffic was so horrible because of the Philly's baseball game and the Circus. It was backed up for twelve miles and it literally took me an hour to go a distance that would have normally taken ten minutes.

Yesterday I moved into my new temporary office at DSI of Buck's County. It was a very nice change and everything went really well. After a full packed day I ran back home to dress down a little before returning to DSI with Bob to celebrate their first year anniversary. It was so nice to be a part of the celebration and I feel so honored that they invited me into their space. I feel right at home at DSI and look forward to spending time with our new family of friends.

All together is was a very good week, even with the two nasty emails that I received. Sometimes you just have to vent and tell people how you feel and what you really think, so here I go. The first email came from some jackass with the email They didn't have the nerve to sign their name probably because I would know who they are, even though I already have a good idea who it is. First the Jackass addresses me as Joey and Bob as Bobby. Well buddy the names are Joseph and Bob, so get it straight. If you want to address someone you could at least address them by the correct name.

So anyway this diggster person went on and on saying things degrading me as a person and saying we have a good scam going on. Well another thing, they should have at least got to know me a little better before you say crap that you have no idea what the heck your talking about. This jerk also has something to say about my preferences and the way I conduct myself. I think he used some words like Nelly, LOL.

I can't believe that someone would actually sit and waist their time and my time writing such garbage. It seemed to me that this is someone I once knew and now they are jealous that they are not a part of the good things that I do for others. What a loser. Feel free to send them an email if they did not delete the address yet.

Next came an email from a guy by the name of Ron. Ron's email was not really that bad compared to others I have received from religious people. Some people seem to have a problem with the fact that I pray several times a day. Ron is a Christian and wrote to me that they are brought up not to call on mediums, or soothsayers as he puts it. Of course Ron mentioned the bible several times and adds that Satan will appear as an angel.

Ron mentioned that he was reading my blog and was confused by the fact that I have had experiences with Mother Mary, the Archangels and so forth. I would think that if you have those beliefs then you shouldn't even be on my blog! Of course Ron did not forget to mention that I may not be connecting to spirit, but more likely with Satan. Sometimes when I read emails like this one I just laugh. I feel bad for them all because they really have no clue. Ron also mentioned that he read in my blog that I pray to God but he wanted to know why I don't mention Jesus, or God's word, the bible. Well Ron I appreciate your judgment even though your bible says "You shall not judge others."

Like I said, Ron was nice about it and simply seemed like he wanted an answer. I have studied religions and spoke at colleges about religion and ancient belief systems. Once you put it all together, all is one, if you can understand that. I have no doubt that god has given me a wonderful gift that brings so much healing to peoples lives. Healing that is so miraculous. Also in my heart I truly believe that you must do good onto others and help others in any way you can. I do pray to God, but I also include mother Mary and Jesus. I believe Jesus was a great healer and teacher that once lived on this earth as we do now. Yes he is the son of God and we are all the sons and daughters of God. To me there is only one high and mighty, and you may call him, or her, whatever you like, as long as you have faith and believe.

So I hope I answered you question Ron and thank you so much for the email. For future reference, you can leave your comments here on the blog. There is no need to send nasty emails like the first jackass did. Keep those negative thoughts to yourself. Thank you all for taking the time to read my blog.
God Bless......


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Special Messages For A Good Cause

This past Sunday was the Breast Cancer Awareness Event at DSI Of Buck's County. DSI is the only hospital of it's kind in the U.S. which specializes only on Breast Cancer. Founder and CEO Doctor Beth DuPree was a my guest on last week's radio show and organized this fund raiser. Doctor DuPree is also founder of The Healing Consciousness, a non-profit organization which provides free services to those going through breast cancer treatment. All money made from the event will go to The Healing Consciousness Foundation.

More then one hundred people attended this special fund raiser. The event kicked off with Doctor DuPree discussing breast cancer and some of her own personal experiences. Then she introduced another good friend of ours and a wonderful person, Susan Apollon.
Susan is an intuitive psychologist, psychotherapist, healer and author. Susan spoke about many of her personal experiences with connecting with spirit including an extraordinary experience with connecting with her deceased father.

After a short break I was introduced and first spoke about a few of my experiences before connecting with spirit. The connections were strong and were all accompanied with some humor and many tears from audience members. I do not really recall much of the connections from the event, which seems to happen to me often. However, there was one young man coming through that was very strong and unforgettable. I was pulled to a group of four people in the back with details of a motorcycle accident. All I recall is the details of the accident and the fact that he was determined to get his messages across to his brother and his mother. He brought along messages from other deceased loved ones for the other in the group of four as well.

The event went very smoothly and the entire show was great. It is always a nice feeling to be
able to bring so much validation and healing to a large group of people and to help a good cause at the same time. We have a few other fund raisers coming up within the next few months. The next one is May 2 in Trenton NJ to benefit the Arthritis Foundation. Be sure to visit my web site for a complete list of up-coming events.

Monday I was off and Bob, our friend Tracy, Bobs mom and I headed up to Easton PA to meet with our friend Lisa Williams and see her show at the state theater. We had a delicious dinner then hung out with Lisa and two of her friends back stage for a bit before heading to our seats. There were 1500 people packed into the theater. I really enjoyed watching Lisa in action, especially because she is so good and really funny. Her show ran late and she had to head back to New York to do interviews and another show. It was a very nice evening with a great bunch of good friends.

Tuesday was the radio show and many of you may have missed it. The show started at two o'clock this week because of baseball. Next Tuesday we will be back on schedule at four, but keep in mind that April 30 the show will be at two o'clock again. The radio show went really well this week with some very strong connections. At one point I was pulled to one of the guys who just happened to be in the radio stations building. His grandfather was very determined to get a message through for him to pass to his mother. His grandfather was so determined that we had him try to get his mother onto the phone so that I could give her the messages. Once on the phone I gave her some very specific and healing messages over the air. Turned out to be a really good show and we will have them posted on my web site next week. Our web master is away on vacation right now.

Today I enjoyed my day off before moving to the new office tomorrow. I will be using a temporary office within DSI Of Buck's County before moving into a permanent office within the same hospital. I'm looking forward to working in a new environment with so many wonderful healers surrounding me. It will also be nice to not be stuck at home working all the time. If you have an appointment make sure you remember that we have a new office. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Saint Christopher, The Archangels & Our New York City Trip

The past week has been so busy that I have not even had a chance to write in my blog. This past weekend I had a few private galleries, one in which I had an experience I will never forget. You may have read about my past experiences with having Mother Mary come to me during a session with a client. Fifteen years ago if someone were to say to me that they saw the Blessed Mother I most likely would have not believed them. I was brought up in a Catholic family and still remained a bit skeptic. When Mother Mary actually appeared in the corner of the room I was completely blown away. She spoke not a words, her presence alone was enough to bring a huge message of validation to my client and myself.

This past Saturday I was about to have another amazing encounter from the other side. There were about a dozen people in this group reading and we were half way through the session. At one point I was pulled to one of the women in the rear of the room with messages. Then out of nowhere appeared Saint Christopher. I was not completely educated about Saint Christopher but was about to become real familiar with him. I described exactly what he looked like to the group and remember vividly his clothing including a brown fabric draped over his shoulders. His message was a thank you to the woman for her prayers to him. He insured her that he was watching over her children and would watch over her during her travels.

Then I had Two archangels appear in the room. The archangel Micheal appeared first and I gazed for a moment before telling the group the he was was present. I was so fascinated and amazed by his beauty. Micheal was amazing with these his gorgeous wings wearing vibrant silk looking blues and reds. He had dark hair and an energy that I just could not explain, very powerful. I did not get a clear view of Raphael but it was made very clear to me that he was present. Their message was also a thank you and acknowledgment for the womans prayers to the archangels. The woman told the group that she prayed the Saint Christopher and the two Archangels on a constant basis. This just proved to us all that prayer is a very powerful tool and we should all incorporate it in our lives.

What a great experience that was for me and I would think everyone who attended this private gallery. I even said to the host that I thought it was a great blessing for her to have the Saint and Angels appear in her home. She will be well watched over. Tuesday morning I woke up with quite the cold. The congestion, head and body aches and so on. This did not leave me feeling up to do the radio show. I was excited to talk to my special guest Doctor Beth DuPree, but I had no desire to do readings over the phone. When I'm sick I worry that it may effect my connections during a reading. It seems to always work out well as did the entire radio show. You can listen to my interview with Doctor Dupree in my web site.

Wednesday I woke up feeling worst then I felt in Tuesday. Bob and I had to get up early and run a bunch of errands before driving to New York City for my event at the Learning Annex. I was really thinking I was not going to be able to do this event and Bob was in no mood either because now his cold is kicking in. We made it to New York in about and Hour and twenty minutes. We lucked out and hit no traffic at all and were checked in at the hotel by 3 PM. We got settled in sat around relaxing a bit before heading to an early dinner before the show. I did not get to enjoy my dinner because my cold shut off all my taste buds. Food is not very enjoyable if you can not taste it.

We arrived at the Learning Annex at about 6:15 and Bob got things set up and I went to find a quite place to do my prayer and meditation. Sometimes when I meditate I will receive information from spirit and sometime have some specific spirits appear in my meditations. During this meditation I had three fire fighters step forward and they mentioned the name Linda and a few other names that I do not recall. After the meditation I headed down the hall and waited to hear Bob introduce me to the crowd. A nice crowd and at the same time a very difficult crowd.

I think it was Lisa Williams that told me she did an event in New York and said the crowd was difficult. In the beginning I just could not get these folks to respond with a laugh or anything. Eventually they would all loosen up a bit. As soon I was done speaking about some experiences I immediately made a connection with a deceased father for a woman in the group by the name of Linda. Linda came to the event with at least 6 or 7 other people. A few minutes into my connection for Linda would step forth three deceased fire fighters. I was pulled over a few seats to a couple who raised their hands went I mentioned the three fire fighters. Then the information just flowed from my mouth.

This young fire fighter was determined to get his messages to both his mother and father who 'were friends of Linda's. His name was Joey and he gave me the complete details of what happened to him during that tragic day. It was during a call and he went into the burning building. He was persistent on letting his parents know that he was not burned and he had trouble breathing before passing out. He even brought up the fire bell and kept ringing it in my ear over and over. His parents conformed everything and said he would take his daughter on the fire engine and she would ring the bell over and over. The other two fire fighters were not killed in the same fire and were there to bring more validations for the family.

Then there was another women by the name of Maria who sat in the back row. I could clearly see a younger man in his late thirties early forties standing behind her calling me "Hey Buddy, Hey Buddy." This guy was pretty funny and was also very determined to get a message to his wife Maria. When he was done bring through detailed messages for his wife he said to me "Thank you buddy." Maria told us that her husband called everyone Buddy.

Another amazing connection during this event happened at the very end when a woman in the front row asked me a question about her son. Soon as she asked the question I immediately connected with a deceased gentlemen around her. He was able to give her a completely detailed message about her son and also mentioned the piano and other instruments. This deceased man said that her son would be a famous musician one day and she confirmed that her young son just started playing piano. She also confirmed all the information and knew it was coming from her husbands deceased uncle Max Roach who was a famous jazz musician. Wow another very cool connection from the other side.

The entire event was quite amazing and during those few hours I did not feel sick at all. Soon as we were done with the book signing I was ready for a worm cozy bed. I was so drained and at this point really needing some rest. We spent the night at a hotel three block away. I slept in and Bob brought me coffee and breakfast in the morning, what a great guy. Then we headed home being we were both feeling under the weather. We arrived home at about 2 PM and ran a few errands before relaxing for the night. I'm sure glad we can rest all day tomorrow. I need to get rid of this cold before the next event this Sunday. I'm looking forward to this one with Doctor Beth DuPree and Susan Apollon to raise money and awareness to breast cancer. Until the next time, be well and thank you for allowing me to share my experiences with you.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Energy Work

Today was such an enjoyable day from the moment I got out of bed. I'm trying to get myself on an earlier schedule so I can get more done in the morning. I think I did pretty good trying to get up an hour earlier then normal. I had my morning coffee and thought about the upcoming day. Basically I relaxed a good bit in the morning before getting ready for a telephone interview with a newspaper reporter.

The reporter called me at home and she was a very nice young lady. She asked me some pretty good questions too. I'm not sure when the article will be published and will be sure to post it here when it does get published. She wanted to focus on my event in Wilkes-Barre and how it all started for me with seeing spirit. She will also be attending the event which will be exciting for her. So I expect that the article will come out after the Wilkes-Barre event if she is going to attend. I wish it would come out before the event, oh well its all good. I just hope that I inspired her in many ways and hope she gets a personal message from spirit during the event to bring more inspiration to her life.

After the interview Bob and I grabbed a quick lunch before driving up to the Warmister area. We would arrive at the home of Mary Lou and were instantly greeted at the door. This was our first time meeting Mary Lou and heard of her through Doctor Beth DuPree. Mary Lou works as a healer and energy worker. She has an amazing gift that allows her to communicate with spirit and the angels to bring healing to your energy. Se clears your energy and chakra points to relieve the negative and bring in the positive. From the moment I saw her I could see the healing energy all around her.

I have had some types of energy work done for me in the past, this would be Bob's first time. This was the first time we both had received energy work from Mary Lou. The session went very well for both of us and our experiences quite different in their own way. Obviously everyone has their own energy junk that needs a cleaning. Mary Lou focused on my heart chakra. She was actually amazed by the energy of my charkas and how clean they were. All with the exception of the heart, which needed a little work. Each of our sessions lasted about an hour and I felt completely refreshed afterwards.

One thing that I thought was interesting was when I first went into her space. Mary Lou had all these different cards lined up on the wall. Each card represented a different angel or spirit. She walked into the room and looked for the card that fell to the floor, if any. Apparently if a card falls to the floor then the spirit of that card would be present during the energy session. There was one card on the floor and it represented Mother Mary. So Mary Lou told me that the Holly Mother would be in the room with us at that moment. I thought that was so cool beings I just had Mother Mary come to me last week. I even wrote about it in this blog.

Many people do not feel a shift or change in their energy right ofter an energy session. It is like a flower and Mary Lou put it. Each day another pedal will open before the whole flower blossoms. I know from past experiences that this is such a fact and usually it brings a whole shift to your life. I'm looking forward to seeing Mary Lou again in the future. Thank you Mary Lou for a wonderful experience. And thank you all for taking the time to read my blog.
Love and Light
Joseph Tittel

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Today's Show

Tuesday's are suppose to be my day off and beings I do the radio show I find myself working anyway. I did get to sleep in late, which was wonderful. Soon as I got out of bed I ran for the coffee and began doing paperwork, oh what fun. After a few phone calls and running a few errands I went right into my angel room for some prayer and meditation. Then Bob and I were off to the radio station for today's show.

It is always a pleasure to talk to Lisa Williams and to do so on the radio show. We talked about her new book and basically just chatted about things. What I really love about having Lisa on the show is that it is more like sitting and sipping on tea while catching up on life. Not like the typical interview at all, much more intimate. You can listen to the radio show by going on my web site and clicking on the archives tab. I'm sure we will have Lisa on the show again in the future.

Today I finally booked our hotel in New York for next week. I have a show in Manhattan and we decided it would be best to spend the night. I'm sure we will do some shopping and site seeing before heading back to Pennsylvania. That about sums it all up for today. It really flew by. The temperature outside was perfect, if only we had a bit more sunshine.

Tomorrow I have an interview with a newspaper reporter, that will be fun. Then Bob and I will head out to Ivyland to have some energy work done on us. This should be an exciting experience, especially for Bob beings this is the first time he has had something like that done. Looking forward to the entire day. Thanks for stopping by.
Love and Light