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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Today's Show

Tuesday's are suppose to be my day off and beings I do the radio show I find myself working anyway. I did get to sleep in late, which was wonderful. Soon as I got out of bed I ran for the coffee and began doing paperwork, oh what fun. After a few phone calls and running a few errands I went right into my angel room for some prayer and meditation. Then Bob and I were off to the radio station for today's show.

It is always a pleasure to talk to Lisa Williams and to do so on the radio show. We talked about her new book and basically just chatted about things. What I really love about having Lisa on the show is that it is more like sitting and sipping on tea while catching up on life. Not like the typical interview at all, much more intimate. You can listen to the radio show by going on my web site and clicking on the archives tab. I'm sure we will have Lisa on the show again in the future.

Today I finally booked our hotel in New York for next week. I have a show in Manhattan and we decided it would be best to spend the night. I'm sure we will do some shopping and site seeing before heading back to Pennsylvania. That about sums it all up for today. It really flew by. The temperature outside was perfect, if only we had a bit more sunshine.

Tomorrow I have an interview with a newspaper reporter, that will be fun. Then Bob and I will head out to Ivyland to have some energy work done on us. This should be an exciting experience, especially for Bob beings this is the first time he has had something like that done. Looking forward to the entire day. Thanks for stopping by.
Love and Light

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