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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Our Trip To Wilkes-Barre, PA

We arrived home this evening at about 8 o'clock after spending the day in Wilkes-Barre. We drove up there yesterday afternoon and made a quick stop at the so called largest general store in America. I was very disappointed that the store was not as large as I thought. Later I found out that the bigger part had burned down last year. Before we left I said a little prayer to St. Christopher for a safe trip as I usually do before a long journey. All together we spent about two and a half hours driving more then 120 miles, which was not bad beings we made a stop.

As soon as we arrived into Wilkes-Barre the first this I took notice to out of the corner of my eye was a sign for a place called Saint Christopher, a sure sign that my prayer was heard. I quietly said a small prayer of thanks for a safe journey. Then a few minutes later as we were entering the city something else caught my eye and really pulled me to it. There was this little cove within the mountain with a big statue of the Blessed Mother Mary. That all I could see because I was driving but for some reason I could not get the place out of my mind.

We safely arrived at the hotel and checked in and headed to our room. We were in the room for about ten minutes before I asked Bob to walk with me to the place where I saw the statue of Mother Mary. Bob asked why I wanted to go there and I really had no explanation, I just felt pulled to see this special place.

So we ventured out onto the streets to begin our exploration.
We walked through the area of Kings College and noticed that there were several beautiful churches. We stumbled upon a bronze statue of St. Francis, so I stopped to take a picture. Just as I was about to take the picture a squirrel ran up , stood on the statue under the animal and looked right at me. I thought that was really interesting.
Then we headed up this big hill to the main highway where I saw the statue of Blessed Mother. Soon we arrived at such a beautiful and peaceful place full of energy. I stood for a moment and just stared and at the amazing site before me absorbing the sense of peace and love. What a wonderful place and a wonderful dedication to those who have passed. There were plaques with the names of families who donated some of the statues in memory of their loved ones who have passed. It is also a great monument and dedication to prayer, Mother Mary, Jesus and so many more.

We slowly walked through this blessed space absorbing everything we saw. I was simply amazed by the love and compassion that was put into this special place. I took so many pictures and read every plaque I saw. I was very touched when I stood before the statue of Mother Mary and looked up at the cross with Jesus set upon the edge of the cliff. There was just so much to see in this little area and I felt so blessed that we had the opportunity to see this place. There was even a few places to knell and pray, so I did just that. I thanked my guardian angels for bringing me to this place and also thanked the Blessed Mother, Jesus and the archangel Michael.

As soon as I was half way through my prayer the sound of church
bells began ringing from a church behind me. That was a little mind blowing for me and a sure sign that my prayers were being heard. We spent a good amount of time here sitting on the park beach just observing everything and enjoying the moment together. Then we ventured on our way through the city and back to our hotel. The town was like a ghost town for some reason or another. We got dressed and headed out to dinner.

The restaurant was packed so we requested to sit outside where there were not to many people. Our waitress was Lisa and Lisa was about to get a message from a deceased loved one. I saw her grandfather following her around and he was determined to interrupt our dinner to get a message to his granddaughter. I blocked and and told Bob what was going on and he insisted that I tell her, but I decided not to because I did not want to upset her while she was working. When we were through I placed a business card in with the check, something I never do but felt I needed to.

We were walking out of the restaurant and Lisa nabbed us going out the door. She said "Meeting you is definitely meant to be. I just saw you in the paper and really wanted to come to your event." I started to give Lisa a few messages and she began to show some tears. This is why I did not want to say anything during dinner, good thing her shift was now over. It was nice to be able to bring some closure and validation to someone that truly needed it. Lisa did come to the event and I spoke to her and more messages came through for her. Thank you Lisa for the great service, your smile and for allowing me to give you the messages you needed.

Today we awoke to a town that seemed empty and headed to breakfast. All the stores were closed which was really odd, even the CVS is closed Sunday. We went back to our rooms and got ready for the show and check out. After checking out we went directly to the banquet room to get things ready. We were greeted by two young ladies who said they have been waiting since 11:30 this morning. They heard about the event and wanted to make sure they were able to get tickets, bless them for being so kind. We set up and I went into another room to begin my prayer and meditation.

I was surprised that Bob sold many tickets at the door which does not happen often. This was a great bunch of people who were so welcoming. My connections were very strong and the messages extremely validating. I was able to get to more people then usual which was very nice. Beings there were so many connections I really don't recall much of the details. I know my first connection was with a young man who was determined to get him message to his mother and sister in the audience. Then there was another son coming through for a mother along with a brother in law who was murdered by his wife.

The young man who was murdered was sending through a message of apology. He blamed himself for what happened and said he deserved it because of the abuse he put his wife through. He was determined to let his sister-in-law know that he has forgiven his wife for what happened. All together it was an excellent event. There was even a daughter who wanted to make sure her mother in the front row knew she was at peace and in God's hands.

I did a book signing after the event and everyone was so nice. I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to bring so much healing to such a wonderful group of people. There was also a very nice young lady by the name of Sheena who came to do an article for the local Times Leader Newspaper in Wilkes-Barre. We talked a bit and the paper will be running the article in their paper sometime this week, I think tomorrow. Click here to read the article. Thank you Sheena and thank you everyone in Wilkes-Barre, I will see you again soon.

Thank you for allowing me to share my experiences with you all. God Bless.....

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Anonymous said...

I live in Wilkes-Barre, and I was in Newtown PA over the weekend, and heard WBCB. When I got home I looked up the weblink, and so I listened to your show on Tuesday for the first time. I didn't know you were going to be in town. But I saw you in Wilkes-Barre on Friday, walking down the street! I saw your "I see dead people" shirt, and I was going to ask you about it, but I was pressed for time, and decided not to. Now I wish I had!
This is a "ghost town" all right, but not like what you were talking about on the show! Many downtown buildings have a ghost or two.
Next time you come, let me show some to you. :-)
The Blessed Grotto is an interesting place. I took photos there in about 1988, and when the pictures were developed there were blue rays like lightning coming down from the sky over it. (I saw nothing there at the time.)
The many churches were built in the late 1800s and early 1900s, when the area had more millionaires per capita than many other areas in the country, but now they are relatively empty; relics of another time pretty much, though still impressive. People here still have faith, but they don't go to church so much.
I hope to see you soon. Best wishes to you and yours.
Byrdsmaniac in Wilkes-Barre