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Friday, April 18, 2008

Venting on a nasty email

Today was such a long and tiring day. Had to drive up to Allentown, PA earlier today to pick up my father. Then I had to drive to South Philadelphia for a private event. The traffic was so horrible because of the Philly's baseball game and the Circus. It was backed up for twelve miles and it literally took me an hour to go a distance that would have normally taken ten minutes.

Yesterday I moved into my new temporary office at DSI of Buck's County. It was a very nice change and everything went really well. After a full packed day I ran back home to dress down a little before returning to DSI with Bob to celebrate their first year anniversary. It was so nice to be a part of the celebration and I feel so honored that they invited me into their space. I feel right at home at DSI and look forward to spending time with our new family of friends.

All together is was a very good week, even with the two nasty emails that I received. Sometimes you just have to vent and tell people how you feel and what you really think, so here I go. The first email came from some jackass with the email They didn't have the nerve to sign their name probably because I would know who they are, even though I already have a good idea who it is. First the Jackass addresses me as Joey and Bob as Bobby. Well buddy the names are Joseph and Bob, so get it straight. If you want to address someone you could at least address them by the correct name.

So anyway this diggster person went on and on saying things degrading me as a person and saying we have a good scam going on. Well another thing, they should have at least got to know me a little better before you say crap that you have no idea what the heck your talking about. This jerk also has something to say about my preferences and the way I conduct myself. I think he used some words like Nelly, LOL.

I can't believe that someone would actually sit and waist their time and my time writing such garbage. It seemed to me that this is someone I once knew and now they are jealous that they are not a part of the good things that I do for others. What a loser. Feel free to send them an email if they did not delete the address yet.

Next came an email from a guy by the name of Ron. Ron's email was not really that bad compared to others I have received from religious people. Some people seem to have a problem with the fact that I pray several times a day. Ron is a Christian and wrote to me that they are brought up not to call on mediums, or soothsayers as he puts it. Of course Ron mentioned the bible several times and adds that Satan will appear as an angel.

Ron mentioned that he was reading my blog and was confused by the fact that I have had experiences with Mother Mary, the Archangels and so forth. I would think that if you have those beliefs then you shouldn't even be on my blog! Of course Ron did not forget to mention that I may not be connecting to spirit, but more likely with Satan. Sometimes when I read emails like this one I just laugh. I feel bad for them all because they really have no clue. Ron also mentioned that he read in my blog that I pray to God but he wanted to know why I don't mention Jesus, or God's word, the bible. Well Ron I appreciate your judgment even though your bible says "You shall not judge others."

Like I said, Ron was nice about it and simply seemed like he wanted an answer. I have studied religions and spoke at colleges about religion and ancient belief systems. Once you put it all together, all is one, if you can understand that. I have no doubt that god has given me a wonderful gift that brings so much healing to peoples lives. Healing that is so miraculous. Also in my heart I truly believe that you must do good onto others and help others in any way you can. I do pray to God, but I also include mother Mary and Jesus. I believe Jesus was a great healer and teacher that once lived on this earth as we do now. Yes he is the son of God and we are all the sons and daughters of God. To me there is only one high and mighty, and you may call him, or her, whatever you like, as long as you have faith and believe.

So I hope I answered you question Ron and thank you so much for the email. For future reference, you can leave your comments here on the blog. There is no need to send nasty emails like the first jackass did. Keep those negative thoughts to yourself. Thank you all for taking the time to read my blog.
God Bless......



Anonymous said...

I listen to your radio show every week online because I am from Canada and don't get the station. I think your response is awesome to these nasty e-mails. Especially telling your fans to feel free to e-mail the diggster guy with any comments. That made me laugh! Priceless!!! I just want to tell you that even though I have never met you, you seem like a wonderful person, full of life! Just wanted to drop you a note saying keep doing what your doing. You have the right attitude for it.

Anonymous said...

Hi - I just found your website and blog by searching for you after reading the Times Reader article. Your blog is so well written and interesting and I've subscribed.

On the nasty email - I get them too. I blog about something entirely different than you do, but whenever we put forward our truth unapologetically, we draw the nutters, plain and simple.

I don't allow myself to read the nasty emails anymore, I delete them as soon as I get the gist. I delete the nasty comments on my blog too. I feel like it's my home on the web and I want it to be a peaceful place. Still, it's always jarring to sit down at the computer, and have something rude come up.

Anyway this is a wonderful blog and I'm looking forward to reading more in the future. I'm original from beautiful Bucks County so it's very nice to read a blog from a homeboy :)

Anonymous said...

Joseph, I don't understand some people's need to spread their nastiness among others. Just know you are really helping alot of people and I think you are awesome. Thanks for being you, Lori

Anonymous said...

Your right Joseph "all is one"
thats all! =) Very good blog, feel free to vent, we all do!
Love and light,

Anonymous said...

I read about your nasty emails yesterday and felt the compelled to come back today and tell you they they have their own personal problems and jealousies to deal with and they are projecting their own guilt or negative feelings onto you.
Ignore the ugliness. As I'm sure you are aware, it can change your attitude and make you feel negative.
Keep up your beautiful work.