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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Energy Work

Today was such an enjoyable day from the moment I got out of bed. I'm trying to get myself on an earlier schedule so I can get more done in the morning. I think I did pretty good trying to get up an hour earlier then normal. I had my morning coffee and thought about the upcoming day. Basically I relaxed a good bit in the morning before getting ready for a telephone interview with a newspaper reporter.

The reporter called me at home and she was a very nice young lady. She asked me some pretty good questions too. I'm not sure when the article will be published and will be sure to post it here when it does get published. She wanted to focus on my event in Wilkes-Barre and how it all started for me with seeing spirit. She will also be attending the event which will be exciting for her. So I expect that the article will come out after the Wilkes-Barre event if she is going to attend. I wish it would come out before the event, oh well its all good. I just hope that I inspired her in many ways and hope she gets a personal message from spirit during the event to bring more inspiration to her life.

After the interview Bob and I grabbed a quick lunch before driving up to the Warmister area. We would arrive at the home of Mary Lou and were instantly greeted at the door. This was our first time meeting Mary Lou and heard of her through Doctor Beth DuPree. Mary Lou works as a healer and energy worker. She has an amazing gift that allows her to communicate with spirit and the angels to bring healing to your energy. Se clears your energy and chakra points to relieve the negative and bring in the positive. From the moment I saw her I could see the healing energy all around her.

I have had some types of energy work done for me in the past, this would be Bob's first time. This was the first time we both had received energy work from Mary Lou. The session went very well for both of us and our experiences quite different in their own way. Obviously everyone has their own energy junk that needs a cleaning. Mary Lou focused on my heart chakra. She was actually amazed by the energy of my charkas and how clean they were. All with the exception of the heart, which needed a little work. Each of our sessions lasted about an hour and I felt completely refreshed afterwards.

One thing that I thought was interesting was when I first went into her space. Mary Lou had all these different cards lined up on the wall. Each card represented a different angel or spirit. She walked into the room and looked for the card that fell to the floor, if any. Apparently if a card falls to the floor then the spirit of that card would be present during the energy session. There was one card on the floor and it represented Mother Mary. So Mary Lou told me that the Holly Mother would be in the room with us at that moment. I thought that was so cool beings I just had Mother Mary come to me last week. I even wrote about it in this blog.

Many people do not feel a shift or change in their energy right ofter an energy session. It is like a flower and Mary Lou put it. Each day another pedal will open before the whole flower blossoms. I know from past experiences that this is such a fact and usually it brings a whole shift to your life. I'm looking forward to seeing Mary Lou again in the future. Thank you Mary Lou for a wonderful experience. And thank you all for taking the time to read my blog.
Love and Light
Joseph Tittel


Madison said...

I have had my aura cleansed before and thought it was kind of hokey at the time. That night I slept better then I had in years and felt so much better afterwards that I am a total believer in that. Good for you. I'm glad that you enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

I had a few sessions here in Chicago with a wonderful Russian woman who could tell A LOT about me by what she saw in the chakras. I didn't have to tell her about chronic back pain, and in the 3 times she worked on me she always made my back feel better.

It's good you and your helpmate get work done - you rub up against so much energy all the time it is bound to leave its traces. It would be interesting to hear what Bob's experience was - I wish he would tell.