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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Special Messages For A Good Cause

This past Sunday was the Breast Cancer Awareness Event at DSI Of Buck's County. DSI is the only hospital of it's kind in the U.S. which specializes only on Breast Cancer. Founder and CEO Doctor Beth DuPree was a my guest on last week's radio show and organized this fund raiser. Doctor DuPree is also founder of The Healing Consciousness, a non-profit organization which provides free services to those going through breast cancer treatment. All money made from the event will go to The Healing Consciousness Foundation.

More then one hundred people attended this special fund raiser. The event kicked off with Doctor DuPree discussing breast cancer and some of her own personal experiences. Then she introduced another good friend of ours and a wonderful person, Susan Apollon.
Susan is an intuitive psychologist, psychotherapist, healer and author. Susan spoke about many of her personal experiences with connecting with spirit including an extraordinary experience with connecting with her deceased father.

After a short break I was introduced and first spoke about a few of my experiences before connecting with spirit. The connections were strong and were all accompanied with some humor and many tears from audience members. I do not really recall much of the connections from the event, which seems to happen to me often. However, there was one young man coming through that was very strong and unforgettable. I was pulled to a group of four people in the back with details of a motorcycle accident. All I recall is the details of the accident and the fact that he was determined to get his messages across to his brother and his mother. He brought along messages from other deceased loved ones for the other in the group of four as well.

The event went very smoothly and the entire show was great. It is always a nice feeling to be
able to bring so much validation and healing to a large group of people and to help a good cause at the same time. We have a few other fund raisers coming up within the next few months. The next one is May 2 in Trenton NJ to benefit the Arthritis Foundation. Be sure to visit my web site for a complete list of up-coming events.

Monday I was off and Bob, our friend Tracy, Bobs mom and I headed up to Easton PA to meet with our friend Lisa Williams and see her show at the state theater. We had a delicious dinner then hung out with Lisa and two of her friends back stage for a bit before heading to our seats. There were 1500 people packed into the theater. I really enjoyed watching Lisa in action, especially because she is so good and really funny. Her show ran late and she had to head back to New York to do interviews and another show. It was a very nice evening with a great bunch of good friends.

Tuesday was the radio show and many of you may have missed it. The show started at two o'clock this week because of baseball. Next Tuesday we will be back on schedule at four, but keep in mind that April 30 the show will be at two o'clock again. The radio show went really well this week with some very strong connections. At one point I was pulled to one of the guys who just happened to be in the radio stations building. His grandfather was very determined to get a message through for him to pass to his mother. His grandfather was so determined that we had him try to get his mother onto the phone so that I could give her the messages. Once on the phone I gave her some very specific and healing messages over the air. Turned out to be a really good show and we will have them posted on my web site next week. Our web master is away on vacation right now.

Today I enjoyed my day off before moving to the new office tomorrow. I will be using a temporary office within DSI Of Buck's County before moving into a permanent office within the same hospital. I'm looking forward to working in a new environment with so many wonderful healers surrounding me. It will also be nice to not be stuck at home working all the time. If you have an appointment make sure you remember that we have a new office. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

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Anonymous said...

i saw you at porters pub and just
knew it was you. and then i saw you at lisa's show. i did not want to
bother you so i just went on about my
buisness. you were great on the
psychic challenge and it was of
course awesome to see lisa williams.
and you got to hang out with her back stage.