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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Current Events

Things have been just a little crazy for the past few weeks, which is not a bad thing at all. Bob and I have our hands full with things such as getting our permanent office space squared away, planning fall events and working on finding a sponsor for the radio show. This along with the past few events and private sessions may sound like this may all be very exhausting, but surprisingly it has not been so far. Just a little tired in the evening which is normal.

It is an honor to have been asked to be a guest speaker at this years Mind And Body Expo along with other speakers like Gary Zukav. The expo is held at the Valley Forge Pennsylvania Convention Center from October 24 through the 26Th. This is a great expo event including exhibits, workshops and lectures. Past speakers include Doctor Brian Weiss and Deepak Chopra. More information and tickets will be available soon. There is also a possibility that we may be doing another event at the Flanders, this time around Halloween. That should be really exciting.

The waiting list for private readings has now grown to well over three hundred people. Next week we will stop taking peoples names for the waiting list and will not add people to the list until some time next year. We need to work on that list and get it down before taking more clients. If you are currently on the list the wait for a reading could be eight to twelve months. I thank you all for being patient.

Today we had a meeting with producers and a network about potential future projects. This could happen as soon as next month which will mean that we may need to cancel and move some appointments around. We will keep everyone updated here and in my newsletter. You can sign up for the newsletter on my web site.

Our meeting today was in the city and afterwards we had lunch and headed to the children's hospital to visit my niece Rhiannon. Rhiannon is fifteen years old and suffering from an odd type of cancer. She had been sick for a few years now and is now being given one of the strongest forms of chemo. Even with everything she is going through she is still in pretty good spirits.
Seeing all the children there is really sad and my heart and prayers go out to the doctors and nurses that care for the children. Until the next time be well and take care of those you love.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Interview Tonight On The Paranormal Cafe' At 11 PM

What a hot day today in the Philadelphia area. I finished up with a private group, which went wonderful, and wanted to put up a quick note before dinner. Tonight from 11 PM until 12 midnight I will be interviewed and I believe taking calls too on the Paranormal Cafe' radio show. The show airs out of Chester County Pennsylvania and can be heard live on the net. Tune in live by clicking here or visit their web site by clicking here. I will also upload the interview onto my web site as soon as I get time along with last weeks interview with TJ on WCOJ and last weeks radio show Messages From The Other Side.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Last Nights Event

Last night about a hundred people lined up to get into the show at the Holiday Inn. Each of them anxiously awaiting and hoping for a message from the other side. Some were already lined up at 6 PM when we all arrived. This was the first time we have held an event at the Holiday Inn and everything went really well with the set up and so forth. When we arrived the temperature in the room was nice and cool. That wouldn't last long once everyone piled and along with the energy of the spirits present.

Bob and Pam got things together in the front putting out books and getting ready to begin registration. As they were doing that I was in the room preparing the front with flowers as a dedication to the spirits and put some meditation music on. Then I lit a few candles and incense and said a prayer to bring in positive energy and yes, of course, the spirits. The doors opened at 6:30 and I retreated to my car for a little peace and quiet so I could get into the proper state of mind through meditation.

The event started with an introduction from Bob before I came up to speak. For some odd reason my speaking went into a different different direction then the usual. Usually I discuss the psychic experiences that I encountered as a child and several other stories from my book. I did touch base a little bit on these topics but did not go in depth as I usually do. Most events are three hours long and this one was a half hour shorter, so I tried to focus on discussing less experiences. One thing I noticed is that I was very much in a deep meditative trance state which basically puts me out there a little bit, this time the trance state of mind was deeper then usual.

The deeper I'm in that meditative trance the more unaware I am of whats going on. I lose track of time and have a tendency to forget most of the information that comes through. Which I have to say really sucks when you want to try and remember the messages so you can write them in your blog. Being in such a deep trance state along with some very determined spirits wanting to get through to their loved ones left me wiped out with little recollection of the event. Leaving me in that condition is not at all a bad thing, it tells me that my work is complete and that the messages were precise with detail bringing the healing and validation that was well needed.

I believe everything happens for a reason, as well as everything that comes through comes through for a reason. Even though I did not get to as many people as I would have liked to get to, the event still went very well. The connections with spirit were stronger then normal which helped to make most, if not all, skeptics in the group walk out completely fulfilled with no more skepticism. Even my introduction seemed to have been channeled through my spirit guides which is something I have not noticed in the past.

I do recall my first connection with a young man who was killed tragically in a motor vehicle accident. He was so determined that I was actually able to see him, which does not always occur, and he directed me to the person in the audience he wanted to speak to. He directed me to a young lady a few rows back and told me that it was his sister. Her brother wanted to bring through an overdue apology for his sister and wanted to let her know that he was at peace on the other side. Her tears showed that there was an instant breath of relief along with an overwhelming feeling of comfort, validation and closure.

Some of my connections came through with humor that felt as if I was connecting with a professional comedian. Nothing wrong with some laughter after a few tears. Just making the event a whole lot better. Then there was a daughter who came through to her father in the front row and another daughter came through for a mother in the back row. She was a trip coming though with such humor. She also picked on her skeptic brother who came to the event with their mother. Her brother admitted to being a skeptic and she was not going to break her connection with me until she made sure her brother and mother knew that she was actually there communicating with them through me.

In my heart I hope that I was able to touch every persons life who attended the event, even if they did not get a message from the other side. Like any event I do, my goal is to touch everyone is some way or another and even change their life for the better. Through the details and accuracy of the messages that come through I wish to teach everyone that our deceased loved ones can communicate with us and are with us in spirit watching over and seeing the events in our life. Looking forward to the next event at the Holiday Inn in September. Until the next time everyone, be well and know you have an angel looking out for you.
Joseph Tittel

Monday, July 14, 2008

Radio Interview & Psychic Chat

Hello everyone, hope things are going well for you during these hot summer days. Tomorrow morning at a bright and early 7:30 AM E.S.T. I will be interviewed by TJ Morgan during his morning show First Edition. The radio station airs out of Chester County Pennsylvania and is WCOJ 1420 AM. Listen live on the internet at:

Tomorrow evening I will host my first internet psychic paranormal chat. A time for you to ask me questions about my work as a medium or any topics related to the paranormal. There will be no readings or questions answered relating to your own personal life. Psychic and Paranormal questions only. Chat will be held on both my blog and myspace page from 8 to 9 PM E.S.T. You are automatically entered into the chat room when you visit the blog or myspace. Double click on your name to change your name and icon. Have fun.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Article Causes Controversy

The article in the Philadelphia Inquirer was a very nice article about my work as a spiritual medium. I really appreciate that the reporter David took the time to get to know me and my work before writing the article. Now you know that no matter what is written there are still those cynical people out there that want to debunk the legitimacy of the work. One thing I have learned quickly is that no matter who you are and how popular you work as a psychic is, there are always going to be those people who say, write and do negative things to bring you down.

I'm keeping my head straight and moving forward with my work in healing peoples lives. Some of you are aware of the things that were said by a radio host on the same station that I have my show. A special thanks to my fans and clients who sent emails and called in to her show today. She insisted that she has a copy of the show and what was said and there is nothing bad. Well, she is a liar and I also have the tape. I will post it here on my blog sometime this weekend so you can be the judge.

She can say what she wants and there will be other close minded people like the five people that call into her show every day, most likely the only five that listen. No big deal. Even with the comments on the net about the article, no big deal. I just wanted you all to see what I go through on a daily basis. I will continue my work as usual and continue my radio show until my contract ends in a few weeks. Do not worry radio fans, my show will continue after the contract is up. It may not be at the same station, but the show must go on.

On a better note I had a great interview last night on Philadelphia's top talk radio 1210 Am. I spoke to Dom Giordano and then he took calls from people who had readings with me. The show went great and I look forward to talking with Dom again soon. I have several other things in the works as well. Next week I will be meeting with a production company in Philadelphia. I hope it all goes well. Wait, I'm psychic, I should know already.

The other day I worked on another murder case with detective from another state. The connection was extremely strong and here I ended up connecting with three other murder victims and another case she was working on. She called for one case and I immediately connected with another case she was working on. It was interesting that she had several spirits around her that were victims of the crimes she is working on. They were there trying to help her solve the cases. At one point I described where the body would be found and she responded "Holly Sh**, you just described the exact location we are looking at now." I will talk more about this experience during Tuesdays radio show. Until then, be safe and take care of yourself and the ones you love.
Joseph Tittel

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Today's Philadelphia Inquirer Article

Medium gets LARGE

TV and radio exposure, along with word of mouth, has created great demand for Bucks County psychic Joseph Tittel's unusual services.

The name of the cigar store in Bordentown, Ashes to Ashes, has never seemed more apropos than on this weekend afternoon.

Joseph Tittel is opening a portal between the living and the dead.

About 30 people have paid Tittel $45 each in the hopes of hearing from their dearly departed.

And Tittel, a rising local medium, self-taught and unpolished, but gaining droves of followers in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, is the pipeline.

"I have a passing with lung cancer . . . I think from the back of the room," intones Tittel, 37, who resembles Ricky Schroder with thicker eyebrows.

He homes in on a trio of sisters sitting together in the last row: "Somebody is pregnant and don't even know they are."

He gestures at one of the women. "You might want to get a test, because if you're not pregnant you will be by the end of the month.

"Who is missing the tip of her finger?" he asks, switching subjects abruptly.

"My great-grandmother was missing the tips of all her fingers," the astonished woman says.

He clutches a purple crystal in one hand and a white one in the other, squeezing them, as he says, to keep himself "grounded."

So it continues throughout the afternoon on Memorial Day weekend as Tittel mixes what sounds a lot like clever guesswork with startling details.

"That lawnmower you're thinking about buying - Dad says, 'Go to Sears,' " Tittel instructs a woman.

"Your brother is driving me nuts," he complains to one elderly man about his departed sibling. "He will not shut up."

When Tittel dry-gulches with one of the crowd, all his suggestions meeting with either denial or bafflement, he blows past it, almost as if annoyed. "Just write it down," he says brusquely. "It'll make sense later."

At the end, half the room leaves without having had the opportunity to make a connection. Tittel had warned the crowd beforehand that he cannot control what comes through. But those who do get a reading seem impressed.

"Stunningly accurate," says Lori Juillerat of Lambertville. "The only thing he said that I couldn't figure out was who Buddy the dog was. Everything else, he hit the nail on the head. He got the names of all my relatives, my father's name, and how he died.

"I've had a light that dims and brightens," she continues. "I've been blaming it on an old house. But Joseph brought it up and said my father's been doing that constantly."

It's difficult for Tittel to explain exactly how information from the other side gets transmitted.

"Mostly when I see things, it's with the mind's eye," he says. "I see it but not like I see you. I get a lot of pictures. The spirits have installed a whole dictionary in my head. Certain things they show me mean certain things. My favorite is [a can of] Maxwell House coffee which has nothing to do with coffee. It's the name Max, but that's what they have me trained on."

Similarly, a vision of a cuckoo clock would suggest to Tittel a link to Germany.

Yet out of these scattered symbols, he says he is able to construct remarkably specific messages. It is this ability that motivated celebrity psychic James Van Praagh to list Tittel on his Web site among the 20 mediums worldwide that he vouches for.

"He clearly is very sensitive," Van Praagh says. "But he's very detailed, very detailed."

That quality is hard to come by, according to Van Praagh, because communication with the other side is tenuous. "It's like a car going by at 60 miles per hour," he says, "and someone is sitting on the side of the road trying to yell something to the driver. It's such a fast vibration."

Speaking of cars, Tittel maintains he also sees the physical manifestation of spirits - and they're often out joyriding, right there with us.

"For some reason they like to ride in our cars with us," he says, laughing.

There are those who believe that what Tittel, Van Praagh and other mediums do is a shameless parlor trick, a confidence game known as the cold read. The practitioner creates an illusion of prescience by combining a close reading of his subjects' appearance and their answers to vague questions.

"There is a simple, rational explanation for how these people operate," says Eric Krieg, an electrical engineer who heads the Philadelphia Association for Critical Thinking, a group that disputes paranormal claims. "If you've lost someone, your memories are precious. It's low to mess around with that."

But those who have seen Tittel work are convinced his gift goes beyond trickery.

Beth DuPree, a breast cancer surgeon in Bensalem, met Tittel, whose business card reads "Spiritual Medium, Clairvoyant & Medical Intuitive," at a charity event.

"One patient came to me straight from a reading with him," says DuPree. "He said, 'You need to check out your right breast' and indeed she had breast cancer. In the readings he has done, he's told lots of people to go check out different parts of their bodies. I don't know how he does that. If I did, I could save a lot of money on CAT scans."

"What people don't understand is that a medium is already a psychic, but a psychic is not necessarily a medium," says Tittel, who's in the living room of his Bucks County home, the same stucco-and-shingle house he was born in. He lives there with his manager, Robert Breining.

"The difference is a medium can communicate with the deceased."

It's a few days after the Bordentown event, and Tittel is preparing for his weekly radio show, Messages From the Other Side, on WBCB in Levittown.

A gaggle of garden gnomes populates the front yard. The kitchen is a shrine to Elvis. And then there's the inner sanctum, a room with only one window, where Tittel gears himself up to speak with the dead.

"I pray and I meditate before I do my work," he says. "It helps get me to the level where I can tune in to them."

The messages Tittel brings from the spirit world are warm and supportive. "It's all love, positive energy, peace and happiness on the other side," he says. "There is no negativity over there."

In his experience, the departed are like Hallmark-card junkies. "When we're going through hard times, they're with us. And every holiday, special occasion, they're always there. They wouldn't miss anything - the birth of a baby, a wedding - they attend all them events."

Tittel believes he inherited his gift from both sides of his family, a blend of Hungarian, German and Welsh. Family legend has it that his paternal grandmother had an aunt born with a veil, an extraneous flap of skin, hanging over her face, traditionally a portent of extraordinary psychic abilities.

He says that at the age of 4, he began seeing visions of a shining lady at the foot of his bed. Through photographs, he would later identify her as his maternal grandmother, who had passed away before he was born.

He tended to discount most of his paranormal experiences, including, he says, premonitions. "When nobody seems to care about it, you learn not to care about it yourself," he says.

At 19, after graduating from Harry S. Truman High School in Levittown, he began reading tarot cards professionally, but it wasn't until he was 26, shortly after his mother died unexpectedly, that he claims to have received his first direct message from the other side.

Tittel had purchased tickets for an appearance by medium John Edward at a hotel in Philadelphia, convinced that his mother would use the opportunity to send him a message through Edward.

"I heard my name being called, 'Joey,' " Tittel recalls. "Where'd that come from? And then I heard, 'Sit down, shut up and listen. There's people here who need this more than you do. You should know that I'm here more than anyone else.' I just knew it was my mom.

"John Edwards was up there talking about seeing things as a child and I thought, 'That's my story.' By the time I left, I realized, 'I think I'm supposed to be doing what he's doing. I don't know why. I don't know how. But I am.' "

Relying on word of mouth, Tittel began to scratch out a living as a medium. It wasn't until 2007, after a startling performance on the Lifetime series America's Psychic Challenge, that his reputation began to flourish.

You can see footage of Tittel on that show, visiting a crime scene and describing with uncanny accuracy what transpired, at his Web site,

Since then, his fees have gone up along with his credibility, but even at his new rates (from a 30-minute individual connection for $150 to a two-hour home gallery for $800), he's booked months in advance.

The higher fees tend to weed out the naysayers. "I dealt with a lot of people that were not very nice about what I do," he says. "They would come and sit in front of me and I would say, 'Why are you even here? Why come just to test me?'

"The change in prices keeps out the cynical people but not the skeptical people, and there's a big difference," Tittel says. "With the cynics, I could tell them what they had for breakfast, lunch and dinner and they'd still tell me I'm a liar. Skeptical people have an open mind.

"And they always get the best readings. It drives me nuts. Here's a woman who is so receptive and eager and so wants to hear the messages. And there's Mr. Skeptic over there and he's getting the best details. That's the spirits. They want to make sure that he leaves knowing he made a connection."