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Monday, July 14, 2008

Radio Interview & Psychic Chat

Hello everyone, hope things are going well for you during these hot summer days. Tomorrow morning at a bright and early 7:30 AM E.S.T. I will be interviewed by TJ Morgan during his morning show First Edition. The radio station airs out of Chester County Pennsylvania and is WCOJ 1420 AM. Listen live on the internet at:

Tomorrow evening I will host my first internet psychic paranormal chat. A time for you to ask me questions about my work as a medium or any topics related to the paranormal. There will be no readings or questions answered relating to your own personal life. Psychic and Paranormal questions only. Chat will be held on both my blog and myspace page from 8 to 9 PM E.S.T. You are automatically entered into the chat room when you visit the blog or myspace. Double click on your name to change your name and icon. Have fun.

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