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Friday, July 11, 2008

Article Causes Controversy

The article in the Philadelphia Inquirer was a very nice article about my work as a spiritual medium. I really appreciate that the reporter David took the time to get to know me and my work before writing the article. Now you know that no matter what is written there are still those cynical people out there that want to debunk the legitimacy of the work. One thing I have learned quickly is that no matter who you are and how popular you work as a psychic is, there are always going to be those people who say, write and do negative things to bring you down.

I'm keeping my head straight and moving forward with my work in healing peoples lives. Some of you are aware of the things that were said by a radio host on the same station that I have my show. A special thanks to my fans and clients who sent emails and called in to her show today. She insisted that she has a copy of the show and what was said and there is nothing bad. Well, she is a liar and I also have the tape. I will post it here on my blog sometime this weekend so you can be the judge.

She can say what she wants and there will be other close minded people like the five people that call into her show every day, most likely the only five that listen. No big deal. Even with the comments on the net about the article, no big deal. I just wanted you all to see what I go through on a daily basis. I will continue my work as usual and continue my radio show until my contract ends in a few weeks. Do not worry radio fans, my show will continue after the contract is up. It may not be at the same station, but the show must go on.

On a better note I had a great interview last night on Philadelphia's top talk radio 1210 Am. I spoke to Dom Giordano and then he took calls from people who had readings with me. The show went great and I look forward to talking with Dom again soon. I have several other things in the works as well. Next week I will be meeting with a production company in Philadelphia. I hope it all goes well. Wait, I'm psychic, I should know already.

The other day I worked on another murder case with detective from another state. The connection was extremely strong and here I ended up connecting with three other murder victims and another case she was working on. She called for one case and I immediately connected with another case she was working on. It was interesting that she had several spirits around her that were victims of the crimes she is working on. They were there trying to help her solve the cases. At one point I described where the body would be found and she responded "Holly Sh**, you just described the exact location we are looking at now." I will talk more about this experience during Tuesdays radio show. Until then, be safe and take care of yourself and the ones you love.
Joseph Tittel


Crys said...

i'm really sorry she treated you so poorly. too often people mock and deride what they do not understand. she cannot see what you so easily do, and that frightens her.

send her blessings and love, and be grateful, Joseph. she's obviously teaching you a lot through her judgment and negativity. don't participate in that negative energy, however, by getting angry or upset. instead acknowledge and release it. this woman is simply preparing you for the many others just like her you will meet next week, next month, next year. examine who she is as a symbol to you, and then pray for the person that she is.

for what it's worth, i think i left a similar comment on your blog many months ago. i am so pleased that just in that short amount of time, you have grown, you have progressed, you are succeeding. i knew this about you then, and i see more great things waiting for you in the future. you'll have to wear shades!


Anonymous said...

I read some time ago that you predicted Barack Obama was going to be the next President of the USA. However you indicated that the USA will be in trouble if he does.... could you explain what you meant by your statement and possibly provide some examples.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your website. I could sense the genuiness and truth of what you and few others are doing and of the great value this is to people. My father died 2 years ago tommorow. He was an exceptional physisist and was logical and by the book. He was invited to Washington, DC to participate on National Acadamy of Sciences Panels and did so. The exact morning of his death, a quiet, still, yet clear voice came to my thoughts and said , " bye - bye ". A couple hours later, a call came that he had passed away that morning. Ocassionally, he will be in a dream, and a person will say, there is no such thing as death. The service and comfort you give others who are searching for assurances from loved ones, Joseph, is a tremendous gift from God and he is pleased with the kindness and great worth of your service. Thanks for all you do. DJB.

lindaleigh69 said...

Great to see you press ahead, not allowing negativity to set you back Joseph. Those of us that know you understand just how valuable you are, our lives are blessed because we have you. You have much to accomplish here and no time to slow down. Your work with the criminal investigators, especially with missing children, is far too urgent to be held back. There will always be those who are critical of your work, I feel sad for them really. Thank you for blessing my life as well as many of my family members. You truly are an angel. blessings to you : D