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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Last Nights Event

Last night about a hundred people lined up to get into the show at the Holiday Inn. Each of them anxiously awaiting and hoping for a message from the other side. Some were already lined up at 6 PM when we all arrived. This was the first time we have held an event at the Holiday Inn and everything went really well with the set up and so forth. When we arrived the temperature in the room was nice and cool. That wouldn't last long once everyone piled and along with the energy of the spirits present.

Bob and Pam got things together in the front putting out books and getting ready to begin registration. As they were doing that I was in the room preparing the front with flowers as a dedication to the spirits and put some meditation music on. Then I lit a few candles and incense and said a prayer to bring in positive energy and yes, of course, the spirits. The doors opened at 6:30 and I retreated to my car for a little peace and quiet so I could get into the proper state of mind through meditation.

The event started with an introduction from Bob before I came up to speak. For some odd reason my speaking went into a different different direction then the usual. Usually I discuss the psychic experiences that I encountered as a child and several other stories from my book. I did touch base a little bit on these topics but did not go in depth as I usually do. Most events are three hours long and this one was a half hour shorter, so I tried to focus on discussing less experiences. One thing I noticed is that I was very much in a deep meditative trance state which basically puts me out there a little bit, this time the trance state of mind was deeper then usual.

The deeper I'm in that meditative trance the more unaware I am of whats going on. I lose track of time and have a tendency to forget most of the information that comes through. Which I have to say really sucks when you want to try and remember the messages so you can write them in your blog. Being in such a deep trance state along with some very determined spirits wanting to get through to their loved ones left me wiped out with little recollection of the event. Leaving me in that condition is not at all a bad thing, it tells me that my work is complete and that the messages were precise with detail bringing the healing and validation that was well needed.

I believe everything happens for a reason, as well as everything that comes through comes through for a reason. Even though I did not get to as many people as I would have liked to get to, the event still went very well. The connections with spirit were stronger then normal which helped to make most, if not all, skeptics in the group walk out completely fulfilled with no more skepticism. Even my introduction seemed to have been channeled through my spirit guides which is something I have not noticed in the past.

I do recall my first connection with a young man who was killed tragically in a motor vehicle accident. He was so determined that I was actually able to see him, which does not always occur, and he directed me to the person in the audience he wanted to speak to. He directed me to a young lady a few rows back and told me that it was his sister. Her brother wanted to bring through an overdue apology for his sister and wanted to let her know that he was at peace on the other side. Her tears showed that there was an instant breath of relief along with an overwhelming feeling of comfort, validation and closure.

Some of my connections came through with humor that felt as if I was connecting with a professional comedian. Nothing wrong with some laughter after a few tears. Just making the event a whole lot better. Then there was a daughter who came through to her father in the front row and another daughter came through for a mother in the back row. She was a trip coming though with such humor. She also picked on her skeptic brother who came to the event with their mother. Her brother admitted to being a skeptic and she was not going to break her connection with me until she made sure her brother and mother knew that she was actually there communicating with them through me.

In my heart I hope that I was able to touch every persons life who attended the event, even if they did not get a message from the other side. Like any event I do, my goal is to touch everyone is some way or another and even change their life for the better. Through the details and accuracy of the messages that come through I wish to teach everyone that our deceased loved ones can communicate with us and are with us in spirit watching over and seeing the events in our life. Looking forward to the next event at the Holiday Inn in September. Until the next time everyone, be well and know you have an angel looking out for you.
Joseph Tittel

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